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Wed 25th Mar 2009

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Danglybits commented on Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle...:

I really not sure about this.
I think Nintendo could have put more effort in making the design of the gamepad & done something the console (I dont know maybe gold or a bit of decoration)
Then there the cool boxed game with its extras which we don't get and by the sound of it there no Nintendo Land.
What to do what to do.



Danglybits commented on Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS):

What do you think should i get this as my free game from so many games offer or Fire Emblem?
And does any one know if i get a new 3DS (was thinking of getting a 3DSXL or maybe Nintendo have a new model at E3?) can i still download the game (and all the other app and NES/GBA games to new 3DS)
Thanks & keep up the cool site



Danglybits commented on HMV Buyout Saves High Street Retailer:

Have they still got that good deal on the Wii U?
I ask at the westfield stratford store last week & I sorry to say the staff were no help (nor was the number to the Oxford Street store they gave me)



Danglybits commented on Feature: The Rik Mayall Nintendo Adverts You T...:

Thanks guys for this little bit of news that has put a big smile on my face after a really bad week, who know maybe Nintendo will ask Rik to do Wii U adverts.

New Doctor Who in 24 Hours, New Red dwarf in a few months, a New Nintendo Console soon and Bottom Series 4 in the new year with lots of Nintendo 3DS & Wii U Goodness to follow. Maybe things are getting better



Danglybits commented on Future Publishing Shutters Nintendo Gamer Maga...:

So sad
I use to get the odd SuperPlay as they covered RPG so well when i started reading/looking at Nintendo mags.
I remember getting the 1st issue of N64 Magazine and every issue after until i got my mum to get me a subscriptions because in English we had one lesson a week where we could bring a book in and me and my friends would read N64 Magazine (& some times 64 Magazine) all the way up till year 11.

To this day I wonder if I should have carried on to get my Silver award as i was one game away or was i right sticking with my GCSE?



Danglybits commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd August 2012 (Europe):

@RetroGBHippie92 I think they might be holding off on the rest of the VC games like FF until the Will U shows up as i last heard we will be able to link our will shop and eShop accounts. So from that i guess we would be able to DL all our NES games to our 3DS and have access to the Library of games already available to buy?
Well thats one of the hope i have for the linking of the accounts.



Danglybits commented on Miyamoto Sure Has Some Weird Game Ideas:

Maybe its my British sense of humour but I fill i could have a lot of fun with this game if
A its ever made
B Its has a good sense of humour thats not to childish
C Its release out side of Japan



Danglybits commented on Super Mario Land 2 and Metroid II Heading to 3...:

I was hoping both or at least Metroid would have got the 3D treatment & Metroid REALY needs the default colour pallet from the Super GameBoy, It may have only been 4 different colours but it really brought the game to life.



Danglybits commented on Iwata: Ocarina of Time 3D "Crammed with New Co...:

We could always think back to the Zelda IV DX remake
we got:
the Photo man /side quest
a few bits of extra text
and a extra Dungeon with a bonus for finishing it.

At the time it was good but i hope for OOT 3D they do a bit more as the game was meant to have a lot more extra stuff with the N64DD (I know some/most become Master Quest & majora mask but they mast have more)



Danglybits commented on 3DS Game Cases Look to be More Environmentally...:

I use to like the manuals some of the old NES, SNES & GB were really well done think of games like Zelda 1, 2 & 4, and Metroid 1-3, Wario Land and Secret of Mana come to mind.
But now in UK all we get is a small book with loads of other languages giving us safety advice, address and other junk we don't need and if you are really lucky it will tell you what the buttons to your new game do.



Danglybits commented on Megaman 10 Heading to WiiWare!:

[img src=""]

I love the box art, but who's that in the bottom left?
Is that Sheep Man?



Danglybits commented on Captain Lou Albano Passes Away:

R.I.P Lou
as a Wrestler and a Nintendo fan this is very sad, both world have lost a true legend, I miss his work the 1st time but i love to watch the repeats if not for help in wrestling just for the all round entertainment.
I think i will go buy the DVD of the super mario show in his honor



Danglybits commented on Review: Star Fox (Super Nintendo):

you can see the whole game being play from start up screen to ending on youtube, I know its was translated into English and a few bugs fix (thanks wikipedia) but surely if we can Starfox they can give us Starfox 2 at a later date. oh well what a wast



Danglybits commented on Capcom Cordially Invites You To Decide The Nex...:

Capcom vs.
Nintendo (all in or chose what ever franchise you like best)
Saga (all in or chose what ever franchise you like best)
Doctor Who
The Simpsons
Mortal Kombat
Dr. Wily and his Robot Master
The Fans (why not let us have a go)



Danglybits commented on Miyamoto Unconcerned By Rival Motion Control S...:

The thing every one is missing out hear is if Sony & MS get their new toys out for this gens console that can only be good news for the Wii.

It might stop some of the multi platform games being released with a completely different version for the Wii or the same game with "extra" (normally unnecessary) motion controls & tone down graphics.

I am sure we would see some of the bigger developers release more game on the Wii if they only had to drop the graphics, & when people say it cant be done as a quick example didn't everyone say Resident evil 2 would make it to N64? (i may b wrong there sorry but u get the idea)



Danglybits commented on Metroid: Other M E3 Trailer:

Possible Super Metroid Spoilers
Check out the video @ 1.28

I think its part of the (VERY) last fight?
& Samus even says its time to go
what u think