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Sun 1st Jan 2012

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maC_N_Cheezer commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Does anyone else besides me just not care about any of this crap?
It's just a game created by someone who is not you. They don't have to do ANYTHING they don't want to. Doesn't matter if it's 2014 or 1985, they can do whatever they want with their game. God people just complain about anything nowadays.



maC_N_Cheezer commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

Anyone who think this is adsurd or "Nintendo needs to get with the times because its the Internet" is what is wrong with this world. You need to realize that Nintendo has always been like this, not to mention, do you have any idea how stupid and immature you sound by blaming Nintendo? Its not their fault, its all those sickos out there. You all need to grow up and realize that that the excuse "but le internetz is just as bad XDDD" means nothin because it is Nintendo's platform they are doing it on and they can do whatever they want. Cmon grow up. People and get your head out of your rears.



maC_N_Cheezer commented on Indie Hit FEZ Is Finally Shaking Off XBLA Excl...:

As much as people say "Oh he is just speaking his mind" and "We don't need to judge his game by his opinion and such". The fact of the matter is, he didn't have to come off so bluntly and as an hugglebunny. He didn't have to be so crude with his comments. He could have just said, "I am not really a fan of modern Japanese games". BAM no controversy. But he decided to be a hugglebunny about it and it is his own fault. He may have gained a couple fans from that comment, but he lost a lot more, and his attitude in general puts me off and makes me not want to buy his game regardless of how great it is.



maC_N_Cheezer commented on Zelda Rock Album Available Now:

Not trying to sound negative, but I could barely recognize any of the Zelda "sounds" from their playing. It sounded like they were showing off more than anything.
Horrible show! Horrible show indeed!



maC_N_Cheezer commented on DK: Jungle Climber:

This was the first DS game I EVER played, albeit it wasn't my DS, and it wasn't actually a game. Just a demo in the Walmart game section for the original DS PHAT. I need to get this, so much nostalgia.



maC_N_Cheezer commented on Tales of Graces:

Well yet another awesome JRPG I am going to have to play... Tired of playing these things in Japanese...