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Fri 5th Nov 2010

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SamIAm69 commented on Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle...:

Well Im going to preorder this next Friday, no duh. But Im also going to preorder the physical copy as well. If I'm paying 300$ for the console, the game, and the hyrule historia book (which I own a copy) I might as well throw out the extra 55$ to get the game I was already going to get. Besides, I could have it as a collectors item I guess (Gold Foil FTW.)



SamIAm69 commented on EA is Watching Wii U Closely:

I wanna see more of Ghost Recon Online or whatever, but on the WiiU. Also a battlefield/medal of honor game on the WiiU, and a Madden game even though I don't care for sports.



SamIAm69 commented on Nintendo to Promptly Work On 3D Video Service ...:

im pretty psyched about this honestly. know what'll be cool though? When Netflix starts letting you rent 3D movies, whether its through mail or watch instantly then you would in theory be able to watch 3D movies on the 3DS. with a subscription or course. Rad? I think yes. Besides, it cant take long, 3D copies are being made for nearly all movies that come in 3D at the theaters.



SamIAm69 commented on Will We See a Zelda 25th Anniversary Collectio...:

I liked to see 2 versions! One for Wii, and One for 3DS. The Wii one will have a collection of the Console games (zelda 1, 2, ALTTP, OOT, MM, etc, not WW, and TW, though) and a game for the Gameboy games (Minish Cap, LA, OOS, OOA, Etc.), they could do it! Like NintendoLife posted a long time ago, the 3DS cards can hold up to 8gb, so No Problem!!! (hopefully... Hahahahha)



SamIAm69 commented on Iwata Hints at 3D Video Recording with Future ...:

They should update it so you have the ability to upload photos to facebook, and videos to youtube, or email them to yourself, and etc. Voice chat would be neat. Yelling at some japanese guy while I play streetfighter with him hahahaha.



SamIAm69 commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

It's funny that this was posted today, Just last night I was re-watching reviews and reading about the controversy its made. I personally thought it was a great game, and that a lot of raters when too hard on it. I'm not saying this 100% but it seems that some sites are biased towards certain aspects of games, therefore grading them lower because they think its Bullsh*t. Also, I think some people are becoming biased towards Nintendo (ratings, what they have to say about them, obviously not this site, I check it every day for updates on what I want, always something interesting.) I think its funny that I was planning on playing through it again today, and thinking about how much grief it got, I honestly had no problem with it, I enjoy character development, it makes the game deeper.