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Feature: The Big Nintendo E3 Survey

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

So, what did you think?

It's now been just under a week since Nintendo's E3 Direct and subsequent information overloads, and we're preparing to move on and start playing games again — as opposed to watching those Mario Kart 8, Monolith Soft's X or Super Smash Bros. trailers on an endless repeat cycle.

But E3 was fun — at least, we think it was. If we were to summarise the feeling within Nintendo Life Towers when it all ended, it was that it seemed fairly quiet on the whole. That may seem like a bizarre statement considering how much was revealed, but with Nintendo dodging a live conference, Microsoft showing off Xbox One games running (and crashing) on PC hardware, Sony getting ludicrously over-enthusiastic cheers for simply allowing people to trade games and play offline — which has been a feature of video games since the Magnavox Odyssey in the early 1970s — and Ubisoft reaching new heights of cringe-worthiness in its presentation, it really was a strange week lacking in a wow factor.

It wasn't without its highs, and there was arguably plenty to excite Nintendo fans when all was considered, with a solid release lineup set to truly take off for the rest of 2013 and beyond. Any E3 that unveils a release year for Super Smash Bros. — as precise as we could have realistically hoped — and reveals Mega Man, The Villager from Animal Crossing and the Wii Fit Trainer as playable characters, can't have been all that boring.

But still, that's just one view. We want to know what you thought of E3 both from a Nintendo perspective, and from an overall view of the expo; you've already voted for the Wii U game that impressed you the most at E3. There are a series of polls below to gauge your thoughts, and we'd also love to read more in the comments section.

What did you think of Nintendo's E3, overall? (854 votes)

Brilliant, I thought Nintendo nailed it


Pretty good, I enjoyed it


I'm not sure what I think, actually


A little disappointing, it could have been better


A letdown, I don't think it went well for Nintendo


None of the above


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Did you like Nintendo's videos (Directs) from E3? (819 votes)

I thought they were top-notch, entertaining and informative


I enjoyed them, Nintendo did a decent job


I can't decide


They weren't great


Pretty disappointing, and they didn't excite me


None of the above


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Did Nintendo's decision to skip a live presentation pay off? (836 votes)

Yes, the various videos and events worked better


It seemed to, as there was still hype around its announcements


It's hard to say


A live conference would have been better


It was a really poor decision


None of the above


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What did you think of the games lineup from Nintendo at E3? (841 votes)

I get giddy just thinking about it


I liked it, lots of good stuff


Meh, no comment


It didn't push my buttons


I wasn't at all impressed


None of the above


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Not many new third party games were announced for Wii U, is that a concern? (831 votes)

Why would I care about third parties on Wii U?


Wii U's sales will be driven by first-party games, so I'm not worried right now


It's a slight concern, but not doom and gloom yet


It suggests problems for the future, no doubt


It's a disaster


None of the above


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How would you rate Nintendo's E3 performance compared to Sony and Microsoft? (824 votes)

I thought Nintendo had the best conference


The big N competed well


I don't really know


Nintendo had a tough time, but it wasn't a complete loss


Nintendo fell well below its rivals


None of the above


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What did you think of E3 overall? (819 votes)

It was pure awesome awesomeness


It was pretty good overall


I'm not sure, to be honest


It didn't push my buttons


It was a load of rubbish


None of the above


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User Comments (137)



Whopper744 said:

I like this part. Definitely seems like a cheap way to get applause :

"Sony getting ludicrously over-enthusiastic cheers for simply allowing people to trade games and play offline — which has been a feature of video games since the Magnavox Odyssey in the early 1970s"



k8sMum said:

i don't think the 'ludicrous cheers' were for sony's allowing people to trade games as much as it was a 'stick it to microsoft' moment.



Reala said:

The games I was most interested in wii u wise where X and WW HD which both looked great, not exactly surprising but still nice all the same, as for SSB, MK8 and the 3D Mario none of those interested me personally, mostly this E3 just reinforced my putting off buying a wii u, which is fine by me let me catch up on some 3DS games.



bizcuthammer said:

E3 was ok... Not great, not awful. Same goes for all of the announcements except for a few. Smash Bros, X, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Star Wars Battlefront announcements were great. Most everything else was either predictable, already announced or disappointing.



BanetheKira said:

Nintendo should definitely do a live press conference at E3 next year. I wanted to see and hear people's reactions to Megaman in Smash Bros! Sony and Nintendo won E3 this year.



Hyperstar96 said:

Nintendo's E3 may not have been their best one yet, but it was amazing compared to Sony and Microsoft.



Rafie said:

I actually thought Sony had the best and entertaining E3 with Nintendo coming in at a close 2nd with their holiday and 2014 line up.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Nintendo was great, not the most exciting due to Iwata spoiling all the announcements months ago, but it's still a mighty strong line-up of 1st party titles! Sony was incredible and Microsoft is and will continue to be nothing but a big joke in my eyes.



DefHalan said:

When you think of Nintendo's full line-up to tge end of the year, there is plenty to be excited for



RudysaurusRex said:

It was a meh E3. Microsoft's XBox is disappointing, the PS stuff was only okay, and Nintendo didn't even attend. Still, Battlefront 3 announced, so it wasn't that bad.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

I though it was actually pretty good. I know I've been hearing some people complaining about wanting another Galaxy game, but Super Mario 3D World fits into another different catagory.

Here's a Youtube Comment from Tylerburrito:
"The people who praise Mario 64 and Sunshine for being "open world" are idiots. They're barely open world, they're structural missions sprawled across medium-sized worlds. You pick an objective and OCCASIONALLY you can do the mission that you didn't pick, and that's the only part that doesn't make it linear, and it isn't even a very fun aspect of it."



rjejr said:

It's been a week and I'm still kind of torn.

Nintendo gets a win as a company, b/c the WiiU is finally going to have something to do besides Miiverse, and they have the 3DS which just got AC:NL and is getting Pokemon and Link Between Worlds. MS only has a home console, and Sony is doing a worse job w/ the Vita than Nintendo has w/ the WiiU. (I can't believe neither of those systems got a price cut last week.)

Sony may have had "The" moment w/ the $399 price. I know the "no DRM' stuff got the crowd all roiled up but the $399 price after the X1 $499 moment of silence was the biggest moment for me.
Sony - fortunately or unfortuantely - has a bunch of really good games coming out on the PS3, well Last of US already came out now, but all the 3rd party stuff WiiU is getting - Batman, AC4, Watch_Dogs, Rayman - plus Beyond: Two Souls and GTA5 and Gran Turismo 6. Really, if I did already own 1, I'ld buy a PS3 this year.

Its sad that E3's biggest moment is a price and not a game based announcement. Last Guardian on "hiatus" wasn't what I wanted to hear about that game.

Also, Nintendo's 240p slideshow of a Nintendo Direct is not the way to go. It was so much better 720p on Youtube later in the day. Hopefully next year they can live broadcast on the WiiU (make it an app in advance) at 720p. 240p vs. 720p makes a HUGE difference on a 52" tv for the WiiU games.

Right now, if I could only own 2 consoles, it would be 3DS XL and PS3, for about $400. The price of a PS4 and $100 less than X1 with just about every game genre you could possibly want.



NintyMan said:

I enjoyed Nintendo's E3 overall. The Nintendo Directs were decent, but I still liked them. Nintendo's decision to not have a live presentation seemed to work okay, considering plenty of people were still excited about the announcements like the new Super Smash Bros. and talked about it, so they still got attention. I'm not surprised to see how mixed the NL community is about it, though.

I'm very excited about Nintendo's upcoming games like Donkey Kong and Mario Kart and Smash Bros., so I'm obviously looking forward to those! The lack of third party support is a small concern, but Nintendo's first-party games will have to perform well-enough to make the third parties feel more confident to publish games on the Wii U, so it's not time to get worried.

Compared to Sony and Microsoft, I think Nintendo won this year's E3. Microsoft obviously dropped the ball with their expensive price for Xbox One, but I wouldn't call Sony the winner just because they got huge applause for simply going to do something that Microsoft won't do. "Guess what? The PS4 is going to do what the Xbox One won't do! Yay!" To me, that's just not a good-enough reason to win E3. The Wii U also won't be doing what the Xbox One will be doing.

Overall, I think this E3 was pretty good. Not absolutely ground-breaking, but not absolutely disappointing either.



ricklongo said:

Disappointment with 3D Mario aside, I think Nintendo did a good job. I was ecstatic that the one unannounced game happened to be a new instalment in my favorite side-scrolling franchise of all time, but I still think they should have had more out-of-the-blue surprises.



CowLaunch said:

Anyone who doesn't see Mario 64 as an open world game that invites exploration hasn't played it properly.



Relias said:

I think Nintendo's show did exactly what it was supposed to do.. get Nintendo fans to recognize the Wii U.. and the fact that it is getting first party support.. to get them to get a Wii U later this year.. or early to mid next year..Was this a great E-3.. no.. I have to say from what I saw of the PS4.. and Microsoft Xbox One.. it did not look like a improvement or much of one from a 360 or a PS3.. Nothing on either of those systems got me excited.. which is sad.. I love Sony.. but nothing inspired me to want to get a PS4... I think Nintendo did a great job.. and by the end of the year.. it's a whole different ball game for the Big N.. I don't think they "Nailed it" But I was happy..(Besides the last time I saw an E3 worth getting hyped for was when DS and PSP was shown before that you would have to go back to 32-64 bit era.. after that it's been to much about graphics.. and actually.. there isn't much of a improvement usually over the generation before.. so technically.. not much to get hyped up for on the console fronts.. except games that can be owned, traded and sold.. which is really sad when you think about it.. )



GiftedGimp said:

The initial E3 Nintendo Direct was dissapinting, but the developer directs, E3 MiiVerse and general WiiU e3 news that filtered through as the week went on countered initial disappointment.
It was good to see so many people playing and enjoying Nintendo's games at e3, and hearing a via forums or Miiverse Bestbuy Nintendo event games were enjoyed greatly by most people.
It was always going to be a lower impact E3, even if Nintendo had done a live show, Games going up against hardware announcments never have the same impact. Next year its going to be all about the games, thats when I'm sure Nintendo will really shine, unless your only into annually repeated generic shooters.



HandheldGuru97 said:

I have been paying attention to E3 since 2009 and E3 2010 (3DS reveal) was my favorite E3 from Nintendo and my favorite E3 overall. These last few years (2012-13) have really let me down. As a more predominately handheld gamer last year was very disappointing, but Pokemon X and Y was really all there was this year (with a dash of Zelda). Looking at from the console stand point its more of the same bland sports, shooters, grim gray games that we have been getting FOR YEARS from Sony and Microsoft. I love Nintendo because they aren't afraid to show some color! Even Nintendo didn't live up to what I wanted, sure I couldn't have cared less for a new F-Zero or Star fox or even Metroid!!! But it wasn't awful, but there was no wow factor from anyone, and that needs to change. Cheering for a console that you can trade in games and play offline?? That is really pitiful



mookysam said:

Nintendo's E3 lacked punch. I had hoped for more oomph and more fight which was why I was disappointed by the direct. Hopefully the conference will return next year. 2014 looks like it will be a great year for the Wii U. Still wondering if I should get one in 2013, however. We already know the 3DS had a great lineup this year, so it's a shame it wasn't given greater prominence.

As for the rest of E3, Sony upped their game considerably (or did they?) and seem to be in a healthy position. The PS3 has great continuing support, the PS4 is an attractive prospect, and, though multiplat, I really look forward to games like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. On the other hand, Microsoft stumbled horrifically. The Xbox One has serious well documented issues and Microsoft did nothing to address them in their sterile, glossy conference. The games shown failed to either excite me or mitigate the problems the console has.

I'm glad E3 wasn't as relentlessly bloody as last year (complete with cheering child men) but in general the games felt like they had largely fallen back on comfortable genre staples. Microsoft in particular did nothing to communicate that a new generation is either needed or will offer that great a leap on what we currently play.



SkywardLink98 said:

I missed E3 so I'm going off of what's floating around the internet, but since I haven't heard much new 3DS news I'm kinda disappointed.



Yanchamaru said:

The lack of third party support is a big concern. The Wii missed out on lots of great games from these publishers and I fear the same thing is going to happen with the Wii U.



Reala said:

I think the 3rd party support might actually turn out to be worse on wii u than it was on wii to be honest, but its still early days yet really so wouldn't write the console off quite yet



Knux said:

It was very mixed, in my opinion. Most of the Wii U games shown during the Nintendo Direct are not going to be released until 2014. Super Mario 3D World looks great but disappoints me at the same time. It doesn't look like an AAA title like Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze looks awesome and was honestly the best surprise at Nintendo's E3. Everything else I already knew about.

The message I got from E3 is that the Wii U is going to be very irrelevant until 2014. NSMBU proves that it's going to take more than run-of-the-mill Mario platformers to make the console sell. I'm sure X, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. will help sales greatly.

The Wii U also needs a price cut because it pales in comparison to the PS4, which is only $50 to $100 more expensive. And the lack of third party support is a complete and utter disaster. It's just like the Wii fiasco except with awful sales.

With Nintendo going in the right direction but being ridiculously slow about it and Microsoft doing everything wrong, it's pretty obvious that Sony has a good chance of dominating this generation.



nilcam said:

E3 was pretty lame for me. So much so that I'm starting to think it's an outdated approach and needs to be reinvented. I'm super excited for Nintendo's line up but I knew about most of it thanks to that last Direct and that has me convinced that the Direct style is the best way to go.

I find myself constantly shocked at how much credit Sony is getting for doing what's always been done and how little people are concerned with MS's always on camera considering that they were the first company to sign on with PRISM.



rennandovale said:

@Joshers744 "Sony getting ludicrously over-enthusiastic cheers for simply allowing people to trade games and play offline — which has been a feature of video games since the Magnavox Odyssey in the early 1970s"
The best comment ever!



rmeyer said:

Nintendo had much better games. We played Mario 3d world and it was a complete blast. That game alone might just steal the show this holiday season. The launch games look really bad for psone.



Technosphile said:

After seeing their "reveals" in last Tuesday's Direct, I completely understand now why Nintendo did not have a live presentation at E3.

Also, you have to wonder what reaction to Sony's E3 would have been had they not taken their moment to humiliate Microsoft. Frankly, none of what they showed game-wise was terribly inspiring, and almost all of it is multiplat. It just goes to show; tell nerds what they want to hear, and they will be eating out of your hand.




Y'know what game I'm looking foward to this year more than anything else on any console

Sonic lost world



MrGawain said:

There will be no article in the games press announcing "THE WII U IS SAVED, EVERYTHING IS ALL RIGHT BECAUSE BLAH BLAH GAME HAS BEEN RELEASED".

No game on the E3 list is a 'KILLER APP' (I hate that saying), but then games consoles are designed so you can play a variety of games. There will instead (just like the 3DS) be a gradual improvement until one day you'll look at the library the system has got and say: 'Actually, that is a great collection of games."



Ren said:

Cool stuff in general but also I'm just feeling 'meh' about it all lately. Frankly there is just so much out there, I feel like new expensive consoles is almost too much, I've barely covered a fraction of the other HD consoles, plus all the other PC, online and mobile stuff (the good things here and there). I think this 'generation' is going to see a bit of a tough sell due to oversaturation soon; I can't be the only one feeling this way. Especially If you don't have much money theres already so much to choose from.



Mahemoth said:

I don't get why ppl talk about having a "secundairy console". Too much time and money? or too few hobbies? Idk, but I bet on Wii u this gen and I have no regrets.



GearsOfWarU said:

I thought Nintendo had the Best E3 ... They showed the Most quality games. They did a solid job at what they needed to accomplish... Prove there are good games coming out on Wii U. I would rather have a Big over the Top Press Conference ... Thought Sony was boring ... And Microsoft completely dropped the ball... Except for Titanfall ... It's E3 so I enjoyed it... I like videogames!!!!



DerpSandwich said:

Wow. Looks like I am of the very small minority that was extremely disappointed by most of it. I thought the numbers would be at least a little higher.



Dogpigfish said:

We attended the best buy e3 event on Saturday and it was fantastic. My brother, who's company had sent him to E3 at least once before said the booth was almost identical to the E3 events. Kids loved it when they got to play, only took an hour to try out 3d land. It was terrific and the Wii U is shaping up to be a game changer in what modern entertainment has become. Like the wiimote, the others will shift later to match that of the Wii U in features, while Nindi will continue to do its own thing while others replicate.



Spaciouz said:

I felt it was all a bit 'Let's hate on the XBOX, the PS4 will be amazing. Oh. And Nintendo did some stuff, sure.'



Linkstrikesback said:

@Joshers744 and Nintendolife

You have Microsoft to blame for that for making it a feature of the next technological gen of consoles.

The only time I got even vaguely excited during the direct was the megaman half of the smash bros trailer. Everything else was either predictable or just even worse than expected (Looking at you, Super Mario 3D world).

Still, it could have been worse. Laughs at Xbone



nik1470 said:

I would have like more info on a new Zelda, starfox and metroid then I would be so worried about the lack of 2014 3rd party games. Still a massive step in right direction and on par with sony and mircosoft



Emblem said:

E3 is just a hype train and popularity contest that has little to do with actual games and a lot to do with posturing and marketing. I'm glad Nintendo done the more hands on approach thats what gaming is about and i hope they continue the trend. Too much CGI, speculation and dishonesty surrounds that event and has for years.



SteveW said:

I agree, and Mario 64 style is my favorite, I like the Galaxy games but hate the whole choose your level on a map thing...



jayclayx said:

I love how people defend nintendo to death, 3d mario since it's just a copy paste from the 3ds version with some add ons like peach playable lol, no real third parties support so by this we are forced to buy a second console so we are not limited to play only ninty games, I can't play any dvd or add hd videos to the wii u because Iwata said there is a lot of devices able to play thos formats so again I need to buy a movie player aside the wii u, recently they said they dont want to make a real graphics zelda because other consoles already has this, so this is not about capabilities but just go against other companies ideas



Pokefanmum82 said:

So many games that I want from Nintendo, basically all of the games that were shown at E3. Now I just have to find a way & money to get a Wii U. I wonder when they are planning on doing a direct for upcoming 3DS games including an eShop sizzle reel. Too many games and not enough money.



rjejr said:

@DerpSandwich - I think almost everybody was bummed when that ND was over, that's what happens when you have high expectations and they aren't met. But now that everybody has had a chance to just look at the actual games - not the games in comparison to what they wanted to see and hear announced - the games still look good. And if you compare the WiiU lineup from the first 1/2 of 2013 to the 2nd half and 2014 you have to admit it does look a whole lot better.

E3 almost completely went away a few years back, I think people have forgotten that, and it was only 7 years ago:



SteveW said:

Really? I have a Wii U and a good PC, if you ask me the Sony and Microsoft systems are useless, I can't play Nintendo games on a PC.

So you are saying that all the EA sports games aren't rehashes? I still play the old Mario games, I don't go back and play Tiger Woods 1999 do you?

And get over it and buy a DVD player! do you want your console to make toast also? it's pathetic for someone to slam a game console for being a game console.



hYdeks said:

Nintendo was impressive, tons of awesome first party, third party had my worried.
Sony was ok, the system price was a shock, showed too many shooters to care.
Microsoft was terrible......there is nothing good I can say about them, but they'll somehow still get the third party support ¬¬ morons...

Overall, E3 was great from Nintendo cause they showed the great games they needed, but the other companies showed the same "ohh look, a shooter!" "ohh look, a disgustingly violent game!" which sucks. Video games have gotten to a point where nothing seems to shock me anymore.

@SteveW yup, feel the same way. My laptop and my Nintendo consoles are where it's at. Sony and Microsoft both have the same games, that are also available on what's the point?



Mr_Vengeance said:

It was good, but the only surprise was a new Donkey Kong. Having said that, Mario Kart, Mario World and Smash Bros. were great, if unsurprising in their execution. These games are evolutions. I would have loved to see a game or two that were really progressive, new IP, or a big game from the past brought back....



accc said:

Nintendo games and indie games are really the only things that interest me as far as future games are concerend. Creatively bankrupt console shooters and "cinematic" garbage games can screw off. As far as Nintendo is concerned, I wish they had spent more time showing upcoming 3DS games (although I understand their need to focus on the Wii U).



AlbertoC said:

@Ulala comment 13: "The people who praise Mario 64 and Sunshine for being "open world" are idiots. They're barely open world, they're structural missions sprawled across medium-sized worlds. You pick an objective and OCCASIONALLY you can do the mission that you didn't pick, and that's the only part that doesn't make it linear, and it isn't even a very fun aspect of it." - Comment by TylerBurrito, who BTW shouldn't be around calling people names just because they have different tastes than theirs. Ah, the internetz.

How about them being 3D games where you can explore whatever you see fit in the moment you see fit? I like finding hidden warps or stumbling accidentally with a non-optional hidden area better than getting from point A to point B within a time limit a la 3D land or 3D world. A great deal of hidden areas in the galaxy games are optional and just contain green mushrooms or coins or whatever except in the green star quest in the second galaxy game. They aren't even close to hidden areas in 2D platformers where you acquired a rare power-up or item.

Nintendo's "Open World" is not Grand theft auto games' "open world" in the sense that you can't go and do whatever you please right at the very start of the game. True. But it still gives certain non-linearity and freedom to explore a given area. That's what it's being referred to with that term.



The-Chosen-one said:

i really liked what nintendo was showing at this E3, i only hoped that they would show something about the new zelda.

but i loved Xenogears, Smashbros(WiiU/3DS), mariokart, Donkeykong.
and i will def. buy, watchdogs (WiiU) Splintercell, Rayman,pikmin, so those are alot of games already.



Mizzah_Tee said:

@Rafie Sony had the best and most entertaining? While I won't argue your opinion that they may have "won" slightly, it wasn't becaue of games they announced. The only real entertaining part was when they started throwing jabs at Microsoft which didn't happen until around 45 min into their conference. Before that it was tv, movies, and music. It was mad BORING as they were getting" that non gaming stuff "out of the way." Did you watch the whole conference? People seem to be mostly saying they won because of the Microsoft jabs, the price, and that they aren't blocking used games, (something that every console manufacturer hasn't done since the first console released in the early 70's). Woohoo.

No one was saying Killzone or Infamous was amazing and stole the show. This E3 was pretty underwhelming considering the stakes. I expected more chances to be taken. But all we got is Racer #27426236 and FPS #3983453984. Wack...



Kryce said:

The moment Megaman Appeared at the SSB trailer, Nintendo nailed it .
seriously the blue bomber didn't get much for his 25th anniversary;



GamerJunkie said:

Sony won E3 by a landslide, instantly tons of online retailers sold out of PS4 pre-orders(they have since re-stocked at many).

Nintendo/Xbox 1 both came out so-so. Xbox 1 has a bad rep to start out but also was the #1 most wanted item on Amazon before PS4 was announced. So, it was well ahead of Wii U as a wanted item.

Wii U announced some good stuff and hopefully got some new people buying the console.



DerpSandwich said:

@rjejr I don't know, a week later and I'm still not impressed. X looked awesome and Bayonetta looked cool I guess, but Mario and DK are not doing it for me. Pikmin is really the only "must have" game lined up for the Wii U for me at the moment. Everything else looks mildly fun, but it's not the sort of stuff I'm going to be lining up to get.



jayclayx said:

@SteveW You got a good point there about the replay value but seriously since when a 3d mario game on a console it's just an expansion from a handheld version? sorry but you can tell me about all the new features 3d mario land will have on wii u but it still looks like a clone from the 3ds, I set my tv on the wall so for me the less devices are in my room better, I mean why should I buy hulu or netflix when you can just add an hd video from your pc and when I said no real third parties support I mean games, not rehashes, look at ps4 and xbox, they have some new games exclusives planned to be there at day 1



ajcismo said:

E3 became "meh" for me a long time ago. Not so much by Nintendo, but overall. The event is geared towards major media outlets too much for my tastes. I was happy to see Nintendo try something different however. And it seems to have gained them more media attention than in the past several years. Good or bad, its still attention.



nothankyou said:

Looks like most everyone enjoyed it.
I think it was certainly solid. It wasn't their best E3 ever, but it wasn't anywhere near awful (coughvitalitysensorcough).



NerdHillbilly said:

There certainly wasn't anything ground-breaking at E3 this year, but definitely some great Nintendo titles to look forward to on both consoles. I'm definitely looking forward to new Zelda and Metroid titles in the future.



Peach64 said:

I didn't think it was terrible from Nintendo, but disappointing for sure. Too much casual stuff for my tastes. I don't do much multiplayer, so Mario Kart and Smash Bros aren't really for me, while they chose to go down the cheap and quick development route with Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong. X did look nice, but I must be missing something, as graphically it didn't look that great, and they didn't show enough gameplay to make it stand out from the generic, futuristic JRPG crowd. It's Monolith, so it could be anything from a GOTY contender to... a generic, futuristic JRPG.



Rafie said:

@siddyp00h Does it matter how much they won by? Yes it is my opinion and I didn't say this was fact. All I said was Sony had the most entertaining (which they did) E3 showing. It doesn't matter what they did to make it entertaining. I swear people here hate Sony. Oh and I watched all 3 presentations and I still stand by my claims. Did Nintendo really do any better?! Right. Doesn't matter what game you announce, a new big console presentation on the horizon will outshine a game or two. Note how I didn't downplay what Nintendo presented like you did Sony

Nintendo didn't do bad with their Direct, however it was far from the best! As a whole E3 was good. It wasn't the best E3, but it was good. I just said what I thought was the best, if I had to pick one, and I chose Sony...which was pretty evident it was the clear winner of the show.



brandonbwii said:

I liked what I saw/played of Super Mario. I was wondering how Nintendo was going to top the SMG titles, only to find them going a completely different direction. THAT'S the Nintendo I know and love, the one that betrays expectations.



timp29 said:

Kind of hard for me to vote properly on this. Didn't watch Sony or Microsoft at E3 (except for Destiny) and to be honest, I can't get a feeling for whether Nintendo is even on people's radar.

I mean if you were just a video games enthusiast, went to E3 as just a PC gamer. Would you walk away with any idea about Nintendo's releases? Or would it be Microsoft, Sony and other PC games in development?



Lobster said:

'What did you think of E3 overall?"

Since "I have never laughed harder at any rivalry - excellent memes and macros" wasn't a choice, I went with, "It was pretty good overall."



FritzFrapp said:

I loved Nintendo's Direct. Wind Waker in HD? Someone hold me... Loved the look of Mario Land with the camera pulled out. Mario Kart looked excellent and fast. Pikmin 3 is nearly here after such a long wait. X may be a system-seller.
And to top it all, Platinum Games were making hay whilst the sun shone. Bayonetta 2 kicked all kinds of burro, but The Wonderful 101 was my Game Of The Show by a country mile. I'll be all over that like a cheap coat.
The nice thing about Nintendo doing a Direct is that we'll get another one in the next month or so.
E3 itself was a fairly damp squib, though, and is becoming less relevant each year. Microsoft were shameful. Sony didn't impress me, and like the last two PlayStations I'll probably be waiting until the first hardware revision before I dip in. The PS4 is an ugly, dust-trap of a console and its launch games don't interest or wow me at all. Puppeteer on PS3 was the only Sony game I liked the look of.



brandonbwii said:

Sony's conference was definitely the most fun to watch IMO. Nintendo Direct annonced great games but everything was low key even by ND standard.

Oh well, we will likely see another ND in the next month or so.



GamerZack87 said:

Iwata brings a thumbs-up...DIRECT to you!

Side-note: Mega Man in Smash Bros.! Can you believe it?!

Side-side-note: It looks like there's a lot to excite me once I pick up my shiny new white Wii U.



Lobster said:

Overall I think, aside from a few choice games (Smash Bros. Smash Bros. SMASH BROS.) from what I can see Nintendo is unfortunately still under everyone's radar. Now, whether that was bound to happen with two console releases or they could have mitigated it somewhat is up for debate. I still think they did the right thing by not holding a conference, and instead focusing on just games games games.

The bad news is everyone is still going Wii Who? The good news is, people aren't think negatively about Nintendo - when they DO think of Nintendo at this E3, it's still all positive stuff. They haven't been tarred by Microsoft in any way. They actually probably came out cleaner than even Sony, if somebody takes the time to stop and consider.



brandonbwii said:

I was originally disappointed that there was a Wind Waker HD port, until I remembered that being my favorite game in the series since it went 3D. I'm gonna have to double dip.



JusticeColde said:

The comedy that came from E3 this year will last a lifetime.

#CallofDoggy #DoThatS*** #BF4Botch



Rect_Pola said:

I felt a lot better than I had over the last few. Nintendo's working on building the brand (mostly by its damn self, but I promised I wouldn't rant about it). Sony will march on with plenty of nice and new (while trying to OnLive their way around PS3's nightmare architecture). Microsoft makes me increasingly glad they never mattered to me.



MetalKingShield said:

The main Nintendo Direct was decent, but I was a bit surprised at the direction of some of the games. The Developer Directs were much better - after watching them, I was much reassured that Nintendo has a lot of good games on the way. I'd even say Nintendo's E3 was 9/10 overall, but I'm left with a slight reservation that we might never get those big, 3D experiences any more - the Metroids, the Zeldas - at least not as good as they were on the GameCube... We'll see. For the moment, I think there are a lot of good games coming that will sell the Wii U.



AJWolfTill said:

What was cringeworthy in Ubisoft's conference? Other than the lagging in Assassin's Creed (or was that Sony's).
I felt Sony came off best overall, I think the reliance on 2d platformers and the fact we knew all but one game on the line-up weakened its appeal.
Although the third party reel was only for 2013 titles (no one seems to aknowledge this) I don't recall seeing anything beyond that timeframe. For the love of gaming, Nintendo you have to work to bring in the third party publishers, don't just wait for a sales spike, as otherwise we will miss at least a year of quality titles.



LunaticPandora said:

I bet nintendo chose not to do a conference because they knew what they had to show wouldn't be met with roaring applause like 2010 and more like crickets chirping.



QuickSilver88 said:

Like many others when I first watched the direct I was sooooo let down. Then after watching it again on my WiiU in HD a had a better feeling. Look many great games coming to WiiU this year far more than the other new systems. 3rd party for this year is really not that bad.....I mean all of UbI's big games are coming, Batman, CoD Ghosts, Disynet Infinity, W101, Sonic.....That with the expexted 1st party is a lot of content to buy and play. Really the biggest ommision is the lack of any sports game at all.....No Football, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, or Soccer is a bad thing as many gamers like sports games and if the only own one system it can't be WiiU if they want sports. I am more concerned for 3rd party in 2014 because if WiiU doesn't sell well and some of these games sell well this xmas then I am afraid WiiU will have a very bleak 3rd party future.....and turn out to be more a N64 like system depending on Nintendo and 2nd party and a few negotiaited exlusives. It is sad because the system is closer to the competition than Wii was by a mile and EA has announced they will support current gen to 2017....overall I think Microsoft did little to help their cause and $ony won by mostly hitting M$ in the groin. Too many FPS and Racing games and not much innovation.....what happened to action adventures, to RPGs, to Strategy, go quirky fun stuff? In that way Nintendo actually showed more diversity (minus the sports) than anyone else. Of the 3rd parties I thought Ubi was strongest which is why us WiiU gamers need to supprt thhem and buy one or two of their major releases this fall. I really liked the developer directs and think that was a nice touch that I wish other publishers would do in the future.



B3ND3R said:

To #88, Nintendo doesn't have another console in the works...

Anyways, Sure, they didn't have a big fancy press conference, but Nintendo certainly got my attention with it's announcements. I also got to try Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8, and the new Donkey Kong at my local BestBuy, and I gotta say, those games alone will probably sell Wii Us.. They were AMAZING. The only downside was that half the people that attended the E3 Demo stand were Microsoft fanboys who were praising the XBONE and saying the games on demo looked "bland"... Then again... These are the same people who asked me "How does the new Mario game feel?" after I finished three levels... My response: "The way it should feel. LIKE MARIO."



GN004Nadleeh said:

i will play windwaker all over again in off tv play mode. pikmin 3 has me the most excited and i'll always play a new mario game. x seemed to be the olny 3rd party game. but those are the only games i'm interested in and they wont last forever and we really can't wait another year for them to start pumping out games because they felt they were under staffed



Williaint said:

Actually, B3ND3R, they probably do have another console and portable in the works. It's unlikely to be shown anytime soon, though.
I loved MK 8, but I had to use the motion controls — very difficult. Mario 3D world was impressively fun. It was kinda awkward with 4 players, though! I didn't get a chance to play DKC, but It looked like a BLAST! I played windwaker HD, and can't wait; It's lookin' great!



B3ND3R said:

@Williaint Iwata stated that at the moment they are only focusing on games... The only console related thing is that they are releasing a 32GB White Wii U... I do see where you are coming from though, even if they are, we won't see it for a long time. I had a blast playing 4 player Mario 3D World all the demos they showed were excellent.



GazPlant said:

I'd put it down as disappointing by Nintendo's own standards, but one that has improved after the event. 3D World is a huge disappointment to me, as is DKCTC over Metroid, but Mario Kart 8 and Smash look ridiculously good. Think this year was all about tempering expectations, Nintendo Direct now does what E3 did



Souflee said:

It was disappointing, don't act like it wasn't, people are voting saying everything was great are not helping, doesn't make you like Nintendo anymore than the rest of us who bought the wii u at launch, it was a disaster, I was very hyped and all of you were, because we knew we were going to see the successor to Mario Galaxy from Nintendo EAD studios, something taking full advantage of the Wii U's capabilities, they gave us 3DLand 2 okay, there's something wrong there, we don't need a game like that as we didn't need a 2D Mario game at launch just months after we bought an excellent 2D one for the 3DS, we needed ONE Mario game that lived up to the franchise standards, all of you trying to say its not bad looks fun, no it looks like it belongs on the 3DS, Mario is the king of gaming, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the best game ever created the bar is a little higher I hate what they're doing with the franchise, quality over quantity, Nintendo needs to tell stockholders to shut up and sit down and let them work their magic, not like this, this is the way to ruin. . .



Mizzah_Tee said:

@Rafie maybe you should take a breath and re read what I wrote. I said I won't argue that Sony "won" slightly (not sure why you got so hung up on how much you think I felt they won by, as it wasn't something I was emphasizing.)

Would Sony be your outright winner if Microsoft didn't block used games and was also $399? If no, that says a lot about what victory is at this past E3. If you feel you automatically win because you have a new shiny box, then this debate of ours is pretty pointless. You're just proving my point that the GAMES on ALL consoles didn't really impress and run away with victory.

"I swear people here hate Sony."
So because I agree Sony won by a little, I hate them? I bet I own more Sony game systems and games than you do, but that's beside the point. If you come to a website named NintendoLife and expect people not to have a Nintendo bias, then you're fooling yourself. I don't expect people on to see things my way, LOL.

"Note how I didn't downplay what Nintendo presented like you did Sony.."
I'm pretty sure I said the ENTIRE E3 was underwhelming. E3 won by default because they didn't block used games, have a decent pricepoint, and Nintendo's games were pretty safe and expected with no surprises. With that, should I scream from the mountain tops of how great a victory Sony had? Can you name a Sony GAME that was a must have or game changer? Just having a new box, a box in which they revealed everything about except the design months ago, wasn't enough to blow anyone away. The only real surprise might have been the price. Again, Yay...



Monkeh said:

Pretty good E3 for anyone but Nintendo. Seriously wonder how Nintendo is going to save themselves from this one, because the Wii-U is obviously a major fail and will die down even more once the PS4/Xbone are out.



Senate_Guard said:

This was a very dull E3 for Nintendo, nothing got me super-excited, not even Smash Bros. I know I'll be buying it, as well as Mario 3D World and Kart 8, but I still wish they revealed a new Metroid, Star Fox, or F-Zero.



xKing_Koopahx said:

It's crazy that Playstation has more games that were unique compared to Nintendo.. whats going on? I Really Love Nintendo but they didnt show anything new that we were not expecting besides Donkey Kong, and that didnt look anywhere near as good as MK8 Graphically.. Wassup Retro??



xKing_Koopahx said:

@Souflee You have some Valid points but besides the fact, a lot of players never got to experience Mario 3d Land though. I am not saying this is the the almighty reason for The New Wii U game to be on it, but what I am saying is that Mario 3d Land was really Fantastic whats wrong with getting a Sequel'esk game For the Wii U?? I loved the 3ds one I am sure I will do the same with this one. Plus Nintendo said they made a exception for Galaxy 2 being made. Maybe we'll get Galaxy 3 anyway



Rafie said:

@siddyp00h Whose upset here?! I'm good homie. I'm just baffled by how much people here can't be objective REGARDLESS of this being a Nintendo site. You mean to tell me adults can't be objective even if it's not in the favor of their preference? Again, what does it matter if it was "slight" win or if it was by a landslide. The point is that Sony won E3. Geez dude!

"Would Sony be your outright winner if Microsoft didn't block used games and was also $399?"
Doesn't matter now, does it? Still I'll entertain your question and tell you that it would be tie. In fact I'll even take it a step further and just say that MS would win because the tie breaker would have been the games. Savvy? Again, I didn't say this E3 was the best...I just said Sony won it. I know there wasn't any games (except for Titanfall that really had a big interest outside of Nintendo).

"So because I agree Sony won by a little, I hate them?"
Not saying that, but the majority of comments across the articles seems to point at Sony being the bad guy and how inferior they are to Nintendo.

"I bet I own more Sony game systems and games than you do"
Sorry not going to let you get away with that one. If you'd like, we can play tit for tat and show case our games and accessories. I assure you my collection is nothing to scuff at. You'd be surprised. Let's keep blind speculations to a minimum, shall we?

It's a good thing that I do have all consoles and not tied to one. I'm a little less bias than your average gamer who has one console and solely prefers that one. I play all of my consoles extensively and have a large library to accommodate them.

In all actuality...having a "new box" that's popular is more than enough to entice people. Now if it wasn't interesting enough to blow people away, then please tell me why preorders are almost non-existent? Just look at all the forums from IGN, Kotaku, to Machinima. The hype for the PS4 is there. More so than the Wii U had.There was 2 games that Wii U had...well 3 that people were hyped for. MK8, Smash, and Monolith X. Everything else was alright at best. Don't take my word for it, go into the other articles were the fans have wrote their hype and disdain about ND. We can debate this for as long as you want, but I'm sure you won't change my stance. Have a good day!



SteveW said:

I think it will still be a great game, I admit that Nintendo didn't really give us anything unique though, I was blown away the first time I played a Mario game on a new console, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, Galaxy, etc... so far the Wii U has not done that.

I expected more by now. Just look at Giana Sisters Twister Reality (coming soon to Wii U), that series began as a shallow Mario clone and has now surpassed the new Mario games in many ways.



Rafie said:

@SteveW " Just look at Giana Sisters Twister Reality (coming soon to Wii U)"

WHAT?!?! Giana Sisters is coming to the Wii U?! GAME ON!!! I saw it in the XBLA and was about to purchase it, but declined for some reason. I will surely buy this if it came to the Wii U!



WaveGhoul said:

I didn't give a doink about Sony(ridiculous cheering over used games.) or MS's sleep inducing E3 conferences.Make way for a slew of "NOT in-game cutscenes to hype the crowd"....Don't worry, when these games are released they won't even look half as good. This has always been the case with Sony...

Now, I was dissapointed with Nintendo's at first, but the 2nd time was more enjoyable since the stream wasn't freezing and chopping up every 5 I'd give Nintendo's overall E3 a super weak 7. The only real suprise was with the Mega Man SSB U clip which was a dream come true for me.

DKCR however was an extremely underwhelming suprise which nobody wanted. Most of use were expecting a lot MORE out of the next 3D Mario, meanwhile the gorgeous Mario Kart 8 played it pretty safe aside from the gravity gimmick(How's about making your cart morph into a Robo turantula so it can quickly stampeede through goopy mud riddled sections in tracks? ) AND finally the presentation lacked "oomph"....It was just boring. it saddens me how much nintendo has changed...80's & early 90's nintendo were far more flashier, colorful and in your face from their magazine adds, commercials, Edward Phillips(who was quite the character), the works.

Instead, makeway for Monotone, lifeless, buisness boy Iwata who continuestly stands there stiffer than the nutcracker spewing out drab dribble at a snails pace. We need somebody exciting, somebody with pisaz who will get the audience going....And next time instead of standing in front of a blank office wall, plunk in a green screen to make it look like your actually standing in the mushroom kingdom, Hyrule, anything nintendo related or something that would emphasize the game you're showing off would totaly amplify the presentation, atmosphere and fun factor for these recent bland office-like presentations.



mamp said:

I think overall Sony had the best conference followed by Nintendo and then Microsfoft just committed suicide on stage. For Nintendo it was pretty meh the only thing that I liked was Bayonetta 2 and what saved it for me was Smash Bros. I was like =_= then I went to OMG THIS IS CRAZY!!! The only thing that made me angry was Retro's game since they said they've been working on a game that fans have wanted for a long time, I don't see how a sequel to DKCR was a game we've wanted for a long time since the first game came out not too long ago. Other than that everything was pretty okay I guess nothing too special.



GamerJunkie said:

@Rafie Giana Sisters has been on sale for $1-3 on PC many times already (steam version and DRM free).

I bet Wii U charges $10-15 same as Little inferno, got it on steam as part of a $5 for 12 indie games in a bundle and on Wii U it started out $15....

indie games on Wii U are not worth it unless you have no PC at all.



Rafie said:

@GamerJunkie See I know nothing about PC gaming. Nothing at all. All I hear is that it trumps anything the consoles can do. Also I heard Steam is the BEST place to get games on sale. Sometimes I wish I gamed on PC as well.



FroJake said:

Pokemon Y and Yoshi's New Island are the two must-haves for me the remainder of 2013. I will definitely get Smash Bros. on 3ds. I might get a Wii U later in the future. Wind Waker looks awesome. I'm having slight reservations about Link between Worlds, but it still looks great, regardless. The only dissapointments were 3d World and no downloadable 3d videos of 3ds games. The Wii U will doninate this generation.

As for Sony and Microsoft, I didn't watch their conferences. Kingdom Hearts 3 was the only thing from sony that sparked my interests. I wouldn't mind a new Ape Escape platformer on the Vita. Microsoft never interested me. The Xbox One sounds horrible. My brothers are Xbox fanboys and are defending it despite me telling them you won't be able to play 360 games on the new "Console". And by console, I mean TV add-on ( like Apple TV ). Microsoft is either going to become the new Sega or drop out of the console market and go back to making Hp computers and phones. Either one is fine for me.
Lastly, Sonic Lost World looks okay, but Sonic Generations was terrible, so I'm going to have to try a demo before I decide if I want it.

Overall, "The House that Mario built" stole the show. I am definitely giddy about the new games announced. Nintendo has a bright future ahead of it, and I am looking foward to whatever it dishes out in the coming years.



WaveGhoul said:

Here's what i know about PC gaming, you can't play Nintendo games. and the state of these westernized 3rd party titles are pretty damn dissapointing these days, at least for me. I don't care how amazing PC visuals are when there are next to no games that appeal to me for it, and to top it off I'm pretty sure it doesn't even support motion based controls.

Besides, I'd be more worried about Amanda Bynes hacking into my system and giving me a Sour patch candy virus meldown.



Rafie said:

@WaveBoy HAHAHA Man you're killing me with Amanda Bynes! Hahaha Seriously she does have a nice ........well anyway, you have point. You can't play Ninty games at all (unless you're one hell of a hacker). I just hear so much about PC gaming, but never have been interested to play them at all!



Oniros said:

It has been the best E3 in years (with the exception of Konami's 2010 conference). I loved most of what was shown.



MeWario said:

Nintendo announced a lot before E3 and I think that is why some people were disappointed. Imagine how different it would be if they had come out and surprised us with Super Mario 3D World, Mariokart and A Link Between Worlds. I loved E3 and thought that the Nintendo Directs were far better then some lame conference full of awkwardness. Only let downs were the slightly underwhelming Mario and Donkey Kong games that don't look much different to past titles; ill be buying them though



GamerJunkie said:

@Rafie Use Wii U for 1st party games. All those Indie games you see on Wii shop are a joke. They are on steam and in bundles for $1 or less, all of them, even trine 2 and the top looking ones $2-5. Look at that bundle includes little inferno that is on Wi U for what $10-15? This whole bundle I got for $5 and it came with that game and 10 others lol.

Any game thats on another console or on PC I skip on Nintendo, but you gotta love their 1st party stuff.



DiSTANToblivion said:

I think I clicked the second choice on all these poll options.
Initially I was disappointed by Nintendo this E3 but after a few days and going back to the videos, especially the developer talks, I liked it. It makes commercial sense and the games don't just look cheap. Nintendo quality standards still seem to be there all the way, even 3D World is actually a new concept, just done in a similar style.



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm giving the overall Nintendo E3 a solid B. Ironically, it's also higher than any of the others I've rated.

Nintendo: B
Sony: C+
Microsoft: D-
Ubisoft: F

It just wasn't a thrilling E3 overall. But Nintendo still has my Christmas savings again this year.



DualWielding said:

you should have different questions for Sony and MIcrosoft, Nintendo did much better than Microsoft, but Sony really did much better than Nintendo with a lower price than expected, confirming no DRM and having the advantage over Nintendo of its system not being region locked.....



DualWielding said:

you should have different questions for Sony and MIcrosoft, Nintendo did much better than Microsoft, but Sony really did much better than Nintendo with a lower price than expected, confirming no DRM and having the advantage over Nintendo of its system not being region locked.....



MasterGraveheart said:

See, that's the thing, @ferthepoet. All Sony is doing is what we should be expecting/demanding of our console makers to begin with. Nintendo already did it, and now Sony's doing it. Only Microsoft decided to buck the trend. In large, Sony did nothing spectacular for their press conference outside of poking fun at Microsoft because they're spiteful jerks like that.



Stargazer said:

Pretty much a failure in my eyes. The only thing I see on Wii U that interests me enough to want to buy the system is Super Mario 3D World, and the 3DS didn't have any E3 announcements that I cared about.



WaxxyOne said:

I agree this E3 was somewhat lackluster overall. Nintendo showed some games to get excited about, but nothing jaw-dropping. On the other hand after their Wii U announcement last year I didn't really expect anything like that from them. I think they did well showing all the games that are coming, but it would have been nice to see something truly new they could showcase instead of just reassurances that yes, they have games coming.

As far as Sony and Microsoft, I don't think anything more needs to be said about the "Xbone" that hasn't been stated already. Epic fail. Sony riding the wave of success they are just because their competitor's console is a flop is BS. Their system isn't all that great and nothing I heard about it makes me want to buy one. Personally I'll stick with my Wii U and hope Nintendo can turn sales around so we can get some good third party games coming our way. If not, I think I'll stick to my PC and Steam for now... I currently see no reason to shell out $400-500 on a new console that can't do anything more than my computer can.



erv said:

I loved this years e3, could only be better with even more gaming goodness. I just witnessed a big line of games I really want to buy.

I loved the wiiU since I bought it, and only love it more each day. Great stuff.



Harrison_Peter said:

I'm still not after a Wii U just yet, and I've been saying for a long time that releasing out of sync with the others is a massive problem and the main reason there's a lack of third party support. I sold my first 3DS when the games catalogue was poor for a while. I'm happy to admit that right now the 3DS has a brilliant catalogue and it's the best time to grab a 3DSXL (I'm glad I did).

I still think Nintendo have messed up a little with the Wii U in terms of both marketing and also timing of release... but after this E3 it's the first time I've actually considered getting one, so I guess it worked! I think one of the poll answers says it all: first party titles will make the Wii U sell. There are loads on the way, and huge ones like Pikmin 3, so I'm sure the Wii U will do well. Especially given other events. Amazon sales for the Wii U increased 875% after the Xbox One announcement (Sony does a slow clap for Microsoft).

Despite my issues with the Wii U and Nintendo recently, the first party titles on the way and the success of the 3DS (which was struggling at first) fill me with more confidence. I'm not writing it off yet.

As for no live presentation, it WAS the best thing to do this year, but not all years and not in general. It was worth it because the highlights were gameplay footage of things like Smash Brothers and Pikmin 3. These videos don't need a stage. It probably saved Nintendo a lot of money too.



Mizzah_Tee said:

You said: "Again, what does it matter if it was "slight" win or if it was by a landslide."
Before that you said: "I actually thought Sony had the best and entertaining E3 with Nintendo coming in at a close 2nd..." So by your own words YOU made it a point in saying you give Sony the "slight edge." I was just pointing out YOUR argument. So YOUR analysis is what made it "matter." BTW, when I capitalize, it's for emphasis, not to "yell" just so you know

"Not saying that, but the majority of comments across the articles seems to point at Sony being the bad guy and how inferior they are to Nintendo."

What does that have to do with me and what I said? And you acuse me of projecting... hmmm.

""I bet I own more Sony game systems and games than you do"
I was using a bit of hyperbole there in hopes of proving that your not dealing with some teenaged, mindless "Nintendrone." But you took it as some sort of Console Penile Measuring Contest. Perhaps that was my fault.

"It's a good thing that I do have all consoles and not tied to one. I'm a little less bias than your average gamer who has one console and solely prefers that one."

Again, because I disagree with you, you assume that I'm not? More projecting.

"The hype for the PS4 is there. More so than the Wii U had..."
Can't argue with that. Sony has ALWAYS done a better job at hyping it's fanbase, even without any compelling software and a ridiculously high price point. I waited in line out in the cold with my buddy for days for PS3. Even though I wasn't getting one, I liked being around gamers that passionate. We played Mario Kart DS like crazy, lol. Sony are much better marketers than Nintendo. No argument there. After my friend took his PS3 home and beat Resistance, he and all of our other friends were at my crib playing Wii Sports every weekend while he waited for something compelling to play on his $600 blu ray player. He didn't even have an HDTV yet, lol. But he was hyped.

But seriously, that's probably the biggest reason Nintendo bowed out of an E3 press conference this year. They knew no matter how many great games they talked about at E3, they would be drowned out by the "Hype Machines." I mean how can Sonic Lost Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Country TF, compete against the Sony and Microsoft Entertainment hubs, 8 GB of RAM, and a Gaming "Media" that continues to marginalize them to the point that they have to do Nintendo Directs so fans aren't permeated by journalists who overwhelmingly want them to make cell phone games, or "go the way of Sega," and stop making consoles and yadda yadda, yadda.

How can Nintendo "win" against that?



crobatman said:

I honestly thought Nintendo could have done better, SSB and Pokemon X&Y were the highlights with X also being interesting. Other than that, I found it kind of boring in between. This is just my opinion by the way, I am sure a lot of people enjoyed it more than me. I don't think it's fair to compare Nintendo to Sony or Microsoft, they really target a different market altogether. I go to Nintendo for games like Pokemon and Zelda, I got to Sony and Microsoft for everything else. Though, I might not get an Xbox One this time around, I might just stick with Wii U and PS4



Monkeyofthefunk said:

I love Nintendo and I will but this E3 wasn't great. I've had a trawl through all the companies videos, blogs etc and Sony walked it. Nintendo did well but it was same old same old. When will we get something new? I've been gaming since 1980 and with Nintendo since the NES. Now we are 5 generations along and we are getting 2d side scrolling Mario games, side scrolling Donkey Kong games, Smash Bros and Mario Kart (the last 2 are my favourite Nintendo IP's) but this isn't enough. Nintendo used to be creative but can anybody honestly say that they still are? I know Sony and M$ churn out the same GOW, Killzone etc but they haven't been doing it as long as Nintendo. I was hoping that at E3 Nintendo would blow us away with a new IP, something as creative as Zelda was when it was first announced, but no, we got the same stuff yet again. I was excited at first but now I'm bored. Sony have some great new stuff coming out like Knack, Driveclub plus many others whilst Nintendo give us another iteration of Mario, Zelda, SSB, Mario Kart. I will stick with my Wii U until the PS4 launch and if it's not improved by then, it may get traded in. I am enjoying 3ds but I fear Wii U is in it's last few months of it's life. I know it's it's first year but there has been nothing new or exciting and a new console should have great games. I can't name one that's been released so far.



GiftedGimp said:

@Monkeyofthefunk In fairness, Where-aS MS/Sony chuck out endlees Gears,Killzone etc they don't usually add anything to the sequels that alter gameplay, where-as Nintendo when you look back have always usually added something new that adds to or alters gameplay, wether it be new abilities in a mario game, or new game mechanics in Mario Kart. There are more examples but I'm just trying to show from the lowest to highest form if gameplay altering addition Nintendo makes to excisting franchises, having said that thier may be better examples as I've missed a large chunk of Nintendo gaming when I got sucked into glossy 360/Ps3 visuals during the Wii era.
I do agree a new Nintendo ip would be great, though and It would be good if that new ip waas something from the norm for Nintendo. I hate saying this, but thier equivalent to Gears, Halo or Killzone, yes I know theres Metroid but thats not really the same sort of thing (still want WiiU version though). I want to see Nintendo add thier magic to the bog-standard fps games endlessly seen on other systems.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

@GiftedGimp I understand what you mean but Nintendo have stalled. The creativity has gone. You can't keep chucking out endless Marios with only slight changes, it's become stale and if anything is going backwards.



Fudgewhizzle said:

One of my biggest concerns is that Nintendo needs to innovate in order to compete. Sure, I still want games like Mario Kart and everything else that we've come to love about them. But I'd really love to see at least three new franchises, or old ones that have been eating dust for ages given new life.

I fear that if Nintendo keeps up their current trend, they will find themselves in a tougher position than ever before.

Having said that, I believe Microsoft pretty much blew up themselves during E3 and I doubt I will be getting an Xbox One. I will however get a PS4 next to my Wii U. Simply because I saw so many awesome games coming to that platform as well.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

@Fudgewhizzle I agree with your points. Nintendo's game design has become stagnant. It's all good having a great new console with a innovative gamepad design but if the games are re-hashes of old IP's then they won't help shift any hardware.



Rafie said:

@siddyp00h " So by your own words YOU made it a point in saying you give Sony the "slight edge."
Again, all I said was Sony won the E3. Regardless of how they won it by. Dude you're seriously just looking for a debate and I can oblige to that. Point...I never once said that Sony has the slight edge in E3. I said they won it. Then I gave a 2nd place runner up to Nintendo. YOUR analysis on my rebuttal is what made this a miniscule debate. Out of all the others on here that stated that Sony won this E3, you chose mine to argue with. "BTW, when I capitalize, it's for emphasis, not to "yell" just so you know" Same here. I don't have to yell to get my point across.

"What does that have to do with me and what I said? And you acuse me of projecting... hmmm."

I'll give you that. I was projecting.

"But you took it as some sort of Console Penile Measuring Contest. Perhaps that was my fault."

Yes I took it that way because of the way you projected it. If you go back and read your sentence, you'll see why. I understand now that wasn't your intentions.

"Again, because I disagree with you, you assume that I'm not? More projecting."
Annnnnnnd here's where you messed up. I didn't project anything. People disagree with one another all the time. Where in any of my post did I say you were biased, or not impartial to the others platforms?! I'm merely speaking about MYSELF and to further let you know that I don't dislike Ninty (otherwise I wouldn't be here) as I have a big variety of accessories and games from them. It's seems you're on the defensive about projection. I don't blame you since I did it earlier.

" mean how can Sonic Lost Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Country TF, compete against the Sony and Microsoft Entertainment hubs, 8 GB of RAM, and a Gaming "Media" that continues to marginalize them to the point that they have to do Nintendo Directs so fans aren't permeated by journalists who overwhelmingly want them to make cell phone games, or "go the way of Sega," and stop making consoles and yadda yadda, yadda."
Point taken. I see that you were being a bit facetious there with a hint of sarcasm. If not, then I humbly apologize. Here's my take on Nintendo. Note this isn't fact and just merely my opinion as a long time consumer of Nintendo products for as long as I could buy them on my own. (late 90's and so on) Nintendo are still one of the big dogs of the gaming industry. No one in gaming history has had a longer run than Nintendo as a manufacturing console company. The GameCube was the first console I've ever purchased on my on from Nintendo and it was the most powerful console of that generation. Marketing blunders kept it from being in the cool runnings with PS2 to add more 3rd party support. The GC could have done what the PS2 did and more. Still, they came in 2nd.

Now here comes the Wii for "last gen" and although it sold more than its competitors, it's a vastly inferior system. Yes I used that term "vastly" to show that Sony & Microsoft had the better consoles. The Wii's low price and casual friendly games got it to those heights. I applaud that. Unfortunately they (Ninty) lost almost their entire 3rd party support from the past generations. Now 3rd party devs don't take them seriously. It's unfortunate, but Nintendo marketed themselves this way. If they wanted, they could compete with the other 2 in the hardware WHILST making their grand software work. Now finally the Wii U. I don't see the Wii U as a failure. It's struggling at the moment, but is far from failure. Yes the launch line up could have been more enticing, but it's cool. The Wii U is at a good position right now. Sony and Microsoft will experience the same thing the Wii U is going through now until the games start coming. The big ones that is. Reggie called it and it's going to go down that way. This holiday season is going to the Wii U. Their software is going to push the system. It will still be a contender. It's really funny how Nintendo is the only one that can push its software to make better hardware, but the other 2 has to depend more on its hardware to accommodate the software and make it sell. That's something unique Nintendo has.

You're an intelligent individual and I can see that this is going to go on for a while (debate) unless there isn't anything else to really say. You said your piece and I've said mine. There's no winner here. We'll keep countering one another until Wind Waker HD releases.



Mizzah_Tee said:

@Rafie Just want to make one more point... Really
I said: "" So by your own words YOU made it a point in saying you give Sony the "slight edge."

I literally copied and pasted your words here. Again, your first post was: "I actually thought Sony had the best and entertaining E3 with Nintendo coming in at a close 2nd with their holiday and 2014 line up.

Close second to me means Sony won, but only slightly. But that point doesn't really matter. But good debate. I actually gague these things on whether WE win. Did I get the games I wanted. No, not really. I am of the mind that "next gen" has to be more than prettier versions of the same games I'm playing now. Posting gameplay videos doesn't do it for me. I can do that now, although I have to take an extra step to do so. I was expecting Nintendo to usher in next gen gameplay, and they didn't. That's why I was underwhelmed. I have a PC, so consoles have to offer me more than graphics. To me it feels like consoles are set on trying to be watered down PC's.

But good, cordial debate. A rarity on these sites, lol.



CrashLove37 said:

I like how Nintendo handled it, but I can just imagine a room full of people reacting to that first Smash Bros logo in the trailer.



Rafie said:

@siddyp00h Oh yeah. That was definitely a good one. LOL I'm still baffled by the PC. I know nothing about gaming on it and I keep hearing that it's the best way to game. Why is that? Is there an achievement/trophy system outside of the superior graphics and gameplay? I'm serious wondering this. I honestly don't know.



tripunktoj said:

The only part that really disappointed me of Nintendo's E3 (if it can be considered part of the E3 events) is that most of us didn't get to receive all of the SpotPass gold Miis in our 3DS because of the poor quality SpotPass system! (it wasnt even our fault)

The best of E3, Mega Man in Smash of course... oh and Miiverse E3 communities.

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