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Nintendo is the worlds main source of happiness, and a lesson in how to profit from originality and creativity. Long live the last videogame company on Earth. So yeah, I like Nintendo.

Wed 8th May 2013

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Souflee commented on Europeans Will Be Able To Download Xenoblade C...:

truly hyped for this, don't care even if its reviews a 5, gonna be picking this up, fatal frame, devils third, triforce heroes, all the games I was looking for, turned out underwhelming, and just bad, this one and Fast Racing Neo, are sure bets. also the very last ones to come out in 2015 lol, the wait has been long, but its def coming to an end very soon, very excited for this one!



Souflee commented on The Current Final Fantasy Director Would Like ...:

Don't do it Nintendo, he just wants to steal all your secrets lol, but, to mefinal fantasy games are great achievements in look and design, but they don't play well,

if Zelda went that route, atmosphere and scale wise, maybe even cut scene wise too, and I think it should, give it to the Xenoblade people, or of course Retro Studios.



Souflee commented on Talking Point: The NX Hype Will Ramp Up as Nin...:

Since the first NX rumours, of it being a united portable/home system, it just clicked with me, it makes so much sense, seeing as they announced a new home system, and in fact we knew that the 3DS was the one that made sense to be replaced, it sold well, its been around for a while, had several hardware revisions and a huge and great quality library of exclusive games, if the Wii U wasn't doing so bad sales wise, they would hold off on it a little longer, I guess thats why they made the New 3DS with faster processor, to keep it going until the Wii U went away, but since there is no point in keep pumping money on the U, they're just gonna come out with it, for Christmas next Year, and I believe this will be another industry trend set by Nintendo, to combine both portable and home system in one, makes so much sense, it will be better for them, as it will be cheaper to produce, market and develop games focusing only in one system and having access to two "markets", and it will be better for the consumer also, will get "two" systems for the price of one, more and cheaper games, and it will get the handheld in people homes without they actually wanting it, so it won't be about, I already own a smartphone and a home system, so even though I would like a dedicated portable system, I don't see it being worth it, you'll just have it in your house as you're buying the home system you want, and then to be able to take your home games out with you, is something that your phone can't do and that you don't want to do on your phone, unless your phone had buttons which you don't want it to have anyway.

I can totally see Sony stealing this concept for whatever replaces the PS4 as well, to be fair thats what they intended with the Vita at one point, even Microsoft might try to get into the handheld market the same way, 'cause it cost effective, just release a compatible portable device and you're there, but if Nintendo just nails the specs and has the multi platform games, it will make the competition irrelavant, this will be good, if I had money to spent I would buy a bunch of Nintendo stock, they'll be worth double of what they're now in a not so distant future...



Souflee commented on FAST Racing NEO's F-Zero-Like Hero Mode is For...:

this guys deserve all the best, they always deliver and they just make great freaking games! I still play nano assault neo regurlaly on my Wii U, this will be the same,

even though I also think, why not just give them the licenses to make a great F-Zero game, even a StarFox 3d shooter type of game, every gen for nintendo consoles, at this point, just let them make they're own games, they always show great support for Nintendo and deliver GREAT looking and playing experiences, they did the same with Fast racing on the original wii, no point in crying that it should be, looking very forward to buying this one!



Souflee commented on Pikmin 4 is "Very Close to Completion", Though...:

well that was BIG news, couldn't you've showed a logo of that at the end of the e3 conference,

hmm maybe, you couldn't 'cause its an NX tittle, I would like it on Wii U and I would like it now, but I'm just really happy with this news, but the truth is that Pikmin 3 plays absolutely amazing on the gamepad tv combo, or just on the gamepad by itself,



Souflee commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 2010:

When I was playing through Super Mario Galaxy, I kept thinking, this is too much, how will they ever top this, they used all their creativity, this has no way to go but down from here,
they announced the first sequel to a Mario game ever, and I was kind of bummed about that, felt a little weird, when I was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, all I kept thinking was how this game was better in every way to the first one, the first galaxy game felt even bad in comparison, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the most fun I ever had with a video game in my entire life, its a piece of art. If we ever were to show aliens one example of what video games are, what they bring to the table thats unique about them, we would give them a wii and galaxy 2, 'cause its the best we got to show for this whole industry/art form.

The length, the visuals, the pace, the music, the gameplay mechanics, all of it, absolutely flawless, its a 10 out of 10 in every way conceivable. Truly can not praise this game enough.



Souflee commented on New Difficulty Settings, 3D Title Screen and M...:

3D tittle screen ?? Day one buy! always wanted to see that tittle in 3D...

these games were great on the DS really amazing how they looked and played on the DS, always kept an eye on the studio ever since, and hoped for a 3DS new entry to the franchise, either that or a new Moon, and 3DS been around for a while now, and they sell moon by chapters and now want to resell this,



Souflee commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

They better release at 29.99€ at best, 'cause this just reads as something I want to get and will have fun with, when the price drops, but, seeing its published by Nintendo, that won't happen, so the price better be somewhat acceptable from the beginning, or I'll probably never play this, and I kind of want to



Souflee commented on Nintendo Download: 6th August (North America):

@Windy Man, that SMT cross with FE, looked like too much from the first trailer, but when the treehouse video dropped, it just upped the value of my Wii U, that game will be really special, it won't be like SMT IV in terms of style and progression I think, but that one was designed for an handheld, this one is obviously aiming at a much higher scale. That and the new 3DS FE, is definitely a big way to start 2016 gaming wise, but I really would like to see a SMT V one of these days, lets hope it doesn't take as much time as SMT IV took to come out



Souflee commented on Nintendo Download: 6th August (North America):

@Windy I actually just recently picked it up, like a month and a half ago, it was on a promotion like this, and I was stunned at how much it all clicked with me, I love getting unfairly beat by demons everywhere, lol, have never played a game where every decision matters and has a consequence, I was intrigued because I really liked the way the game looked and everybody described it like being pokemon for adults, and being extremely complex and hard, I was just curious it was so cheap in EU, for 9€ I downloaded it, and now its getting close to surpassing FE as my most played game on the 3DS been playing it nonstop, it truly is an amazing game, Kid Icarus is still the best 3DS game though



Souflee commented on Talking Point: Fatal Frame's Trial Version and...:

Well, I'll politely disagree with it being free to play, because to play it, you have to spend money and buy all the chapters, its free to play just a section of the game, therefore its a demo,

I'll be picking up the physical copy, I do own some of my favourite Wii U games digitally, splatoon, wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, and also ninja gaiden but that isn't one of my favourites, the reason I have the others in digital format, is the same in all of them, it paid off financially, one was part of MK 8 promotion, the other I bought the download code cheap online, and splatoon was cheaper because I had downloaded and played the demo, I think its a good idea for games that are hard to find, but I do regret not owning all those games in a physical format, and it also better to be able to sell them or trade them with other people once you've beaten the game, this one along with Xenoblade have 0 incentive to be bought on the eShop,



Souflee commented on Gallery: Take a Look at the Super Mario Happy ...:

these were out in Europe already, I have that luigi, princess peach and the mario one that hits the coin block, only yoshi looks different and the mario penguin and koopa suits are new, anyway, with amiibo out, these kind loose some interest, it was cool because we rarely see merch from Nintendo, so I got them all from McDonalds, now I don't see the point they aren't that well made, and you can now buy pretty much any Nintendo character you like, that can be used in 3DS and Wii U games, and comes in a box and looks way better, yes this are free, but still, before amiibo I would've been all over them, now, not so much...



Souflee commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Dated, P...:

I'm excited I can buy the game. October is obviously a perfect fit, but zelda triforce heroes comes out at the around the same time as the 3DS dragon ball z game if I'm not mistaken, and with the new season airing, I've got back to a little dragon ball craze , I'll be picking up extreme butoden first



Souflee commented on It All Gets Crazy in This Devil's Third Launch...:

I rate this trailer a 9/10, oh, I'll def pay full price for this, not gonna wait for the price to drop, which it probably never will since it published by Nintendo, kinda like lego city, it just should already be out, wii u needs this summer game, and I expected tittles like this on a Nintendo system, this exactly the type of crazy special unique exclusives Nintendo gets, like the wii had madworld and stuff like that



Souflee commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Bundle and Specia...:

Still kind bummed this didn't release for the summer, they first showed this game so long ago, I was always convinced at the very least we would get it by summer 2015, December is still so far away, and I'm on vacation, I got free time for this now, I just went and picked up yoshi's wolly world yesterday at full retail price, 'cause I want something to play on my Wii U, I will buy devils third that will do fine, but it launches at the very end of August,



Souflee commented on Review: High Strangeness (Wii U eShop):

@River3636 I've owned that game since launch, only beat it a couple weeks back, those K stages are no joke, I spent months getting frustrated and trying to beat the last one, its worth it though, more stages unlock, then its over. It was a relief, ready for more lol, just as long as its not retro developing the next one, want that metroid first...



Souflee commented on Nintendo Stock Value Rises Following Better Th...:

@PlywoodStick What with this elitist view with Nintendo content, can't it be on smartphones because? You own a smartphone, you play content on it, and like Nintendo but want them to ignore this huge market, just out of a twisted sense of pride? And Iwata as Nintendo Global President, led the way in this mobile apps partnership, its his view for the company's future, they' will carrying on when they release the first Nintendo mobile game.

Its really no big deal, the way mobile games are designed it will never be anything that will replace the triple A nintendo games you and me love, its just something that can generate a lot of revenue for them, so it makes sense, in preserving the future of the company and its ability to keep pushing new dedicated hardware along with its software development. The way Nintendo operates they will never release anything on the mobile market that could replace the games they offer on a retail price. And Iwata's death obviously doesn't mean the corporate shareholders will take over the brand, as Nintendo will always have a Japanese person presiding that will be chosen from inside Nintendo.



Souflee commented on Nintendo's Japanese YouTube Channel Serves Up ...:

I'm buying devils third, here in Europe, next month for sure, really don't care about the previews, game looks good, I'm sure I loved games with worse controls before, most of my wii library comes to mind, so many games I ended up loving, had bad reviews, control issues, and it didn't turn out quite like that when I was actually playing them. I need this type of action on my Wii U, its a great summer release, if it was coming out in the holidays, next to something like star fox and xenoblade, then it would be a different story, but right now for the summer its worth my money, and the gameplay, really does look awesome.



Souflee commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

@DarthNocturnal yeah, that's true, I still think Kid Icarus was completely thrown under the bus, because reviewers just demanded that the game had a control scheme that they felt comfortable, the outrage was more how can this game be so different from what I'm accustomed to, I just don't want to adapt and see what the game offers by being like this, the game is just wrong and its bad nobody should buy it, its unplayable, it really hurt the sales and chances of more entries in the franchise future, and I feel like Sakurai did a really great job bringing Kid Icarus brand to the 3D era, it always felt like overreaction and unfair criticism, even if the hand cramps were real, which they were, but it also depends, almost every game I play on an handheld for hours I will get discomfort in my hands, that position of playing with the stylus might make it more noticeable, but the games controls made it so fun, and part of the reason I was getting cramps was because I was just playing it so much,

that said its a real shame the wii U is already reaching the end of its cycle and we won't be getting a Kid Icaus game on the U, those controls would def work with the gamepad and playing the game on TV, same goes for Fire Emblem, its a shame the Wii U didn't sell better,



Souflee commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

This quote coming from who its coming and just the overall bad vibe this game transmits due to its lenghty development, comes off as arrogant andy somewhat "mean" I guess.
But what he is actually saying is something that is so true, I don't know how many games have gotten bad reviews by no fault of their own, KID ICARUS uprising comes to mind really quick, I mean its still the most innovative , original ,creative, best looking, best written, most funny and better sounding game you can buy on 3DS, and you know what, its controls are the main reason the gameplay is so good and addicting, but its a game that requires skill and for you to work with what the game is trying to do, you have to adapt, its called a god damn learning curve, and a lot of times nowadays, some reviewers just like games and to think of themselves as gamers and think all games should addapt to you, when its not always the case, 'cause that limits creativity, and if a game is out of their skill level or they just don't like it to begin with, they never look for fault with themselves but always in the games control/mechanics.
In the 16bit gen this wasn't even a thing some games you just knew were hard and some of them out of your reach and that was it, there was nothing wrong with the game.



Souflee commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

can't lie, that I'm dying to know where they're going with this system, e3 2016 hype already!

Still want games for my wii u and want to take the most of it, but at this point, I'm already thinking what their "cooking up" software wise for the release of the NX or whatever it will end up being named



Souflee commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

I voted fatal frame, but I'm also picking up for sure mario maker, xenoblade, yoshi and devils third, however one of my most anticipated tittles releasing this year on the wii u, is missing both on the poll and on coverage on the site, and that is, FAST RACING NEO



Souflee commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

This is still one of the, if not the absolute best, lenghtiest, better looking, experiences you can have on the 3DS,

in a world with no reviewers this game would've sold more, truly one of Nintendo's most original, refreshing games in a long time, but bursting with retro charm at the same time, really addictive top quality gameplay, the fusing mechanic for the weapons and the betting of the games currency which increases the difficulty before every level you play, made this game stand out and really deep, the writing is really funny too, and visually its stunning, the game controls fine, but it would trully shine on the gamepad with stylus control and the action running in 1080p 60fps, it could really be amazing on the Wii U, don't see it happening though,



Souflee commented on Splatoon Holds Onto Top 5 Territory in the UK ...:

This is the type of game, that will strongly, benefit from word of mouth, people are aware it exists, that it is a good incept even, and that it looks good and fun, but when I downloaded it, I surely did not expect to get instantly hooked, its like mario kart, and thats something you don't really get from reviews, and as more people own it and show it to others, the more popular it will become, it will continue to sell good