This E3 has seen Nintendo show off a lot of Wii U software, even if we already knew about all but one of them before the expo launched. Rather than potential based on name alone, however, we've now seen these titles in action, with some certainly catching the eye. With the expo now having been open to the public, there are also plenty of off-screen videos popping up on the web; we'll also have hands on impressions for you over the next few days.

Now that we've had time to check out more footage, our hype-meters are starting to register their results. A straw poll in Nintendo Life HQ has placed Mario Kart 8 at the top of the pile. An honorable mention goes to Super Mario 3D World, while the absence of Super Smash Bros. in the single-game voting could be attributed to the lack of a release window beyond '2014'; the worst case scenario for that one is the next Holiday season.

But there was plenty on show in the Nintendo Direct, follow up 'Developer Direct' videos and beyond, showing that games to suit most genres are on the way. We want to know your favourite, as always, so the poll below and the comments section are your platforms. Our focus is on games developed and/or published by Nintendo, however, so if a 3rd party title is your most anticipated Wii U game from the show, tell us all about it.

Which is your favourite Wii U game from E3? (833 votes)

Super Smash Bros. (Tentative Title)


Mario Kart 8


Super Mario 3D World


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


Pikmin 3


The Wonderful 101


Bayonetta 2


Monolith Soft's X (No official title)


Wii Fit U


Wii Party U


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD


A third-party game is my favourite


I can't pick one


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