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Puerto Rico

Sun 9th September, 2012

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moisesmcardona commented on Talking Point: This Fan's Tragic Tale Highligh...:

This happened to me originally with the DSi and 3DS. I believed that having the DSI tied with a Club Nintendo account would give me access to my downloads later on my 3DS. Believing this, I traded-in my DSi for the 3DS and when the eShop opened, I was surprises that this wasn't the case. I didn't cared for some years but then I thought, what if I call nintendo so they can transfer the game to my 3DS system, so when I called Nintendo, they didn't credited me with eShop money or transfered my DsiWare games, but instead they sent me a copy of Paper Mario for 3DS... They however, can check your Club Nintendo account for your downloads and know how much you've spent.