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Reggie Wants Your Dream Nintendo Franchise/Developer Pairings

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Quick, spam Nintendo with F-Zero requests!

So that Team Ninja/Metroid unveil at E3 was a huge surprise, right? Nintendo hasn't been too shy about letting other developers take on their classic franchises in recent years, with Capcom getting a couple cracks at portable Zelda, Namco doing Star Fox and SEGA cooking up F-Zero, not to mention the rumored Factor 5/Kid Icarus thing.

But what next? The Big N has a lot of franchises floating around, and there are even more developers out there. That's where we come in, according to Reggie Fils-Aime.

In the same vein of Team Ninja working with Nintendo to re-imagine Metroid, what development group would your readers love to see partner and collaborate with Nintendo? And on what franchise?

Tantalizing! Titillating! So what's your dream collaboration? A new Mario RPG by Bethesda? Donkey Kong platformer by Double Fine? Valve doing Balloon Fight? Let us, and Nintendo, know.


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derickw69 said:

I want a REAL Starfox done in the old school SNES game style made by NamcoBandai.



metakirbyknight said:

Super Smash Bros. by SNK Playmore and Capcom.
Including SNK, Capcom, and of course, Nintendo characters.



pixelman said:


Star Fox + Factor 5. Oh wait... Hmm, that's a toughy, I'll have to think.



warioswoods said:

Bring the two original founders of RARE, long departed, together with the Jungle Beat devs to create Donkey Kong Country 4.



Buster13 said:

I have to second that Capcom/SNK Smash Bros. idea.

Oh and if SEGA could take another stab at F-Zero, that would be fantastic.



Knux said:

I want a Paper Mario RPG game done by either Bethseda,Bioware,or Square Enix.
Or at least a real Paper Mario sequel.
My concept was this:
Paper Mario Bros.
In this game,Mario is sent back in time 1,000 years ago [yes back to the time the Shadow Queen was causing mayhem]. Luigi remains in the present. The concept would be a traditonal Paper Mario RPG,but you can play as Mario and Luigi. You can also do something in the past with Mario,and it would solve a puzzle for Luigi. You can also switch between Mario and Luigi anytime you want. Full voice acting except for Mario and Luigi. Oh,and harder difficulty is a must.
That's my request.



cr00mz said:

i doubt miyamoto would want anyone else but nintendo to do a stationary zelda/mario game. Those two are too big and important for nintendo to be made by anyone but themselfs



Philip_J_Reed said:

Some kind of Team Fortress equivalent by Valve, featuring Nintendo characters, stages, weapons and items.



cr00mz said:

but i have to go with what warioswoods said, the 2 original RARE:ers to make DKC4 would be fantastic



astarisborn94 said:

I got an great idea! How about Mario Vs. Megaman Super Striker! The lastest installment in the Mario Striker sub-series with Mario & Mega Man characters! Developed by Capcom, published by Nintendo!

I got some more idea! How about EA Sports develop the next Mario Golf game and a Mario Football game (American Football), 2K Sports (Not the ones under the ****** games like Carnival Games) develop the next Mario basketball and baseball game, Sega develop the next fully fledge Mario game, or Square Enix develop the next Fire Emblem and Earthbound/Mother game?



Kid_A said:

I'd like to see High Voltage take on F-Zero, and Retro take on Kid Icarus.



odd69 said:

nintendo and namco or nintendo and bethesda

what would be better if square enix and nintendo would make a new IP and it would be an rpg



Kid_A said:

Oh, and maybe Next Level Games could take on Star Fox? Someone needs to. Nintendo--we need a new Starfox. Preferrably with more emphasis on flying rather than the on-foot stuff.



brandonbwii said:

This would clash with others opinions, but I would like to see what Nintendo's own Retro Studios could do with F-Zero. A Capcom take on a Star Fox/Pilotwings/Kid Icarus would be nice too. They're my favorite game company next to Nintendo. How about if Other M does well, we see a sequel...from Kojima Productions!



Linkuini said:

How about a Sonic game from Nintendo? Oh, whoops, got it backwards. What about Treasure? I know they're already working on Sin and Punishment 2, but I'd like to see them take on one of Nintendo's more well-known franchises. Their innovative mechanics and freaky bosses were right at home in Wario World; just think what they could do for Kirby!

I also like the idea pixelman mentioned. With material like that, Bioware's writers would win awards!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Didn't WayForward mention in an interview here that they'd love to do a 2D Metroid? That would be awesome.

Put it out back to back with Other M, sort of like the narrowed releases of NSMB Wii and Mario Galaxy 2. A big title for fans of both types of games.



warioswoods said:


Hmm, for a 2D Metroid I'd much prefer to just have Nintendo take it on internally -- I thought Fusion was pretty fantastic overall. I haven't seen evidence that WayForward could even approach the polish of that game, but who knows.

I also wouldn't want any primary Zelda or Mario game to be outsourced -- some things should only be handled by the best devs in the world, ie. Nintendo first-party.



Shiryu said:

I already asked for F-Zero, Starfox and Pilotwings and collabs with Retro Studios and Namco. I hope some PR does read my Kotaku 'komment'... I really badly needs these 3 games on my Wii and/or DS. I don't want to sound like ingrate because the Wii is already filled with great Nintendo franchise games, but I really need that trio badly... fingers crossed!



Adam said:

Wayforward + Metroid
Bethesda + Zelda
Bioware + Paper Mario
Retro + F-Zero
Treasure + Star Fox
Vanillaware + Kid Icarus
Grasshopper + Earthbound
Q Entertainment + Puzzle League
and of course
Kojima + Ice Climber

Perhaps with all their other series being worked on externally they'll actually finish Pikmin 3. Then they can focus all their internal resources on making a hugely ambitious sequel to Balloon Fight that requires a dual layer disc to fit all the levels in.

Oh, and I'm still waiting on a WiiWare Puzzle League. Chop, chop, Nintendo. Sheesh.



xesbeth said:

Solar Striker by Seibu Kaihatsu or Irem, Mario Land (yes Land, not Bros.) by Good Feel (again, with the Wario land shake awesome graphic, music, and the addition of an hard mode).



warioswoods said:


Ooh, I love Puzzle League... however, I personally dislike puzzle games on the TV (I've already played probably 10x as much Dr. Mario on the DSi in the short time I've had it as I did over the long period that I've owned the WiiWare version), so I'm already satisfied with the DS Puzzle League, which is pretty much the perfection of that series in every way. I might go for some sort of DSi download just to not need the game cart anymore, though.



Pupil_of_Life said:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimatum A Super Smash Bros. game with almost every significantly notable video game character ever made, containing nearly everything made and notable in the video game industry in the form of Trophies, Stickers, Stages, Masterpieces, and more. Made by over twenty of the world's greatest video game developers working alongside Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, SSBU will be the ultimate video game and it will come out when it's done.



KDR_11k said:

Hm, hard to say... I don't think I'd even need a revival of some old Nintendo franchise, much less using a third party. I'd like if Capcom made a sequel to Gotcha Force but that doesn't involve Nintendo much. Sandlot is already working for Nintendo... Chou Soujuu Mecha MG seems to belong to Nintendo but I wouldn't want to see that passed to another developer, all it might need is a western release.

I'd like to see another '94 style Donkey Kong game but I don't know any third party I'd trust with that.

Nintendo vs Capcom?



samtheman said:

A 3-D Pokemon RPG with Bathesda or BioWare would be amazing. No more turn based battles though. I want my Pokemon battles in real time.



Curt said:

If only Rare still worked with Nintendo. I'd sure love a new Donkey Kong Country game.



OldBoy said:

I would like to see a Mario FPS developed by Infinity Ward (COD4).Where Mario fires Red,Green,blue shells using bazookas and the like but still retaining the tradtional Mario look (i.e no blood and guts). I'd love to view the Mushroom kingdom in first person and take out koopers with a sniper!!



mjc0961 said:

"i doubt miyamoto would want anyone else but nintendo to do a stationary zelda/mario game. Those two are too big and important for nintendo to be made by anyone but themselfs"

The Capcom developed Zelda games say hi.



bbb7002004 said:

I'd rather see Nintendo work on Nintendo series, personally. Let the third parties develop some new ideas, for once.



Noire said:

What would I like to see? I think Star Fox x Treasure is a no-brainer.

I would also like to see Retro take on Kid Icarus. They did an excellent job bringing Metroid into 3D, and since Kid Icarus is entwined with Metroid, I think Retro could nail it too.

I think a Square Enix-developed Fire Emblem would be awesome too. Now that Shadow Dragon introduced the class swap, I'd love to see SE get in there and make it better, because I know they can.

I also agree with getting everyone back for a new Donkey Kong Country. There hasn't been a real Donkey Kong game in forever.

And I just now remembered my other one. Since we can't seem to get any Metal Gear Solid love (besides Brawl), I want Kojima to make a MGS-style game in the Metroid universe. SPOILER ALERT That sequence in Zero Mission when Samus is without her suit was awesome, so an entire game like that would be sweet. END SPOILER ALERT



warioswoods said:


Yeah, they did allow Capcom to make some handheld Zelda games -- I'd say that it's tremendously unlikely that they'd ever do so for a console Zelda or Mario. I'd much prefer they keep these in-house at all costs anyway; the Capcom Oracle / Ages Zelda games just rehashed the assets from Link's Awakening, but with a much duller plot and not much innovation in the level design. Minish Cap was much better, but still didn't feel like it needed to be a Zelda game, and I would have preferred it to just be a unique Capcom IP, myself.



zeeroid said:

oh dear god, give me a proper sequel to SMRPG:LotSS, developed by square enix, and i will be in eternal bliss.



Objection said:

Square Enix or Monolith Software tackling a Zelda. A story with voices for once. And the gameplay could also be refreshingly different in a few areas. Also, it'd be pretty. I'm going to stop gushing now.



David77 said:

@SuperSonic1990: It sound a lot like Day of the Tentacle!

Pixar on Mario Galaxy 3
Criterion on Mario Kart
Blizzard on Zelda
Ubi Soft on Donkey Kong
Nintendo on Jasper's Journeys



Cthuloops said:

Sega did pretty damn good with F-Zero GX, so I would say to give them rights to use the license again for a new F-Zero.
That would be all I need Nintendo, a new F-Zero game...please?



motang said:

Bethesda working on Zelda would be awesome! Natsume work on Animal Crossing, Codemasters work on F-Zero, Square on maybe Fire Emblem...just throwing out dev studios and their strongest point.



Terra said:

Can't be asked to read all the comments, so my suggestions may already have been said

Treasure - Kirby or Yoshi or Luigi
Capcom - Startropics (They did Zelda already and they're similar games)
Sega - Mario (I dare you Nintendo)
Factor 5 - Pilotwings or Star Fox
Square-Enix - Fire Emblem or Zelda
Atlus - Custom Robo
Retro Studios - Kid Icarus or F-Zero
Hudson Soft - Advance Wars, Duck Hunt, 1080 or Wave Race
Bethesda - Metroid or Tingle ()
Next Level Games - Donkey Kong or Wave Race
Skip Ltd. - Wrecking Crew
Kuju - Battalion Wars 3 (I want that game)
WayForward - Balloon Fight or Ice Climbers



warioswoods said:


"Sega - Mario (I dare you Nintendo)"

That's just about the worst thing they could possibly do to Mario. It's bad enough that they let Sega have him in that bland Olympics game, but in a main-series platformer? Sega? Have you looked at the quality control in the Sonic franchise? I think I'd rather play Hotel Mario than any Mario platformer Sega could come up with



CanisWolfred said:

Namco for Star Fox Wii
Nis for Fire Emblem
FromSoftware for Custom Robo
And Hudson for a Bomber Man( Or Bonker)/Mario crossover
Capcom for LoZ Four Swords Adventures Wii/DS

And I think a Nintendo Sonic game would be cooler to see than a Sega Mario game. Especially a 3D sonic(if they can't make it work, then NO ONE can).



Terra said:

Thinking about it now, yeah you're right. Must be tired as i just realised how bad an idea that is now. Would be much better if Nintendo did Sonic like Mickeymac said.

What about Sega doing Battleclash? I wonder who would be good for Marvellous (The game not the company) or even Joy Mecha Fight. I'm going into the really obscure stuff here by Nintendo but it would be nice to see something come of those games.



Slapshot said:

1. WayForeward and Kid Icarus IP
2. BioWare or Bethesda and Mario RPG
3. WayForeward and Donkey Kong Country



Digiki said:

I don't want Bioware or Square anywhere near Zelda or a Mario RPG.
Bioware has already proven themselves irrelevent with Sonic, and Square made that good old SMRPG travesty.

Intellegent Systems has been doing well, and should continue with their Mario RPGs.
I'd place faith in Sega making an awesome F Zero game.
Smash Bros. in the hands of Capcom and SNK would be cool, I doubt I'd despise the direction they'd take with it, like Sakurai's vision for Brawl



IAmNotWill said:

Sega - F zero
Starfox - Epic Games/NamcoBandai
Sonic - Nintendo
Mario - Data Design Interactive

I was kidding on the last one.

@BroLuigi - Me too.... Wayforward and kirby all the way.



Kim_Jong-Il said:

@ Slambert
God no, I would tear out my eyes if that happened.

But another Ouendan/EBA game, maybe with iNiS, or maybe Okami II with Platinum Games would be good.
And WayForward and Kid Icarus sounds really nice.



kingdehdehdeh said:

i would have to agree with @BroLuigi and say kirby

But make it a RPG made by the same people as Mother 3

and make king dedede meta knight playable for your team

that would be a great game because i don't want this series to end the way mother series did and the DK series 8(



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Nintendo and SEGA teaming up to create an RPG with Mario and Sonic characters. I've some other ideas too, though. Will Reggie actually listen to these...? If so, will NL be passing these comments on?



ToneDeath said:

Nintendo EAD Tokyo - Sonic the Hedgehog (Wii)
Intelligent Systems - Balloon Kid (DS)
Amusement Vision - Mach Rider (Wii)
Treasure - StarFox (Wii)
Camelot - Mario Tennis (Wii & DS)
Namco - Pokemon (real time fighting) (Wii)
Noise - Custom Robo Adventure (DS) and Custom Robo Stadium (either as WiiWare, a channel sent from the DS cartridge to your Wii, or a Wii disc if need be)
iNiS - Elite Beat Agents (Wii and/or DS)
Platinum games - Urban Champion
Free Radical - Original IP (in the spirit of Timesplitters) (Wii)
Valve - (Original IP)



Pawtrick said:

Sega - Fzero Wii
Treasure - Star Fox Wii
Good Feel - Kirby Wii
Capcom - Kid Icarus Wii



aaronsullivan said:

Blizzard for Zelda MMO (I want to be a Goron), Mother, or Animal Crossing or maybe Pikmin Wars RTS.

Maybe Blizzard or Bioware for a straight up Zelda RPG (with Link as king or something crazy to mix it up and keep it separate from the primary Zelda games)

Pixel (cave story indie developer) for a 2D Metroid or Kid Icarus on the DS.

I think the Treasure ideas are great above. Treasure for Star Fox makes sense, but... I'd sort of rather see Sin and Punishment 2 succeed on its own.

You can keep Factor 5 away, please. I've not been impressed with the gameplay or control in ANY of their games. The star wars games were very cool, but the control was clunky.

Get a prominent casual game designer to overhaul Mario Party into something much more accessible and quicker paced. I've always thought that game was pure potential that never quite adds up.

Very, very surprised people are suggesting anyone but Nintendo do Zelda. Yikes!



ToneDeath said:

This could be controversial, but how about Arika doing a hybrid of their Endless Ocean games, and Metroid?
Samus could use a suit adapted for exploring (and light enough to actually swim in) a landscape that exists mostly beaneath a planet wide ocean. If neccessary, there are plenty of ways you could incorporate on foot sections (small islands, air filled caves, maybe even something along the lines of the Gungan city in Star Wars Episode 1, minus the Gungans that is).

Perhaps her ship might even double up as a sub?



Twilight_Crow said:

^ "Never give up, trust the Force"

I'm suporting Treasure - StarFox, and warioswoods idea for DKC4. Also I'd like to see a SquareEnix - Nintendo new RPG IP.



stretfihter2010 said:

vanillaware - paper mario
treasure - star fox
belthesda - zelda
scea santa monica - kid icarus
criterion - f-zero



jaye said:

OKAY, Here we go, this stuff could/should be changed but stuff like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, and the other 8 IPs need to stay the same. The parings are as follows:
1. StarFox + Treasure, 2. Wave Race + 2k Sports, 3. F- Zero + Sega, 4. ExciteBike + EA, 5.Balloon Fight + 2D Boy, 6.Kid Icarus + Tecmo, 7. Duck Hunt + NamcoBandai, 8. Yoshi Story + ActivisionBlizzard, 9. Mach Rider + Midway, 10. Custom Robo + Capcom, 11. Ice Climbers + Deep Silver, 12. Geist + Konami, 13. Earthbound + Square Enix, 14. Donkey Kong + Atari, 15. Doshin the Giant + Zoonami, 16. 1080 Snowboarding + Neversoft, 17.Pilot Wings + Factor 5, 18. Chibi Robo + Ubisoft, 19. The Legendary Starfy + Majesco Entertainment, 20. Fire Emblem + Koei, 21. Pokemon + BioWare, 22. Pikmin + Codemasters, and 23. Super Smash Bros. + Everyone.
I think if Data Design Interactive works on a Nintendo IP, they may actually do something right in their life and get a chance to redeem themselves. I never thought games could be as terrible as theirs. I'm hoping Nintendo will buy Factor 5. It would be cool.



opeter said:

I would like a new Mr. Nutz platformer. Also a new F-Zero, and a new platformer-type Castlevania (it could be in God of War style). Wouldn't be that great?



JimLad said:

Is he actually asking for our input? or just to imagine ideas and then keep them festering inside our hearts?

Suda 51 doing a 3D Kirby adventure
Capcom doing the next Donkey Kong



ElFlorro said:

As many of you said: I'd also love a new Mario RPG, but a real RPG. Like the original but with more depth.. I think that the folks at SquareEnix really could do that again.
Donkey Kong Country 4 would also be great. Love the idea! But who out there is really capable of doing it?
My idea would be a simulation game in the Mario Universe. Think of it like a mixture between Spore and SimCity. Would it work? I really don't know But Maxis could do it!



HOT-ROD said:

Haha this is awesome to dream. If only these could come true.
I would like to see a fighting game entitled... Nintendo VS Capcom!
Need I say more. Thank you.



Jon2 said:

Square Enix doing Zelda. Or a dream come true, a remake of Super Mario Brother by the long since lost Bitmap Brothers!



Mqblank said:

Cing (of Another Code, Hotel Dusk and Little King's Story fame) making a sequel to LKS but calling it Little Princess Story: Princess Peach's Rise to Power! Guiding your army of Toads against Bowser and his minions, using Mario/Luigi as special attacks!



Sabrewing said:

Sega AM-2 making a new Mach Rider.
Ubisoft Montreal making a new 1080 Snowboarding.
Cing making a Detective Club game for US release.

But mostly, PLEASE get cracking on Eternal Darkness 2 with Silicon Knights!



ToneDeath said:

Buy the rights to the Great Giana Sisters, and then give them a cameo in the next Mario & Luigi game.



Chunky_Droid said:

I wouldn't mind seeing a dungeon crawler Kid Icarus game. Made by Raven.

Koei doing Fire Emblem FTW. Dynasty Warriors Fire Emblem would kick all kinds of ass.

Also I wouldn't complain if there was a Captain Rainbow/Viewtiful Joe crossover XD



Mega_man_xK said:

1. Mario, sonic and Rayman crossover platformer by Nintendo and Sega Wii and DS
2.Zelda by Square enix and Bethesda
3. a 3d Pokemon game by Bioware for Wii or Ds
4. Mario, Rachet and Clank by Hi impact games (please) Wii & PSP GO
5.Mario and Snake(MSG) wii and DS
6. And a smash bros. with Conker and Banjo Kazooie



Turbo_Genesis_64 said:

I would love to see Nintendo take a stab at Sonic the Hedgehog and Castlevania. Two classic series that have felt a bit dull as of late.



Linkuini said:

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of a Sonic game from Nintendo, but now that I think of it, it would probably be the worst thing Sega could do their reputation. It would be as if they flat-out admitted they couldn't make a successful Sonic game anymore!

Did someone mention Q! Entertainment? They could probably handle Puzzle League pretty well, but it would still be hard to improve on package as complete and flashy as the one Planet Puzzle League delivered. What I'd really like to see from them is a classic revival of Wario's Woods on the DS. If they made the mechanics more accessible and added some cool multiplayer modes, it could be the best thing since Meteos (my favorite puzzle game ever)!



Lotice-Paladin said:

Nintendo + Hudson Soft could do a unique Kirby game I think .

Wait...they did that Bombernan game with Wario didn't they? Well maybe a Wario game with Hudson since they have that in their collaboration CV.



jorenmartijn said:

I want Genius Sonority to take their Pokémon Battle Revolution engine and make a 3D RPG title like Colosseum and XD on the Wii.
Also, Camelot should stay around as the developer for the Mario Golf/Tennis series; I loved those on the GameCube.
StarFox Adventures seems very appealing to me (much more then Assault) because of the exploration element. I'd like to see that worked out in a next game even more. Maybe make a special mode where you can take on space missions, too, to satisfy those who wanted a StarFox SNES sequel. Still need to get StarFox Adventures second-hand, though.
A Paper Mario:TTYD sequel (NO SPM!) would be great, aswell. Need to get that game second-hand, too.
And that Holiday Island resort-builder would be great for WiiWare, too.
That, sadly, is up to Ubisucks. (** We need a Rayman 4!**)
And... maybe a Super Mario World sequel? New Super Mario World?



geek-master said:

need a 30th aniversery for galaga with graphics as good as halo and it would be called galaga X
Legend of Zelda
The sage chronicles:
Im tired of playing as link all the time. If they came out with this game im talking about it would be the best Zelda game ever!!

Read my mind right here:

if you have beaten ocarina of time you know that there are sages for every element. and they help you in the game. Here is my idea for sage chronicles! There are 5 sages to play from but you got to beat everyone’s story line.
the first sage is a teenager who is the sage of twilight who is the uncle of ganon and is neglected. one day link finds the him by the way his name is Jeremy.
he is hated because people think he's evil. Jeremy wants to prove that his uncle ganon is not evil. as a playable character he has a magic staff like spear with blades on each side. the next playable sage is Glenn a troubled boy who lives in southern hyrule.
he is the sage of fire. a noble in his town tells him to go to the temple of fire. He is armed with a chain whip.
When he goes to the temple he obtains the fire sword a magical blade which is lit on fire and when summoned can make him look like the guy in that movie the ghost rider.
the 3rd sage is a teenage merman. his back story is somewhat sad. his mother had to help link in ocarina of time and died for helping link. Soon he is to discover the real him and weald the water blade.
the 4th sage is the sage of wind. he dose not have a human body and uses switch blade called wind blades.
the 5th sage is the sage of the forest. he is a 10 year old kid who lives with the duku tree. his weapon is a crossbow and forest sword.

the end of the game.
as you know already all the sages are ancestors of sages in ocarina of time.
the sage all help link to try to defeat ganon. Jeremy is upset and dose not what to kill him.
when link stabs ganon in the heart something amazing happens!
an evil spirit called gardavor is released and scene link stabbed ganon link is possessed by the evil spirit and link becomes dark link.
Jeremy starts to cry but somehow ganon wakes back up to say. Jeremy is that you?????????! Jeremy is happy that his uncle is alive and gardavor no longer possesses him. At the end ganon become the general of hyrule. And now link becomes a bad guy! Dark link and hyrule get in a war and start a epic war. So that’s were hyrule at war comes in the next game after this!

Game play of sage chronicles! You use the wii remote and wii motion plus to swing your sword and the nun chuck to move!

And the granddaddy of them all the 30th anniversary of galaga on the wii! Called galaga X

the game would have good graphics like halo and ps3

The following you could do.

Explore a vast galaxy!
Fly around the galaxy in a ship!
Walk around with a gun killing aliens/ doing missions!
Online multi player/wii speak compatibility!
Play on a world wide server like runescape and make new friends and do online wars!

Your father is a person who works for galaga X a space program like star trek when you are only 7 EARTH is destroyed by the EVIL aliens called the zerlocks. Your father ends up being killed by a zerlock and you are rescued by the United States government.
You grow up to be a AGENT for the galaga X program. The zerlocks plan to clean out the galaxy with a chromatic shock bomb that has a chemical called chromic matter that can dissolve any planet in a millisecond. You go to destroy the bomb but you find that the chromic matter is not in the bomb and were replaced with the SOGTB bomb which stands for SOLAR-OVERLAPS-GALATIC-TIME-BOMB. You stand there and then time changes to 2050 the year the earth was destroyed. You decide to find out the zelocks plan and why they destroyed the earth. You find out that the zerlocks wanted to destroy the earth because the earth contained chromic matter. 10 years later you meet an AGENT of the galaga X program named Greg who is about your age and 17 and his father general Clark. You and Greg become best friends but you find out more about your dad at a data base station he was an eltric a species that is half human and half electricity. One night you find out that Greg’s dad was a double agent working for the zerlocks. Your friend Greg ends up killing the general zerlock and you find out that Greg’s dad also was the one that killed your dad. You kill Greg’s dad. Greg finds out that he was his adopted son. Greg now wants to find his real father. Greg finds his real father a zerlock that betrayed the zerlocks and was a general for galaga X. you become a general for the galaga X program and plan to make a new earth

Last but not least a youtube channel and app for DSi/WII!!

Please comment on my ideas

Thanks for reading



Achilles said:

Kirby + World of Goo developer
F-Zero+ SEGA again please (F-Zero GX was the best racing game last generation)
Donkey Kong + Platinum (I'm pretty sure they're the remnants of Clover, right?)
Kid Icarus + Bethesda (a Greek world in the sky to explore? Sign me up)
Luigi's Mansion + Capcom
Pokemon + Square Enix



TourianTourist said:

I would like to see something from Epic Games on the Wii. Not necessarily a Nintendo IP though, the Wii needs its own Unreal game.



dustin_g said:

animal crossing by square and natsume
mario kart double dash wii controls with wifi
crusin usa by nintendo/road rash sega cd developers
mario kart arcade on wii ware by namco
16 bit snes style super mario world/sonic by nintendo/sega



dustin_g said:

make a nintendo vs capcom in the marvel vs. capcom style by capcom or nintendo vs marvel



Bensei said:

Starfox and Factor 5 would be great, but are they still in the position to make a good Starfox: Rogue Squadron?
F-Zero Wii-X and Sega (not a Wiimake!)
Donkey Kong Country and Retro Studios+other ex-Rare developers

Super Smash Bros. Xtreme Beach Volleyball by Team ninja



Jolted85 said:

maybe a new version of pinball or urban champion made by capcom, oh and please add fireballs to urban champion while your at it



Wiiloveit said:

@LinkGalazy Nuh-uh: Sega + Nintendo = Mario & Sonic at the Olympics

@ChickenBrutus: I second the TF2 idea, although I seriously doubt Valve will develop for the Wii.

My idea: team up with Capcom for a new Resident Evil style game - not RE though, something completely different.
Oh, and Retro Studios + Kid Icarus wouldn't go amiss either, as wouldn't a new game by Monolith (DISASTER), because if they were given the right franchise, they could do something great, I can tell.



RadioShadow said:

@cr00mz: Nintendo did actually let Philips make three Zelda games and one Mario game for the Philips CDi. They sucked however and fans don't count them.

SEGA (F-ZERO GX) or Suzak (GP Legend / Climax) to make the new F-ZERO!



James said:

I think the suggestion of ARIKA to do a Metroid/Endless Ocean would absolutely phenomenal. The inertia and gravity of being underwater could transfer well to space, and those ARIKA folk certainly know how to make a lovely-looking game. I'd like that a lot.

Natsume doing Animal Crossing would be awesome, too!



BJWanlund said:

Hey Treehouse, could you please make me really happy and give the same kind of love you poured into New Super Mario Bros. DS & the upcoming NSMB Wii, and give me a similar take on the Super Mario LAND games, please?? And if you were to reimagine the original soundtrack to the original GB SML title, I'd truly appreciate it.

Although the DSi Virtual Console/Handheld needs to get implemented SOON.




brandonbwii said:

I mentioned Capcom before but the lesser known Airtight Games (Crimson Skies, Dark Void) could work on Star Fox/Kid Icarus/PilotWings.



Jr-Joe said:

Sega & Nintendo merge

jet set radio with motion controls
shenmue 3 with motion controls
a decent sonic game
sega + nintendo = huge ssb roster
a new system that would be backward compatible with all dc, saturn, cd, gc and wii games
a sega wario game
sega and nintendo earthbound game?
a realistic free roam MMORPG pokemon game(nintendo could do it, but LOTS of development is needed 4 this game)
sega 1080° game

Sega and Nintendo would be invincible



mushroomer said:

WHAT!!! 129 posts and nobody even thought of Zelda by Team ICO?
Actually i wouldnt mind Kid Icarus by Team ICO.. that would be amazing.. How bou Link and Kid Icarus team up to save the world!!! Now that'd be epic!



Livintendo said:

Mario Chronicles (Wii) – Bethesda
Wario Kingdom – Radical Games/RockStar North
Excite Race – Codemasters
Yoshi’s Island Wii – Platinum Games
Kid Icarus – Konami (Castlevania Team)
Advance Wars RTS – EA (Red Alert Team)
Paper Mario Wii – Good Feel Games
Mario Vs Sonic Tennis – Sega
Pokemon RPG – Square Enix (Persona Team)
Battalion Wars 3 – Ubisoft (Rainbow Six Team)
Star Fox – Epic
Fire Emblem - Square Enix
March of The Minis Wii – Team 17
Ice Climbers – Team 17
NBA Courtside – 2k Games
1080 – Criterion
Geist - Valve



Invertedzero said:

Hmm... Many potential combinations which could be interesting.

TREASURE have a unique knack for creating battle systems and game mechanics. I wouldn't mind seeing them assist with a new Zelda or Metroid game even. Obvious ones however would be FZero and Starfox

SEGA (AV) - If they did FZero again i'd be happy, however i'd like to see a collaboration with SEGA (Amusement Vision reassemble) and Retro Studios to tackle the next Sonic game. Even treasure could help here. These three developers (and of course Nintendo) could potentially have what it takes to turn the Sonic franchise around.

HAL Laboratory - By default i'd like to see them handling the Pokemon Stadium like games instead of Genius Sonority. And making more decent games in general.

NAMCO - The Soulcalibur team to assist with creating a more in depth battle system for the new Zelda (If nintendo isn't deliberately not focusing on it)

SQUARENIX - Anything worthwhile Nintendo franchise really - Surprise me.

Retro Studios - Sonic Zelda or FZero



MetroidMedia said:

although the president of square said he hated Zelda one time.
but this was 3 years before Final Fantasy III(Famicom) came out so I don't know if they still have a feud with zelda



Nightsky071 said:

OMG! I'd So awsomely love to see!

Capcom and Nintendos Super smash bros collab. so That I can finally play as my all time favorite character in my all time favorite fighting game (Megaman X) I won't forget Zero or Sigma either. Secondly, Nintendo needs their own MMO type game where you can use your Mii's as characters and adventure off into a vast world where you can choose what class you wanna be (EX: Mage, Healer, Fighter, Dual weild, theif, and much much more). wear various Armors and accessories, Weild loads of different weapons, Have friend cards you can trade with other players not have those stupid friend codes in order to chat and do other stuff. PVP in Colosseums or arenas, Race, and I'm pretty sure alot more. And Yes all this can be done, just look at all the Adventures Nintendo characters have been on and how many enemies nintendo has had in it entire history of games. I feel This can be done.

Super Mario Football! We've seen Super mario strikers charged which was soccer mario style, but what about American football Mario Style. Next Level games can do it. It'd be awsome to create your own team with nintendo characters or with your Miis and more. This game could come some where close to NFL Blitz but better. I drew my own Ideas of what it'd be like if NIN is interested.

High voltage and NIN making an FPS with Nintendo Characters. That could be fun.

Nintendo & Namco or Atlus or Square Enix, taking over the creation of Gauntlet DS which sounded so damn awsome but is supposably not coming to life. I'd love Nintendo forever if it could just take over the creation of this Dungeon crawler. Also keep in mind the game was originally gonna have Multiplayer on and off-line and Voice chat using Nintendo's DS Mic or headset + journeying off with others or going Head to head.

A New Pokemon battle stadium. Because Battle Revolution wasn't even close to being revolutionary, It felt like a Down grade. Bring back what Made pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 awsome. Also..... NO MORE NEW POKEMON! I don't wanna collect 250 more pokemon or whatever.

A Punch-out game that feels more like a boxing game with on-line and off-line multiplayer, Mii's being playable and a classic mode for a classic punch out feel like we just got with super punch out on Wii.

Donkey kong Country 4 made by those who made mario galaxy.

A New Yoshi story, but not that 2D bull. A 3D run around game more like Legend of zelda with a little mario Galaxy in it where you take a yoshi of any color and go on a grand adventure doing quest, looking for treasure, and other coo stuff.



Adam said:

Not sure how I didn't think of this before, but:

Gaijin Games + Balloon Fight
I don't know how much I'd like to see them do the main Joust-esque mode, but the Balloon Trip mode would be magical with them at the helm.



boomface123 said:

bethseda/mario/zelda/metroid/pokemon snap
valve/zombie punchout
namco brandi/zelda

wait i forgot what microsoft should wotk on it would be the best thing they ever worked on ....... BALLON FIGHT



moosa said:

Oh my gosh, Treasure.
HAL + Treasure on the next Kirby, and I'll name my firstborn Reggie.
A match made in heaven.



M00se said:

Capcom and Nintendo! Capcom vs Nintendo!
F-Zero and SEGA again
Mario and Square for another mario rpg
Starfox and their SNES dev!
Kirby and HAL!
Donkey Kong by shigeru!



kingdehdehdeh said:

another addition that would be nice for the north american mother fans is a mother collection set featuring all 3 games (lol wow this idea has never been heard of before)

obviouse developers would be brownie brown, HAL (for there awsome work on the soundtrack) ape (or is that a different company now?) and so forth

i doubt it'll even be mentioned in north america but it'd be awsome to have

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