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Sat 6th Dec 2008

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stretfihter2010 commented on Monster Hunter 3 May Be Feeless:

i am deff going to buy this anyway. but i'm a huge monster hunter fan and i cant support capcom stateside by myself. so i think it's a good i dea that they look into this.



stretfihter2010 commented on New Wii Zelda Won't Be Radically Different, Sa...:

i don't see how people are complaining about "same ol mario and same ol zelda games". i thought playing zelda with the motion controls made it feel like a different experience. and we had a break from the art style with windwaker which wasn't really over due since there were only 2 3d zeldas before that (holy smokes, 2. that's a sht ton). the motion + should be enough by itself to and a new level of difficulty if the game is designed right. and how the hell is mario the same? mario galaxy was, well, almost anything but the same we've seen out of mario. as a matter of fact i've never played a game like it and i've an avid for the last 20 years.