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Sun 6th Jul 2008

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jorenmartijn commented on Microsoft Manager Gives 3DS the Thumbs Up:

While I like the 3DS, the Microsoft comment makes me aggravated. They use the term 3D as if it was something new (the games going outside of the screen). "3D" isn't something new, infact it's probably more than 20 years old!
I see 3D as being something that has width, length and depth (an in-game camera moves around the character).
2D is only perceivable width and length (camera is usually fixed from side).
The "new 3D" is called stereoscopic, which is not 3D, but an illusion of 3D around you.
2D = Super Mario Bros. 1/2/3/World
3D = Super Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy 1/2
Stereoscopic = Avatar and the likes that you need the glasses for.

I just wish a different term was used to keep "old 3D" and "new 3D" separated.

@13: I'd probably like to see that too, but just keep Microsoft away from designing the hardware and controllers. That's best left to Nintendo. The 360 controller's buttons/d-pad suck so much compared to the Cube/Classic controllers. And we don't need red-rings of death.



jorenmartijn commented on Galaxy 2 Bonus DVD Detailed, Definitely Won't ...:

| find this very ironic, because just the other I received my second-hand copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Limited Edition. The bonus disk of that game includes Ocarina of Time and Master Quest, but also quite a few trailers.
It's too bad they didn't make it Wii-compatible though, since I would like to operate the DVD menu with the Wiimote pointer. It would work so much better than those crappy DVD remotes.



jorenmartijn commented on Nintendo Will Release 3DS in October:

Awesome, though they (not Nintendo) need to seriously find a new termology for this "3D" stuff. I mean, the current DS already does 3D, just like the N64, GameCube and Wii. It just doesn't pop out from the screen, but it's essentially 3D if your character can walk/drive/fly around in a space with an X, Y, Z axis.
I do seriously hope the 3DS has at least Cube-level graphical power with room to spare. That rumored tilting capability and vibration motor would be cool, too.



jorenmartijn commented on Select Downloadable Games Available for Purcha...:

@Rebel81: They charge FIFTEEN euros for TEN euros worth of points?! Outrageous! Never would've expected that. I mean, sure, charge 11 euros extra if you must make more profit, but not FIVE!
That's my problem with MS' way of handling things too. I don't know the exact exchange rate for MS Points, but I do know you get less value for what you pay for the Points, which is a real turnoff.
I mean, prepaid mobile phone cards usually hold as much value as you pay for it, and it hasn't really hurt retailers or the phone companies I believe to not charge extra.

Anyway, OT, nice idea from Nintendo, but I hope they expand it to other countries too and make all your purchases centralised across all your systems. Club Nintendo is a great way to do that.



jorenmartijn commented on Help Icon Games Develop Stunt Cars 2:

I saw a trailer of this game and I really think it could use drifting like Mario Kart has, with different 'stages' of powering up the drift, like Mario Kart's red, yellow and blue sparks around the tires.
Also, the tracks should be smaller in width, or otherwise adjusted to give a greater sense of speed. The trailer made the game seem rather slow-paced.
However, the fact that the developer personally replied in this thread is good enough of a reason to go ahead and support their efforts, even if it may not be a perfect game.
Next time I purchase Nintendo Points (waiting for Sonic 4 Ep 1) I'll make sure to get 2000 points and get this game too. Or the sequel to Stunt Cars 1, whichever comes first.



jorenmartijn commented on Want Kid Icarus? Hey, Just Ask:

What about a LostWinds-like iteration of Kid Icarus? Icarian: Kindred Spirits proofed it can be done.
Oh, and I'd like a StarFox Wii based around StarFox Adventures too. That'd be great. I never had the opportunity to try that game, which is a real shame. Games like StarFox Assault and 64 never pulled me like an adventure game does.



jorenmartijn commented on Review: Rayman DS (DS):

I was excited at first when | got Rayman DS, but the fact that it's a port was a real let-down. No offense to the N64/PC versions, since they're great too, but the DS isn't made to handle games with virtual analog sticks.
By the way, I don't agree with the statement that Rayman 2 is the best in the series, since I enjoyed Hoodlum Havoc a LOT more than TGE. The voice acting and humor in that game is outstanding!
Here's hoping for a Rayman 4 (you promissed us in Rayman 3, Ubisoft!), without any Rabbits, soon!



jorenmartijn commented on Wii Internet Channel Now Free!:

That's very cool! I'm just sad I didn't pay 500 Points for it since I got it when it was free in the first place. No NES game for me then (not that I'm not gonna try and see if I can get one, though )
By the way, are there any good guidelines somewhere on creating websites specifically for Wii Opera?



jorenmartijn commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

I never had to send in a console or handheld for repair (had a SNES,| N64, Cube, Wii, GB Phat/classic, GBC DS Phat, DS Lite and DSi), but only on the DS Lite or DS Phat I had a little problem with the R/L-button getting stuck sometimes. SNES to N64 had no problems. GameCube very rarely has a DRE, same with the Wii. It's just a matter of cleaning the disc and retrying once or twice, then it works again.
The consoles I currently own are the Cube, Wii, GBC, DS Lite and DSi. They're all my first console/handheld and never had any repair. So I guess I'm either lucky or take care well enough of my systems.
Though I did accidentally spill some juice over my GameBoy classic (the ol' brick) in the airplane when I was little and it didn't like that. That's when my parents got me the GBC, which works perfectly still.
The most problems I had were more centered about controllers and stuff. My original Cube controller (from 2005) broke a few months ago, same with two third party Cube controllers I bought, so now I only have my WaveBird to play Cube games with.
I just wish Nintendo still sold Cube controllers in shops here in the Netherlands.



jorenmartijn commented on Review: Flipnote Studio (DSiWare):

Great app! Made some animations for myself today, but for some reason the Flipnote I send to the Hatena (?) website isn't displaying on the site. The DSi says it's posted, my avatar on the site displays my animation too, but it won't show up under my Flipnotes page in the profile.
Maybe someone can explain a little bit better what I'm doing wrong?



jorenmartijn commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

I don't think I'll buy this game. There's absolutely no excuse for a console game to have lagging frame-rates and freezes. On PC platforms it would be somewhat acceptable, because of the many different kinds of hardware, but a console's hardware is standardized and you know what limits you need to keep in mind, so there's no excuse for blaming it on the hardware.
On a side-note, I finally got to buy NyxQuest, which is absolutely beautiful. OverTheTop Games did a great job on it.



jorenmartijn commented on Reggie Wants Your Dream Nintendo Franchise/Dev...:

I want Genius Sonority to take their Pokémon Battle Revolution engine and make a 3D RPG title like Colosseum and XD on the Wii.
Also, Camelot should stay around as the developer for the Mario Golf/Tennis series; I loved those on the GameCube.
StarFox Adventures seems very appealing to me (much more then Assault) because of the exploration element. I'd like to see that worked out in a next game even more. Maybe make a special mode where you can take on space missions, too, to satisfy those who wanted a StarFox SNES sequel. Still need to get StarFox Adventures second-hand, though.
A Paper Mario:TTYD sequel (NO SPM!) would be great, aswell. Need to get that game second-hand, too.
And that Holiday Island resort-builder would be great for WiiWare, too.
That, sadly, is up to Ubisucks. (** We need a Rayman 4!**)
And... maybe a Super Mario World sequel? New Super Mario World?



jorenmartijn commented on Super Mario 64:

It's a good game, but since I played Sunshine first, I prefer that, if only for the holiday theme (loved the platforming, too). I did have the Pokemon Stadium and Snap (great game!) for the 64, but my parents didn't want to get me Mario 64.
Now I've got it on the Wii, but having played 64 DS and Sunshine before it makes it feel very old.



jorenmartijn commented on Classic Controller Pro Heading West?:

Hehe, ironically this brings to mind the motion control rip-of that Sony now has. Nintendo rips off Sony's controller style in return.
The button placement, including the analog sticks, are exactly the same as a PS controller, without those horrible symbols instead of A,B,X,Y.



jorenmartijn commented on Nintendo comments on GTA: Chinatown Wars sales:

@wiiboy: Gaah! Wiiboy, you again?! I thought you weren't posting anymore, since many people couldn't make heads or tails from your comments on GoNintendo...
I'm pretty sure it'll sell wel and I hope for the Wii users that this urges Take-Two to release a good GTA title for the console, but it's just not my type of game.



jorenmartijn commented on Over The Top Games Interview - Icarian: Kindre...:

Sound interesting, and I'll gladly support them if the review on here turns out great, just to encourage them to continue. Going on my watch list together with Fun!Fun!Minigolf and Wario Land Shake It (retail Wii game I know) and Sonic & the Black Knight (just naming software for Wii in general now I'd love to play).



jorenmartijn commented on USA WiiWare Update: Sandy Beach:

Though I don't like this title from the screenshots, many parents will probably get this for their little kiddies.
I'm still waiting for Ubisoft or another company to announce a holiday-themed resort island building simulator for WiiWare. I'd love that. SimCity for holiday resorts!



jorenmartijn commented on Neko Porting Two More Playstation 2 Titles To ...:

I'd rather have a Mario World remake or a Sonic Rush title on WiiWare instead of this stuff. Heck, Sunflower Entertainment (taken over by Ubisoft) even had this nice little "Holiday Island" tropical island resort building sim, which was fun. If only that kind of games would come out on WiiWare...



jorenmartijn commented on Review: SPOGS Racing (WiiWare):

I'm afraid I've been fooled to download this piece of crap and I really don't recommend it to anyone.
It doesn't even take the laws of physics in mind completely, so when it appears that you have more speed than your opponent, they still seem to be able to keep up if they don't have a speed power-up. It's also the main thing that annoyed me in Mario Kart 64, which Double Dash and sequels fixed, fortunately.
If you want good racing on the Wii, just stick to Mario Kart.