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Mon 8th December, 2008

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xesbeth commented on IGA Involved With Castlevania: Rebirth; Next P...:

IGA is the best at copy and paste. If his next project is a castlevania for next gen it will be a FAIL in front of Lord of Shadow, a new castlevania portable project, it will be good but reusing that damn rpg formula, or a castlevania chronicle and in that case i'll be happy! If he makes a totally new project, well, I don't know (remember nanobreaker....).



xesbeth commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (11th Sept):

France Top 20
1 - Texas Hold Em Poker
2 - My Aquarium
3 - FFCC My Life as a Dark Lord
4 - Contra Rebirth
5 - Driift Mania
6 - Texas Hold Em Tournament
7 - TV Show King
8 - Family Slot Car Racing
9 - My Pokemon Ranch
10 - Onslaught
11 - World of Goo
12 - Arkanoid Plus
13 - Tales of Monkey Island chapter 1
14 - Bomberman Blast
15 - Lost Winds
16 - Final Fantasy IV TYA
17. Snowboard Riot
18 - Tetris Party
19 - Cerebral Challenge
20 - Water Warfare

A Poker game at the first place.....tssss. At least Contra is on the top 5.



xesbeth commented on What Capcom games do you want to see on the Vi...:

I prefer a new game or remake from an old franchise to the wiiware....there's enough capcom compilations available. So I agree for the forgotten games (like Gargoyle's Quest) but the rest are just a waste of money.



xesbeth commented on Konami Announces WiiWare Plans for Europe:

Ah it's the occasion to understand the (crazy) Contra rebirth story. Also, Konami have finally a look to europe, it's about time!

Now If they could release Salamander Rebirth (or announce other Rebirth game).



xesbeth commented on Nintendo Download: Hanabi Festival 4, Gradius ...:

Oooh...Gradius Rebirth.....but only 600 points????!!! o_O

Wow, impressive, but I think it didn't sell very well....So people, if you want to play Contra Rebirth (and the next Rebirth games) on your Wii, please buy this Gradius, at 600 points it's a gift!

Also Ogre Battle, hey, that's a very good week for Europe!



xesbeth commented on E3: New Wii Mario Game In The Works?:

I don't care about a Mario 73574!

Where are F-Zero (Wii) and Metroid (2D on DS)? Not good sales for Nintendo? This E3 is going to be an another disappointement to me...on Nintendo's side.



xesbeth commented on First Impressions: Contra ReBirth:

Contra is not scoring but survival, a leaderboard for this is just useless.

Great preview, personally this game is one of the best wiiware games on the service.