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Mon 8th Dec 2008

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xesbeth commented on Guide: How to Unlock the Full Roster in Super ...:

Wario. He has been my main on Brawl and he will likely continue the farts fest in this new episode. Wario for Life. I'm just SAD that the developpers got rid of the only thing that retconed the character with his wario land saga, the shoulder smash, replacing it instead with a boring fist-smash. Wario should be represented as the WARIO LAND character, and not the warioware spin-off. Ah well, besides that, he's still a beast. And I'm still waiting for that Wario Land 3D.



xesbeth commented on IGA Involved With Castlevania: Rebirth; Next P...:

IGA is the best at copy and paste. If his next project is a castlevania for next gen it will be a FAIL in front of Lord of Shadow, a new castlevania portable project, it will be good but reusing that damn rpg formula, or a castlevania chronicle and in that case i'll be happy! If he makes a totally new project, well, I don't know (remember nanobreaker....).



xesbeth commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (11th Sept):

France Top 20
1 - Texas Hold Em Poker
2 - My Aquarium
3 - FFCC My Life as a Dark Lord
4 - Contra Rebirth
5 - Driift Mania
6 - Texas Hold Em Tournament
7 - TV Show King
8 - Family Slot Car Racing
9 - My Pokemon Ranch
10 - Onslaught
11 - World of Goo
12 - Arkanoid Plus
13 - Tales of Monkey Island chapter 1
14 - Bomberman Blast
15 - Lost Winds
16 - Final Fantasy IV TYA
17. Snowboard Riot
18 - Tetris Party
19 - Cerebral Challenge
20 - Water Warfare

A Poker game at the first place.....tssss. At least Contra is on the top 5.



xesbeth commented on What Capcom games do you want to see on the Vi...:

I prefer a new game or remake from an old franchise to the wiiware....there's enough capcom compilations available. So I agree for the forgotten games (like Gargoyle's Quest) but the rest are just a waste of money.



xesbeth commented on Konami Announces WiiWare Plans for Europe:

Ah it's the occasion to understand the (crazy) Contra rebirth story. Also, Konami have finally a look to europe, it's about time!

Now If they could release Salamander Rebirth (or announce other Rebirth game).



xesbeth commented on Nintendo Download: Hanabi Festival 4, Gradius ...:

Oooh...Gradius Rebirth.....but only 600 points????!!! o_O

Wow, impressive, but I think it didn't sell very well....So people, if you want to play Contra Rebirth (and the next Rebirth games) on your Wii, please buy this Gradius, at 600 points it's a gift!

Also Ogre Battle, hey, that's a very good week for Europe!



xesbeth commented on E3: New Wii Mario Game In The Works?:

I don't care about a Mario 73574!

Where are F-Zero (Wii) and Metroid (2D on DS)? Not good sales for Nintendo? This E3 is going to be an another disappointement to me...on Nintendo's side.



xesbeth commented on First Impressions: Contra ReBirth:

Contra is not scoring but survival, a leaderboard for this is just useless.

Great preview, personally this game is one of the best wiiware games on the service.