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Tue 26th May 2009

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Kim_Jong-Il commented on Nintendo DSi Hits 100,000 Units in Australia:

I would like to use this post to say that I do not pirate DS games, and have a hatred of it. That being said, I recently bought a flash card and some of the stuff you can do with it is cool. And yes, I do download GB/GBC games, but almost all of them I bought on cartridge too.

@ 16
There is probably some adaptor somewhere, but there is no mass-produced way of doing it.



Kim_Jong-Il commented on Nintendo Rep: Virtual Console Being Toned Down:

@ E-160
I'm not a big fan of old games for obsolete systems, usually because I can play something better. New games have learned from the mistakes of past games, and it has nothing to do with graphics, but many old games are simply old. (Although Paper Mario and EarthBound spring to mind as exceptions).



Kim_Jong-Il commented on Podcast: Episode 6 - WayForward Interview!:

Ah, thank you Prosody! The world needs more people like you!

Also, great Podcast. And I am still shocked that you managed to get Billy Ray Cyrus to agree to interview WayForward for you. Nice job!

And while I'm at it, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! (say in MK64 voice for extra awesomeness)



Kim_Jong-Il commented on Review: The Conduit (Wii):

"but if you're a multi-platform owner you can definitely do better in terms of FPS games."

I never expected to hear that from you Drake. Everyone here has a PC, and based on the fact you have as many Steam games as Gabe Newell I thought you would never call PS3/360 a great FPS console. Looks at console TF2



Kim_Jong-Il commented on Podcast: Episode 5 - June's Download Round-up!:

Daddy Newts... LOL!
And I loved the voice you did for Drake's review.
Oh, and I would just like to clear up that I do not think this is a bad podcast, and you have a great radio voice. But I LOL'd when I heard those^^ bits.



Kim_Jong-Il commented on First PAL Screenshots of LIT:

@ Mickeia
What happened to Weegee's Mansion? Wiki doesn't mention anything.

@ Stuffgamer
Sonic the Hedgehog. Need we start this endless discussion of bugfixes vs. PAL issues?



Kim_Jong-Il commented on Marvelous Sad Over Poor Sales:

@ Tealovertoma
If so, then why do game publishers license their games to rental places. You are aware they get like $200 per copy or a royalty from the video store, and as previously mentioned the publisher has to give permission to the rental place for them to do it. Piracy on the other hand....



Kim_Jong-Il commented on Marvelous Sad Over Poor Sales:

That's sad. If you're Reading this Mr. Wada, I bought LKS about a week or so ago and I think it's up there with Nintendo's best. It would be my second favourite Wii game after Okami.



Kim_Jong-Il commented on Feature: Tending and Feeding Your Japanese Wii:

I don't really think censorship and licensing is an issue for region freeness. There has been no uproar in the West about Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, nor have the western anime companies (although "butchers" is a better term) complained about Jump Ultimate Stars. I think it has more to do with Nintendo charging PAL gamers more.



Kim_Jong-Il commented on Luc Bernard's Mecho Wars out now on iPhone:

@ Yossarian
I was just pissing off Kawaii. He has this principle hatred against the DSi because it's a stopgap system. I'm not buying a DSi either, because they cost more than double was a (second hand) Lite does.