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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Rabspat commented on Review: Contra ReBirth (WiiWare):

Maybe it's just me, but on the whole, I thought Gradius ReBirth was a better game. There's just more variation and content. 5 playable ships rather than 4 characters that are completely identical, save for one. Multiple loops where the levels actually change... and better music and graphics. Also, the score attack mode was brilliant.

Contra ReBirth isn't bad... but as far as Contra games go, it's really not that great. One thing that confuses me is how the game is a "tribute" to previous Contra games... when Contra 4 already did that, and did it better,

Once again, Contra Rebirth isn't BAD, but in my opinion, there are much better games that you can spend your Wii points on. Hell, you could save those points for Cave Story, Night Game, or La Mulana... 3 games that are guaranteed to be awesome.



Rabspat commented on Nintendo Download: Clubhouse Games, Paper Plan...:

Nintendo, stop pretending like there are no good games that you could be giving us right now. Not only is Super Smash Bros. the predecessor to Nintendo's greatest game ever (SSB: Melee!), but there's also Cave Story, Bubble Bobble Plus, and quite a few games I'm not even mentioning right now.

Also, what's the pointing of adding two new consoles to the VC if you're not going to give us any damn games for them?



Rabspat commented on Nintendo Download: Dr. Mario, Wonder Boy, More...:

I'm not too happy with today's releases simply because SquareEnix released Crystal Defenders. If I recall correctly, SquareEnix is also publishing Bubble Bobble Plus, so we may not see that for a little while now. : (

Seriously, they should have at least released Cave Story or something. Tower Defense is a game that you can play for free on the internet! ... oh, wait... right.



Rabspat commented on Review: Marble Saga: Kororinpa (Wii):

I can say that as someone who hasn't played the original Kororinpa that this game is pretty fantastic! Even I noticed that something was a bit off with the physics in the game, but it didn't take me too long adapt and now I don't even notice. Honestly, I think the game's biggest flaw is its camera... that could use some work for sure.

I recommend this game to anyone just looking for a fun game. I've played it more than twice as much as I've played MadWorld. Not to mention the game's only $30!



Rabspat commented on Review: Gradius ReBirth (WiiWare):

Somebody said that the game doesn't have a second difficulty loop, when it actually does. o_o However, you need to be playing on Normal difficulty or up.



Rabspat commented on Review: Gradius ReBirth (WiiWare):

Well, we're all entitled to our own opinion, and I've been having a blast with this one! The graphics and sound are nice, and the gameplay feels polished, if not incredibly punishing. The only other Gradius game I've played is the original, and this one's better overall. In my opinion, this is definitely worth the $10!

Also, I just placed 7th on Normal mode! Pfft, not like that will last very long...



Rabspat commented on Gradius ReBirth:

I just downloaded this, and it's pretty fun! I should warn my fellow shmup novices that this game is HARD, even on the easiest difficulty setting. It will eat you and spit you out! Mega Man 9 (which isn't that difficult, imo) ain't got nothin' on Gradius Rebirth. o_o



Rabspat commented on Second Wave of Mega Man 9 DLC Released!:

The new stage is pretty freakin' difficult, even if I did manage to beat it on my 5th try. Overall, though, I'm not too impressed with it. It's just a rush through some of the odder bosses of the game. I haven't downloaded the two harder difficulties, because even though I would enjoy a harder Mega Man 9, I'm going to see what other people have to say first. If I don't spend those 200 points on DLC, I can download Orbient or something instead with the 600 points I have left..



Rabspat commented on Official Cave Story Site Goes Live:

@ Drake: I know, but call me picky, but I'd like to hear some quality arrangements. I can understand why they went with something like MIDI, considering that fitting over 30 high-quality audio files into a WiiWare download isn't going to happen... but it could certainly sound better, IMO.



Rabspat commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

A lot of people say this game is super hard, but honestly I'd say it's only on par with Mega Man 2. On my third play through, I beat the all the robot masters in only 25 minutes. I could've done it on my second run through, but I was going for the Double Trouble challenge. I can't wait for the extra difficulty settings, so that it really can become the hardest Mega Man game. o: