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Nightsky071 commented on The Conduit 2 Revealed in May Nintendo Power:

YES! The 2-4 player support is great! Just what I wanted.

Man! I'm tired of people doggin the Conduit. You gotta think. Its the "VERY FIRST GAME", its not gonna have everything you want. if it did then they wouldn't have much to improve the game on. And frankly I like the Sheild regeneration thing. It saves my life sometimes, and the weapons do kill. you just probably suck at using them.

My only problems with this game is the fact that people can launch 3 million rockets at me! F***ing Hackers! Thats just really annoying, they need to give us the option to kick these players



Nightsky071 commented on Grinder Remains a First-Person Shooter on Wii:

I hope they make the next conduit for the very next Nintendo systems. Not the Wii, I still have great hope for the Grinder as well. I just dont want them to cut it down and the xbox and ps3 version end up being better



Nightsky071 commented on Review: Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver (DS):

@ Jimlad

I totally agree with you. The second generation of pokemon was enough after that nintendo was just pushing their luck and it so happen that,"Just like sonic fans do". Pokemon fans kept buying the damn games allowing them to make more of these dang creatures! Now theres over 500 pokemon. Man! I dont feel like collecting 500 just to train only a few, even when you do collect them all you get nothing for it but a stupid certificate that says! You got all the pokemon WOOOOO! Also dont like the way they did the Global Trade Station... We're trying to catch them all dang it so why do we have to have seen all the stupid creatures first in order to trade for them. That sorta defeats the point of the trade station.
As for the Wi-fi plaza, its not very fun for me at all. you can't chat with players nor exchange friend codes which I think it should have been used for.

I want them to stop with this madness! but so long as the fans of this series keep buying the games. The horror will never stop. Its the same with pokemon Stadium. Pokemon staduim 1 and 2 were awesome, but then Nintendo screwed the newer versions over. Taking everything that made Pokemon stadium fun out making them suck.

Anyway. I really like this remake! (Although I can't clone pokemon nomore)... I think this is the best pokemon game i've played since Red, blue, yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. All the rest suck. I really hope theres no 5th generation because its getting old.



Nightsky071 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd & 24th March 2010 (Japan):

CRAP! Somebody warn them about that frogger game. It is terrible, Its not even frogger. Hes back was a better frogger game ever to say this is his return is a joke. Trust I bought it, its a waste of wii points if you think it'll be as good as frogger on Playstation



Nightsky071 commented on Review: Phantasy Star Ø (DS):

I actually hated the whole story line thing and the skippability of those damn scenes was annoying. the skip took to long and the story sunflowers took away from how many quest could have been online. there are so few which is ashame. I wish they would have made this game on the Wii. Then it could have did alittle more.

I think this game is really good and fun, but what I wish they would have done is lets us know when freinds are online when playing off-line. Gave us more online quest or atleast DLC us some quest. I wish the quest would have felt more real. Every quest ends with you fighting the bosses, thats lame. Even quest that are supposed to be gathering or helping. I also wish we could have got an arena so players could fight eachother



Nightsky071 commented on Review: Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix (Gam...:

Wow for those who found this game challenging you must stink at DDR. This game was the simplist game ever. The last lvl was so easy, even on the hardest mode. I wish they would make another one with better music and as tough as DDR



Nightsky071 commented on BAFTA Awarding Miyamoto With Fellowship:

Lol. he gets the award on my Birthday. How funny.. March 19. Lol

I hope it doesn't go to his head either. Creator of Donkey kong, so where the effe is donkey kong country 4. why do I have to see mario, zelda, and metroid games over again. Sure their great to play, a couple times. but they get old. Super mario bros wii was good, but the fun doesn't really last long. once your done with the game thats it. I admit he does make really great games.

But i don't feel repect for the guy who says he doesn't listen to the fans. Their the reason he still where he is.



Nightsky071 commented on DS2 Rumour Is Rumour No More:

so many people seem happy. I'm not, the DSi pretty much just came out and now a new hand held is coming out. This is news, good and bad. I hope it doesn't come out too soon.



Nightsky071 commented on Developer Allegedly Has DS2 Kit:

(Sigh) That rathter Effen annoying news for me if true. I just got the damn Dsi last year and there already unveiling a new Ds type deal. Well it need better online, shop apt, a chatroom that goes online so we can exchange fc easier, a dual stick type deal, the D pad isn't bad but is getting annoying when playing games like mmo type games, and a bigger memory



Nightsky071 commented on Dead Space Extracted From Wii?:

I don't blame them, High voltage just made The grinder go to all the systems. Its not a bad move though, I wish Deep Silver would have been able to put Cursed Mountain On the other two consoles before they got shut down.

People will complain about wii not getting good exclusives but how can they when Nintendo has pretty much oriented the Wii being for children and Non-gamers. So many wiis have sold yet not used. I've gone to friends houses who have a wii............... As a shelf item pretty much, they prefer the other two systems. I of course play my wii, but complain about it having almost no games. The only reason I still have it is for Moster Hunter 3. Thats bout it.

And I mean, why not put on the other consoles. Better graphics, online, etc. They may not have wii controls but that doesn't mean they can't make their own guns for the systems. They just gotta price the guns and stuff low. I mean duck hunt did it, so did Time crisis



Nightsky071 commented on Cursed Mountain Developer Closed:

This is very sad, because this game would have had loads of success on xbox 360 or ps3. Mainly because of awesome graphics and Controls.

Trust, I thought this game was amazing. I bought it and played to the end. The game was really great, but the graphics were so horrible that when it came to the gray screen when entering extremely paranormal areas. you had a hard time see what you were doing. not to mention that killing the ghosts and demons was a great ordeal. The motion controls barely responded, I had to do a damn dance and everything to get the motion it told you to do down. That or the controls didnt respond, it was frustrating.

this game would have been so much better on the other two system, nintendo has pretty much oriented the wii toward non-gamers and kids so to put a hard core or good game on wii is suicide



Nightsky071 commented on New Grinder Details Claw Their Way Out:

Hopefully but not likely. Left 4 dead was, intense fun, everything about left 4 dead rocked. The characters, mosters, online, the team work needed to survive each lvl of horror. left 4 dead was great. I dont think The grinder will have features like that



Nightsky071 commented on New Grinder Details Claw Their Way Out:

Again, for those who keep say (Left 4 dead Wii)....... Go jump..

This game is.. and will never be nothing like left 4 dead. left 4 dead is some much better on every lvl. I've seen so much gameplay for this game and it doesn't look that great. I've even messaged high voltage about this game and it seems they didn't take it into consideration..

Anyway, here to give some suggestions for the grinder.

First off though, this game looks like its gonna be great, but i'd like to think it could be a lot more awesome

some things i'd like to see in The Grinder are.

A Night and day concept would be great. By day they could have fewer vampire, but by night, not only do they become stronger, they come in huge hordes. A vampire seems strongest at night.

1) 2 player off-line and 4 players on-line with voice chat, no friend codes (I won't hold my breath on that though since nintendo is lame). Or atleast give us a friend roster and search engine type deal so we can find players by name and not some 10-11 digit phone number

2)Vampies and zombies come in huge hordes like in L4D. The Wolves, are able to pin down the hunter and tear them up or you have to shake the wii-mote to try and keep them from biting you or ripping you apart while you wait for rescue. The guys with the axes should be fearsome, they chase you down with the axe in hand and jack you up if they get near you, sorta like the tank.

3) I'd really like to see a horde mode in the game. A separate mode where you and teammates are locked down in a house somewhere feinding off hordes and hordes of vampires, zombies, wolves, Axe mans and so on. Also, maybe a versus mode for all the players so we can verse and blast eachother or use the mosters to fight eachother.

4)A veriety off weapons, and also flash granades like they mentioned up there. Ever scene Blade 3, those awesome flash granades they used on the vampires.

5) Give the players Acheivements to complete, and by completing these acheivements we unlock stuff, like costumes, special weapons mode and stuff.

6) Give us variouse difficulties like Easy, normal, Hard, deadly, The Grider. the harder the funner.

and hopefully more.....

Yep, seems like they never got my message



Nightsky071 commented on Nintendo Chief Doesn't Care for the iPad:

So hold on, am I hearing this right. What the hell make Iwata think that he can joke this starfruit when the wii is pretty much a white gamecube. Seriously. if theres anything he should be unimpressed with its the doorknob wii console.

Poor graphics, terrible demo service, sunflower games (Wiiware and disc), poor online service. Even the dsi isn't even that impresssive, sure flip nnote is nice ooooh whatever. The little peice of seafoam isn't even worth 170 when you see the the games it has and what the shop channel offers, seriously, mario clock, animal crossing calculator. crap.

I feel that Iwata should shut up and not alk badly about one product when theres is pretty much snow-drop.



Nightsky071 commented on Capcom Cordially Invites You To Decide The Nex...:

Problem about that Mushroomer is copy right issues.

A pretty awsome DS fighter like smash bros consisting of Shonen jump characters Name Shonen jump ultamate stars was never released to Amerca due to copy right issues. I don't think a capcom verses the world'll happen due to copy right issues.Master cheif won't appear on tendo, hes to valueble to microsoft. Kratos of God of war won't appear on tendo, to vaueble to sony. Mario, Link, or samus won't apear on either. Nintendo won't let that happen. Mugen is the only place for capcom Vs the world. But you DL it on the computer



Nightsky071 commented on Capcom Cordially Invites You To Decide The Nex...:

I want to see capcom Vs Nintendo.

One on The Wii and the other on Nintendo Ds. Fighting style: Super smash bros Melee style.

Characters like Ryu, ken, Megaman X, Zero (From X series), Donte, Virgil, and other capcom favorites Verses Nintendos batch of characters.

The Ds could have Geo Stellar Megaman with the "Black Ace Black end galaxy Final smash", Solo "Rogue", Pheonix Wright, and some other Capcom characters Vs Some of Nintendo Characters. Mainly who were on the DS like the Ouendan guys & others



Nightsky071 commented on Reggie Wants Your Dream Nintendo Franchise/Dev...:

OMG! I'd So awsomely love to see!

Capcom and Nintendos Super smash bros collab. so That I can finally play as my all time favorite character in my all time favorite fighting game (Megaman X) I won't forget Zero or Sigma either. Secondly, Nintendo needs their own MMO type game where you can use your Mii's as characters and adventure off into a vast world where you can choose what class you wanna be (EX: Mage, Healer, Fighter, Dual weild, theif, and much much more). wear various Armors and accessories, Weild loads of different weapons, Have friend cards you can trade with other players not have those stupid friend codes in order to chat and do other stuff. PVP in Colosseums or arenas, Race, and I'm pretty sure alot more. And Yes all this can be done, just look at all the Adventures Nintendo characters have been on and how many enemies nintendo has had in it entire history of games. I feel This can be done.

Super Mario Football! We've seen Super mario strikers charged which was soccer mario style, but what about American football Mario Style. Next Level games can do it. It'd be awsome to create your own team with nintendo characters or with your Miis and more. This game could come some where close to NFL Blitz but better. I drew my own Ideas of what it'd be like if NIN is interested.

High voltage and NIN making an FPS with Nintendo Characters. That could be fun.

Nintendo & Namco or Atlus or Square Enix, taking over the creation of Gauntlet DS which sounded so damn awsome but is supposably not coming to life. I'd love Nintendo forever if it could just take over the creation of this Dungeon crawler. Also keep in mind the game was originally gonna have Multiplayer on and off-line and Voice chat using Nintendo's DS Mic or headset + journeying off with others or going Head to head.

A New Pokemon battle stadium. Because Battle Revolution wasn't even close to being revolutionary, It felt like a Down grade. Bring back what Made pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 awsome. Also..... NO MORE NEW POKEMON! I don't wanna collect 250 more pokemon or whatever.

A Punch-out game that feels more like a boxing game with on-line and off-line multiplayer, Mii's being playable and a classic mode for a classic punch out feel like we just got with super punch out on Wii.

Donkey kong Country 4 made by those who made mario galaxy.

A New Yoshi story, but not that 2D bull. A 3D run around game more like Legend of zelda with a little mario Galaxy in it where you take a yoshi of any color and go on a grand adventure doing quest, looking for treasure, and other coo stuff.



Nightsky071 commented on GoldenEye Designer Backs Virtual Console Release:

Man...... I think what started on a Nintendo system should have the right to be on a Nintendo system. Rare sucks, I've wanted to see Wii VC get Conkers BFD, Golden Eye, Perfeck Dark, and Donkey kong 64. IDC for Banjo.
Especially Donkey kong 64



Nightsky071 commented on Secret of Mana:

This game is so freakin awsome! I want it on my Wii NOW!



Nightsky071 commented on Mercs:

WTF! If Mercs is Sega then why is it in Capcoms collections reloaded on Psp



Nightsky071 commented on Ninja Gaiden:

I mean, i've even tried to look up invincibility cheats but there are none. WHAT THE BUCK WAS TECMO THINKING AT THE TIME!!!

(Oh haha, wouldn't it be funny to piss players off by making it so that if they got to the Last boss and died once they'd have to start from the beginning of the last lvl again! Even if they didn't get a game over! Haha haha!) No its not funny Tecmo, if freakin retard.

Does it look like i'm smilen Tecmo ('ω')..... NO! I'm crying on the inside (T_T)



Nightsky071 commented on Ninja Gaiden:

This game has managed to piss me off harder than Ghost N Goblins ever has! Its freakin retarded! I'm at the last F**king LVL, everytime I get to the Last boss I DIE! Before you even start to get close to the last boss you get ambushed hard by enemies Left N Right, Up N Down, but thats not the worst part. The worst part is that, when the last boss kills me I HAVE TO START THE LVL FROM THE VERY D@MN BEGINNING!!!! >.<
Do you know how frustrating that is, it makes me wanna reach in to my tv and throw the NG channel out the window



Nightsky071 commented on Ys Book I & II:


I have forever been trying to figure out what the Nes game I played back then was. It was Crystalis! A boy with blue hard and a sword.



Nightsky071 commented on The Last Ninja:


U.S.A Shop channel needs the Commadore 64. I'd like to play this, it looks fun.



Nightsky071 commented on Mega Man 2:

I really can't wait for Megaman 9 to come to America! 9/30/08

But I only ask, why 8-bit. Hearing about Megaman 9 I wanted to feel like i'm play a whole new adventure, not MM 1-6 with a changed story line. I wanted something close to MM Legends but better.



Nightsky071 commented on Mega Man 2:

For some awsome reason the Megaman series has the most awsome music that I'd ever hear in a video. Okusenmen is the only reason I remembered megaman 2 or Dr.wilys castle theme, oneday it played in my head so I started playing the anniversary collection from 1-8 and found it in 2. I don't know if I could say this was the best MM game but it was very fun N easy. I'm a very big fan of the MM and MM X series (mainly MM X). But of all the games in the MM series I think MM 2 and 6 are the best. Of the MMX series The very best is Megaman X, the music was great, the game was fun, bosses enjoyable to own. Nothing more I could ask for. MMX music pwns!



Nightsky071 commented on Ghosts 'n Goblins:

This game may be a Bish, but it is very beatable. The best Weapon to grab is the short swords as they're faster and shoot out three at a time. But to say this game is harder than Ghouls N Ghost, Your crazy. That game is rediculous along with Super Ghouls N Ghost, That goddess Bracelet sucks.