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Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition

Posted by Darren Calvert

At 'Virtual Console Reviews' from time to time we like to give a little back to our readers. This is your opportunity to win a brand new Classic Controller from PlayAsia which we will send directly to your door (Anywhere in EU, North America, Australia, etc)

The Classic Controller is a must have peripheral for anyone who is serious about gaming on the VC. Anyone who has tried to play Super Mario World on a Gamecube controller will know that it just is not up to the task!


To be in with a chance of winning this wonderful prize all we ask if that you try your hand at
writing an amusing caption to go alongside this random image we found on our travels on the net!
Nintendo didn't want to interfere with the casting for the new Mario Bros film - as long as Bob Hoskins wasn't in it!

Thanks for all the entries! The response to this competition was frankly overwhelming!

We are pleased to announce the winner of the caption competition:

"Nintendo didn't want to interfere with the casting for the new Mario Bros film - as long as Bob Hoskins wasn't in it!"

We will be contacting you shortly to arrange the delivery of your shiny new Classic Controller!

In a rare case of generosity we have also selected a runner up for one of the sillier captions which we are embarrassed to admit made us chuckle:

"I'm in your yard, stealing your pumpkinz"

You will be getting something silly from PlayAsia which we hope you will like

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LOZa said:

Mario : "See Luigi, these Power Pumkins DO have the power to turn you into a small asian child"
Luigi : "Right Mario. But how will that help us getting the princess back?"
Mario : "Oh, right, yes, the princess..."



ChinSpin said:

um let's see
Luigi:Hey Mario I told you not to shave your mustache everyone is looking!



Tempest said:

"OK, this is definitely the last time I let you pick the mushrooms Luigi..."



Jockolantern said:

The plumbing duo finally had the proof that the princess was, in fact, stuffing her bra. The princess could not be reached for comment.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I don't want to win the controller but i want to say a caption.
Luigi: Trick or Treat! (Looks to his right) Ahhhhh! You're not Mario! You're a little asian girl!
Asian Girl: Lu i gi!
Luigi: Uh-oh (gameover music plays)



neuzd said:

Nice idea guys! I'm not participating because I don't need another CC and I don't think it would be a nice thing to take it off from someone who may need it.

Happy competition everybody!



Vc_Master said:

Luigi: I knew we should of as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
Mario: I wish I was Pikachu.



Whollabilla said:

"Before Mario and Luigi were as famous as they are now, they had to steal pumpkins to earn a living"

(It is said Mr. Miyamoto is currently designing a Sims-like WiiWare prequel to Super Mario World 2. In this game, players will aid Mario and Luigi in becoming the stars they are now.)



tarrkid said:

Mario: "I swear, bro... If one more grownup asks me what happened to my moustache, he's going to get a pumpkin powerup to remember!"



gottheanswer said:

That crazy weekend the Mario Brothers had in Pumpkin Land will now warp them into a new battle in Court Land against the greatest adversary they’ve faced yet......... Child Services!



Rainbowlemon said:

Mario: You don't think they've found the bodies, do you?
Luigi: Shut up and look innocent or you'll break the disguise!



stefer said:

Mario : Can i has mooshroom in xchnge for pumpkinz?
Luigi : no mario, ask for powr starzzz!



Mad_Bomber said:

Luigi: "Hey sis, you see that kid dressed up as Sonic? Let's go beat him unconscious with these pumpkins and take his candy!"

Mario: "I hate that hedgehog with all the fury which burns in my tiny Plumber's heart. I'm in."



dufftastic said:

Luigi: (whispers) Don't move, I think that Goomba just saw us.
Mario: Crap, we're rumbled. - I wonder who that big dino-guy is in the castle, he looks kinda mad.
Luigi: Yeah, considering we just stole his best crop though I don't blame him.
Mario: I suppose. What if he decides to get revenge in some way, maybe by stealing something or someone from us? Repeatedly.
Luigi: I never thought of that. Hey - is that a giant grinning bullet coming towards us?



big_ed said:

Mario: what if that big turtle kid sees who hit him?
Luigi: I'm sure he'll forget about it eventually.



saturnkid said:

Mario: They did warn us gaming after midnight turns our controllers into pumpkins!
Luigi: And I bet this picture ends up in some daft competition.



michinmuri said:

After the banning of poisonous mushrooms by the ESRB, Nintendo had to find a new way to pint size the duo.



DEMON212 said:

Luigi: Now just place the Pumkins down, and slowly back away from the Tiger.

Mario's mind: Can I run faster than Luigi?



Snot_Man said:

You may think Baby Luigi was foolish to put points in Stache at such a young age, but Baby Mario paid ten times what he did for his pumpkin.



mcgoo07 said:

Mario: "You know Luigi, most animated and computer generated individuals such as ourselves do not have 10 fingers"
Luigi: "The question now is how many toes do wo have hidden in our workboots?"



Gypsie said:

As pre-production on the new Super Mario Bros movie began, the producers came to the shock realisation that perhaps Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo hadnt been the worst possible contenders the first time around.



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Mario: Uh last time I checked Luigi, there are note Turtle Shells. Where are the turtles?
Luigi: Trust me on this, they work much better than turtle shells. You just worry about growing your mustache back, let me worry about the shells.



-Regii said:

Luigi: "Uhm, Mario, are you sure we jumped in the right pipe?"
Mario: "'Course! Didn't you see that sign with "Peip tuh Bauwzer's kastle" on it? I think it looked very genuine!"
Luigi: "Mammamia ..."



alexknibb said:

OK - I have two:

1. "All your pumpkins are belong to us"


2. A spokesman for Nintendo was quoted as saying "I don't know where these allegations are coming from, but I can categorically deny that Nintendo has ever used child labour."



wedge554 said:

Nintendo failed in their attempt to manufacture human/chibi mario hybrids! No worries because they'll grow more with their magic pumpkins...



Superman64 said:

Luigi Boy: Why are we dressed like this? It's not even Halloween.
Mario Girl: Cosplay convention's in town.
Luigi Boy: Then why are we holding pumpkins?
Mario Girl: Because we didn't have any tomatoes.



neuzd said:

Luigi: "...there it is: mom and dad's new car."
Mario: "Now you'll see what it implies having dressed me this way."



Stuffgamer1 said:

Luigi: That darn Yoshi won't stop eating all the pumpkins!
Mario: He won't get mine! If he comes too close, I'll pull a Tanooki Suit out of my pocket and turn into stone!
Luigi: How would that help? You'd be even less able to defend your pumpkin than before!
Mario: Oh, crap...



Bensei said:

Mario: Hey Luigi, I thought we're in SMB2! I thought touching strange vegetables would only transform them into weapons and not us into... something... Why do you still have a moustahce anyways?
Luigi: Mario... I lied to you... I never had any moustache! I always wear a tanooki imitation!



CuzinMike said:

Super Mario Bros. 4: The Search for the Great Pumpkin suprisingly didn't have a positive marketing appeal.



CooLpro said:

Screen from -

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - The Lost Levels

Level 1 - Olympic Vegetable Growing



SP49833 said:

L: I'm holding a pumpkin.



Kelvin said:

1) Coming up in Season Three of "Heroes": Hiro and Ando teleport further than they've ever been before!
2) Nintendo's attempts to bring next-gen photo-realistic graphics to the Wii had mixed results.
3) The cake is a lie.



lil_humbug said:

Nintendo didn't want to interfere with the casting for the new Mario Bros film - as long as Bob Hoskins wasn't in it!



KhaoShar said:

Baby Luigi: "Hey bro', you try one of these too, taste better than those 'rooms! An' ya ain't growin' all big an' fat either!"

Baby Mario: "Sure bro', but you grew that kind'a creepy-hairy-thingy, what if it sticks?"

Baby Luigi: "Guess if it stays till we finish pre-school we gotta, like, emigrate to Italy an' become, like, plumbers for cover..."



dr_j said:

Little did the Mario Bros. know that stealing Mickey and Minnie's gloves during the Disneyworld halloween festival would put a youth spell on them...



Ben said:

Hey sis, why are they staring at us over there? Mum promised these clothes were perfectly normal for outdoors..




Luigi: "Okay, we ring the doorbell, we throw the pumpkin bombs, and we get revenge on America!"

Mario: "What if we get in trouble?"

Luigi: "Then we'll blame it on that kid dressed as Pikachu over there!"



Grant said:

CAPTION: This is Mario's kids if he would have married Michelle Kwan (Happy Mario and Michelle)



havenx92 said:

Mario: Oh no! Its-a Shigeru Miyamoto! He must have found out that we stopped-a-doin mushrooms! He'll never understand are new love for Pump-a-kins!
Luigi: We can take him, plus with you're mustache gone and you're sex change he may not even recognize us.



Jhongerkong said:

Ive got 2 entries here:

Luigi: What-a the hell!? They changed-a the mushrooms to pumpkins!?

Mario: WHY-A MIYAMOTO, WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Kid in luigi outfit: That friend of yours sure made some crappy sonic costumes.

Kid in mario outfit: Maybe all of that weird smelling smoke hindered his view?



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Luigi: Yes! We've finally entered the real wor-AHH! Mario, whata happened! Youra girl!
Mario: Uh, I can explain.
Peach appears as a muscle-bound man in a dress
Peach: Yes, please.



Jupiter_Adept said:

Luigi: "This was what was clogging your toilet. Do you want them back?"
Mario: "See, saying things like that are why your only adventure was with a vacuum cleaner."
Luigi: "Well, father always liked me best!"
Mario: "He hated you!!! Now, shut up and put your dunce cap on!!!"
Princess Peach: "Can I have my pumpkins yet?"



Zweck36 said:

Luigi to Mario: I'll throw mine if you throw yours, otherwise I'm outta here



Jazzman said:

Girl: What did daddy say to do again?
Boy: Umm...knock on the door, yell "Take this, Wart!" at Mr. Chan, throw the pumpkins at his head, and run round the corner!

Caption: How old gamers relive their childhood memories.



DEMON212 said:

The Mario Bros. could do nothing, but stand in fear as Bowser started his strip tease



WarioFan63 said:

Mario: Weege...I just got this idea for a Pumpkin Zone.

Luigi: Thats just ridiculous, Bro. Next you'll be wanting a whole robotic statue of yourself.



Clayfrd said:

Luigi - Christ-a! I knew WarioWare games were seriously screwed up, but seriously, they made-a the "Doki-Doki Pumpkin Toss" form?

"Hold the form baton with your favored hand, and make a throwing motion. Use an underhanded throw, much like when you struck out your boss in the company softball game: quickly, but delicately."



ShadowSniper7 said:

Luigi: Is that...?
Mario: yes, I'm afraid it is. Princess Peach is here to change our diapers.
Luigi: Crap



mirkdddlhppr said:

I got two, both in vicinity of Princess Peach.

Luigi: Mama mia! She's HOTT! (Eats moustache out of excitement)
Mario (Being a girl): I really don't know what you see in her. I mean, she stuffs her bra with pumpkins. PUMPKINS, Luigi.

And so, as the release date for Super Smash Bros. Brawl was changed to March 9th, Mario and Luigi daringly prepared to raid Mr. Sakurai's house...



Vader0954 said:

Luigi looks for a place to hide the pumpkin he threw up in for eating too many shrooms...



dossaer said:

Gnarly, Tubular, Way Cool, Awesome, Groovy, Mondo, Outrageous, and Funky... JUST FOR THESE THINGS???



Ace said:

Mario: Luigi, whaddaya lookin' ata?
Luigi: M-M-Mario...I see dead koopas.



McCabe said:

luigi: look mario, if you're soo self-conscious, without your mustache and all, just go beat up that kid dressed as mr. potato head, and take his.
mario: I thought of that, but I don't have peg holes in my face.



omegaridley said:

I have 3 here (imagine each with italian accents) The third one's the best, and the first one might be harder for those who haven't played galaxy to understand:

"Pssst! Mario! Carefully PUT THE PUMPKIN DOWN! I think there's goombas inside!!"

"Right, girl, no one needs to know you're not my brother, just keep that hat down nice and tight and if anyone asks, well, that's what the pumpkin's for. Soon I'll have the princess and Mario's inheritance will be mine!!"

"Mario, I thought you said you found me some mushrooms. These are pumpkins! Wait a minute, you're not mario! Where is my brother?!? Wait, what are you doing with that pumpkiAAAUGH!!!!!!!..."



Edwin said:

"Here are some Ordon pumpkins for your soup, Yeto. Please don't eat us too..."



Demonic_St33V said:

"This was a brilliant idea, princess! But what-a we spose to do when Bowser realizes it's-a Mario wearin your dress?"



toaster said:

Mario: These gloves are bigger than my pumpkin!
Luigi: I might have just pooped my pants!



FrederickMcTidderbot said:

Luigi: Mario! They're going to figure out you're not Italian if you don't put you're mustache back on!
Mario: Its funny how a mustache changes a small Asian girl into a fat Italian man, isn't it?



Virus said:

Unlike mushrooms, feathers, and leaves, pumpkins were one item the Bros. wished they never acquired. While both fell in age, Mario suffered a worse side effect, one that even a 1-UP mushroom could not reverse.



Nintend00d said:

Mario: Since we changed our diet from nothing but mushrooms and flowers to apricots and watermelons, we changed into little kids! How will we ever get back to normal?
Luigi: Isn't it obvious? Pumpkins are the key to our growth! By the way Mario, I think you've changed more than your age...



SpaceBooger said:

Luigi: Mario you are looking younger and healthier these days.
Mario: Thats because I gave up Pizza Pie for Pumpkin Pie.
Luigi: Pumpkins... hmm...



SpaceBooger said:

Luigi thinks to himself:
"Last time you gave me a gift I had to rid it of ghosts. You gave me a crappy solo game, so now I am wondering what the catch is to these pumpkins?"



SpaceBooger said:

Luigi: How do you eat this stupid pumpkin, when you have no mouth?
Mario: Shave your stash to find your mouth.
Luigi: Well played brother, well played.



SpaceBooger said:

Luigi: Oops!
Mario: Thats the third plasma TV this week. I told you to put a Wiimote jacket on that pumpkin.



SpaceBooger said:

Luigi: Mario I bet you my pumpkin for your mustache that you can not beat Super Mario World with a GameCube controller.

Mario: Drats!



BrandonG said:

Luigi: Mario? Where did you say you got these pumpkins from?

Mario: Bowser's Secret Garden.

Luigi: Oh crap........I think I just pooped myself.



Masuyo said:

Mario: Okay, get ready!
Luigi: I mean honestly, who throws a pumpkin?
Mario: Did you even play our 2nd game? We throw tons of odd little vegetables with faces plucked from the nurturing ground that envelopes their delicious goodness and-
Luigi: The eagle eats you! And no one ever uses me for that one. I jump too high and I'm just too hard to control. I'm not a fan.
Mario: Did you ever call Birdo back? How's he.... she, doing?
Luigi: I don't wanna talk about it...



Flamin_Skull said:

Mario and Luigi eats some pumpkins in search for a new power!!
Luigi: ohh wow youre a little girl now!
Mario: shut up little boy!
(Bowser enters the scene on his ship)
Bowser: WOW MARIO is a girl now!! now I'm so in Love with Mario... or is it Maria now??? I love little girls more than princesses!! (Kidnaps Mario/Maria)
Now begins the new Super Luigi Kids game!!



Dood77 said:

On completion of the Special Stage, Luigi trembles and whispers to his brother, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Mario..."
"Shut up and help me find something to carve these into decoys for those weirdo flying piranha plants!"



Tendou-kun said:

Luigi: Ok Mario, start cryin'! When he comes to comfort you, I'll hit him with the pumpkin to get a mustache for you!



DrQuack02 said:

Luigi is manly????
Mario is a GIRL???!!!! (WITHOUT A MUSTACHE????)
This must be bizarro world..or at least Japan.



stoo182 said:

Luigi "Honestly Mario, this is the last time I following you into a warp zone"



strenny said:

Are those Bobby Cars over there free!? Some ballons, a few dart arrows and helloween really can begin



Rainbowlemon said:

I don't want to big up the other comments 'cause I'd rather win myself, but...this one had me in TEARS! -

95. MrMatt - 29 Jan 2008, 04:15 GMT

Mario: "Good news, King Koopa, your vasectomy was a great success!"



ircoops said:

Mario: "Shall we eat these things now?"
Luigi: "Nah, lets go throw 'em at the kids dressed as giant turtles that knocked your moustache off with a hammer"



Monmoya said:

As Shigsy smugly watches sales of SMB2 roll in, Luigi has a sudden pang of anxiety as he realizes that a very important 'sprite swap' may not have, in fact, taken place...



bacchus said:

"Nintendo made a surprising u-turn on their family friendly image today, with the promotion of their controversial new transgender game: Dr Mario and sister Hyde. Play as either Dr Mario or his bipolar tranny identity in a fun medical adventure to convert Luigi's gender too. Minigames are said to include a Dr Mario minigame which uses the wii controller to perform several exciting new operations and a misandry minigame where the purpose is two jump on as many anatomically correct fruit as possible. Initial media reaction has been critical with Jack Thompson quoting ... (continued page 9)"



KirbyPunk said:

To fit with Mario's "Family Friendly" image, Nintendo decided to get rid of the "Shrooms" because of an accedental hidden promotion of drug usage, and replace them with Pumpkins. Obviously eating them didn't go over too well for the Mario Bros(?).



TheRealNaveed said:

  • "Welcome to Karl and Karen's Kids Kostume Kastle! What size are you looking for?"
  • "Eight to sixteen pixels."


XCWarrior said:

Mario: Luigi, Princess Peach said these pumpkins have an ingredient to make us feel young again, but I dunno!
Luigi: Ah! Mario, I think your pumpkin has a super special ingredient!
Mario: Why is that Luigi?
Luigi: You're looking young and like a mama mia!
Mario: A mama mia?! Noooo!



RedLemon said:

Luigi: OK, lets wait for the oppurtune moment to strike, and then we'll throw these pumpkins at those stupid smiling grown-ups with the cameras.
Mario: But I don't want to...
Luigi: C'mon, it'll be just like in 1989. After all, pumpkins are fruit, right?
Mario: But we weren't born yet in 19-
Luigi: Shut up, Mario.



edmosk said:

"hey kiiids... how did this turtle get a size 4 shoeprint on its back???"



vampirelich said:

Mario: It's-a me Mario. Luigi give-a me back my stache or I bop-a you on the head with my pump-a-kin.



revrock said:

New punkin' power up revealed for Super Mario Universe... fans everywhere question the results



ODOGG618 said:

Mario: I wanted to be She-Ra, instead Mom dresses me as a fat Italian immigrant plumber and hands me a pumpkin turd. Nice. Hey where the hell is MY moustache by the way?



The_Gunslinger said:

Luigi : "This was the perfect way to get revenge on Bowser..."
Mario : 'Hey, Mr Bowser, 'All Your Pumpkin Are Belong To Us!'



whalleywhat said:

Miyamoto's daughter to her therapist:
"This is the picture I've been telling you about. See? Now do you understand?!"



TJ_POWER said:

Girl: How come mom made me the fat one?
Boy: Because you couldn't grow a real mustache like me. Stupid puberty...



Sabre said:

Defeated in the first round of the cosplay competition, two newcomers decide that next year they'll bring the right vegetable



hero-of-time said:

MARIO: Princess.......i-a dont believe this.

LUIGI:.......At least shes-a being honest mario,maybe its time you tell her that that bulge is your star pouch.



Tellyn said:

LUIGI: Mario, move away slowly. Popo and Nana haven't seen us yet, we can still get out of here alive...



bornsavage said:

Pumpkins, because the only mushrooms our parents have are the ones that make you hallucinate.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

Mario and Luigi 3: Partners in between time! (Play this game on Oct. 31 and you'll see cool easter eggs. I mean Pumpkins)!



Olimar_91 said:

"Mario and Princess Peach finally decided to have kids, the result was less than perfect..."



Nathan said:

Luigi: "Sorry sis, but I'm ditching you and this pumpkin for that hot mumma - mia by the water cooler..."



E-dawg said:

Back in 1987...
Mario: "Luigi, if I ever do something as stupid as trying to battle Bowser with a pumpkin, I'll shave my moustache..."



PrizePig said:

"Fortunately for the Mario Brothers, Mushroom Kingdom law allows garden vegetables as child support payment"



Phant said:

Mario: Do you think the koopa gang will notice that these aren't REAL fireballs?
Luigi: I think we're already busted...



GamerWho said:

"The Mario Bros were arrested today after an ongoing feud drove them to castrate long-time rival Bowser in his sleep. The two Brooklyn plumbers were caught fleeing the scene with the Koopa King's testicles still in their possession. Their attorney claimed non compos mentis on behalf of his clients stating years of magic mushroom abuse had altered their perception of reality. Other symptoms of prolonged mushroom abuse are known to include stunted growth, localised hair-loss and an almost obsessive compulsion for collecting stars."



TBoneTony said:

Mrs Mario (Mario & Luigi's mother) : Boys...what did I tell you about picking Pumpkins in the gardern...don't eat them or else you will gorw facial hair...

Mario: Sorry mum but Luigi already took a bite from one and now his face has changed...



emacey said:

After attempting to smuggle child labour workers into the EU, the gang members eventually realised it was their research into typical Italian dress that let them down.



Rorge said:

Yoshi's hero status after the events of SMW2 was seriously brought into question after the Brothers' parents quickly realised there was something not quite right about the kids he had brought back from the island...



squarelover said:

Luigi: You play a better Mario than Capt. Lou Albano ever did.
Mario: Take one step... And then again... Come on it's time to go! Do the Mario!
Luigi: Crap!

For those of you who are too young, don't remember, or repressed this,
check out this link



jai said:

"Let's pray not to get hit again"
"Let's pray not to get hit once more"



Shaky said:

The magical “pumpkins of youth” appeared to be having some unexpected side effects on our friendly Italian plumbers



Azza123 said:

Luigi: Look at that loser, over there, dressed up as Luigi
Luigi: And there's "Mario" too!!! What loses
Mario: That's just our reflection...
Luigi: ...



Nergy said:

All we ever eat is mushrooms, i thought switching to pumpkins might be a nice change...



Gran said:

Luigi: (whispers) Marioooooooooo, how'd we get into a Peanuts cartoon?
Mario: (whispers) Shhhhh, is that the Great Pumpkin?



Sorrow24 said:

Bowser makes a quick call to Miyamoto- "Gee you guys look I'm sorry I wont be the bad guy anymore. I'll..I'll get some one else" "Now please get the real Mario and Luigi, these guys don't even look italian. They look asian and you know my problelms with asi...." /beep/ /The person you called is no longer on the line/



buzz_clik said:

"Dude, I can't believe you talked me into this Minus World thing - these glitches are getting out of control!"



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

"The Mario brothers; Mario (left) and Luigi (right), saved the day this morning by disarming the Green Goblin and putting a stop to his reign of terror"



Lanceolot said:

Luigi: See Mario, I told you NOT to eat the pumpkins but nooo, you never listen to Luigi. And now look what's happened to your mustache!



bdavid81 said:

I'm sure the staff realizes this, but the proper definition of a caption is as follows:

Text describing an illustration, photo, or other piece of artwork or graphic (see cutline).

Most of the people here are posting suggested speech for the children in the picture. That's not what this contest is asking for.



DEMON212 said:

Yeah, I knew, but I wanted to do a Mario/Luigi speaking thing. I have done a real one further down though

Not bothered about winning, don't even think I can, what with the fact that I'm a Mod an all.

Just wanted to join in



punzo said:

Mario had become Maria, and now that the supplies had been gathered, it was Luigi's turn.



Eldin said:

Mario: I didn't know YOU were the Green Goblin.. Luigi..
Luigi: Oopsi Doopsie!



MjN said:

Mario: There he is...
Luigi: Erm Mario, I think these are not the fireballs we need to defeat Bowser?
Mario: Quiet Luigi, Wario sold these to me and said that these are level 4 fireballs, much superior than regular fireballs.
Luigi: Are you sure, ´cos...
Mario: Quiet! I´m not sure, I am Mario. Super Mario!
Luigi: Well not so super after we throw these...
Mario: Oh Luigi, always number 2. Learn from me and one day you can also save the Princess. Maybe in the next sequel. Maybe.
Luigi thinking: ...Definetly maybe, after you run home to mama. These are NOT fireballs!!



OneDaveBamber said:

Little Johnny was devastated to discover his Mario and Luigi Miis hadn't won the latest Mii contest...



Rorge said:

The children of Shigeru Miyamoto were always destined for a lifetime of humiliation...



Eclipse_Dj said:

"People who said Euthanasia [Youth-in-Asia] was to be taken seriously were left embarrassed by the children's comical dress-sense!"

"Mom [Mum] the costumes are great, but your research leaves 'mushroom' to be desired - they are 'Plumber Kings' NOT Pumpkins" ....[awful and corny.. sorry]



bacchus said:

Hysterical talk show host Rush Limbaugh denigrates Nintendo for being left-wing-freak-show-feminazis after innocent picture suggests loveable alpha-male Mario will be recast as woman.



MrMatt said:

Christmas 2006, Nintendo is making sweet pumpkin pie while Sony overcooks a turkey...



Quiggy said:

The most disturbing happening in the Mushroom Kingdom since everything turned into paper...



Dazza said:

Thanks for all the entries! The response to this competition was frankly overwhelming!

We have now ended the competition, so no more entries please!



Damo said:

Yes, thanks for all the great entries.

To all of you that weren't successful this time round: we'll be running other competitions in the near future so keep your eyes on the site!

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