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Tue 29th Jan 2008

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Turnip_Knight commented on Talking Point: The State of Play of the Virtua...:

Speaking of business practices, it doesn't help to call your faithful readers crybabies. I check this site every week because I anxiously await a handful of titles to be announced (Super Mario RPG, Majora's Mask... Banjo-Kazooie someday?). No one cares about Spelunker or Super Turrican, and none of the upcoming Wiiware games I've seen look even halfway decent, so people who follow VC updates have fair reason to moan when several months go by without any really great games coming out. Nintendo seems to do a pretty good job of spacing out their good in-house games throughout the year so people don't get too bored or too overspent. Why can't they do the same with the VC?