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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Valien commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

Downloaded this game and am so glad I did. I'm at Day 39 right now. Holy cow it's addicting. Just one more day....

Got 2 Thieves, 1 White Mage, and 5 Warriors. Trying to level up my lower level warriors since I just got the Guild Hall.

Best Wii points I've spent period. This game is terrific.



Valien commented on Pop:

@Nnooo - cool stuff. Thanks for replying so quickly! Hope this game gets much success for your company and leads to more great WiiWare games!



Valien commented on Pop:

Any way to see the leaderboards from a non-wii (ie firefox)?



Valien commented on Pop:

This is good to know. I've been holding off on getting anything but this might be a good fit for my wife and I...



Valien commented on Introducing WiiWare World:

Excellent work Dazza! Looking forward to the new site dedicated to WiiWare titles. You guys are still my favorite source for VC info and I'm looking forward to using WWW for my other info!



Valien commented on WiiWare: Pop Pricing Still Unconfirmed:

From what I've seen of the game and video it looks like a < 500 point game to me. True the devs don't get much, but look, it's not much of a game. Even at 500 points say they sell 100K copies. That's 50 MILLION dollars worth of games. Even if big N gets 50% of the payout, that's still 25 million in their pocket.

100K realistic? I think so, especially with the 10+ million consoles sold in the USA alone. That's 1% of Wii owners.



Valien commented on World of Goo - First Impressions:

I tried the Tower of Goo on EG site and thought it was pretty original. Course I couldn't get my tower higher than 6 meters or so..hehe Hopefully this will be on WiiWare.



Valien commented on WiiWare Focus: Interview with Nnooo (Pop):

Dazza - great work on the WiiWare interviews. There is a lack of good updates on the 'net and I'm glad to see you guys covering this stuff in detail!

Can't wait to read your review/interview on Twist N Paint! That game looks good!



Valien commented on Wiiware Focus - Interview with Medaverse (Grav...:

Is WiiConnect 24 that hard to program for? Course I'm not a developer but it seems that a lot of folk drop that out. I imagine network coding on the basic level is pretty easy. Guess the server management, 'achievments', leaderboards, matching, etc is a lot harder. Hmm, wonder if companies could license things like that to speed up dev time?

500 points though looks pretty good. Go indie devs!



Valien commented on Harvest Moon:

Looks like a sweet game. Now to scrounge up some points somewhere...



Valien commented on Butterfly Garden Coming to WiiWare:

@ Jogurt - forget Risk! (although that would rock). I'd be happy to see Catan or Carcassonne on WiiWare. (or even one of the other awesome board games out there...)



Valien commented on Are Virtual Console games good value for money?:

I'm with Jogurt's comment. I have a SNES, N64, GameGear, GBA, GC, PS2 and now a Wii. I can only have so many hooked up to my TV at once or the wife will blow a gasket.

So I have the Wii and PS2 hooked up. I love being able to sit and play VC games on the Wii without worrying about another console, cartridges, etc.

So for me it's a great deal, especially for consoles I've never owned.



Valien commented on Soldier Blade:

Ugh. I love this game but am so frustrated. Can't get past level 2. Go figure. lol. I just stink.



Valien commented on Nintendo press conference - 5 new WiiWare game...:

Wii update came out this morning in the US. Now supports USB Keyboards and updated the Everybody Votes and Internet Channel. Other than that I'm not sure what else was changed/updated. No demo channel though



Valien commented on Volleyball:

Ugh. This looks horrible. I am looking forward to Super Spike Volleyball though! Use to play that in college all the time. Love that game.