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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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alexknibb commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3 Reclassified by ESRB:

Maybe they submit the original game to the ESRB then have to resubmit when they've finalised the VC version? Just a thought...

Oh, and it's ok for kids to look at naked men according to the ESRB, is it?



alexknibb commented on EU VC Releases - 1st February - Adventures of ...:

You know what? I put 5000 points on my Wii a while ago, thinking that I'd be able to just buy the great games when they came out. Since nothing that has tickled my fancy has come out, I'm gonna fritter away my last few points on some older games and then probably give up on the VC for a while.

There's no point in getting excited about the game(s) that arrive on Thursday evenings anymore if you're just after a small handful of games and are waiting for them to come out. At this rate, it'll probably be months, maybe years, before I see the likes of Metal Marines or Unirally...

I've bought a lot of games that I've taken a chance on, and while there's been a few gems, the majority of them I've not enjoyed that much. Now I just want the ones I'm waiting for or I'm not really interested...



alexknibb commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

OK - I have two:

1. "All your pumpkins are belong to us"


2. A spokesman for Nintendo was quoted as saying "I don't know where these allegations are coming from, but I can categorically deny that Nintendo has ever used child labour."



alexknibb commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

Well, I'm glad I still have my original N64, four controllers and copy of Goldeneye. Glad because I would rather vomit on my own shoes and then eat those shoes than buy anything from Microsoft.

It does seem a little bit wrong that a Nintendo classic (let's face it, it's one of the games that sold the N64 by itself) appears on a Microsoft machine.

Still, no matter. The Wii is still trouncing the Xbox £360 in the sales stakes, and long may it continue...



alexknibb commented on Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:

For multiplayer fun, this is well worth the points. For those of you that love a head-to-head 2P puzzler, you can't go far wrong with this. I decided to get this one over Kirby's Avalanche for one simple reason - it can use the Wiimotes, rather than classic or GameCube controllers, and as the other differences seem almost entirely superficial, I'd personally recommend this one.



alexknibb commented on Europe VC Releases - 17th August - Wave Race 64:

Oooh! I'll definitely be downloading WR64. Although having said that, I should really complete Paper Mario first. And maybe finish off Excite Truck. Oh, and start playing Scarface. Siiiigh. So many games, so little time.



alexknibb commented on Kirby's Dream Course:

Downloaded this this morning and am loving it! It's basically a hybrid of a golf game, a puzzle game and Super Monkey Ball. I had a SNES back in the day and can't even remember this game coming out, so the VC has served up a real treat!

Like all the best puzzlers - and like SMB - it's frustrating, but not unfair. Every time you run out of lives just before the end of a course, it simply steels your resolve to kick its ass next time round - the sign of a very good game indeed. Although I'm not sure I'll play it when I give up smoking on Monday. I'm likely to have a broken window and a Wii shaped lawn ornament otherwise.

Some of the prettiest graphics I've seen on the SNES and some excellent music round off one of the most playable games I've ever come across. Having played it for about five hours straight, I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who's debating where to deposit those 800 points.