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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ricketycricket commented on Europe VC Releases - 20th July - Street Fighte...:

we definitly need to get metroid over here in the USA. that game is awesome. would it kill nintendo to release little league world series or super techmo bowl? the original techmo bowl doesnt have my philadelphia eagles on them. pretty depressing



ricketycricket commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math:

only reason i'd download this would be to turn it into a drinking game with my friends. now that could be fun. i bet you'd be doing some fuzzy math after a couple rounds



ricketycricket commented on Europe VC Releases - 20th April - Lylat Wars:

i never had an N64 (had a playstation) so i never really played this game single player. i'd played multiplayer a bunch with my friends back in the day adn remember it being fun. i downloaded this when it first came out in the US and i love it. its a lot of fun. although slippy pisses me off big time



ricketycricket commented on Street Fighter II: The World Warrior:

funny that in Europe and stuff the last guys name is balrog, in the US balrog is the boxer and M. Bison is the last guy. One of my friends back in the day had the chinese or japanese version because his dad was in the army and he lived over seas and we would always call shenanigans on the game because Balrog is the boxer, not the last guy



ricketycricket commented on Castlevania:

i liked this game a lot, but castlevania 2: simon's quest was by far the best castlevania game i've ever played.



ricketycricket commented on Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games:

nes- rampart, awesome multiplayer game where you blow up another teams castle while they blow yours up, when time is up you have time to rebuild your walls tetris style. castlevania 1-3, awesome games, even though 2 is the best castlevania game of all time. super techmo bowl, only because techmo bowl was missing my favorite team

sega - mortal kombat 1. hopefully wont have to put in the blood code. chiki chiki boys, awesome game, used to play it for hours

n64 - super smash bros. just an awesome game