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United Kingdom

Mon 28th Jan 2008

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Ben commented on Hands-on with Datel's Wireless Retro Controller:

I actually bought one of these today out the blue, and i must admit, it's really good!

Simple to connect to the wii, can even turn the Wii on with it. Works great in the 3 VC games i actully have (SMW, SF2T & SamSho2) and works really well in Mario Kart.

The rubber grips work well, i always found the CC an odd shape and it gave me cramp in my hands after a while (never had that with any other controler i've used before?) but this is actually pretty comfy.

I'm happy with my purchase, i can't see why Nintendo couldn't do this right from the start?

All the people leaving negative comments about it, i really think you should actually use one before rubbishing it rather than just look at a few photos and assume it won't be any good I'm not normally a fan of third party controllers myself, and usually steer clear, but this looked pretty good and, well, is actually good.

I'm sure if it breaks after 30 hours use i'll eat my words, but till then...



Ben commented on Samurai Shodown II:

@Demon: Both games are good games. SS2 is better than SS1, which already had 5 stars, so you have to give SS2 5 stars too. Seeing though they're rated out of 5, you can't just go 1 higher because it's better... this isn't Spinal Tap...

I'd also like to know about this PS2 adaptor, well, i'd prefer a saturn one, but i can't seen that happening



Ben commented on Three Interplay-Owned Franchises Coming to VC:

lol @ all the SNES Vs MD comments... it's like we've gone back in time to the early 90's!

Wasn't the first EWJ game actually developed for the MD then later ported over to the SNES, hence the reason the MD version was better.. it was running on what it was designed for..

EWJ2 however was done at the same time for both, so i guess the SNES may have come out a bit better, this by no means makes the MD version the poor cousin, it's still a great game



Ben commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

What would be nice is if the external drive keeps with the minimalist theme running with the console, so rather than have a box that sits next to it, incorporate a flash-based drive into a re-designed stand, so to look at it, nothing would appear different, except for a thicker base. Obviously a short discreet lead that plugs into a USB port actually connects the two at the back, but you wouldn't see that anyway.

If its flash based, that should keep the price down surely, plus no extra noise or power consumption?

Seems like a simple logical solution to me. I assume that most people sit their Wii's vertically so this shouldn't be an issue? I know personally I sit mine horizontally, but that's only due to the fact that it sits perfectly in a space I had spare and am too lazy to find it a new home so it has its intended orientation, lol!

Oh, and whilst they're at it, hurry up and release a wireless nunchuck & classic controller please, I don't mind paying out for extra batteries! Wires are soo last century..