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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Nintend00d commented on Alien Crush Returns - More Details:

I think Devil's Crush is way better because the table has more things to do. Maybe this Alien Crush will be better. (This one will have an online high score table, right?)

I'll probably get this, as long as it doesn't get terrible reviews.



Nintend00d commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

Mario: Since we changed our diet from nothing but mushrooms and flowers to apricots and watermelons, we changed into little kids! How will we ever get back to normal?
Luigi: Isn't it obvious? Pumpkins are the key to our growth! By the way Mario, I think you've changed more than your age...



Nintend00d commented on Axelay:

Robert: My favorite shooter ever.
Sami: i 100% agree with u robert

You agree that it's his favorite shooter? I know what you meant

My fav is still R-Type



Nintend00d commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

Awesome game- I got this game on Mario Deluxe for GBC. (Once you top the top score on the main game score list, you get this game!) I'll buy this when it comes out in the US anyway though!