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Thu 31st Jan 2008

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buzz_clik commented on Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair:

Not good, not terrible. This game is decidedly meh. The only faint praise I can muster is that when I first got the cart (lumped in as part of an ebay lot, unsurprisingly), my lass enjoyed playing it with me co-op.



buzz_clik commented on EU VC Update: Last Ninja 3, Impossible Mission...:

Impossible Mission II < Impossible Mission

The original was a gorgeous piece of sleek, streamlined gaming perfection (and in a single load, no less). The sequel is overcomplicated and clunky, with ugly sprites and slapdash room design.



buzz_clik commented on USK Update: Wizball:

Wizball is still one of the finest pieces of software ever produced. The music, the atmosphere, the imagination... I mean, digitised Mt Rushmore? Genius. I've even dragged it out recently and it's just as playable as it was back then. Just like another fave game of mine, Impossible Mission, it manages to blend thinking and strategy with out-and-out twitch action.

Interesting Fact: my cousin used to be able to play that rad Game Over lick on his guitar.



buzz_clik commented on Hardware Focus - Commodore 64:

Yeah, Will, the music in Mayhem was / is rad. I remember leaving the intro music for the sad / happy versions of each land playing for ages (well, until the happy one ran out). The gloomy, brooding sweep of the former is especially great - so simple, yet so effective!

Awww, sod it, I'm going to listen to it in SIDPLAY while I work. See what you've done? My co-workers are going to throttle me.



buzz_clik commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console:

Oh, and I forgot to mention Ghouls 'n' Ghosts on C64 - maybe not the best game ever (although I still don't mind it), but it's got my favourite soundtrack by my favourite composer, Maestro Follin. Everybody needs to have Tim Follin tunes flowing from their speakers!

EDIT: Actually, everybody needs to have (good) Commodore 64 music in general coming from their tellies. If nothing else, C64 on the VC will hopefully introduce a whole new batch of people to some of the best tunes ever to come from a computer.



buzz_clik commented on More C64 Details Emerge - Keyboard Input, Load...:

Actuallly, d.b.d, the NES and C64 were kinda contemporaries... not entirely, but still around the same era. In fact, the Famicom came out in Japan less than a year after the Commie was released.

So sure, it's pre-NES, but it's really not that different on the Nostalgia Scale (tm).



buzz_clik commented on More C64 Details Emerge - Keyboard Input, Load...:

By that logic, MaxPlastic, why not just get rid of all consoles bar one and focus solely on that? The more the merrier!

And I'm not just saying that because I'm a die hard C64 nerd and think it needs to be there. Okay, maybe a teensy bit.



buzz_clik commented on Commodore 64 coming to Virtual Console:

Commodore 64 is still one of my favourite gaming platforms. While my mates had the NES, I had this little wonder. I even went to the trouble of wiring a doorbell up to it to serve as a reset switch. So this news is several shades of the colour awesome.

Things I'd love to see on there:
Head Over Heels
Impossible Mission (how many copies of this game do I really need?)

And agreed, kelvingreen, it'd be hilarious (although improbable) if Giana made the cut!

EDIT: check out for a pretty good site on C64 shtuff, too.