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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Vader0954 commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

Just you wait! Wiiware will become everything that makes XNA good and everything that it is not.
His arrogence and belief that piece of **** is called a download service, only to be good because of game demos and geometry wars, is what clouds him of how great Wiiware is and what it will soon become: Better.

Wii>>>>>Xbox.....well, in many ways, at least.



Vader0954 commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

1- I'm all in for it

How is it a dumb idea? I mean, some games on the 360 (via XBL) require you to pay in order to get extra content.

Think of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Aside from getting the golden edition which has all the characters, people had to pay to get new characters.

This, if it comes through, is the same concept and I'm willing to pay for characters....


Not to over exagerate, but wouldn't it be awesome if Goku™ or some other guy from DBZ was in brawl? ahh...if only it were true...




Vader0954 commented on Balloon Fight:

I love the game. Reminds me of joust.
May not last long if you play alone, but with co-op, it doubles the replay value, and the Trip Mode...I can't stop coming back to it! I just want to keep going.

In the end, some will see it as a classic, while others think it's just a fun little trinket.
You might stick to it for a while. 4/5



Vader0954 commented on Military Madness:

I just downloaded this! It is so much fun with multiplayer, and single player is just as fun

I'm not too crazy for the password systems (and that goes for most games ). I'm just to damn used to saves.

Many hours of play await you. 5/5