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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Ross commented on Galaga '90:

Looks Great, how many blocks does this take up ?



Ross commented on Sin and Punishment:

Well I have all N64 VC releases so far and I read in the review that S&P is just like Lylat Wars/Starfox 64 but on the ground. I've been watchin some vids on youtube and I am gettin attracted to Waverace 64...



Ross commented on Sin and Punishment:

Morphballer (USA) - 31 Aug 2007, 16:36 GMT

Wow, this game looks crazy hard! I must play Sin&Punishment. I must!!

Thats because he has it on Hard Mode lmao



Ross commented on Super Mario 64:

^^ Yes !!
The DS Version is different in many ways. e.g, in the DS version, we are given Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario and Princess Peach, whereas in the N64 version we only have Mario and Princess Peach.



Ross commented on Ice Climber:

The person playing in the video isn't every good :S Good game though, theres not that much to do in it apart from jump around levels.



Ross commented on Devil's Crush:

Anyone know the anime cartoon Fullmetal Alchemist ? I swear thats a transmutation circle at the top of the pinball machine...



Ross commented on Chew Man Fu:

In the first clip, the person pushed the ball into a white hole instead of a green hole. Can anyone explain?



Ross commented on F-Zero X:

looks like a pretty decent game. although i was wondering should i wait for NOE to bring out the stars conversion to buy this... or go and buy another points card ?



Ross commented on ActRaiser:

i didnt know aout getting it... cuz it luks rather weird and the graphics look rubbish on the rpg section....



Ross commented on Europe VC Releases - 13th April - Actraiser:

But can you use an SD Card to swap around VC Channels if Wii Menu memory is full. (Allowing you to have as many channels as you want providing you have enough enough SD Card memory) ?