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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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McCabe commented on Kirby's Dream Land:

I remember being like 5 years old and feeling SO accomplished that I beat King Dedede. Good times.



McCabe commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

luigi: look mario, if you're soo self-conscious, without your mustache and all, just go beat up that kid dressed as mr. potato head, and take his.
mario: I thought of that, but I don't have peg holes in my face.



McCabe commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

I felt the same way, agent_lime, but then I gave it time, and it grew on me...and I found myself playing it more and more...compulsively. like the shoemaker said, the only thing I'm not too crazy about in this game is the dark world...a great game nonetheless.



McCabe commented on Super Castlevania IV:

the first game I downloaded...amazing game that I totally don't mind having bought twice.



McCabe commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

my dad and I used to play this game a was a bonding experience, I suppose...and I had fond memories of it...although the farthest we ever got was the first water level (no save feature...sigh.) and so I eagerly downloaded it...and cried a little. not really, but you's's a game better left in my memories, I suppose.



McCabe commented on Alien Crush:

I really tried to like this was among my first downloads...and along with the abysmal ninja turtles game for NES, it just sits there, collecting virtual dust.



McCabe commented on Adventure Island:

I remember this one...not as good as its sequels, in which you got to ride on dinosaurs...some of which breathed fire. Challenging at times, this is worth your wii points if you like old school platforming...just remember to keep snagging the fruits. This is probably a sign that the sequels are to come. And heyy--who doesn't love throwing stone clubs at diabolical snail monsters whilst riding a skateboard? That's right- no one.