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Thu 24th Jan 2008

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RedLemon commented on We Pray - Coming To A Console Near You?:

Well that was...icky.

As an atheist, this doesn't offend me in the slightest. However, if it is real (though I'm quite sure it isn't) then I think we've officially reached the low point of Wii's shovelware era.

Of course, one could argue that more effort was put into this video alone then most of the half-baked games flooding the market these days. But I digress...



RedLemon commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

Luigi: OK, lets wait for the oppurtune moment to strike, and then we'll throw these pumpkins at those stupid smiling grown-ups with the cameras.
Mario: But I don't want to...
Luigi: C'mon, it'll be just like in 1989. After all, pumpkins are fruit, right?
Mario: But we weren't born yet in 19-
Luigi: Shut up, Mario.