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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Gypsie commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

As pre-production on the new Super Mario Bros movie began, the producers came to the shock realisation that perhaps Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo hadnt been the worst possible contenders the first time around.



Gypsie commented on Sin and Punishment:

Sorry...i have to ask. Is the main point of that level really to chase, persecute, and kill some dudes pet cat?

I only ask coz if it on board! cats: what are they for?



Gypsie commented on Europe VC Releases - 20th July - Street Fighte...:

Is it just me or is Blanka (in the piccie on the homepage) going "Nice to see you, to see you...nice!" ? all non-brits can probably ignore that

PowerLegend: yeah Super Metriod is awesome, but its always nice to see where our favourite franchises came from. especially one that started so far back in the day! still cant wrap my head around Metriod being 21 this year.

Not a bad selection for us this week imo, certainly cant complain with more Street Fighter action!!



Gypsie commented on Games we hope never get released on the Virtua...:

Clayfighter....any of them, surely deserve places on the list? now there was a franchise of unrivelled arsedom.

id successfully scowered Rise of the Robots from my mind ..i mean....the robots moved stupidly slowly, had a really limited range of moves, had exactly 0.000 charisma and half of them made you feel like u were fighting the result of the designer giving his 4y.o a box of lego tecknic for an hour but



Gypsie commented on Top 10 platform games we want to come to the V...:

a grand list and no mistake. i remember getting Adams Family on the snes from some random relative, u know, the one who usually gets u boxers...AGAIN...., she suddenly whips this out and i played it to death, awesome game, especially the "secret" door under the stairs - ideal

i know its a dream, but Banjo-Kazooie was awesome, if that ever came to VC (i know its HIGHLY unlikely) id snap it up in a second, quinticential Rare comedy/genius.

just before i sign off, Treats call to SCkkKatTTrrRrbrain for Mischief Makers! talk about "out of left field"! id completley forgotten about that one, it was great! highly recommended to anyone with a 64 lying around...probably get it on eBay for a few quid now.

any changes to the list? hm....perhaps its nostalgia, but Michael Jackson Moon Walker on MD was a favourite of mine when i was a young 'en, that must fall under the "platform" mantel, surely?, also, if ubisoft were to offer up the bastard brother of Rayman, Tonic Trouble, id happily play through that again! oo, and space station: Silicon Valley..unless thats not a platformer in the eyes of the masses.



Gypsie commented on Europe VC Releases - 20th April - Lylat Wars:

Well, cant speak for quality but quantity - ninty today confirmed they're working on a whopping 44 titles for Wii! And theres a universe of exclusives coming out over the next year, and Resident Evil4....again....wud love to have been at that meeting "lets release a game they can already play on the system, but with some extra stuff...." Capcom dont credit us with much brains do they?



Gypsie commented on Europe VC Releases - 23rd March - Zelda Link t...:

Im with Zelda!!! on this - "YEAHHHHHHHH BABY" literally couldnt be happier - who cares what else came out this week? LTTP is definitive ninty at the top of their game, and lets be honest, what development house can beat them when they're on top form??

heres to a week of old school kinda RPG/kinda adventure fun!! *buys in a disproportionate amount of crisps, coke, and rich teas and takes the phone off the hook - Service discontinued until further notice......beeeeeeeeeeep*



Gypsie commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Megadrive / Genesis:

"universally successful" doesnt say anything about the machines quality. Tamagochis were universally successful and they broke as often as they worked. What put the MD head and shoulders above the SNES was Sega's marketing department! In Britain at least, not only did the sega ads make it "kewl" to own a MD but they made "uncool" to think about getting a SNES (to a certain extent this was a problem suffered from llllooonnngggg into the Playstation generation).

When i got my SNES i was a definite oddity in the area, to a person, they all had megadrives.



Gypsie commented on US VC Releases - 12th March:

youch...that stings

After the highlights (for me at least) of Streets of Rage and Super Ghouls N Ghosts over the last couple of weeks, im not gonna lie, this is a bit of a let down.... but, like Jazzem says, the good weeks leave me with a goofy smile plastered over my face in euphoric retro love.

ah well...shouldnt be too long before Lylat Wars hits VC and then we can all sit back and comment on how players of Battlestation Midway dont know what they're missing out on when it comes to flight combat sims



Gypsie commented on US VC Releases 5th March:

well technically only 1 part of ireland is in the United Kingdom and if u were to suggest otherwise to someone from the south of the emerald quote a scary irish lady who shouted at my friend when i was in dublin "You'd be shot in the north for that!" ...but thats beside the point, so....gaming!

Super Ghouls N Ghosts is great, I remember playing this for the first time and being addicted, driven to finish the insanely hard action in a way that only Zelda and a few other games have really managed to replicate since then tbh.

Sword of theres one thats going to split the pack. personally, when i got a play on this at a mates house i didnt really see what the big deal was about "Does what Nintendont?" allow me to introduce......*drum roll*....bothered face!! in a duke out between this and Link the the Past, Vermillion is down in the first round with the green clad fairy boy bearly breaking a sweat.

never played Elevator Action and given Indecipherable's strong reaction i think i'll just cower in the corner til that particular discussion passes me by.



Gypsie commented on Hardware Focus - Sega Megadrive / Genesis:

Wow, I havent heard anything about a wii NiGHTS, but that really is an exciting prospect! (as though there weren't enough already in the coming year)

I would have to agree with Zee tho, i mean, the wii has only been out since December (or Nov in US, lucky so-and-so's) and already 2 new consoles have been announced for VC its only a matter of time before others follow suit and given Sega's strong support for the project (and nintendo in general atm) it does seem highly likely that Saturn games will rub shoulders with those of the 64 on Wii!

(Wow...things i never imagined id say when i was having "No! Nintendo are clearly better than sega" arguments when i was 12)
then again...i suppose using the word "wii" in discussion wasn't something really imagined id still be doing in my early twenties back then either....



Gypsie commented on Will we ever see Banjo Kazooie on the Virtual ...:

yeah, true enough. And i guess as they say "any advertising is good advertising" so anything that will re-kindle peoples enjoyment of the franchise is hardly going to do microsoft/rare harm.

I seem to remember some amount of data transfer between Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie to access parts of the game, how easy would this be to replicate on the virtual console? (sorry, my technical knowledge of such things is non-existent)

Got to be said tho, Ninty's choice of 64 games to add to the virtual console thus far has been spot on, but some of the ones quoted on this site has having been re-rated are a little bizarre...wud like to see the names of some of the solid favs (as Tbone Tony said - Jet Force Gemini would be a treat) being kicked around instead of aerofighters assault :S



Gypsie commented on Will we ever see Banjo Kazooie on the Virtual ...:

i was under the impression that Rare had announced a third game in the Banjo series for the 360, surely that would make it highly unlikely that either of the first two games would be winging to our little white boxes of fun any time soon?

On a more personal, teary eyed, side note. Just like to say that Rare rocked and i spent a disproportionate amount of my youth playing their games. Was genuinely gutted when Ninty sold them, and was even more gutted by the mauling they got by Britain's gaming press for the move. I remember magazines savaging them as "turn-coats" and the like...come on, people! this is the company that single-handedly kept the N64 alive for almost a year! Hats off to 'em, i say!