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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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i8cookie commented on Three Brand New Zelda Skyward Sword Trailers:

how many zelda trailers are there going to be? I want to play through the game myself not watch the whole thing on video! I've only watch that main one that was released a while ago, stop tempting me!



i8cookie commented on Expect New Product Announcements at 3DS Confer...:

i heard they're going to play down the "3D-ness" of the console to focus more on the content. Maybe they'll drop the "3", maybe they'll bring out a lite version with a second analogue stick too.
Maybe they'll rename it the 4DS



i8cookie commented on Rumour: Wii 2 to Cost $350, Support 3DTVs, Out...:

i doubt that will be the new controller. Why would they move back to the traditional controller design after the wii-mote's success.
It's also out of style with the rest of nintendo's current hardware. Plus if you wanted a controller with a screen attached, plug your 3ds into it like they did with GBA and the gamecube.



i8cookie commented on Feature: Retrofitting Your Console for the HD Age:

A standard SD CRT is best for displaying Wii graphics. Will probably buy a new HD tv soon but might hang onto my 27" widescreen CRT for playing my old consoles.

Don't think I'd buy a telly that has no scart or av. Hopefully this box is pointless and I will never have to fork out for one



i8cookie commented on Talking Point: Zelda: Skyward Sword is 2011's ...:

i'm not a massive fan of either style of graphics that they use for zelda. Twilight princess looks pretty bland and cliché, and this looks too bright and happy for the mood of the game. I think they could use this more illustrated look but mute the colours a bit, make it more contrasty and give the game a bit of a re-design to make it more interesting looking.
Plus that HUD in the screenshots is really ugly, hope they do something about it...



i8cookie commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - January 2011:

I used to own Earthbound on the snes, but my brother's friend "borrowed it" before I was able to get past Onett. I couldn't hold out for the virtual console release so I resorted to a modern method. It's absolutely amazing, definitely didn't disappoint, way longer than I thought it was going to be. Will probably buy it on virtual console if it ever comes out in the UK...



i8cookie commented on Retro Computer Museum Event Incoming:

i've been meaning to go to this for a while... this sounds like a good chance to finally go. Now i have to convince a friend to come along... 2h drive up the M1 and back just to be there for a couple of hours to look at some old games. Cool!



i8cookie commented on Capcom's Okamiden Limps to Retail in Japan:

I was a little disappointed by this sequel. Okami was cool, you played as a fierce wolf. This one you play a a puppy? Looks like it's trying hard to be cute which quite frankly makes me a bit queasy...



i8cookie commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

I used to go round my friends place to play NES. We played duck hunt a lot. It was a well known fact back then that if you look down the barrel of the gun and pull the trigger it would make you go blind!



i8cookie commented on Telltale Jolts Us with 1.21 Gigowatts of Back ...:

that's so weird, i was just thinking yesterday about how cool it would be to have a back to the future game where you can drive the delorian up to 88mph and switch between time zones, kind of like link the to past but much more 80s. Lets all hope it'll be as cool as it is in my head.



i8cookie commented on E3 2010: Super Scribblenauts Trailer:

nah, the novelty wore off really quickly for me with the first game. Writing anything doesn't excite me any more, so why would slightly better level design and controls grab my attention?



i8cookie commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

I did a portion of my masters dissertation on this topic. Most technology doesn't just die, it either stays with us if it's still useful, or is 'remediated' (a phrase coined by a couple authors can't remember their names). For instance (like StarDust just said) radio, was once the primary source for entertainment and news. Everybody thought TV would kill radio, at first glance it seems like an upgrade; radio with pictures. But radio wasn't replaced it's still used and has been 'remediated' to mainly deliver music among it original uses but to a lesser extent.
I still own VHS tapes and a player, and DVD is still my main movie medium. I haven't even gone HD and am yet to buy a Blueray disc. Also thanks to retro stuff being cool, I have a Super 8 camera and use it regularly... when I have enough money.
Anyway my point is natal looks crappy, it'll never be as accurate as wii motion plus, it's much easier to simply press a button most of the time than to wave your whole arm.



i8cookie commented on First Impressions: Wheelspin:

@shake_zula: had a look. sorry man this looks awful, looks like a really terrible ps1 game. I think it's an insult to compare this to fzero. Looks more like a mario kart rip off with extremely bad art design, and a lame trying to be cool effort to get people interested with missiles and explosions.



i8cookie commented on Feast Your Eyes On This Castlevania: ReBirth F...:

cool, will probably get this. I used to love playing castlevania IV on the snes, never could complete it back then though... Not sure if I totally like this idea of making an old style game, why not make the art style similar but utilise new technology to it's full potential... seems in someways like a step back. (or sideways)

I didn't watch the videos fully, is there the old swinging on loops with the whip?



i8cookie commented on Be a PAL - Become a Connection Ambassador:

i'm sure someone will figure a way out to take advantage of this system, it just sounds too easy.

For instance, if there was a way to get one friend to somehow change the mac address and wii number of their wii, then repeat 20 times, there you have your platinum status with only one friend... I don't know how it works though, maybe you can't change that stuff... then my idea wouldn't work.



i8cookie commented on NVIDIA-Powered DS Successor Coming 2010?:

I'm willing to bet it'll be a complete handheld overhaul if nintendo's current trends are anything to go by. I know they pulled themselves out of a slump by innovation, and put themselves in it partly by poor innovation to a certain extent, so they might play it safe to stay on top and come out with 'DS Advance' or something. I reckon it'll be something you haven't even dreamed of yet that people will be super skeptical about when it's announced.

Or perhaps it'll be the true game boy successor.



i8cookie commented on System Update 4.2 Bricking Wiis Left, Right an...:

i used to have homebrew, but uninstalled it yonks ago. i never used it for copied games though, just played with some custom apps and games people had made. I just updated my wii coz i wanted lost winds, everything is fine. I think just make sure ur connection wont drop out and u'll be fine to update.



i8cookie commented on Vintage NES Game Up To $8.5K On eBay:

Whats stopping someone making a copy of this cartridge? putting it on a blank nes cartridge, scuffing it up so it looks like the old one and selling it a 'one of a kind' on ebay for $8000+?



i8cookie commented on System Update 4.2 Bricking Wiis Left, Right an...:

Ok I have a question. I had homebrew installed for a bit coz I like to tinker with things. I got bored with it and uninstalled it. If i happen to be one of the few unlucky people that has my wii bricked by this update, will they fix it for free or see that i had hb for a bit and think that I must have downloaded games? ...which I didn't.



i8cookie commented on LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Announced:

The lack of a map didn't bother me in the original game, I found it quite easy to remember the correct route. I thought it was a great game but I hate it when western studios make a game in a japanese style, it's just like admitting they can't come up with their own ideas. Or anything made in the west that emulates japanese style. And while I'm complaining japanese stuff could use some original ideas too! Am I the only one who is sick of samurai's, old japan and anime style characters!! phew.

That said I'll prob get this on release.



i8cookie commented on Bonsai Barber out in Europe this week:

You know when you hear a great tune that you've never heard before on the radio, and you think 'whoa what's that, sounds so cool', then you see the guy who made it on TV and they look like Moby, then you think 'actually i never really liked it to begin with...'? That's what's happened after reading this article.



i8cookie commented on Miyamoto: Have Confidence in Us:

absolutely not, i hate peripherals at the best of times. This is the epitome of 'what other gimmicky "health" related garbage can we shovel feed to the millions'.



i8cookie commented on Review: Driift Mania (WiiWare):

if it was online i might have considered it, but because its not... forget it. Do they not put these smallish wiiware games online because they think there won't be enough people buying it to make it worth while?



i8cookie commented on Driift Mania:

Circuit Breakers was amazing, whose with me?!

if it's online i might get this... is it online?