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Tue 29th Jan 2008

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omegaridley commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

I have 3 here (imagine each with italian accents) The third one's the best, and the first one might be harder for those who haven't played galaxy to understand:

"Pssst! Mario! Carefully PUT THE PUMPKIN DOWN! I think there's goombas inside!!"

"Right, girl, no one needs to know you're not my brother, just keep that hat down nice and tight and if anyone asks, well, that's what the pumpkin's for. Soon I'll have the princess and Mario's inheritance will be mine!!"

"Mario, I thought you said you found me some mushrooms. These are pumpkins! Wait a minute, you're not mario! Where is my brother?!? Wait, what are you doing with that pumpkiAAAUGH!!!!!!!..."