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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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MjN commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (1st Oct):

Good evening America and thank you for a great show!
It´s cold as hell in here but this is how finland has voted.
1 point: Mega Man 9
2 points: Mega Man 9
4 points: Mega Man 9
8 points: Mega Man 9
10 points: Mega Man 9
and finally. 12 points go to...... 'drumroll'...
Mega Man 9!!

(eurovision songcontest-style...)



MjN commented on Goldeneye Locked In Legal Limbo:

No no no, all you guys got it wrong.
The main issue in this problem is that Izabella Scorupco is
too sexy to be shown on a VC-game.

But goldeneye me wants to teh VC!



MjN commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

Mario: There he is...
Luigi: Erm Mario, I think these are not the fireballs we need to defeat Bowser?
Mario: Quiet Luigi, Wario sold these to me and said that these are level 4 fireballs, much superior than regular fireballs.
Luigi: Are you sure, ´cos...
Mario: Quiet! I´m not sure, I am Mario. Super Mario!
Luigi: Well not so super after we throw these...
Mario: Oh Luigi, always number 2. Learn from me and one day you can also save the Princess. Maybe in the next sequel. Maybe.
Luigi thinking: ...Definetly maybe, after you run home to mama. These are NOT fireballs!!



MjN commented on Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers:

I almost bought this game when it came to the ntsc snes.
It was 600 finnish marks ~ 100,8€ and I was about 15 years old and my mom didnt give me the money from my bank account.
Now I will get it from Wii VC-Shop for 8€.
Thanks mom!



MjN commented on Mega Man 2:

Absolutely fabulous. Best game ever. One of the few reasons I bought the Wii. I might drop a few tears as I play this one..