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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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KhaoShar commented on USA VC Release: Super Turrican 2:

"Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you..." know the rest!

Hey I know how you must be feeling- when SMRPG came out over here on Aug. 22nd. that was my birthday



KhaoShar commented on Breath of Fire II:

Still love this game! I guess Katt was where my affection for spirited cat-ladies all began =OuO=



KhaoShar commented on Hardware Focus - NEC SuperGrafx:

About that GBA-to-Wii thing: I got curious about this and actually experimented myself by connecting a GBA to my Wii using my copy of FinalFantasyCrystalCronicles. Guess what: it works!

Seems a little strange, 'course actually i thought I had tried to use my GBA with Splintercell a few month' ago and that sort of didn't do it, but that might be a problem N could possibly fix with their next firmware update?



KhaoShar commented on What Is The SuperGrafx Console?:

Awsome article, Corbie-sama!

Sometimes, retro-gaming is a bit like archeology (I mean the real thing, not the hats-and-whips-indy stuff). You dig up a perfectly preserved specimen of the neanderthal man, and you see the whole point of it. But you also see why it had to be a cul-de-sac of evolution



KhaoShar commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:

@ Mr. Cheez:
There might have been many more games worth it, but for every Mischiefmakers or Jetforce Gemini we are longing for there is at least one Knife Edge or Superman^64 you should be thankfull to never see again. So, pure numbers are to be be taken with caution at best

BJ wrote:

I wondering if Banjo will even sell all that well considering alot of Xbox fans are currently playing shooters like Halo, these days.

I played halo, but I still love the way the banjo games entertained by making you think at the same time as testing your skills on the contoller, they are what I truly call "action adventures". Likewise, i played ProjectGothamRaceing but I still enjoy MariKart and I played ES IV: Oblivion but i still love every new Zelda game. So what?

I guess there are a lot of kids spoiled for retro-gaming by the fact that they held their first controller at the brink of the millenium and haven't played any console before the PS2 or original xbox. But I bet there are many many die-hard gamers who owned a NES some 25 years ago and now own a X360 simply because they got fed up with how Nintendo ignores their fanbase and/or couldn't afford a PS3. Just like me




KhaoShar commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:

It's true, as gaga64 said, much of the dialoge in conker l&r got some workover and not all of it was to the better. And there actually are some beeps in the voiceovers, but i'm not sure if those were not there in the original anyway? I played both and I defn'tly remember the written text in the original showed yust the same symbols of skull, stink-clouds and such but I'm not all that certain if they were beeped out or not. some of the the more distinctive lines ("eat this, motherbuzzer!") are still there.

Well, to make this clear: albeit the graphics in the remake are far more crisp, the dialoge ain't quite as crunchy as in the original. That's the thing most of the players on the web complain about. But wenn l&r came out it was mostly about the new "squirrels vs. teddyz" warfare online modes with the original storyline as 'solo campaign' as an 'optional extra', so it sold well enough.

To wrap it up: if you played the original CBFD and want authenticity, play it again. If you don't know the original, try the remake and be prepared for some humor from the bottom of the bowl that alltogether was a bit funnier at the beginning of the millenium than it is now, but is still... squishy X-D



KhaoShar commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:

I have owned an 360 for about an quarter of a year now, plus I actually own both Banjo-Kazzooie and -Tooie, so this problem does not really concern me anymore. But if have to say, sorry folks, that I see the chances of anythig exept DK that belongs to Rare will make it to the VC. It's a simple matter of what's mine is mine. Microsoft will allow trespassers on theyr territory as little as BigN will, but at least MS is more open to "alien developers" in theyr god's own kingdom called xbox.

about seeing conker on VC one day: there already was a remake for the original xbox called conker live&reloaded. since this does not only look tenfold better than the original but has extended online funktions and actually plays on the 360 it is really not likely to be released on XBL nor on VC. Really, I think a re-release of conker l&r via xbox-originals download is far more realistical.

Oh, and kiss goodbye to golden eye to, while we're at it.

P.S.: I'm not wrighting this because i think the xbox is the better mashine. It's not the hardware of the Wii's fault that Nintendo screwed up :/



KhaoShar commented on Only Geeks And Otaku Want Extra Storage On The...:

1.) As I understand, otaku are die-hard fans of the japanese media, mostly manga and anime, right? So, just how in the world can anybody working for a japanese company make it sound as if this was a bad thing?!?

2.) Of course we are geeks, why else would we be d/l-ing retro games to our Wiis?! Someone tell this guy who his customers are, please >

3.) I tried to d/l "Dr.Mario & Germbuster" a few days ago, of course my Wii said "insufficient memory". So I checked- and couldn't believe my eyes: after getting Last Ninja and World Games (yes, this was a while ago allready) I had 1 (in words: one) (!!!) block of free memory left!

So, gamers don't need a storage solution? I'd die laugthing if it wasn't so sad!


P.S.: The person depicted above in not a geek, he's a stereo-typical nerd. Beeing geeky by now is part of society like checking your e-mail every hour or using PDAs, you don't need to wear pointy ears and a green cap to be a dedicated video-gamer <O_O>



KhaoShar commented on South Korea gets their own Virtual Console:

It's so easy to Dazza-sama to ask everybody not to be begrudged about N.'s prizing, but does he have to pay €24,99 for one stupid 2000p-card by now?! That's madness!! Not everybody is luck enough to have a credit card to buy them on a 1000p-to-€10-rate, you know...

But that does not really mean I'm jealous for the prices S.Korea gets. I mean, on my map of the richest countries in the world, Korea does not shine all to bright- but is there anybody on the EUVC who would not be happy to pay those WiiPoint prices in Yen, or in US$ at least!?



KhaoShar commented on Nebulus:

o_o >_< OoO

This looks amazing!!! The rotation of the tower, the multi-paralax scrolling in the sub levels.... if the gameplay can keep up with those optics, you can count me in!

Hope 'tis not one of those games that can be cleared during a single coffee break, though. Many games of that era tend to be great but short, trying to prolong playingtime with a plus of difficulty and a minus of continues... anyone can tell me about that?



KhaoShar commented on EU VC Release - 18th April - Sega Week - Phant...:

Actually, after beeing burried under new games last week I kind of expected something like this. I did not expect PSIII of all games, though. Let me say this before the big whining starts: this is not a bad game in itself, i don't want this "worst game in the series" stuff to start again like it was with Kirby crystal shards several weeks ago.

Yes, other PS games are better. Plus, I wonder why SEGA does not use the new presence of SMS to push in part one. Still, I recommend it- but perhaps you should play this before any other PS, so you don't get to spoiled to enjoy this Then again I sure as hell won't spend my money on this cuz I already own it in two compilations O:)

I think Nintendo is playing a game of deception with us- I guess they hope that this seemingly random release scedule confuses us so we forget to say "duh, just one game again this week"...



KhaoShar commented on Mega Turrican:

I'll give this a five just like STurrican because the fun in this game is not in the graphics and sound but in the perfect action and the sweat on your hands when you're smashing the buttons ^^-

It is no question for me to dowload both the Turricans (as well as any C64/Amiga versions should they come). The question is: which one should I play first? Is there any singnificant difference in difficulty so one could say "you should play 'A' fist, the experience will enhance 'B' "? Or is there a storyline those follow, like it was in Metroid > Mertroid II (Gameboy) > Super Metroid?



KhaoShar commented on Sky Kid:

Well, I don't know about UFOs (maybe 'foo-fighters' were not only a phenomena of WW2?), but I think it's safe to say that no hunting airplane in WW1 was able to cross the atlantic ocean to attack Lady Liberty on it's own.



KhaoShar commented on Impossible Mission:

I remember this, too. I also remember never really knowing what to do because like every other game we had, this was a copy without any manual ^^o (I think the only 'original' game ever to hit our floppy was Zak McKracken- great advature, wanna see it again!!).

Still it was great, save the fact that this scream of death (it's in the video) used to wear on my nerves simlpy because I got to hear it way to often...

BTW: what genre would you think this game is? Is it a platformer? Or is the searching/combining of passwords-element enough to call it an adventure ?°_°? ?



KhaoShar commented on California Games:

I sure loved the hackysack-game back then, even so I was horrible at it. But hey, I was about six back than! And the frisbee callenge- I had to figure it all out by myself (oh, you have to catch it in order to score!) for we had one of those... uhm, 'free' versions, so no manual and the game beeing all in english was a problem to us back then, when not even our dad could translate it for us...

Still, to everyone out there: if you want to try anything for C64 at all, try this, and if you are allready into this system, get it anyway!



KhaoShar commented on EU VC Release - 4th April - Two Games for Each...:


This is not a dream, is it?! *Hooray*!

Even so I wonder- Impossible mission just got a rebirth on DS, right? Does that mean that recent or soon to come remakes are no longer going to block VC releases?

:: praying for finalfantasy ::



KhaoShar commented on Sky Kid:

This is suposed to be 'The Legendary Red Baron'?! If the late Herr von Richthofen could see this he'd do barrel-rolls in his grave, I tell you

Even in times of the NES there would have been better way to honor WW1's reckless heroes in theyr flying coffins.



KhaoShar commented on US VC Releases - March 31st - Wonder Boy:

Seriously, I would rather have had SMS instead of C64. But perhaps Sega will be surprising us with goodies like Pantasy Star soon?

But I can't imagine Nintendo letting more than one new system get onto VC without a little time to calm the waves- otherwise there might be a risk of drawing unwanted attention to the Wii that could boost downloads in an uncontrollable fashion XD



KhaoShar commented on Virtual Boy Confirmed for Virtual Console:

IMO the VB should stay were it is: burried and forgotten. BUT I guess I could be seriously interested if N decided to, say, remake some of the better games as Wii-Ware titles. With, like, colours you know? They still could program a 3-D effect into it and they could ship 3-D goggles to anyone who wants them like they do with replacement wriststrapps and wii-mote protectors X*



KhaoShar commented on EU VC Releases - 28th March - Commodore 64 and...:

Yay C64! But I did't know this machine looks so... old...
I think I actually played that Uridium back un my old man's commodore. That was even before I was old enough to be in school, so I didn't even notice non of the text was in german ^^o. But that sound when that ship leaves it's carrier at the beginning of each level actually sends shivers down my spine! I think there are still rides on our annual-fair that use the same sound- this is so 1986!

As for Cruis'n USA...
[quote] it's a realistic representation of the sport {/quote]
I don't get what you mean by that, for it's a rather strange thing to say about an arcade-racer that has you making wheelies for a speed-boost... ?°-°?

P.S.: When will there be real reviews for today's games?
P.2S.: Anybody else thinking that C64 games should be more like 300 points or so?!



KhaoShar commented on Zanac:

We're sorry, this video is no longer available.

This needs some fixing, I daresay?



KhaoShar commented on King's Knight:

As for real pearls like Crono Trigger, Secret Of Mana, Secret Of Evermore etc... I still do know a few guy who would actually buy a Wii just to dl these if they were out, but no matter how often I repeat it, neither Nintendo nor Squarenix listen... °-°



KhaoShar commented on King's Knight:

To your info: the first three ff's(maybe even every one before VI) sucked by modern standards! There were no graphics, the music in ff1 through3 loops after 20 seconds and the battlesystem was so pre-historic it becomes rock-hard, petrified so to say... I prefere at least the 16bit standards of the remakes, not for the Graphics, but for the whole fun, such as having text boxes more than 4-6 words long: "light warriors, save the princess!" oh please. To me RPGing is about story. Sadly, this is something early NES games lacked in theyr translations, simply because you couldn't fit all the words in the same place that was originally used by whole novels in japanese.

So... you all out there know that the GBA cartridges of ff1&2, 4,5 and 6 do fit in your DS or your NGC's GameboyPlayer as well? That your PSX remakes can be played on PS2 and PS3? That just this year ff1&2 have been released as "anniversary edition" for your PSP? If you only own MS-consoles... why do you bother games like mid-80's ff? Go play mass effect...



KhaoShar commented on King's Knight:

Question v1.0: Why ze f**** does it still say "Action Adventure" on the packaging if it's actually shmup?

Question v1.1: Is it coming to europe, and when, so I can avoid it?

Question v1.3:Why is everybody comlaining this ain't ff or ct?



KhaoShar commented on EU VC Releases - March 14th - Super R-Type:

A lightgun-shooter without so much as a lightgun support... and it's so uggglyyyyy! I might bee sick now, but fortunately Super R-Type isn't that bad, even though you need to be real hard-core to take the time and learn every level by heart till you see the end. Maybe the "built-in slo-mo" will make it a little easier, because every time the game gets hectical with masses of enemies and enemy-fire on the screen the lag reduces gamespeed to pretty much half the intended pace

In the end, I'm glad that I all-ready own a hard-copy of the one (R-Type) and will never need to play the other! Soon it's gonna be eastern- let's see what 'eggs' come our way this year...



KhaoShar commented on EU VC Release - March 7th - Kirby 64:

Best thing about this: US got S-Turrican on monday as only game, we get Kirby. Slowly a feeling of eqallity creeps up- don't make any sudden movements lest you scare it away



KhaoShar commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

A hint about the size of a download is usually given in the shoping-channel right before downloading, showing curent space/space used/expected space after download. But actually, If your space is not sufficient, it doesn't tell you how much actually is needed, or am I mistaken?

Anyway, a direct info about space could help both the shoping- channel and this site... and the channel could do with the possibility to enlarge the screenshots by clicking on the pictures in the description, the vids on this page are so much more help than nintendos mini-pix >_<



KhaoShar commented on More C64 Details Emerge - Keyboard Input, Load...:

C64 could bring back some real adventure classics that were really innovative at theyr time. I'm talking the likes of Monkey Island and Maniac Masion here! And this system is so old it could even bring older text-based fantasy epics. Most of us are not old enough to remember that there were advertures even before the point'n'click aera ^^o

Maniac Mansion is a bit unlikely though- for Nintendo surely would rather throw in theyr own NES-incarnation of this title.

An as for Monkey Island- there was a Maga-CD version of this right? More Colours!! More Music!!!! But, still...



KhaoShar commented on US VC Releases - 25th February - Kirby 64:

I really thought NA whould get Streetgangs/RCR like EU did last week but look whát happened! Is Nintendo really trying to push theyr sales by surprise effect now?

Makes me somewhat think that they are fighting a war against the gamers, and they are fighting about money. Another war-like tactic could have been to to starve us by cutting the releases and now feeding just enough to keep us interested...

On a sidenote: When checking the release list I saw that Psychosis is actually marked as "out now" for the EU as well, bearing the release date "29 Feb 08". Do you guys know this for sure or is this some kind of mistake? For I personally whould save my WiiPoints for this.



KhaoShar commented on River City Ransom:

<This is me, having awfully lot of fun playing this game.

Even though, where can I find a list of whta food is doing what to my stats? There are dozens and it will take hours to earn enough mony to try them all...



KhaoShar commented on Phantasy Star II:

@PS II Characters: Yeah, our Hero and Nei, and that's it. Actually I met Rudo only because some guy in Paseo told me to come back once in a while, because there might be someone to see me . And then? "Hi, I'm Rudolf Steiner, I'm going with you cuz it suits me. By the way I'm good with guns, so where's the cannon fodder?!" (Though this is a dramatisation, basically that's what he says [means?] ^^o)



KhaoShar commented on Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom:

I can't dream of what they were thinking when they made those changes to the US version. On the other hand I know that FinalFantasy IV (at that time released as FF II in teh US) to be much easier than the jap.original, and I can't explain that either. If I was american I' d be pissed off by both, I can tell you, those japanese seem to think you guys are either masochists or to weak to play propper games...

Well, but I'm not from NA, so I save all my anger for being pissed about not getting most games at all, not even in mutilates or insanely altered versions...



KhaoShar commented on Phantasy Star II:

o_o >_< O_O

Does this stats calculation anything for me? I mean, I've never been a stat-crazy power gamer, but even if- would anyone have the possibility to une this knowledge to make his or her game easier than actually going for the baddies untill you go up another level!?

Anyway, thanks for that info. At least this expains something, and more undestanding can result in more fun .D



KhaoShar commented on US VC Releases - 18th February - Ninja Gaiden III:

PhantasyStar II hits US VC / will global equality be next?

In other news, we hear that the north american and the european versions of Nintendos download portal 'VirtuaConsole' (VC) are finally getting a bit closer to each other. Proof of this could be the release of famed SEGA roleplaying-game (RPG) 'PhantasyStar II', that is going to occure in the US only three days after the release in the EU on monday, Feb.18th.

After discussions of global in-equallity and increasing doubts about Nintendo's global release policy, gamers are finally beginning to hope again.

"This is a good start", said KhaoShar, a member and frequent poster in VirtuaConsole Reviews (VC:R; "But this can't be all, Ninty (a term for Nintendo, the editor) still has a long way to go to re-gain the trust they seemingly destroyed by purpose over the last few months. The first step is done, now continue this way!"



KhaoShar commented on The Great Internal Memory Debate:

THe channel-limit is another thing to worry about. I vote for the option of having one channel that contains a list of all downloaded games. You could have a channel for VC games, one for WiiWare and one for the others like Miisharing and such.

Or, perhaps, Nintendo could make it possible to arrange your number and channels and the games in them yourself, so everyone can make 'playlists', like 'all fighting games' or 'all games from a certain console'.

That's just me, dreaming. But how boring would life be without dreams... z^Z_Z^z



KhaoShar commented on EU VC Releases - 18th February - Sega Week - P...:

Yhea DEMON212, that punctuation thing is going on my nerves as well, but I start getting used to it. So far I found ot that your type goes bold wenn you use two asteristics, itallic when you use two '_', gets underlined by typing two '+' and crossed out at the use of '-' twice. Oh, and using that up-arrow-thingy you can get text set higher.

I'm sure there are more possible changes, like increasing size and such. It's kinda usefull, but it makes using the asteristics to indicate an action impossible.