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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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supanova commented on Bloody Wolf:

Looks pretty good, actually. I was going to get this last night, but wasn't drunk enough.

You can jump while riding a motor bike!!!!!!!!



supanova commented on World Sports Competition:

This game is bad. The worst thing about it is the news broadcasts. Apparently, it's dog-eat-dog at the Hudson Stadium everyday of the week 24 hours a day.



supanova commented on Double Dungeons:

It was a drunken Thursday night, it was Wii night in Thurnscoe (our apartment block), the beer was flowing and the laughs were rioting throughout the night.

Thursday night's Wii night is an ongoing occurrence, as me and the roomies stay up until midnight to see the latest VC (that's what we call it, the VC) games released in the UK.

Armed with 2000 Wii points, we had already purchased a few games earlier that night and were down to about 800.

Double Dungeons was released at midnight. Double Dungeons? Yes, just by the name it sounds so bad. It was a little after 12 and there was me, three of my mates and my fiance, the night was going great, so many laughs and good times, and I thought the funniest thing would be to buy Double Dungeons in an effort to make everyone laugh.

Double Dungeons was purchased and the night died there.

This game is so bad and no one has forgiven me for wasting 600 points on this.