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Mon 21st Jan 2008

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Flamin_Skull commented on Japanese WiiWare Service – GO! GO! GO!:

I would say the safest bet for the memory problem would be official Nintendo thumb drives into the USB It could take the code of your wii and permanently "brand" it or something? (or match up license numbers?)

Back on the subject of wiiware, It seems like there are no VC games in Japan, so I surely hope that this wont happen eery time we get a wii ware game (I would give Ninty an free pass on this one, 9 wiiware games is surely alot of games!) If we end up with only one wii ware game and no vc games this will be the end of my VC purchases except for unique titles. (buying the real carts!)



Flamin_Skull commented on US VC Releases - March 24th - King's Knight:

I totally agree with you stuffgamer1 the companies DOES NOT listen to their fans voices, ONLY THEIR PURCHASES! so I second the notion that we NEED to show SQENIX our money and make them realize that there are people ready to shower them with cash as soon as their games hit the VC... that'll definitely send a message!



Flamin_Skull commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

Mario and Luigi eats some pumpkins in search for a new power!!
Luigi: ohh wow youre a little girl now!
Mario: shut up little boy!
(Bowser enters the scene on his ship)
Bowser: WOW MARIO is a girl now!! now I'm so in Love with Mario... or is it Maria now??? I love little girls more than princesses!! (Kidnaps Mario/Maria)
Now begins the new Super Luigi Kids game!!