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Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipping Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's now coming to Xbox 360, but also skipping PS3

Ubisoft has had an interesting history with the Wii U to date, showing early support but following up that strong start with a controversial delay of Rayman Legends and missing DLC in major releases. Sales figures for Wii U games from the publisher do explain, however, why the company has been dropping back a fair bit of its support.

We're already in a scenario where the latest Assassin's Creed titles, separate games for PS4 / Xbox One and PS3 / Xbox 360, are skipping Wii U, and there have been so-called 'next gen' games — a phrase still used, even though we don't favour it — that have been branded as experiences only possible on the most powerful hardware. One game that's been given that promotional angle has been The Crew, a driving title that encourages seamless and always-online interaction and apparently allows the player to drive across the whole of a virtual US. Gamescom has brought a surprise, however, as Ubisoft has now confirmed that the distinctly last-gen Xbox 360 will also receive The Crew, and it'll apparently be the same game — visuals and framerate will likely be the only differences. has taken the opportunity to ask the obvious question of a Ubisoft representative — if The Crew can be made to run on Xbox 360, why isn't it also making the jump to Wii U and PS3?

The Crew is originally built for the new generation of consoles so when we made the decision to port it to the previous generation of consoles, we decided to focus solely on the platform closest to the new-gen's technical infrastructure, which is the Xbox 360.

We are not currently working on a PS3 or Wii U version, we are rather focused on delivering The Crew for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Xbox360 simultaneously on November 11th.

There is a degree of fairness to these comments — the PS3's infrastructure is powerful but awkward, while the Wii U has a similar issue as Nintendo incorporates its own fairly unique approach to its system architecture; it's also possible that integrating the always-online play is easier on Microsoft's setup. That reasoning doesn't necessarily make the reality any less disappointing, of course.

There's never been much expectation that The Crew would come to Wii U, but today's Xbox 360 reveal does offer some proof — not that it's needed — that games supposedly developed from the ground-up for 'next-gen' hardware can, with enough will, be produced for older or less overtly powerful hardware.

Thanks to Benson Uii for the tip.


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NintendoLee said:

It's kinda depressing that most Nintendo news now is about games NOT coming to the console



Wolfgabe said:

Its very strange considering Wii U is similar to 360 in some aspects and to the editor of the article Using Ubisoft's sales figures as a reason why they are dropping support isn't a very fair argument when you consider that Ubisoft has hardly released anything for Wii U so far this year



Jazzer94 said:

TLDR version = Not a good excuse should of just said least effort to money ratio.



Gerbwmu said:

So.....anything with free online we are skipping or we know Xbox 360 owners are in no hurry to upgrade so we are gonna milk it and get the game out for PS4 and because Microsoft demands we release it on XB1.....well I guess we will do that too......don't worry Nintendo Fans......Rabbids will be released in Dec 2015



TwilightAngel said:

Damn Oobiesoft every day you make me love you even more, for treating the wiiu like trash. This company is pathetic in my eyes now and at least they didn't say "cause the wiiu is not selling to our expectations that's why we stopped supporting the system". I'm guessing they really want watch dogs on the wiiu to sell well,so they can come back well their in for a surprise.



Einherjar said:

the 360 being closest to next gen hardware ?
Its the oldest one of the bunch, i dont know its this is freakin awesome news for the 360 or really really bad news for the next gen consoles



ekreig said:

I don't like the phrase 'next-gen', either. I remember people used to call the PS3/360 'next-gen' consoles YEARS after they had come out, and it baffled me.



MasterGraveheart said:

Not doing yourself any favors in my book, Ubisoft. I'm just waiting for you to say Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn't coming to Wii U so I can be done with you completely.

And I'm still putting imaginary money on them cancelling Watch_Dogs for Wii U before the year is up.



AndyWARbear said:

Fairly over the bullpoopoodoodoocacapoopledoople excuses. I would rather they actually come out and say "we don't want to put the time, effort and money into it"



TwilightAngel said:

@Hy8ogen Oh that too,maybe their so focused on making the game for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Xbox360,that there minds can't process how to make a wiiu version.I get that's a good reason but uhh, Ubisoft will never cease to amaze me with there actions.



Knux said:

Translation: Microsoft paid Ubisoft tons of cash for The Crew to be a Microsoft exclusive on last-gen consoles. I like the way you think, Microsoft.



BinaryFragger said:

"...we decided to focus solely on the platform closest to the new-gen's technical infrastructure, which is the Xbox 360."

How so? The Xbox One is x86-64 and the Xbox 360 is PowerPC.
Not even close to being the same.



millarrp said:

I've never really been interested in this one but it's unfortunate that they're passing over the Wii U...can't help but think that Nintendo might have to rethink their strategy to win over more third party titles "AAA" titles.



Jenraux said:

@BinaryFragger makes sense for the PS3, as the cell thing makes it more different to the XBO and PS4 than the 360 is. But the 360 and Wii U aren't too different I don't think.



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Why even bother explaining when the excuse was so god awful. Not like I would get the game but there reasoning was downright dumb.



unrandomsam said:

@Knux They wouldn't do that they don't care about the 360 any more (Like they don't about Windows 7 as much as they can get away with).



arnoldlayne83 said:

Fair enough... Maybe next nintendo console should be more "port friendly"....looking at the sale figures on wiiu, i can t really blame ubisoft...



Hy8ogen said:

@BinaryFragger They are just talking right out of their nose. Honestly at this point, developers have use up pretty much all the lame excuses and lies.

1. Wii U install base is too small - Xbone is smaller
2. Wii U can't handle dem graphix - Games coming out on 7th gen
3. Wii U can't handle the engine - Games coming out on 7th gen
4. Game won't sell on Wii U - Without even releasing the game, it's like they can see the future
5. Prequel didn't sell well on Wii U - It was a freaking sh!tty port with no DLC and support

But you know what guys, they'll keep coming up with excuses. I don't know what's happening behind the scenes, but it seems like Ubi is starting to hate Nintendo lol. The worst part is that Nintendo doesn't seem to be concerned at all. At least from my eyes they aren't. So the best course of action is to get a PS4 for those multiplats goodness. Oh, or a gaming PC



mystman12 said:

Aww, this game looked kinda cool... Oh well, it's probably the kind of thing that would get old fast for me.



JusticeColde said:

After Ubisoft's negative comments about LoL making money, I can clearly see them becoming EA lite.

Their games aren't even worth the attention anymore.



Giggity55 said:

Well, if you think about it, xbox 360 is the only "last gen" system that cost money to play online. If this game is truly always online, people would have no choice but to pay for xbox live. Maybe Microsoft paid them a little money on the side...?



Ja_Kix6 said:

I know I sound like a butthurt fanboy but to be honest, I don't know why Nintendo even considered giving Rayman a shine in Smash Bros. I know it wasn't them who created the trophy but cmon man, Ubisoft shown a lot of disrespect towards Nintendo. Rayman better not be playable in the game. I'd be pissed. Seriously. Lol.



nungi said:

Another EA.Not supporting them with not a cent.Sabotaging every game for U cause there's somebody paying them to do so.don't see why all hardware get games at same time and delaying,when its out on older hardware.makes perfect sense to me.might as well sell they crap on the competition and forget about U



Discostew said:

360 is closer to this gen's technical infrastructure? Maybe among the last-gen stuff, but between 360 and Wii U, Wii U is closer. This gen operates on greater GPU power than CPU power, which Wii U does. The 360 and Wii U both have eDRAM, but Wii U has a lot more, making it more compatible with the XB1 build that uses eSRAM (slower than eDRAM). 360 doesn't even have a DSP, so it uses one of its 3 CPU cores to process audio, reducing the overall number of cores for the game itself (whereas Wii U does not). And let's not forget it runs off of PowerPC, which Wii U does as well but is more modern.

Closer my assets! It seems ever since Ubisoft made the decision to delay Rayman Legends on Wii U (likely because of MS's policies), it seems they are out to get Nintendo in a similar way as EA did.



CaPPa said:

Considering that Ubisoft boasted how easy and cheap it was to port from the 360 to the Wii U they should be able to bring the Crew across fairly easily. It's probably better that they don't though as it probably wouldn't do the system justice.

Ubisoft does make some good games (I enjoyed Rayman Legends and SC Blacklist) but they also make a lot of questionable decisions. Still they are better than EA (although anyone is better than those doucebags).

The whole 'next gen' thing seems to be mostly hype and I'm not buying into it. I haven't seen a single game that has really shown me anything new and the systems are like mid level PCs; so I'm sticking with Wii U/PS3/3DS/PC for the time being.



River3636 said:

It's fine by me, but if they don't release Beyond good and evil 2 on Wii U they will be like EA in my eyes. Garbage!



Subie98 said:

Thats a shame. I had planned to get it for ps4 but would have been nice for us wii u owners to have it as another game.



ikki5 said:

and yet, the Wii used older tech than the 360 did. The Wii was the same as the gamecube except overclocked for specs



AdanVC said:

What kind of answer was that, Ubisoft? Hahah. Doesn't make any sense at all. Whatever...



SneakyStyle said:

Well TBH I can see how hardware in the WiiU limits us now, after having one for awhile and seeing how many frames it skips in games like monster hunter 3 ultimate it feels horrible sometimes. There is just no way it could handle this or any other true ''next gen'' game without major major changes to textures n what not which would just turn it into a last gen game.



TwilightAngel said:

@SneakyStyle So you saying it can't handle it?But the Xbox 360 can handle this so called next gen game, and the weird thing the wiiu is stronger than the Xbox 360.So i don't understand your logic here friend.



tabber51 said:

It is funny how these dev like to dis the wii u.
If it was not for the Nes back in 84 none of these poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople donkey companies would be around. {Ea skate or die nes} {Konami meltal gear nes} screw ubi soft and the rest of them.



Mommar said:

I know a lot of people here are complaining, or saying this is just an "excuse", but as a software engineer myself it really does make sense. The 360 was already based on x86 architecture and the XBOne and PS4 are both completely x86 architecture. So it's easier to port to the 360, which is what they said. The WiiU and PS3 both have very different hardware and it's a lot of effort.



Mega719 said:

Seriously? AC4 and other games released on Wii U were identical to those on all consoles what makes this different? And why isn't the new Assassin's Creed games coming either? Obviously Ubisoft is trying to cover up their desires to make money. Watch a Ubisoft game like maybe Watch Dogs release with all the same capabilities and "next gen" platforms. I love you and all Ubisoft but you are beginning to become the new EA. Where's all the Watch Dogs info too? Tell us where it stands



AceDefective said:

I think you're confused. MH3 is no where near a good representation of what the Wii U can do, mostly due to the fact it's an early title that wasn't properly optimized for the hardware. I think games like DK Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, SM3DW, and Mario Kart 8 are better examples that demonstrate the hardware capabilities better. Heck, Zelda U is good example as the that entire trailer was in-game and was drop dead gorgeous.



Mommar said:

@Discostew You must not understand hardware architecture. It's more than just the amount of ram and "gigs" and stuff like that. The 360, PS4 and XBone are all exactly the same as a PC, and we're talking about hardware registers and things like that where the exact same compiler can be used to optimize the code for all three platforms at the same time. That cannot be done on the PS3 or WiiU as they aren't x86. Things like registers and memory caches work completely different on those two systems and it takes special changes/optimization to make it work.



TwilightAngel said:

@ZeroZX_Dev Ahh now that's a good example to show people the wiiu has the power to make beautiful games.And that can stand up to the so called next gen games.



MoonKnight7 said:


I've only ever encountered frame drops during one game and that was Batman Arkham City and it really wasn't anything to cry about as it didn't happen often. I've never experienced frame drops during MH3, at least not enough to be noticeable anyway.



TheWPCTraveler said:

I'll forgive them if they bring a sequel to Child of Light on Nintendo platforms
The Drive won't be able to compete with Forza Horizons 2, though, and they most likely brought it to X360 to snag sales from those disgruntled owners.



KodyDawg said:

Now I'm not sure whether to get Watch_Dogs on Wii U or not. On one hand, I don't want to anymore because Ubisoft really doesn't deserve my money at this point. On the other hand, I want to show Ubisoft that I fully support Wii U and that they should too. Sigh



larry_koopa said:

So many comments when Thomas clearly and perfectly explained everything in his article.

Apparently every article with the word "Ubisoft" in the title just needs to be ranted about.



SCAR said:

All this shows is that Ubisoft knows more about Xbox 360 than they do PS3 and Wii U. The fact that it is skipping PS3, means they never fully learned the hardware at all. Only Sony knew how to max out the graphics, but that's not even what this is about, because it's the gameplay elements that they lack understanding of to implement on PS3 and Wii U.



Ventilator said:

How can a console be Next-Gen if its already on the market? PS4 and Xbone is the weakest console upgrade ever too as they use cheap off the shelve PC parts. Also. UBI have abandoned Wii U, so we know any new game is skipping it. Whats the point of making news of this every time? We know before a game is even announced that its not coming to Wii U.



Discostew said:

@Mommar The XBox 360 is not x86 either.

"The XCPU, named Xenon at Microsoft and "Waternoose" at IBM, is a custom triple-core 64-bit PowerPC-based design by IBM."

You're probably mistaking it for the original Xbox, which runs on an x86-based, custom P3/Celeron hybrid CPU.



Faruko said:

At the end, and theres no other reason, the WiiU its not powerfuil enough & it has sold less than 10m consoles in almost 2 years

you cant blame Ubisoft for not wanting to support a console on life support, blame nintendo for not marketing the console and not do enough for it (unitll now)



SCAR said:

@Faruko - False. If the Xbox 360 is powerful enough to run the game, then Wii U could technically get an immediate port. They just don't want to do that, and Xbox One currently has less consoles than Wii U. We've been over this like a million times. If they aren't even bothered to put it on PS3, that should tell you enough.

There isn't really any blame to be had.



DarkKirby said:


Next gen is a marketing term to let people know what's currently the standard for "the best".

But if you want to be honest about it PC will always be ahead of every console tech ability wise, be at at a much heavier cost.



TwilightAngel said:

@FarukoIf the Xbox 360 can handle this game the wiiu can. Cause the wiiu is stronger than xbox 360 get your facts sorted out. The reasons they aren't making the port cause of sales and they fully stopped supporting the wiiu.So each game ubisoft will make in the future, will not be made for the wiiu.



Action51 said:

So Ubisoft isn't porting to any system that requires additional work or investment?

So Lazy...

I guess it's hard like modeling female characters?

Sounds like the Ubisoft we've come to know of recent years.

While EA is still pretty bad, they've been at least making small attempts to improve their image, Ubisoft is actually getting worse then EA.



MrGawain said:

The real story here isn't about this game not appearing on the Wii U or even the PS3, but the fact Ubi think they need to port it to the 360 at all- That shows they have no faith they can make their money on the 'next gen' versions (or more accurately, the low XB1 install base).

It also makes a joke of the idea this game having 'a huge play map that only next gen can deliver'. Wake me up when there is something that is actually 'next gen'.

Or at least fun from Ubisoft.



Action51 said:

@DarkKirby - Not really, not anymore.

If you invest a little more up front, you can get yourself a PC that is on par or better then a PS4 or XB1...and it will also run all your online and media related apps and programs and can be just as much or more of an entertainment center as the new consoles.

Over time, adding up the online pay-walls, backwards compatibility issues, and higher software costs of the new consoles, it's cheaper to game on PC in the long run.



SilentHunter382 said:

To me it just seems rather pointless to release it on the 360. To me that would only hold things back as they wouldn't be really talking full advantage of the next gen consoles.



Action51 said:

@SilentHunter382 - Sure, if that was the reason they're actually not releasing it on PS3 and Wii U.

We know they're just going cheap-out and releasing it on platforms they think it will sell best on and require the least amount of work to port.



Alucard83 said:

I don't think Nintendo will make an other mistake with their next release. I'm sure they all now know that the generation of gamestudios (yes new hired people with totally new eyes on thing) will not be accepted anymore by a weak consoles likes WII U while it should be at least half the power of PS4 or Xbox one. Gamestudios are moving forward. I say good for you cos you have my support. We want good strong console! Even if it's mainly targetted for children! Wake up. Even children don't accept it anymore



BakaKnight said:

Ubisoft Public Relationship section really need a make over XD

Everytime they justify the company's decisions they only make things worse... I mean... come on!
Rayman delayed cause it's their policy to NEVER have games coming out at different dates for different platforms and now we are getting Watch Dogs almost 6 months later. Now they are kinda saying how Wii U techs are farer then Xbox 360 to the techs of PS4 and XboxOne.

It's like the people working there are been paid for offend Nintendo's customers... it would be hilarious if all those statement weren't official >_>;;;



Dreamz said:

I adored ZombiU and Child of Light, but I'm pretty much done with Ubisoft at this point. I'll be skipping Watch Dogs completely due to this sort of nonsense.



MarvinTheMartian said:

Ubisoft can make all the excuses it wants but what it all boils down to is profitability. Will the effort to port the game to the Wii U make them a reasonable profit?

And the short answer

Should I ever run out of games to play on my Wii U, which is unlikely at this point, then it would also be a PS4 for me too. But to compliment my Wii U.



SCAR said:

@midnafanboy - It depends on what you think poor sales are. The PS3 isn't getting the game, and sometimes games sold even more on that than Xbox 360. This is only a matter of that Xbox 360 can run the game for what it is; easier than properly running the game on PS3 or Wii U, which would take more time and money.

@SilentHunter382 - I can almost guarantee it was the other way around. They probably have it running as well as they can on Xbox One and PS4, then decided to go back to see if the 7th gen consoles could run it, and found out they could still get it to run on Xbox 360 fairly easily.

They wouldn't be doing it if it was seriously time consuming, difficult, and cost more.



SCAR said:

Apparently not PS3, either. This sheds some light on how 3rd paries are treating consoles. This 100% proves that sales are not the issue, because PS3 is involved in the exclusion.



MarvinTheMartian said:


Agreed it's not about sales, but it is all about profit. Will the time spent porting onto other consoles yield a fair profit. In the case of the PS3 the answer is also no. Sales for the PS4 are steady and growing fast, so one could argue that sales for the PS3 would also not do so well as most would get the PS4 version. Whereas the XBone is struggling, at least in comparison to the PS4.

Ubisoft will have a finite amount of staff and their time must be used in the most efficient way. They'll be using all sorts of reporting models to justify which projects they'll be working on.

Decisions like this will sometimes be political, but often than not it all boils down to how much profit they make. If it wasn't then companies wouldn't survive.



SCAR said:

I understand. I'm just saying that Ubisoft probably can't even get the game running properly on PS3. PS3 has like 80 million consoles, and their games still sell fairly well on there. They even specifically said that Xbox 360's hardware more easily supports the game than either. So yes, profitability is the key aspect, but said profitability doesn't exist here because of the hardware misunderstandings of BOTH the PS3 and Wii U.

Sony is the only company that pushed PS3, and now we've gotten to a point where Ubisoft doesn't even know enough about PS3's hardware, because they gave it Xbox 360 ports all generation and called it a day.



sadsack777 said:

Nintendo what are u doing these games should be comeing to wii u do sometning about it get ur head from up ur ass and do something for ur fans Nintendo could make games like this but wont



MarvinTheMartian said:


I wasn't aware of the big differences of porting between PS3 and 360, good point. I suppose that strengthens the argument that the PS3 version would be too costly for Ubi to port.



Kirk said:

Well at least this actually sounds like a real/legit reason. It also shows once again one of the big flaws with Nintendo's whole approach with the Wii U, being basically last-gen tech/architecutre and under-powered etc, that also goes towards the argument that the issue(s) with Wii U's lack of third party support really isn't just lazy/stupid developers but that Wii U is fundamentally just not a great choice for putting their games on, however you look at it (be it the architecture or the sales or whatever). In other words; it all comes back to Nintendo again.



Chris720 said:

Problem with the "current-gen" of consoles is they aren't wildly more powerful than their predecessors, except for the Wii U ofcourse. I'm in no hurry to upgrade, my 360 is giving me enough enjoyment and my PC is powerful enough to deal with nearly every new release.

And I think developers are realizing this, PS4 is definitely doing very well, but the One and Wii U are doing very poorly. Therefore cut support for the PS3, but support the 360 as it still has a huge install base. No point supporting the Wii U as it's still classified as that little kiddies toy in the corner, even though it's not.



jasonbra said:

Am I the only one thinking he was talking about xbox live? He said technical infrastructure. If he was talking about the actual consoles wouldnt he have said technical architecture?



theBluntKnight said:

OK so ubisoft is basically in M$'s pocket. They're dead to me now but I wish them well. I'm sure they'll be very happy with their new sugar daddy.



jrwchil said:

@jasonbra good point he did say infrastructure, but eitherway unless the big N do something about the lack of 3rd party support we will continue to miss triple a games



PinkSpider said:

So basically Ubisoft, your games sell better on xbox 360 than ps3 and the Wii U just doesn't sell anything . Say it how it is Ubisoft



skywake said:

Well it's locked at 30fps on all platforms so why would I care about it anyways?



TheAdrock said:

Tell me again how the WiiU is "just as capable as the next gens" bla bla bla...
Time for a new console Nintendo, srsly.



bofis said:

Booooooooooo, the WiiU is totally capable, esp if a 360 can handle the game. Rayman was the BEST on WiiU, but it's sad if Ubisoft is dropping support. At least we'll have Project Cars, which is looking even better anyway



Darknyht said:

While I am not bothered by the announcement, I am bothered by the dishonesty of the announcement. It is well documented that the Wii U is more powerful than the Xbox 360.

i would guess this is more of an issue with their programmers not being able to program a Wii U or PS3 version quickly. This would mean either releasing late or delaying everything. Delaying is not an option because they have become bad at doing so lately, and releasing late has shown to be a bad strategy with Watch Dogs and Rayman. With Rayman, delaying increased costs and didn't help sales. With Watch Dogs, delaying hurt potential sales on the delayed platforms because people actually played the game and saw all the flaws.



Mega719 said:

@TheAdrock maybe to most 3rd parties it isn't but not to Nintendo. Blame the lack of effort for 3rd parties for excuses like this, it's not like pushing the system to it's limits would cause it to explode



Dogpigfish said:

Skipping the ps3 was a huge mistake. As far as Wii U, well there just isn't any money there yet. Good business decision.



TwilightAngel said:

@TheAdrock You want a new nintendo console? Damn i wonder what would happen if nintendo made one and killed off the wiiu.Hmm but i wonder even more if the fans will have confidence in this new system and nintendo? My answer to those questions is no, to early for a new system friendo.



TheAdrock said:

@midnafanboy, Friendo, Its not that I want a new console per-se, its that the market and developers do. The PS4 sold more in one month than the U has in 2 years. If you want consumers to buy your console then you need games... and if you want 3rdP devs to make games then you need them to be excited about deving on your console, and clearly 3rdPs don't care about the U. This should be obvious to everybody but the fanboy drones. Is this situation supposed to improve as the U ages? The U was 2 years too late to market; should have replaced the Wii sooner. At this point its too far behind. Cut the loss and start over: new console by Christmas 2015. And don't call it a variation of the Wii. Disagree? Fine with me. P.S. I'm no hater: I've been a Nintendo fan since before most on here were born. I want to see a N revival.



TwilightAngel said:

@TheAdrock I didn't say you're a hater, all i'm saying is too early for a new system.Cause the fans will lose confidence in nintendo, and they will think"what's the point of buying this new system is nintendo is just going to kill it like they did with the wiiu?" And yes the wiiu was two years late into the market with terrible marketing and bad relationships with the third party developers.And the rest the things you said is agree,but i think in 2016 they will announce their new system, so they can release all the big name games that are coming for the wiiu.



hYdeks said:

Man, Nintendo really needs to work on it's third part relations Wii U is comparable to 360 so the game could have easily been ported, but the whole online all the time is probably something Nintendo would frown on still. In the end, I'm not shocked this isn't coming, games that seem to work on Xbox and PlayStation don't seem too on Nintendo consoles.



SethNintendo said:

The Crew sounds like a horrible title. Don't just brush this off as oh it is another one of those comments from a Nintendo fan about a 3rd party game skipping the Wii U....

I gather my negative response from what I've read about the DLC / pay to win implemented in the game. Screw any game that is pay to win.

90s Arcade Racer, Road Redemption, and Project CARS are the only racing titles I'm interested in besides already owning MK8. Project CARS is the only racing sim that is truly needed for the Wii U. Shame they delayed it probably killing potential sales even though Wii U is the most demanded platform for the game.



HappyHappy said:

I'm really starting to hate Ubisoft now mainly because they choose not to support the Wii U. When the Wii U was first announced they sounded like they would support the console and even rumored with some exclusives. Now we're seeing exclusive becoming multi-platforms, Wii U versions being delayed from the other consoles launch date, and now just no support at all. Right now I just feel like Ubisoft is just one of those companies you just can't trust anymore.



Tiberius30 said:

Ok EAsoft, how much money did Micro$oft throw at you for do this? And the XBO, PS4 & Wii U are not "next-gen", they are "current-gen" yes all three of them. Tread lightly, you are on a thin ice pond EAsoft...



retro_player_22 said:

In other words they're lazy and can't work to take advantage of the unique infrastructure of the Wii U and PS3. It's okay though as I already had my money for Project CARS, not going to get this unless it isn't crap.



LajnuD said:

Luckily for me i own a Ps3/Ps4 and a Wii u so it doesnt bother me, but for those who only own 1 system (wii u) i feel for you :/



tanookisuit said:

Ehh, well just another tiny bulletpoint on a list of reasons of why I can not remember the last time I bought a Ubisoft game new except for one on a disgustingly cheap black friday deal last year. I own a PS4 as well, but honestly I just don't know as I'm sick of the political games.



theBluntKnight said:

@TheAdrock bah, the market and developers can eat a fat d1ck. The moment Nintendo starts dancing to the tune of 3rd party developers is the moment they are doomed. Think about what 3rd parties would want nintendo to do to appease them, a new console would have to have x86 architecture with specs requested by developers. Would developers care that the requested specs would mean hardware has to be sold at a significant loss in order to be sold at a price people are willing to pay? I doubt it. They just want to make PC games and port them to console with minimal effort. Why else did both Sony turn their back on power pc architecture in favour of x86 in the same generation?

Even during the NES and SNES days 3rd parties Nintendo had the upper hand over third parties. When the PS1 came out the balance of power shifted in favour of 3rd party developers. Sony and now Microsoft rely heavily on the support of third parties. Nintendo can still get them back on side but it would mean having to bow and scrape to them now that they have options and the upper hand.

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