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Feature: All Of The Vital Super Smash Bros. Roundtable Details, As Pac-Man Joins The Fight

Posted by Morgan Sleeper

Our man at E3 on Mii customisation, Amiibo and more

Below is a detailed summary from the recently held Super Smash Bros. roundtable, presented by Masahiro Sakurai, as we highlight the most important details and question answers.

Once Masahiro Sakurai took to the stage to begin the roundtable, it didn't take long for him to drop the biggest news of the evening: a stylish video confirmed that everyone's favourite pellet-munching hero, Pac-Man, would be joining the roster for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS. Pac-Man has gone through quite a few makeovers over the years, and Sakurai clarified that for his Smash appearance, Pac will be modelled off of his Pac-Land form, with the classic pizza-with-missing-piece silhouette used in certain moves and attacks. The reveal was followed by an iconic lineup of Pac-Man, Mega Man, Mario, and Sonic standing side-by-side, a cross-company A-team of opponents and “miracle” of video games made possible by Smash Bros, Sakurai said.

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After introducing Pac-Man to the fray, Sakurai challenged a few (un)fortunate Nintendo Treehouse employees to a battle using those four iconic characters – with Sakurai controlling Pac-Man, of course. Pac's attacks included plenty of loving nods to Namco's mascot's career, from retro-inspired fruit bombs and Inky and Pinky assists to a pellet-fuelled munch mode – all of which helped propel Sakurai to a hard-earned victory.

The roundtable then shifted to a focus on new features in the latest Smash; first up was the ability to customize fighters. Sakurai explained how in previous Smash games, each character had four standard Smash attacks – standard, side, up, and down. Now, players can choose three different variations of each of those four. For Mario's standard Smash attack, for example, you could pick either his garden-variety fireball, a fast but straight-shooting lighter fireball, or a larger ball of fire that moves slowly but hits multiple times. These customized characters won't be available to play with in “With Anyone” mode, but you can use them all you'd like in “With Friends”.

More customization can be found in the new equipment feature, which lets characters don different items to change up their strengths or weaknesses. As with the customizable movesets, items are designed to be balanced in every way, so that one outfitted fighter simply plays differently, rather than significantly better or worse, than another. Gloves that raise your attack also leave you more vulnerable to launching, for instance, while boots which let you move faster also lower your attack. And as a further balancing act, the lighter a character is, the fewer items they'll be able to carry, because – as Sakurai put it – 'there are other advantages to being speedy'.

Sakurai then talked at length about the new Mii Fighters introduced in the Digital Event earlier in the day. You'll be able to choose from three different attack types when outfitting your Mii for battle: a swordfighter, a gunner, or a brawler. Each configuration has twelve different Smash attacks to choose from, as well as plenty of different costumes and clothing; whether you envision your Mii as a Victorian pugilist or an intergalactic beamsword champ, you'll be well catered for. Sakurai showed off a dagger-wielding Elijah Wood and a body-ready Reggie as examples of the characters you'll be able to create, though to avoid any 'bullying issues' customized Mii Fighters won't be available for use in “With Anyone” mode – you can, however, play with and trade them in “With Friends”.

The next portion of the roundtable saw Nintendo's newly announced Amiibo figure line brought onto the stage, as Sakurai outlined how the NFC-enhanced figures will be integrated into the Smash Bros. experience. Interestingly, when brought into the game (via the GamePad's NFC reader), the figures function not as playable characters but instead as “FP” – Figure Players, ala Computer Players – computer-controlled opponents which level up and get stronger the more you fight. Figure-powered FPs can go well beyond the difficulty of a Level 9 CP, can be raised all the way to Level 50 – “a fairly quick process”, according to Sakurai – and even learn to anticipate and react to the play styles of their human opponents. Sakurai said he hoped people would use them in Team Battles and start to think of them as their partners, a feeling perhaps reinforced by his observation that “Since it will be difficult to collect them all, just focus on the characters you really like”.

After the figures, Sakurai led a demonstration of the 3DS-verison-exclusive Smash Run. In this 5-minute timed mode, you and three computer-controlled characters will explore a randomly-generated side-scrolling field, trying to collect as many of the stat-increasing power-ups scattered around the level as possible to boost your Attack, Jump, Speed, Defense, Arms, and Special abilities. Your character – Sakurai chose Donkey Kong for this run-through – starts out noticeably weak, but the power-ups add up; by the five-minute mark Nintendo's stereotypically sluggish ape had blossomed into a surprisingly speedy powerhouse, and Sakurai remarked that he'd “never think of Donkey Kong as slow again”. The mode doesn't end when the countdown stops, however; afterwards, you'll face off in a four-player challenge with your newly powered-up characters. In the roundtable demonstration the end-game was a familiar round of free-for-all Smash, though Sakurai said there were other challenges as well, including races and item-throwing competitions. This variety alludes to the fact that every type of power-up is important – you might be able to win a brawl with a slow-moving juggernaut, but you certainly couldn't win a race!

Finally, the roundtable concluded with questions from the audience. Highlights of Sakurai's answers included insight into the balancing process (which involves a team of twelve dedicated staff members and a “sweet spot” between appealing to core fans and new players), remarks on his menu design philosophy (keep important items big and iconic, front and centre), the fact that all characters (even Pac-Man) had been decided on at the very beginning of development, and a supremely diplomatic response to a competitive player who cheekily asked to have a hand in balancing the game if he could beat Sakurai in a one-on-one contest (“Sadly, our staff roll is already very large; it would be very difficult to include another name”).

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LordGeovanni said:

I couldnt figure out a way to watch the roundtable. As it is, I actually saw the trailer on the 3DS eShop already and was going to post on the NL forum about it. What is the best way to contact NL about new News just released?



Emblem said:

@SecondServing If they didn't look so good I would have skipped them but they are high quality and the attention to detail is superb, I don't even collect figures but I'll be getting most of these for sure.

In terms of gameplay I'll use them because I'll have them but I think Nintendo really need to showcase their worth a lot more.



CeroKelvin said:


While he wasn't in my top ten most wanted, I'm glad he's in. Looks really fun to play with too.



LordGeovanni said:

Really, I guess the question is "Do you like/ got any of the Disney and Sylanders figurines?". That would answer if your reply is relevant at all any way. As it is, I haven't bought any NFC except for one of the Pokemon Ruble U figurines and I was quite happy with my purchase. I haven't even gotten the Game yet, I just wanted the figurine and I was happy just buying a "statue" at the requested price. As for these? I am certain that I will collect as many as I can... My wallet already hates me.

My reasoning is simple, I wouldn't play the other NFC games. These games? Yes. I will get MK8 for my Birthday, I WILL get Smash for 3DS and for Wii U on release day. Why not fully experience the game? As it is, I even like this over DLC because with a physical device, it cannot be deleted without my permission. (And if there is an issue with my Wii U or 3DS I can still access this info and data).



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Waka-waka in your face!
Pac-Man might just be fortunate foreshadowing for future fighters (so... many... F's to give...) from other Bamco games. Tales of characters would be a great opportunity, but hard to decide on, since fans wouldbemoan the absence of every non-present character, anyway.



Azooooz said:

Good thing Sakurai has decided to use Pac-Man's old model. The new one looks bad.



smikey said:

So happy pac man is in he was the start of my life long obsession with gaming.
my games room is pac man themed 3 walls in ghost colours door in the other ghost final wall is in the process of having a 4ft pac man maze painted on it I have pac man mirrors & multiple neon lights too.

But the games collection is purely a Nintendo one so hopefully pac man will show up a bit more ion Nintendo consoles now.

Hope they to a pac man amiibo though it looks like they might all be Nintendo owned franchises.

I'll play as pac man more than anyone else but this is smash bros & i'll suck for ever



siavm said:

@SecondServing if I can put that Link one in Mario kart this will be a pretty great thing. I would love riding epona to first place in a race. And pacman joining is awesome.



MegaWatts said:

Great article, Morgan — must have been so awesome to be in the presence of Sakurai and hear his thoughts on the game first hand!



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Dat response to the competitive player tho <3 competitive players should know their place in this world people like Mew2King and whoever that competitive player act like they should have complete and major say so in smash when in reality they get put no higher then "casual players" Sakurai is a classy man



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

And Pac Man is ok, better than snake at least
Mii Fighters were unexpected but great concept
I had a jump for joy dance when Palutena got revealed plus she has the same concept as the Mii Fighters



LordGeovanni said:

Alright, I keep trying but I cannot find any stream for this anywhere... is it even online at all?



KO-Cub said:

So butthurt about Pac-man being in. But in good time I'll forgive and forget. Hopefully other haters do the same.



KO-Cub said:

Also, Game and Watch isn't on the official site so he or it's not really confirmed... Yet.



Dweeb said:

@SecondServing Yeah, I really see no reason for me to use them. No way I'm spending money on them...unless they're required to unlock things I want to unlock (i.e. characters), which I absolutely hope is a stunt that they will not have the guts to pull. Maybe if it comes packaged with one, or if enough of my friends use them. Highly unlikely though.

On another note, hooray for Pac-Man. Glad he's in, even though I'm not into his character or universe.

Also @zipmon it's "For Mario's standard special attack," not "For Mario's standard Smash attack." Just a moderate error there.



Sean_Aaron said:

Wow. I was going to buy this game regardless, but that is so cool! So many nods to classic Namco games - even heard a voice sample from Bosconian in there!

Regarding amiibo, I think the approach of "don't collect them all" is best. The fact that the figures record data and aren't playable characters makes them totally optional and a nice assist for weaker players as opposed to Skylanders approach of "buy the figure or you can't play the game with that character" which seems quite cynical.



smikey said:

Sakurai said he hoped people would use them in Team Battles and start to think of them as their partners, a feeling perhaps reinforced by his observation that “Since it will be difficult to collect them all, just focus on the characters you really like”.

It might well be difficult & no doubt expensive but I fully intended on owning the lot no matter how much I have to shuffle my budget around



Lukaz2009 said:

Am I the only one that would think that Klonoa would have been a more fitting character for Smash? I just think that Klonoa would have a much more interesting movepool than Pac-Man.



ChessboardMan said:

My biggest question is, is that All of the characters announced now, or are there more to come?

And is G&W a playable character or what? I noticed him included in an image background for Amiibo as well, but so were some assist trophies? And he isn't on the Smash Bros page as a character… so I'm thinking he might be an Assist Trophy, disappointingly.



ChessboardMan said:

@Lukaz2009 By the looks of it, they wanted an emblem of Namco kind of character, over an interesting Namco character. Some of his moves are even based on other Namco titles with little to do with his own. Klonoa has what is probably a well deserved Cult Following, but he is still sadly largely unknown. Pacman is nearly as big name as Mario in terms of how well known he is.



Chard5001 said:

Wait. Was that tuft of hair at the end next to Mario just Donkey Kong? It looks like him, but that seems strangely cryptic to just pop those two in at the end like that...



ModestFan93 said:

@Chard5001 it was showing that they came in a year after Pacman and Game&Watch.

Having watched everything yesterday what a ride it was. During the Roundtable Sakurai shutdown this person who wanted to know about the competitive dude t'was glorious. After the initial shock and everything I happy Pacman is in. Can't wait for the rest of the events they have scheduled.



sikthvash said:

“Since it will be difficult to collect them all, just focus on the characters you really like”. I really like them all... and I REALLY must own them all ^_^



NintyMan said:

Pac-Man looks cool. People always griped that he wouldn't have a good moveset, but look at all of those moves based on Namco games! If Sakurai could get Little Mac to work since he's just a boxer, he would make Pac-Man work. And I'm glad it's his Pac-Man World look and not his Ghostly Adventures incarnation.

This may easily be the best thing to happen to Pac-Man in years, just like Mega Man!



Snakellama said:

I don't get my didn't end the digital event with the pac-man video. The freak-out would have been monumental!



Kyloctopus said:

I hate to repeat myself but
Pac doesn't belong in Smash
Unless, Nintendo has a surprise in the form of a Pac Man exclusive for Wii U and 3DS, Pac Man does little to impact Nintendo.
And with this news
You would think that Pac Man wouldn't be in the game. But nope. Let's just add Pac Man in.
Seriously, why don't we add other random video game characters as well, since Pac Man's in. Chris Redfield, and Nuke Nukem anyone? They make just as much as an argument to be in Smash as Pac Man does.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I like the nod to the classic Pac-Man scene. I am also very happy that they didn't use the current godforsaken design.



Adam said:

He looks surprisingly fun, especially with nods to Galaga and presumably other classics.



Lukaz2009 said:

@Porky I wasn't going for how iconic the character is, but their viability in the Smash environment on their own merits, and Klonoa has more means of combat on his own compared to Pac-Man, who pretty much relies on other Namco characters for most of his attacks from what I've seen from the reveal trailer.



Gerbwmu said:

@Kyloctopus - Pacman is arguably the most iconic video game character of all time and Namco Bandai has helped Nintendo develope many things for Wii U thus far, the inclusion of Pacman is a nod to the history of gaming and a thank you to Namco Bandai for their help on various Wii U projects.



MixMasterMudkip said:

I honestly don't understand why they announced him there. Revealing him at the Invitational would have been more exciting then just being told he was in over Twitter.



Volmun said:

Now.. wheres Bomber Man 8P lol id sed from the start the MegaMan and PacMan would probably be in this SSB (Along with BomberMan)



rjejr said:

"as Sakurai outlined how the NFC-enhanced figures will be integrated into the Smash Bros. experience."

Was it ever discussed at the round table how NFC are used in a game designed for 4 player couch play when only 1 Gamepad can be used w/ a Wii U? And a 4 player Gamecube adapter is being made for this game? The NFC and adapter are conflicting ways to play and why I thought SSB was a bad choice for an NFC game. I know it has online, but many many people will still play this offline.




I think Pac-man is going to be a G&W clone as to C. Falcon with Ganon. You heard it hear from me first kids and i will have pac-man fever playing the new smash ^.^



Sparx said:

"Figure-powered FPs can go well beyond the difficulty of a Level 9 CP, can be raised all the way to Level 50 – “a fairly quick process”, according to Sakurai – and even learn to anticipate and react to the play styles of their human opponents. "

I'm sold



SavoirFaire said:

How disappointing...

That the Wreck-it Ralph Pac-Man meme hasn't been posted yet!

Not a fan of Pac-Man as a fighter, but it's good to see the character get a nod. Now perhaps Namco can put out a Pac-Man collection for Wii u!!!



oldaq said:

I've always wondered, and maybe someone has an answer : why is Rayman not a playable character in SSB ? It seems the fairly good relationship between Ubisoft and Nintendo could allow it…



Shambo said:

Pac Man, Mega Man, Sonic, all major Nintendo mascots... Officially the most complete roster EVER. Now I just need to see Nintendo show Doshin some love, and Doshin showing that roster what a good beating means! Together with Chibi Robo!

@oldaq : definitely would vote for that! Rayman has a great videogame history and would fit in nicely.



ChessboardMan said:

@Lukaz2009 unfortunately, they needed a character that was more iconic than an ideal choice character-wise. This is a character who is easily recognised by millions, rather than one who is well loved by those who know him.

I'm guessing they wanted a one single character to symbolise those whole of Namco Bandai and its involvement with the game.

And for that, you have to go with the biggest icon, a cult classic favourite just isn't going to cut it, and the fact they would stand up by themselves so well actually works against them here, as he won't be such a representative of Namco.

However Pacman isn't representing his games so much as the Whole of Namco, something that is strengthened by the fact he relies on other Namco characters.



Spoony_Tech said:

I think this is just totally awesome. Who knew I want Pac man? I didn't till I seen him on screen. I'm not the biggest Smash fan but all these awesome characters and stages are really starting to get me interested.



dumedum said:

Pacman is just perfect. Three third party characters, all regularly appear on Nintendo consoles, all mascots, perfect.



Gioku said:

Pac-Man being in is a dream-come-true for me....! He was the only character I wanted in...! ...he seems to be representing the whole of 1980's Namco arcade games as well, which is super-awesome~ now the quartet, Mario, Sonic, Megaman, and Pac-Man are finally together in Smash... this is the best thing to ever happen in a video game ever...!



Jazzer94 said:

I guess I can get used to his inclusion but man are there so many better options.
Edit: I wish Snake was in the game instead.



Bizzyb said:

@BLPs LMAO, amazing.

I love how they perfectly captured Pac-Mans retro/new school look! His moves, sounds, everything is perfect. I'm just REAALLLY hoping they didn't cut for Amiibo, I'll gladly grab everything Metroid, and Zelda and maybe a few odd balls out like little Mac and Pitt



StarBoy91 said:

Oh, thank God they're using his old design and not the design that they used for Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (that show and redesign did not work for me personally). Classic design is better anyway, imo, and I'm more fond of that.

To each their own



Sir_JBizzle said:

All the icons of 80's gaming together in one place (Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, MegaMan) I feel like my life is complete! One more character would make it absolutely perfect and it's going to be real silly, but I kinda want to see the Tetris Block make an appearance. HAHA

Concerning amiibo, I'm all aboard for that! As a matter of fact, I'm going to start a speprate budget for that as I'm going to buy two of each character. One stays in the box, the other out of the box for play!

I missed the roundtable, but by the looks of it in the comments section it seems like he shut down a few competitive players what did Sakurai say to them? Lol



Turbo857 said:


I hear ya. At first I was like, I could see kids collecting these things. But after getting more details, I'm definitely grabbing a few figs for my mains in Smash Bros.

Such a perfect way to keep yourself competitive and always adapting your battle strategies by fighting against a computer controlled character that learns your play style over time. I think the idea behind them so far is brilliant!



StephenYap3 said:

The fact that Miis are in Smash Bros 4 are enough to make me preorder both games. I love playing as myself in games.



Gioku said:

@JQuest somehow I don't see the Tetris Block being a playable character, but I would love to see Tetris in the game somewhere. xD



Dodger said:

Being a Game & Watch main, I am still a bit nervous, but there are so many other good characters announced that I will find a new main if the father of Nintendo handheld gaming doesn't make it in the first handheld SSB game, on a system that lets you play most of his major games, through things like DSiware, the Game Boy collections on VC and both Club Nintendo collections.

I already am good with Toon Link, Olimar, Peach and Kirby, but Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Pac-Man, Rosalina and Palutena all look fun. Plus Pit has a new move set that looks better than before. I am sure it will be among my most played 3DS games, and I likely will buy it again when I eventually get a Wii U.

The figurine mode still doesn't make much sense. I would assume that they are for single player mode, and that you can add them before a fight. The idea of buying one to have an AI character that can match you in skill and learn your play style is cool, but that could be done without figurines. They sure do look cool. I am curious to see how others use them. Especially Mario Kart. Yoshi, Peach and Mario are already in the game and ones like Samus don't make much sense, so I doubt it will be to unlock characters, which would already be dumb. Scanning a figure just to select it in a race is a boring way to interact with the figurines. But I am off subject.

The Mii Fighters were at the top of my wish list for new characters. I will have much fun with this. Making fictional characters punch each other. After all, isn't that why people play Lego games?



zipmon said:

@MegaWatts - Thanks Martin! It was pretty amazing! =D

@Scanning - Ah thanks! My Smash game isn't what it used to be =)

@rjejr - Yes! Sakurai said you'll scan the figures in one by one on the GamePad's NFC reader at the character select screen. It looked like what you do is select 'FP' (Figure Player) for an empty slot, and then scan in the figure, which will occupy that slot; then presumably you can select 'FP' for a second character slot and scan in the next figure.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Gioku I don't really see it as a playable character either, but an assist trophy I'd be all for that. Even a Tetris stage would go a long way.



Dodger said:

@zipmon Good information. I hope it is fun, as it seems like a lot of extra work to find these figures just to use them on one screen. I will see.

Wario really needs to be in the game because my little sister can't stand him. This makes him among my favorite Nintendo characters, of course.



Shy_Guy said:

They should of said his announcement during the digital event,but it's about time he joins. I love Pac-Man



Hortencio said:

Wrong!! You heard it here first.

I was one of the many that knew Pac was destined to be in the game (RIP: Yoshimitsu dreams...), and after watching the sizzle, I have to admit that they surprised me with a fairly formidable moveset. Like many of you, I'm hoping Snake makes it back into the fray, that would be the truest "miracle" in my book. Honestly though, there seems to be only about 5 new spots left when you consider C. Falcon, Falco, Ice Climbers, Ganondorf, Jiggly, Lucas, Ness, Meta Knight, Mr. G& W, ROB, Snake, Toon Link, Wario, and Wolf (not to mention the pokemon trainer outcasts/ a new grass evolution newcomer...) have yet to be announced/confirmed. You pretty much know which ones of these will be in the game (I count 11 from the aforementioned list), but man, space is at a premium now given that 50 fighters will probably be the max (...and I believe we're currently at 33, split characters and all). Going to pre-order it by the end of the month, anyway; though @FalconDensetsu, I think it'll be more like December 2nd or 9th here in NA, Tuesday's just the golden day...

Oh, and I will be buying into Amiibo. C'mon, December!!



Giygas_95 said:

I can't even figure out why he's so requested to be in Smash...him or Sonic honestly. He does look quite interesting and powerful though.

Also, who is this Shulk everybody keeps talking about?!

@Kyloctopus I feel the same way. Mega Man actually makes since to me. Pac-Man (as well as Sonic in my opinion and definitely Solid Snake in Brawl) haven't had a huge impact on Nintendo.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, had to made sense that pac-man had to be in. Like it or not ppl this make the most sense for pac-man represent Namco.



rjejr said:

@zipmon - "Sakurai said"

Thank you, I didn't get a chance to watch it, but if he said it that's good enough for me. Guess I just found it surprising that this was never brought up by anybody. In the Reggie and Iwata video the guy w/ the Gamepad uses an NFC but the guy w/ the Pro controller never did, which seemed like a glaring issue to me. Glad they have something worked out even if it isnt ideal. So thanks again for the info.



Shrek_Is_Love said:

Nice addition to the roster! Now all I want at the moment is for game&watch to be confirmed as playable.



Azikira said:

With all these characters, I am worried Captain Falcon may have not made the cutting block...



Kyloctopus said:

@Mommar Bandai Namco helped develop Wii Sports Club, and Mario Kart 8. Doesn't mean that they should add Pac Man or Namco references in those games as well.



timtimdaunholy said:

Love Pacman i was hoping he would be in it. also the galaga ships are awesome, same with digdug and mappy



KeatonTS said:

@ChessboardMan I'm gonna say that there are more to come. Since we have to wait till october, which is about 4 months from now. we should get a few more reveals. we had 3 character announcements in 2 days, I wont be surprised if we have another tomorrow, then that just leaves nintendo direct to handle character reveals for the upcoming months, Or even if Sakurai reveals them on his own time. like he did with Ike (I think.. I think he made spontaneous reveal before.)



Meaty-cheeky said:

@Gioku I'm 100% with you.

PAC-MAN was the only non nintendo character I wanted in the new Smash. Now the best gaming mascots of all time are together at last.



Gioku said:

@Meaty-cheeky yep yep, my one request for Smash 4 was Pac-Man, back in 2012 when they announced the game and that Namco was working on it! ^-^



RickyWill said:

@Kyloctopus But that is not where the Namco + Nintendo love ends, good sir!

There's the Mario Kart Arcade GP Series, the fact the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur 2 has Link as a playable character, and Mr. Miyamoto developed the Gamecube title Pac-Man VS, not to mention that he's Miyamoto's favorite gaming character.



Sgt_Ludby said:

"Bullying issues"? What could they possibly be talking about? Someone is going to take it personally that their Mii is getting beat up on? Come on, Nintendo...



CapeSmash said:

He looks cool, but probably won't main him. I used to HAAAAATE the idea of Pac-Man being in Smash, because I thought they would use his new design, and he would have a dull moveset. Welp, that's not the case here!

Speaking of things I used to hate — the Miis. Now that I've seen them in action... I can say that Mii is now my favorite newcomer, and I will be maining them (specifically, the brawler one).



MegaAdam said:

They have customizable Special attacks, not Smash attacks. Smash attacks are when you smash the stick and press A; special attacks use B.



Dpishere said:

I always figured they would add Pac-Man into the Smash roster, not complaining since he could be a pretty cool fit. The Wii U version of this game can't come soon enough!



retro_player_22 said:

YES, YES, this make my day. The four legends of gaming finally able to square off. Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man all in the same game. Day one purchase for sure now.



Iggly said:

As much as I don't really care for Pac-Man to appear in SSB4, I don't mind him being added in the roster as he had the highest probability of getting in compared to other franchises made by Namco. All Sakurai needs to do is announce for Snake to return and I'll be happy with the Third-Party selection.



Mommar said:

@Azikira Given that Namco is known for making fighting games and Smash Bros is home to marquee Nintendo (and Sega and Konami and Capcom) characters why shouldn't the company assisting with the creation of the next iteration include their own marquee character?



Chouzetsu said:

I am so happy they used 90's/2000s Pac-Man and not the annoying blue-eyed Pac-Man they've used as of lately. This is a dream come true.
@Th3PlaidHatter ...what...



luigifan624 said:

@Kyloctopus Pac-Man is a gaming icon, and since Namco is helping out with Smash why not give him the honor of being in the game. Just like they did with Solid Snake. Plus Pac-Man is also in the arcade version of Mario Kart, so why not give him another honor of joining.



Th3PlaidHatter said:

@Chouzetsu just wishing out loud. There have been rumors that Mario may be in the Wreck It Ralph sequel movie. I am just saying they could reciprocate by putting Ralph in SSMB, similar to how Sonic was in the movie, and in return Ralph was in Sonic Racing Transformed.



ZettaToad said:

Oddly, Mr. Game and Watch is not on the Smash Bros. Site. This makes me worry that he's not actually in the game and his appearance was just a cameo. I liked playing as him in Brawl, so I hope that's not true.



retro_player_22 said:

@Kyloctopus Namco Bandai had nothing to do with Wii Sports Club and Mario Kart 8. Also Namco Bandai has done a lot of titles with Nintendo in the past and that includes Soul Calibur II which includes Link, Pac-Man Vs., Star Fox Assault, Donkey Konga, Mario Kart Arcade GP trilogy, and finally Super Smash Bros. 4. You are right, Namco doesn't have to put a representative in games they made for Nintendo or team up with Nintendo but c'mon what's so wrong about them adding theirs to the fun?

Also Nintendo can't just add any character to Super Smash Bros. SSB is Nintendo's Hall of Fame fighting game, only those characters or mascots who brought fame, popularity, and recognition on Nintendo's platforms are eligible. Pac-Man has had games on Nintendo systems since the original NES and Game Boy, which is why characters like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, that dinosaur from Tekken 3, Jin Kazama, Ryu from Street Fighter, Goku from DBZ, and many others aren't eligible with the exception of Solid Snake who was merely in Brawl by the demanding request of Hideo Kojima (also a big fan of the series) who beg for Snake to be in Melee but was too late. Remember that Nintendo never want Snake in Brawl but honor Kojima's request anyways as well as the fans (who requested Sonic).

Also for a particular character or mascot to be eligible for a playable spot in a future Super Smash Bros., they had to follow these guidelines:

  • That character must had starred in its own game franchise
  • That game franchise must also had a few titles on Nintendo's platforms.
  • The character must be well-known among the gaming community.
  • That character could only be eligible either by the owner's request or by the fans.
  • There's little chance that if they appeared in a Super Smash Bros. game that they would return for the sequel.
  • They could also be request for Super Smash Bros. to promote their own upcoming game just like how Solid Snake was in Brawl to promote Snake Eater 3D for 3DS or Sonic for SSB4 to promote Sonic: Lost World and Sonic Boom.
  • Characters like Bomberman, Goemon, Sparksters, Earthworm Jim, Simon Belmont, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Klonoa, Rayman, Shantae, Ryu Hayabusa, those two dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble/Bust-A-Move, heck even the "L" shape Tetris had a better chance of appearing in Super Smash Bros. than the two characters you mention.


Megajack said:

Didn't like the idea of Pacman until I saw the video. Pacman looks like a fun character to play as; and very similar to Game & Watch. That's not a bad thing either.



Williaint said:

I was hoping that, if PacMan got in, he wouldn't be the "arms and legs" PacMan. That makes me less interested in the character.



theBluntKnight said:

I'm really glad PacMan is joining the fray. With Mega Man and Sonic as the other third party characters I am really looking forward to this new smash bros game. All it needs is the return of Mr Game and Watch and I might be tempted to call this character line up perfect.

As for getting third party characters into the Amiibo line up I don't see why being non nintendo absolutely precludes them from being in there. If an acceptable royalty could be negotiated with the rights holder then why wouldn't Sega, Capcom and Bandai Namco want to get a little extra cash off heritage characters that are no longer big sellers in their own right (that they used to be).

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