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Fri 15th March, 2013

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oldaq commented on Talking Point: The Effortless Social Charm of ...:

Personally I'd love to try out the social features, but I don't have any 3DS friends :(
If someone wants to add me: 1676-4939-4405

(This comment sounds like it belongs on a dating website. Sorry about that)



oldaq commented on The Konami Code Is 27 Years Old This Week:

Back during the French presidential elections of 2012, typing the code into the website for candidate Fran├žois Hollande would bring up a Double Rainbow.
Now guess who's president now...? :)



oldaq commented on Nintendo States That an External Hard Drive is...:

Question to people who use an external hard drive with the console : can you launch games straight from the hard drive ? Do you have to go through a separate menu to do that ? Or do they appear directly on the main Wii U menu ?
Thanks :)