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E3 2014: Did Zelda Williams Just Tease Majora's Mask 3D?

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We're speculating, salt at the ready

We know that Nintendo likes to be in control. We imagine that those participating in its live streams and the Super Smash Bros. Invitational have had to jump through so many hoops that they'll feel like circus performers, as the company relentlessly keeps major events 'on message'; when that message is full of great content, like E3 day one arguably was, then that can be a good thing.

Yet, while wearily watching the final moments of the Super Smash Bros. Invitational — it was around 2am for us in HQ — we were pretty surprised to see Zelda Williams clutching a sizeable Majora Mask when wandering out onto stage for the Celebrity match. She was clearly pretty pleased with it, placed it in a good spot so it'd be visible throughout, then happily showed it off as she left after narrowly missing out on the win as Greninja. This is Zelda Williams, who prior to this event has mostly been seen — in a Nintendo context — promoting games or musical events for the iconic franchise.

We were surprised that Nintendo gave it the OK, as naturally it leads to whimsical speculation like this. In addition the looping demo stage shown by the Treehouse team for Hyrule Warriors did feature a special move scene of that iconic Moon being dragged down from the sky.

So, is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask finally going to get that 3DS re-release? Well, the 3DS is short one big game for 2014 — as we've discussed — and Nintendo is due to unveil and discuss a new title for the portable today, with a media presentation due at 17:30 Pacific / 20:30 Eastern / 01:30 UK / 02:30 CET; we'll be there to see what it is. It's possible, too, that the Treehouse broadcast — which we'll live blog all day — could announce it first, with the detail then following in the planned media Q & A? It may not necessarily be the toughest project, either, as Grezzo — which brought us The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D — could surely utilise techniques and assets from that terrific re-master.

We certainly hope, for the sake of the 3DS line-up, that the new reveal is one to drive buzz and excitement. Majora's Mask 3D would do just that.

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Shepdawg1 said:

First off, that moon in Hyrule Warriors is creepy as all get-out.
Second, why are they having the presentation during the Best Buy Smash Fest? Sounds like a conflict of interest.
Third, I wouldn't be surprised if that's what Nintendo was trying to convey.



Emblem said:

Its her best Zelda game so she may just have been representing. That said a new/old 3DS Zelda early next year whould raise hype for Zelda Wii U in fall.



0utburst said:

Majora's Mask HD!

I'd be happy if they give us Wii U owners N64 VC. (Wii U mode)



Peach64 said:

I think it's coming. They've been dropping so many hints, it has to be coming. And 3DS makes so much more sense than Wii U. We can already play MM on Wii U by going through Wii VC.



Tsurii said:

@outburst Hell yes!
I'd be okay with both (now that I'm 100% buying a 3DS for SMT4), but I would prefer a remake on Wii U.

It's really unlikely, tho. We already got Wind Waker last year, this year's Hyrule Warriors and Zelda U will release 2015, so us Wii U owners are already getting more Zelda than ever before in such a (for big Zelda releases) short time.
Well..and I think they don't want to bother with butthurt 3DS owners and/or fanboys



Einherjar said:

I still dont get the hype around Majoras Mask One of my least favorite Zelda games
But a 3DS release would be nice, since it would go very well with Ocarine 3D.



Kirk said:

If this big game Nintendo is going to reveal for 3DS is just an update to Majora's Mask, basically the Zelda game I gave least of a **** about when I originally played it, then I for one will be mightily disappointed.

This is one of those examples I talk about where this kind of thing, an update to MM, needs to come in ADDITION to the other stuff as opposed to AT THE EXPENSE of it.

MM is not a big new reveal worthy of a whole separate secret presentation imo. It is an update of an old game and that is all and if it's coming it should have been shown during the main "Digital Event" and this secret presentation should have been reserved for something actually worthy of such a big event.

This kind of reveal, that has been built up like it is something special and maybe kind of "megaton" as it were, needs to be for more than just another 3DS update of an N64 game imo. I personally think it needs to be for a new Earthbound or a brand new F-Zero on 3DS (since that's one of those franchises that hasn't been shown any love in years and it's about f'n time), maybe even a potentially major brand new franchise with a new flagship and soon to be classic Nintendo character, or something like that.

Just saying.



KO-Cub said:

A Majora's Mask HD remake would be great. Would love to do that on Master Quest.



Einherjar said:

@Dezzy Yeah, youre right, but if you ask me, its uniqueness (or at least, teh unique gameplay features) are its least appealing points.
The whole timer thing is the worst thing that could happen to a game (im also looking at you, attelier series), the sub quest thingy is way too convoluted and overall, i found it to be one of the most annoying gaming experiences i had with a zelda game.
Dont get me wrong, its not bad by any means, i just cant stand it.



Goginho said:

Pff, haters...haters everywhere. MM is a beautiful masterpiece of a game with unique and appealing gameplay (lol I deliberately say so, to counter some commenters on here), that deserves to be revived.



sikthvash said:

@antipop621 - Same here. I like to take my time in Zelda games. I racked up 40 hours+ before I even got to the 3rd dungeon on Twilight Princess as I went exploring for Heart Containers etc ^_^



Crimson_Ridley said:

They must be announcing Majora's Mask 3D today, because I just went on Animal Crossing and bought a fortune cookie. What prize did I get? The mask of course!



ModestFan93 said:

Watching everything yesterday was such a thrill ride. Her coming out with the iconic mask was trolling I think. Nothing gonna come outta it, would love to be wrong though.



NintyMan said:

Majora's Mask 3D needs to be announced already. Like Miyamoto's new IPs, it's been teased at for years, and Nintendo should have a quick and easy good game for 3DS to release this Fall in which a 3D remake of Majora's Mask by the people behind Ocarina of Time 3D would fit the bill.



KO-Cub said:

Looking down the middle of the face. You can see the detail on the Moon's face is mirrored.



0utburst said:

You might find the answer if you put 3D-glasses on and by looking at the picture. Do you see a 3D or an HD image? LOL



TruenoGT said:

I'm guessing this has been in the wings since Ocarina, but the team's been pulled off to help work on other software, perhaps more than once. Maybe they're finally getting close to making it happen.



ULTRA-64 said:

I want this for my Wii u!!! Sod 3d .....the 3ds got the ocarina re-make.....the home console is the next in line! It's the only Zelda I havnt played as I've been holding out for a collector pack/ remake since I missed it originally. I'd settle for a vc release now even!!



argol228 said:

there is no real time limit on MM. you can reset whenever so you have about 2 hours 42 minutes to complete any task you need before resetting. that is not a stressful timer. if it takes you 3 hours to complete 1 dungeon, or unlock a dungeon. then that is your own problem and not a reason to hate the game.



Zyph said:

@antdickens Fan service, maybe? She did mention way back that one of her favorite Zelda games was Majora's Mask. But hey who knows why she brought it.



MajinSoul said:

Well, it could just mean that there will be Majora and/or Skull Kid playable in Hyrule Warrariors and one of his/her/its special moves is pulling the moon down to crush your enemies. Either way: that mask looks pretty good and I hope there will be a Majoras Mask remake aswell.



Baker1000 said:

Oh balls, I missed Zelda Williams at the SSB invitational? Stupid time differences making me need to be in bed.



PlywoodStick said:

Subliminal messages... if you see something flash by often enough, surely it means there's something more to it...?



FuseBlues said:

She tweeted that it's just her own mask prop that she brought along - I don't think there's much point in reading anything into it.



ikki5 said:

oh god people... really???? Another one of these "She showed Majors mask, MM remake must be coming!" scenarios? Honestly, how much are people going to do this. People did this when Majors mask showed up in Link between worlds, They did this again when the Skull kid trophy was shown. Why this too when the others meant nothing. Yeah, it's possible they might announce it today but don't count on it, otherwise you are just setting yourself up for disappointment when yet again, it means nothing.

Another reason why i say not to get your hopes up is this.

"So, is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask finally going to get that 3DS re-release? Well, the 3DS is short one big game for 2014 — as we've discussed — and Nintendo is due to unveil and discuss a new title for the portable today,"

I'll highlight this part

"Nintendo is due to unveil and discuss a new title for the portable today,"

yeah, NEW TITLE. not old, new.



Volmun said:

Holy sh... er.. That moon is far more creepy now.. and is that Blood splatred all over it? O_o...



bezerker99 said:

A Majora's Mask remake on my 3DS would be great cuz my 3DS desperately needs a new game to play.



StarDust4Ever said:

Putting MM on 3DS alongside OOT is the most logical solution. I for one would buy it on 3DS. I'm more interested in playing the new title on Wii-U which appears made from the ground up to utilize the HD capabilities. Definitely one to get on disc as I can't imagine anyone being able to download without external storage.



Shambo said:

There were Star Fox references buzzing around, and POOF!

Majora's mask has been popping up for quite a while, and at the rate Nintendo is handing their fans whatever dish they ask for lately, one spoon full of sugar at a time, I'd say it's happening...

or something like that!

Third party exclusives for mature audiences? Bayonetta 1? New IP? Online? Star Fox? Pac Man for Smash? All check! And MM3D should be a breeze, so why not?



ikki5 said:


normally I enjoy people having this kind of stuff but... after so long, it gets annoying especially when they speculate for 1-2 days and then whine about it for a week to a month after because it was never announced.



Fabaroo said:

I'd much prefer a new Metroid--which was suspiciously absent from everything presented yesterday--than a remake of anything.

A Majora's Mask sequel could be really cool but again, we're already getting Hyrule Warriors and then New Zelda so I don't to be saturated in Zelda.



rbmoura85 said:

I dont think they would need 90 min to present a majora remake....unless its a sequel



OneBagTravel said:

I remember 2000, it wasn't THAT long ago and I remember people's reaction to Majora's Mask. Everyone was turned off by it and tossed it aside. Yet now some 14 years later, everyone has a fond spot in their heart for it and call out to it like morning birds. It's the weirdest turn around. The game to me is all over the place and doesn't represent a good Zelda game. I tried playing it over winter and never picked it up again after 2 hours.



Mega719 said:

None of these leads to the remake and this isn't what you'll call an "new" game



Shambo said:

If they'd make it, of course -how could I not have thought of this- it's an announcement at the end of day 3. They'll play THAT song, and THIS will happen. I know it for certain now. It WILL, or I will eat my shoes. @DestinyMan



BertoFlyingFox said:

For some reason, I feel like the big 3DS game announcement would be a sequel to Majora's Mask along with a remaster of the original.



hYdeks said:

Nintendo WANTS you to speculate to get people interested in it lol I think it is coming, it was an amazing game and would join nicely with the already great line-up of Zelda games on 3DS



Zach777 said:

Majora's Mask may have taken longer to remake because a Master Quest mode was never made originally. Of course a Master Quest isn't a staple for Zelda remakes, as Wind Waker simply has the heartless Hero Mode, but perhaps Nintendo is letting Grezzo play around with a Master Quest Majora's Mask mix up?



MinecraftGreek said:

It's time to release more VC titles for the Wii U, and re-introduce N64 games, and maybe even start puttin in Gamecube and Wii titles...I also think porting DS and 3DS titles has some merit considering the Wii U has a dual screen function.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@ikki5 I know, I know.. I'm playing the game of semantics, but technically MM would be a new title for the 3DS, given the fact that it hasn't been on the platform before. There was another hint in A Link Between Worlds, being that the mask showed up in that game, for what it's worth.

I think it's happening, personally, but you never know with Nintendo. They seem to be the masters of trolling. You know they're listening too! Remember on Spike's VGX, Reggie wore the Metroid pin, and nothing came out of that? Then the heckler in the Digital Event yesterday that was asking about Mother 3? I think Nintendo likes to tease us and release things on their own sweet time. HAHA.



AVahne said:

Majora's Mask would be nice to see...but I don't want them to be talking about a remake for 90 minutes.



MussakkuLaden said:

Hmmm, not sure if the 3DS will really see Majora's Mask THIS year, but I'm pretty sure that it'll see it one day. Being occupied with the WiiU Zelda, I don't think the 3DS will see any totally new Zelda game anytime soon, so "simply" releasing Majora's Mask would be a quick and easy way to make some people happy. My guess: First half 2015.



FX29 said:

Personally I rather see Metroid 3DS, but a remake would be fine.



Mahe said:

This wouldn't save Nintendo's E3, but at least it would be some consolation.



Knux said:

I honestly hope that the big 3DS game reveal will be Metroid 3DS. I want Majora's Mask 3D, but it probably won't happen until next year.



faint said:

@Peach64 I think the reason why a lot of folks want it on the u is because of how beautiful it could look with a full hd remaster. I'm happy it's getting updated at all



BluesDrive said:

I love Zelda. Honestly it's my favorite gaming IP, but I would much rather have a 3DS Metroid game right now. We've already had OoT 3D and ALBW so I don't mind a bit of a wait for the next handheld Zelda. With that being said... I wouldn't be disappointed at all if it does turn out to be a MM remake.



BoobooMama said:

Wait. Zelda Williams. Williams. Williams. Flip the W around and it becomes an M. Add that to the last M and you get...

OMG Majora's Mask confirmed!!



ZenTurtle said:

Could it be? Could it be?... We should watch our blood pressure. It's unhealthy for fans to speculate too much.



MajinSoul said:

@BluesDrive I kind of agree. There was a lot of Zelda action recently (WiiU VC, WW HD, OoT 3D, ALBW ,..), Hyrule Warriors is coming soon and a new Zelda game in 2015. It shouldn't be overdone or else we might get bored at some point. That being said: I still want to see a MM remake on 3Ds or in HD



JaxonH said:

You're reaching. Everytime someone carries a Majora's Mask pillow doesn't mean we're getting another Zelda remake. She's not even officially part of Nintendo, just a special guest for the tourny.



skullkid17 said:

@Kirk So i guess you do.t knkw the back story on this game or have evet played it have you? This was a rushed project that proved many thing and made a name for itself. Regaurdless if its a not in your interests it was in many others. People in the gaming community wanted this one zelda game to come and see the light of day. This is trully the one game that defines your mind, problem solving puzzles in not hist a dungeon but in this whole twisted world as well.

That is why it is an in mind thought, nintendo is about the fans, not always evolved but in our hearts.



Strangething said:

@Einherjar Well I suppose it's personal preference as the unique game play which separates it from other Zelda games is amazing. I like side quests more than dungeons... It's uniqueness is why so many people love it. And even if you don't you've at least got to give Nintendo props for trying. I really do believe this game deserves a remake and not just because Ocarina of Time has already been remade on the 3DS



Einherjar said:

@Tsuchinoko xD Thanks, but no thanks

@Strangething It is, absolutely. And of cause im the last guy to call something different bad just because its different, quite the opposite.
The thing is, that everything it does different, everything that is unique about it (gameplay wise) is something, i really dont like.
Like i said, the timer thing alone is a real killjoy for me and majoras mask isnt the only game that lost me because of that.
For me, its just an unfortunate mix of gameplay concepts that i would rather not see in a game again.



theberrage said:

This means Majoras Mask 3d will be available on eShop on the last day of e3.



ZettaToad said:

@MajinSoul The moon was actually part of a cutscene in the Hyrule Warriors demo at Nintendo Treehouse. Still, I would love it if Skull Kid were playable in Hyrule Warriors.



Lou said:

Let's hope so! This is the one and only game I've been waiting forever for a remake of. I would love to relive it so much. And seriously, look at that moon, they better make it just as terrifying in the remake if they do make one.



8BitSamurai said:

The game will come, but there's no reason they have to show an enhanced version of a game we can already all play at a convention like E3.



Sandwich-man said:

@Kirk well have you seen how many people have been excited about it? So many people want this. that being said they are probly gonna release it. :T

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