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Male, 27, Mexico

Tue 10th January, 2012

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BluesDrive commented on Final Fantasy Explorers Announced for 3DS:

Hopefully it comes to the west and includes online play. Would be awesome to play with friends. Just got A Realm Reborn so that should satisfy my online FF needs but I wouldn't mind a 3DS multiplayer FF game.



BluesDrive commented on E3 2014: Did Zelda Williams Just Tease Majora'...:

I love Zelda. Honestly it's my favorite gaming IP, but I would much rather have a 3DS Metroid game right now. We've already had OoT 3D and ALBW so I don't mind a bit of a wait for the next handheld Zelda. With that being said... I wouldn't be disappointed at all if it does turn out to be a MM remake.