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Agitha, of Twilight Princess Fame, Confirmed as Playable Character in Hyrule Warriors

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

New character Lana also playable, villains from Twilight Princess to appear


Subsequent reports from this leaked Famitsu article explain that Lana (referenced below) is a new character, The White Witch, who uses a magical book of spells to combat enemies. Agitha can attack with a parasol and summon bugs, Link will have his iconic hook-shot, and as seen during E3 the moon from Majora's Mask is used as a special weapon.

Original Article:

Hyrule Warriors promises to be quite a diversion for The Legend of Zelda as a franchise, and the latest details certainly affirm that status. Main series producer Eiji Aonuma had recently promised interesting playable characters in the Tecmo Koei action game and, well, the latest reveals are certainly out of left field.

Agitha, the slightly strange bug collector from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, will be a playable character; that promises to be quite a sight. This is according to early leaks of the next Famitsu magazine, which also state that Zant and Argorok, both villains from Twilight Princess, will feature in some way — it seems the GameCube / Wii title is getting plenty of love, with Midna previously confirmed as playable, too.

Another playable character will be the mysterious Lana, who seems to be a brand new character; there's entirely reasonable speculation that she's the unidentified protagonist on the right side of the official box art.

So there you have it. For our money that Agitha role is pretty darn quirky, but let us know what you think.


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Yoshi said:

"...actually, that's probably Argorok a little above her, in plain sight all this time."

It looks exactly like the boss from the Treehouse gameplay who was also named Argorok, so I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that it truly is the Argorak that we can play as.



Yoshi said:

Yes, pull all the characters from Twilight Princess! Why? Because Tingle wasn't in that one!

EDIT: And neither was Impa. My hopes have been dashed.



ThomasBW84 said:


At that point I was writing about a gazillion articles and planning coverage, so may have missed that bit of the broadcast.



MixMasterMudkip said:

@brewsky They also showed the Moon in the Treehouse demos. The Moon is from Majora's Mask. Tingle is from Majora's Mask. TINGLE CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!



ThreadShadow said:

I expect Sheik and Ganon to be playable. Tingle would be hilarious. There are other heroic characters from TP to use.

I'm still disappointed this isn't in the timeline somewhere. With all the references to Twilight Princess, maybe this is Twilight Princess in a different branch of the timeline? Or a sequel in the Twilight Princess branch?



CaviarMeths said:

Sounds good to me. I want a good mix of more naturally warrior-like character like Link and Impa alongside quirky characters like Midna and Agitha. Just hope that other games get the same amount of love as Twilight Princess. There's a lot of potentially great characters to throw in the mix from every game.



sinalefa said:


Taken from Wikipedia:

In a later interview with Nintendo Dream, he (Aonuma) stated that the character Purlo is his reference to Tingle in Twilight Princess. According to Aonuma, Purlo's appearance "is the result of wondering what a realistic Tingle would look like"

So in one way or another, Tingle made it into TP.



SavoirFaire said:

I've never played a dynasty warriors game, and, barring horrendous review consensus, I will get this game. Is it normal to have such a large character selection? It seems you'd end up with clones and homogenization after too many characters.



AVahne said:

Pretty normal. The playable cast so far for this game is still pretty minuscule compared to the Dynasty Warriors series norm.



MrGawain said:

At the moment Link is the only male character in a group of 6.

Take that Ubisoft with yer 'difficult female characters'!



ProudasaPeacock said:

What a strange choice!
I can't wait to see what her moves are
It would be cool if we could play as Beedle or something.



Mr_Video said:

Agitha's such a random character choice...I love it. Characters that come from left-field usually end up being the most interesting and fun to play as...
Just hope they'll be sure to give other entries in the series an equal amount of love as they've been showing TP so far. I'm still hoping that Ralph and Ravio will end up being playable down the line.



Gen0neD said:

I'm gonna keep saying it, until i see it... HUMAN FORM MIDNA PLEASE... with sugar on top.



Dweeb said:

HAHAHAHAHAHA this is awesome. Probably not going to buy this game but still, this is hilarious. I hope they throw in Groose, Ashei, and Jolene as playable characters too.


Maybe they could put in Barnes too and have him chuck Bombs and Bomblings as well!



Mega719 said:

What a twist when they said they were going to be multiple playable characters and with E3 I assumed it would feature main characters never outlandish. Got to agree with everyone else on Tingle I guess then Zant and Anorak may be playable then outside of story and Ganondorf. I can even agree with a joke on YouTube asking for The King of Red Lions "just so I can be a boat on land" (I know it would have to be his human form)



NintyMan said:

Well, if that bug girl is playable, then it's just a matter of time until Tingle is confirmed. But then what about the young warrior woman from Twilight Princess whose name I forget?

I should play Twilight Princess again sometime. I completely forgot who Agitha was when I first saw this news. TP was my first Zelda game after all and would probably be a candidate for my favorite, so I appreciate all the TP representation.



link3710 said:

Still hoping for OOT goodness with Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru playable... oh and Ralph from Oracle of Ages if Nintendo has the rights to him. Maybe Din or Nayru from the Oracle games as well... And I can't help but notice how few male characters there are in legend of zelda as I make my list.



R_Champ said:

Agitha? I'm calling it now: Her special move is going to be the I-know-you-have-bugs bomb.



MasterWario said:

Gah, the one non-gameboy Zelda title I haven't played yet, and it comes back to haunt me in more ways than one.

EDIT: Nevermind, I haven't played Majora's Mask either



NoirUsernameHere said:

Odd, but at least it's another character. I definitely was not expecting her, but still a great choice. I just wanna see Ganondorf as a playable character, but he'll probably be the villain.



Einherjar said:

Well, the average Dynasty Warrior game now has around 80+ characters, so theres enough space for everyones favourite
And if it doesnt happen the first time, just keep buying it and wait for a sequel.



sinalefa said:

You people are so blind. When you see all the MM references, no matter how small, all you think is MM remake, but all of this TP material does not make you think on a TP remake? Am I really the only one?

Note that I am not serious, but it still isn't out of the realm of possibility.



Iggly said:

Want to make my day? Announce Groose and I'll be the happiest guy.



Grumblevolcano said:

@DestinyMan I'm also considering replaying Twilight Princess. Haven't played it in a while, I didn't even recognise Argorok from the Treehouse demo. For me it's very common that when a Mario Kart game comes out, that largely dominates the use of the current console. Hopefully that changes with Wii U as there's so many great games coming out in the future.



ikki5 said:

Why?? Why Agitha? There are so many other characters that would make sense in this that have an active role in fighting. Things such as Gorons, Zoras, Gerudos, Skullkid and so forth, Heck, even use Fierce Deity (yes I know it was a mask but it was a transformation to a fierce Hylian warrior). Even Groose would be better because he actually fought.



Dweeb said:

@sinalefa Yeah you're probably the only one. I could maybe see an HD remake a few years down the line but I have no idea what else they could do to improve on the game sans making the graphics more HD or making access to certain items easier. There weren't a lot of frustrating elements in Twilight Princess that need correction, unlike in Wind Waker.

Back on topic...Batreaux and Darbus would be great additions to the roster as well.



ChessboardMan said:

So when are they going to announce that the Happy Mask Salesman is a playable character, from the Villain side, since he's actually behind everything…?



Remisio said:

Hank dorm has already been shown as well in a teaser at the end of the E3 trailer... Also Vaati better be in and Ravio would be cool too.



Remisio said:

We need another main series game with Vaati btw, he's still alive in the adult and downfall timelines after all.



2Sang said:

not vaati, not sheik, not tetra, not skull kid, not a goron or zora,even tingle would be better. I'm a little upset, but as long as there's another cool character like skull kid, vaati, or sheik, I'll instabuy.



onery said:

Wanna know some interesting character to make playable? Either Rosa from Oracle of Seasons or the broom riding Maple/Irene.



2Sang said:

@ikki5 well link is in the game twice by that logic because of midna and wolf link. Sheik already has a separate character slot in smash, so why not hyrule warriors?



TwilightOniAngel said:

@Gen0neD Human form midna? yes to all of it. It would be awesome and it would be a total shame if they don't add her.They have the imp form they might as well add her human form.



ikki5 said:

@2Sang Yes and no, the wolf doesn't really do much except for charge where it is Midna herself that does pretty much everything. The Wolf is also clearly not the same as the wolf link. Also if "Shiek" was added, it would be a clone of Impa as Zelda dressed as Sheik which resembled the Sheikah except a male form. You already have Impa in there, you don't need another Sheikah in the game unless you are just going to have a bunch of clones.



World said:

This is just amazing. Agitha is probably my favorite Zelda character ever, if only because we're entymology bros. Also she's out of her mind.

But I agree with everyone who wants every character they said they want. Now is the time for decking out that roster! This is a WARRIORS game! They always have a million guys! I wouldn't be surprised if they really load up on these obscure-ish characters!

And lbr guys Dodoh is basically just Yoshimoto.



2Sang said:

@ikki5 That's why you base sheik off of her smash bros moveset duh. It's already made up anyways.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I like the silly characters. GIve us Tingle and we're all set for silliness.

...Who else wants the boxing kangaroo from Seasons and Ages?



Gold_Ranger said:

You all sicken me!
Where is the love for Error????????
Error must be a playable character!!!!!



larry_koopa said:

Seems like an odd choice, but I'll reserve judgement for once I've beaten the game. Nothing is going to lessen my hype level at this point.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Both being Sheikah doesn't make either a clone of the other, they're a tribe of warriors so theres no reason they can't play differently. From what we've seen of Sheik she can easily fill the role of ninja, this incarnation of Impa seems to be more or less a straight up warrior or samurai.

Sheik probably will make an appearance, I can't see them passing up a chance at the ol' switcheroo.



Knuckles said:

Well, this all but crushes my dreams of Ganondorf and Fierce Diety Link being playable.



DarkKirby said:

Agitha is fine and all.

But let's get Saria and Malon in there.

Saria with plant and earth magic,

And Malon with a pitchfork and summoning cows, horses and cuccos.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome!! What a random addition! More random additions please Nintendo! More obscure characters, that's what I want!



MadAdam81 said:

@SavoirFaire Dynasty Warriors.generally has a much bigger roster, and personally I find all of them.are.different enough, when you take into account their different weapon.styles and different personalities.
It will be interesting to see what their story is to encompass all the different Zelda games.



Henmii said:

They weren't lying when they said there would be some unexpected characters! The bug-princess, who would have thought it?

"which also state that Zant and Argorok, both villains from Twilight Princess, will feature in some way"

Spoiler: In the treehouse footage we could see that Argorok is a boss.



BoobooMama said:

Hopefully we'll see Ghirahim and Ganondorf as playable characters. And as long as we're going with obscure characters, let's throw in Dampé just because.



Tsurii said:

@sinalefa I would take a TP remake over any other older game. I still think that was the best Zelda (and I don't care what other people think )

Agitha is a really interesting choice to say the least...I'm really curious to see how she'll fight.



Ichiban said:

As cool as this is, I wish Nintendo would settle down a bit as far as revealing things in their upcoming games go. We knew every little detail and secret in MK8 before its release, same goes for the new Smash Bros. I want to be surprised dammit! So cool your jets a little



Pod said:

This game went from uninteresting over interesting to stupid fast.



LunaticPandora said:

Rather disheartening that a Zelda spinoff that's not even an in-house effort winds up having a more interesting roster than Mario Kart 8 does....



AJWolfTill said:

@vamkar NICE CATCH! I could certainly see the game's plot revolving around that.
So are we reckoning that Agitha uses Parasol-fu or summons an army of ferocious bugs (would love to see her riding an enormous rhino beetle into battle.
I've always thought Agitha was one of the most distinctive characters in the franchise to never reoccur. Certainly greater than the now staple Beedle.



KodyDawg said:

I'm loving the Twilight Princess influences! That was one of my favorite Zelda's!



World said:

@Smasher64 User icons in thread tell me yes. However, this also tells me that a number of people want themselves to be in the game along with anime characters, some Pokémon and stuff. (Me I'm apparently rooting for Japanese Giant Hornet because I am basically Agitha after all).

But hey, there was that one user with GBA Toon Link! Does that count?

Anyway, everyone wants Toon Link. It's Toon Link come on. I think he's got a really good chance of being in it now? Honestly, the ONLY Zelda character that would surprise me at this point would be Hand Coming Out of the Toilet from a few of the games.



Darkness3131 said:

@Knuckles It would be really cool if Link had some kind of gauge where when he has beat enough enough enemies you can activate a mode that makes him send out a force as he turns into FD mode. It could initially blast away all nearby enemies and then you could go around with a super powered sword for a while.



DyNeo said:

I'll be amazed if this ends up being better than the Zelda Wii U game. Probably won't but it'll go to show that Nintendo making more risks with it's IP's and giving them spin offs to other developers helps.



RoboDuck said:

I think some of the villains from Oracle of Ages and Seasons would play a good role in this game. Would be cool to have a mode to play as the bad guys. Shadow Link would be a good playable character if such a mode existed.



Wolfeon said:

So I'm guessing that Lana is the chick to the right of link.

Also we need Young Link, The 6 Sages from OoT, M.M. Link, Skull Kid, Link with Epona, Zubora and Gabora from M.M., Moosh, Ricky, Dimitri, Din, and Nayru from the Oracle games, 4 swords Link, Tetra, Shadow Link, Hero's Spirit from T.P., Alfonzo, and Linebeck.

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