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3DS Tops Japanese Hardware Chart as Wii U Secures Home Console Crown

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Put away the champagne, the numbers are still low

It's time for the weekly Japanese Media Create results, and they bring a couple of notable headlines this week. We see a boost for Wii U ahead of the 29th May launch — it's a day earlier in Japan — of Mario Kart 8, while Level-5's latest success story keeps on going.

The software charts see three top 10 entries tapping into the FIFA World Cup craze, with Konami the beneficiary. The main headline from a Nintendo perspective belongs to Yo-kai Watch, which is still mixing it in 3rd place and moving towards one million physical retail sales. With a sequel on the way and localisation to the West a possibility, they're good times for Level-5 and, by extension, the 3DS — results are below, with lifetime sales in brackets.

1. [PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen — 35,656 (New)
2. [PS4] inFAMOUS: Second Son — 34,801 (New)
3. [3DS] Yokai Watch — 33,974 (984,009)
4. [PSV] To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy — 22,327 (New)
5. [3DS] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen — 16,762 (New)
6. [PS3] The Idolmaster: One For All — 12,488 (95,883)
7. [PSV] Genkai Tokki: Moero Chronicle — 9,492 (42,450)
8. [PSV] Amnesia World — 8,650 (New)
9. [PSP] Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Aoki Samurai no Chousen — 7,245 (New)
10. [3DS] Mario Golf: World Tour — 7,069 (93,279)
11. [3DS] Mario Party: Island Tour — 6,741 (377,925)
12. [3DS] Pokemon X and Y — 5,489 (4,068,956)
13. [PSV] Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment — 5,267 (206,648)
14. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 — 4,244 (3,281,369)
15. [3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe — 4,055 (588,563)
16. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 — 3,960 (2,322,537)
17. [3DS] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call — 3,057 (123,606)
18. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V — 3,020 (778,762)
19. [3DS] Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode Yokubari Sengen! Tokimeki Up! — 2,972 (39,121)
20. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf — 2,932 (3,727,633)

As for the hardware results, once again the 3DS LL (XL) is on top followed by PS Vita. Most noticeably the Wii U has seen an increase that has carried it up to third in the rankings, making it the biggest selling home console in Japan last week. The results are below, with last week's sales in brackets.

3DS LL – 18,374 (18,350)
PS Vita – 14,070 (12,810)
Wii U – 9,024 (6,716)
PlayStation 3 – 7,565 (7,339)
PlayStation 4 – 7,543 (6,792)
3DS – 4,850 (5,250)
PSP – 1,479 (1,642)
PS Vita TV – 1,142 (1,055)
Xbox 360 – 202 (201)

So there you go, admittedly low Wii U numbers at least going in the right direction and coming in ahead of its Sony rivals. It'll be interesting to see what impact the system's karting blockbuster can have next week.


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Spoony_Tech said:

Let's just wait and see what next week gives us. Hopefully 10 times those numbers for the U!



BigH88 said:

I wanna see that 9,024 multiplied by 20. If it goes up only a couple thousand it will really be over.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh ha, WiiU is leading the japan console race this time. Shall it not be a fleeting victory for the next coming months. …….I think this has something to do with Hyrule Warriors in japan



Dezzy said:

Encouraging increase. It'd be great if Mario Kart genuinely turned the Wii U around.



kereke12 said:

I'm going to say this, maybe if Nintendo will stop focusing on 3DS so much and focus on Wii U. Maybe of instead if being in 3rd place which is good. But maybe they can be on top.....But this will be a interesting week.



Gerbwmu said:

So what will next week look like? I'm going with sales of 300K for MK8 and hardware of 105K.........oh I might as well go big......MK8 will sell 400K and there will be hardware sales of 200K and Nintendo will be rolling in money by August......



FX102A said:

I look forward to next week's numbers, hopefully a lot of MK8 bundles will be sold.

My mantra has always been to never cast a console off until two years have past. The Wii U only has 6 months to turn around and convince me otherwise (I still love mine regardless and look forward to E3).



bizcuthammer said:

Just wait until the big name JRPGs hit PS4: Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, etc. WiiU will be left in the dust when that happens in Japan since neither of those titles are coming for it.

On the bright side, the chances of Xbox One outselling WiiU in Japan are slim to none! I don't even think Japan knows what an Xbox is.



Zemus-DJ said:

@kereke12 You do realize "Handheld" consoles sell better in Japan, so of corse there gonna focus on it, and that's what's making them the most cash. I myself perfer handhelds. Thou I'm pretty sure there next handheld/console will play both freeing up resorses which will in turn let them pump out more games faster.



Hank_Scorpio said:

Just got an email from Tesco saying my Mario Kart 8 bundle has been dispatched - so that's +1 sale for UK!



SpookyMeths said:

@bizcuthammer Neither FFXV nor KH3 are going to move many consoles. The FF13-3 trilogy had abysmal sales and FF14 is being given away for free with 2 month subscription. KH3 is a niche title.



Mikeopferman said:

Not a good week for consoles, and the fact that WiiU beat the PS4 is nice but also shows how poorly those home consoles do in Japan. Let's hope they pick up, in the long run all console sales are good because it means people are playing games so they will make more for us to play. Let's hope for better numbers from all next week



rjejr said:

@FX102A - "hopefully a lot of MK8 bundles"

Is Japan even getting an MK8 bundle this week? I researched it a bit but never found one. I think if Japan were getting a bundle this week last weeks Wii U sales would have been near zero, not a 25% bump, which should be applauded. .

Speaking of bundles, it's probably too late but Nitnedo has never made enough of an effort combining 3DS and Wii U. Maybe if the 2 SSB games were more compatible they could have made bundle w/ both systems and both games. Maybe next go round w/ Unity.

Amazon released FireTV not too long ago and they are advertising it in a bundle w/ Kindle Fire now at about 25% off the individual prices.

Seems like Wii U is finally getting enough games now where Amazon shouldn't be an issue, but Amazon does know how to advertise.



Peach64 said:

I think MK8 is going to be huge over there. There seems to be a big buzz for it outside the usual Wii U crowd, which doesn't seem to be the case elsewhere.



PJR0cks said:

Well thank you Japan, at least it did out sell PS4, even if they both sold so little, something that we can hope only to happen in America, and unfortunately be sure it will not happen in Europe and UK.
I don't think the Hardware sales will go up as much as you guys think, but as Iwata said these games are here to build a momentum, a move to the right direction. Japan will play a critical role for Nintendo this time around, if Wii U becomes a success story in Japan it will definitely boost it sales in west, specially after Japanese developers start coming around and paying more attention to the console.



OneBagTravel said:

Nintendo really needs to focus on developing. They've got a killer team of game designers that they need to really crank out the hits now. MK8 will give them momentum, Smash Brothers will also add some fuel. There needs to be more though!

Kind of a blanket, obvious post on my behalf.. sorry



Nintenjoe64 said:

To be honest, about 3 months ago I was expecting 3-digit sales figures in the lull before MK8 so these figures look good to me.



CrazyOtto said:

Wii U will probably be even higher than the 3DS and Vita when Mario Kart 8 comes out.



Guybrush20X6 said:

@Maelstrom I don't think Imfamous was a big thing in Japan. Maybe the PS4 will take off when they release more games geared towards the Japanese Market like Final Fantasy BunchaRomanNumerals.



Fearsome said:

Ha Ha, I just picked up my Mario Kart 8 from Sears. Its true they're selling them early.



TruenoGT said:

I think we'll find out how committed Nintendo is to supporting Wii U in a couple weeks at E3. I don't see it recovering in the west, but if it holds on in Japan, we'll hopefully see some modest Japanese 3rd party support for it. System has SO much potential game-wise that I hope it holds on long enough to realize it.



Cyberbotv2 said:

It's rare I really think about the console sales, but MK 8 must absolutely dominate all territories and those hardware sales have to go through the roof. We need a bigger install base, so I can get Superman vs Doomsday SNES version on the VC!



Blast said:

Sony also needs to announce some awesome exclusive JRPGs for PS4 BADLY.... KH3 and FFXV aren't coming anytime soon.



Operative said:

I was really pleasently surprised to see this. I thought the PS4 would dominate all year. Glad to see there's still some itnerest in the Wii U after all



19Robb92 said:

Man.. The WiiU & Ps4 are just getting ignored over there. Sad to see them sell that low.



SuperMikey said:

@BigH88 Correction, we need to see that multiplied by 200 or if you mean it going in an evergreen state with increases with each release than yeah.



NavySpheal said:

@CaviarMeths Wait what? Not a Final Fantasy fan, but 5 million is abysmal? And KH isn't a niche series, KH 2 sold 4 million. Not everything has to sell like Mario and COD to be successful.



Hank_Scorpio said:


Mine says Saturday too, when I ordered I didn't have any options regarding delivery either. I had a look online when I ordered (5th May) and it looks like it's Tesco's standard MO, by all accounts we will have delivery on Friday (I hope!).



SpookyMeths said:

@NavySpheal You're talking about worldwide sales. Looking at just the Japanese numbers, the only JRPG likely to move a large number of PS4s would be Dragon Quest XI announced as an exclusive.

And FF13-3's worldwide sales barely hit 1 million, let alone 5.



faint said:

@memoryman3 then why does the Japanese coming chart have mario kart listed at number one in preorders? I look forward to seeing you here next week. I'll remind you of this post btw



sevex said:

First Japan, and then... the world! I will be so happy if Mario Kart 8 gives the Wii U a good boost.



Action51 said:

It's actually the worst time to buy a Wii U...unless you are getting a nice bundle and then plan to take advantage of the free digital download after MK8 releases in 2 days.

@faint - you keep forgetting that the Nintendoom squad only show up where they can spread doom and gloom. If the sales numbers aren't that great he'll be here to proclaim victory (although I'm not sure what he wins?) and if the numbers are amazing he'll be nowhere to be found and have no idea what you're going on about.

This is the not-so-secret art of the Nintendoom!



somari said:

low numbers but a very good sign to come. Hopefully it would be like that but with bigger numbers and more sale's.



ScorpionMG said:

hopefully it reaches 100k by next week, Japan has a strong desire for mario kart games, let's just hope! Don't forget hyrule warriors is just around the corner for japan as well, they made a huge buzz for that game as well



Action51 said:

Mario Kart 8 is causing some buzz, but also the new round of delays for big Playstation4 titles isn't helping Sony very much right now.

So it's some of one, and some of the other.



MAN1AC said:

Terrible numbers all around. Mobile games have taken over Japan But this is great for Nintendo nonetheless. Hopefully they can get some momentum behind the Wii U over there.



Donutman said:

IMO, sad for everyone else. Ps4 should not be below wii u at all...since wii u had a year head start and nobody is buying a wii u pre mario kart...with the deal they offering for a bundle , next several weeks Nintendo should be near top.



eaglebob345 said:

@Donutman PS4 needs better games, it wasn't going to coast along on hype forever. If/whenever KH3 comes out might be getting a PS4/XB1 for it (depends on who has a better price by that time), if it doesn't come to the Wii U as well (it could still happen, it seems like it is years away).



Yoshis_VGM said:

@BigH88 Now don't be so sure...the first week after 3D World launched gave us underwhelming numbers, but it eventually climbed upwards and there was one week where the Wii U sold over 100,000 units in one week. Also remember that next week's numbers will only show two or three days after the Mario Kart 8 launch. So don't be too shocked if the numbers aren't as high as you're expecting them to be.



MussakkuLaden said:

I don't really find that surprising. While the WiiU sale numbers are certainly no reason to be happy, I very much doubted that PS4 and XOne would be a great success in the first two or so years after release (apart from a strong launch, due to the most hardcore of core gamers). I am pretty sure that if I owned a PS3 and would be a faithful Sony gamer, I had not yet purchased the PS4 either. Not only can the majority of AAA-titles still be played on the old system, they do not even look that much weaker. I don't mean this as a criticism of the PS4 hardware, it simply is the way things go. One should not forget that even the PS3 needed a good while to take off, and with the difference between generation less visible now then back then, it could hardly be expected that it would sell like crazy. In two years maybe. All 3 console have and will have a hard time attracting customers. But naturally, once the prices drop and the last gen disappears from the shelves, they will sell. Some more, some less, that's the question.



SamirMalik said:

@Dezzy MK will not turn things around alone. A bunch of games aimed at multiple different gamers will. Bayo 2 and SMT will also do justice.



mostro328 said:

I hope it really goes up with mk 6 digits weighs be awesome but a long shot i think

People are still buying the psp wtf?



Farmboy74 said:

Hopefully the start of a WII U turn around, hopefully Mario Kart will do the business and then its onto, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta, X and Super Smash Bros to keep the system selling. That will see this year out, Nintendo need to have some huge surprises lined up at E3 to keep momentum going into 2015



memoryman3 said:

@faint Well as much as I want Mario Kart to sell like hot cakes the hardware does not deserve more collabs (the worst kind of support)



Mega719 said:

Finally i can sleep at night without worries. But watch the internet try to make it look bad more



SamirMalik said:

@memoryman3 Variety sells, dude. Remember the 3DS? It was struggling. However it eventually got variety in such short time 2011-12. A platformer, a racer, an adventure game and a horror game. Now the same can be said about the Wii U. A racer, 2 action games, an open world game and a hardcore RPG along with a fighter to top it all off. This was Pepsi's results after trying to create the perfect Pepsi cola back in the 80s. Variety sells.



eltomo said:

There's nothing to play on a ps4, that's evident by ps3 matching the ps4.

Good news for Wii U, game on!!



SamirMalik said:

@dumedum Please don't. If it did flop then Nintendo would lose their way. Competition is healthy. I'm glad that Wii U sales picked up so Sony won't get lazy there in Japan.



Peek-a-boo said:

@dumedum ... how is the PlayStation 4 a 'flop' if it outsold the worldwide Wii U sales in a shy over four months on sale?

You are a blinkered Nintendo fanboy.



GraveLordXD said:

Wow sometimes I wish I wouldn't read the comment section on some of these articles
Seriously we have someone saying that the ps4 is a flop and another claiming that FIFA and madden will save the Wii u, wtf smh.



shonenjump86 said:

Guess we will see how Mario Kart does. It may boost up Wii U sales. Still glad to see GTA V on that list as usual. I wonder how that To Love Ru game plays like.



faint said:

@memoryman3 i expect a mario strikers or baseball game anounced at e3. i don't like them but they sure seem to sell decently. i guess that will be the temp sports fix for many



faint said:

@Peek-a-boo i think he is saying it's flopping in japan witch it is. imo the biggest flop is the xbone. it's barely selling 20 thousand more a week than a much older console (wii u) thats considered a failure. nobody seems to want to talk about this tho.



Hy8ogen said:

Only Nintendo life is reporting this piece of news, other sites are just dead quiet....

Damn I just made my self a bowl of caramel popcorn



JaxonH said:

You fail to take into account the Wii U has it's own highly anticipated titles for Japan, such as Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and Monolith Soft's X, all of which charted in Famitsu's list of most anticipated games by Japanese gamers, right up there with FF15.



TwilightAngel said:

Oh damn the wiiu beat the ps4 and the ps3? I thought that will never happen without a big game release. Now i really hope mario kart 8 makes the wiiu number one of the list and if that happens then nintendo life will be the only one to report the news. The other sites wont say a word about it.



TwilightAngel said:

@burninmylight The wiiu is not getting the game cause nintendo has not paid for it microsoft, has paid for it with a bunch of benjamin franklin's and george washington's.



JaxonH said:


You asked where is the Wii U variety? I have your answer right here:

3D Platformer (Super Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World)
2D Platformer (DKC Tropical Freeze, Rayman Legends, NSMBU)
Action Adventure (Zelda Windwaker HD)
Survival Horror (RE Revelations, Zombi U)
Stealth (Deus Ex Human Revolution, Splinter Cell Blacklist)
Open World (AC 3/4, Batman Arkham City/Origins, Watch Dogs)
FPS (Call of Duty BO2, Call of Duty Ghosts,)
Action RPG (Darksiders 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Mass Effect 3)
Cart Racing (Mario Kart 8, Sonic Transformed)
Racing (Need For Speed U, Project Cars, 90's Arcade Racer)
Fighting (Injustice, Tekken Tag Tourny 2, Smash Bros U)
Minigame Collections (Nintendoland, Game&Wario, Wii Party U, Wii Fit U)
Sports (Wii Sports Club, Mario & Sonic 2014 Olympics, Madden 13, FIFA 13)
Action Beat-em-up (W101, Ninja Gaiden 3, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2)
RPG (Child of Light, Monolith Soft's X)

You don't have to like it, but that would be considered variety.



TwilightAngel said:

@JaxonH why did you reply to a troll dude. The guy you replied to is somebody that is here to say random things like talk trash about games mostly about hyrule warriors and make fun of nintendo .Come man you got better things to do than reply a troll.



JaxonH said:


Ya, screw it I guess. Let people say what they want. It's not like their comments are gonna convince to me to suddenly start hating my Wii U. I like what I like.



Zup said:

Wish we had weekly updates like this in the other regions. I'd love to get a broader picture of how wii U is doing elsewhere. Oh well, glad to see at least a small boost over there in Japan.



Zombie_Barioth said:

There wouldn't be a point to paying for it for Microsoft, unless it was exclusive to the Xbox One, which it isn't. Its not coming to Wii U because it'd just be more work for Square-Enix, work they won't see enough of a return on. Most of their games have been Playstation exclusive, so this is a sign thats no longer viable, not that theres some sort of conspiracy going on.



kyuubikid213 said:

So again we have another example of what happens on the internet.

In regards to Nintendo, (1) if there are negative articles of any sort, instantly get on your keyboard and fuel the fire as much as possible to keep that negative publicity going around. (2) If there are positive articles, even those with minimal positivity including, but not limited to sales boosts, great games, and software updates, go to the comments sections to make the positive article as insignificant (seeming) as possible to let the gaming media know this is not a good thing. (3) If you are a larger company or corporation and notice item 2 occurring, make perfectly sure you are not letting the information get out that Nintendo is doing something right and continue fanning the flames of item 1. And (4) If there are articles that are neither positive or negative about Nintendo, do whatever you can in the comments section to give the article a negative slant.

Nintendo posts $500 million dollar loss, everyone attacks Nintendo.
Sony posts $1.2 billion dollar loss, it's fine because Sony has other divisions and the Playstation brand isn't affected by that.

Wii U has weak sales figures, outline how Nintendo is failing horribly and how they'll be out of the console race in the next few years.
Xbox One has sales that literally hit a brick wall. Oh, it's fine.



Action51 said:


You forgot (5): If anyone who points out bad journalism, inconsistency, hypocrisy, or even dares to say something positive about Nintendo...they must immediately be labeled a "fanboy" and "drone' by people who dedicate countless hours of their lives trashing Nintendo on sites and in forums...because they like Sony or Microsoft consoles better...or something.



Caryslan said:

So, the comments section has turned into childish fanboy wars over two consoles that quite frankly aren't selling very well overall in Japan.

Good job guys.... Way to stay classy...

I mean, we can't have two successful home consoles in Japan, of course, both the PS4 and Wii U could you know... Both thrive and be highly successful...

Nah, let's hope just toss around childish insults mocking Sony and arguing the merits of two systems that would not even be half on the sales that the Super Famicom Wii, or Playstation 2 put up back in their day....



Action51 said:

@Caryslan - Has this comments section really turned into a childish fanboy war?

  • I'd say not really.

I do see a few posts making some snarky comments, but...there's really not all that much mocking of Sony, and the Nintendo bashing is the standard fare from the standard sources, and even that is pretty subdued.

In fact most people are keeping it civil and the main consensus seems to be that home consoles in Japan are all selling poorly, especially the Wii U and PS4 for being the latest from Nintendo and Sony respectively.



Onion said:


Yes, exactly. If you like your Wii U, what anyone else says or thinks isn't relevant.


The fanboy thing bugs me because anyone who dares to say anything positive or in defense of NIntendo is disregarded as a fanboy, while it's apparently fine to blatantly and blindly hate on Nintendo for reasons already outlined by Kyuubuki. Sometimes I just ignore it because it's not worth wasting energy over. As for the comments becoming a fanboy war, it's actually more tame than I expected, so I see no "war" here.

Still, I'm surprised PS4 hasn't outsold the Wii U yet, even given the short amount of time it's been on the market. Sony consoles are an absolute beast in the gaming world so I have a feeling it will surpass the Wii U in terms of sales. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it. One thing I think we can all agree on is that the Xbox One won't be outselling either anytime soon...



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 What is sad looking at this chart is the lack of sequels that seems to be quite common in Japan (At least for the stuff with Japanese names). I wish the West actually got variety.



Action51 said:

@OnionOverlord - PS4 has already outsold the Wii U worldwide.

Also,'s funny how the whole "fanboy" thing works...while the majority of people who play on Sony consoles are just gamers who happen to like the games and Sony hardware platform...then there is that minority of vocal, juvenile, online crusaders hellbent on invading every video game related forum to spread their zealotry and attack the infidels!

I think it's also important to point out the difference between people who aggressively invade forums and provoke, or endlessly troll owners of other consoles, and those who simply defend or show support for games and platforms they like in the appropriate forums.

IE: a Nintendo fan going to an Xbox forum to trash Microsoft is much, much worse then an Xbox fan on an Xbox forum responding to that rabid Nintendo fan who took it upon himself to spam negative attacks against the Xbox.

I have to roil my eyes when I get accused of being "NDF" or "blind fanboyism"'s like...dude, I own Nintendo consoles and enjoy their games...and I'm posting on a Nintendo enthusiast website...what did you expect?



Onion said:


Yes, I agree. I don't see the point in that sort of thing. As someone who owns a wide variety of consoles, I don't see the point in being biased toward one or the other. Lately, I've noticed an increase in trolls who come onto this site purely for the purpose of trying to run the Wii U or 3DS down. If someone dares to defend the "failing" systems, they are labeled as a fanboy and so on.

The Xbox 360, original model, and the One in particular seem to get a crapload of hate directed toward them, with people saying things like "Xbox should die" and such. I've never understood why a person who likes X company has to hate Y company. It's been going on since the Genesis and SNES days and it's just as stupid now as it was then. I appreciate each system for what it does, and the only one I would even come close to "hating" is the Vita. Even then, I don't hate the Vita, I just found myself a little confused about some of the things Sony did with it. When it comes right down to it, I actually want a Vita, I'm just waiting to see if some of the kinks are ironed out first.



OneBagTravel said:

I just wanted to add that over the weekend a group of friends got together and sat down around a TV and played some Wii U Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World. I can't tell you how much of a blast we had and how reminiscent it felt. It's been YEARS since I've played a console around a TV with multiple people (maybe Dreamcast era?) and to play those Mario games with such great gameplay and polish... it was amazing. It made me want to go out and buy a Wii U immediately. /blog

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