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Miiverse Update Imposes Restrictions on Posting Comments

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mario says it's not a chat room, right?

Nintendo has today announced a fresh update for Miiverse across the web and Wii U / 3DS versions. The positive change is that the web version will now have the same community search functionality as the console equivalent, as well as a "Posts from Verified Users" tab that acts as a shortcut to authorised developer accounts; this is useful for keeping track of updates on various titles.

There is a negative change, at least from the perspective of some regulars posting their thoughts on the platform, in that there is now a time restriction on posting comments to other people's posts. Whereas before you could post rapidly, there will now be a three minute period that you must wait to leave consecutive messages on another user's post. This will potentially take away any scope for a "chat" vibe, due to that time delay, though from a moderation perspective will no doubt help Nintendo's Miiverse team. It will be possible to post multiple times without an enforced wait on your own messages, however.

Full details are below, from the official Miiverse post:

There has been an update to Miiverse today.

1) We’ve added two new features to the web version of Miiverse to bring it in line with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions.

The first is the "Posts from Verified Users" icon at the top of the Communities screen, which you can select to display only posts by verified users.

The second is the community search function, which lets you search for communities by software title.

2) This affects all versions of Miiverse: You can no longer post several comments in quick succession on somebody else's post.

From now on, after posting a comment on someone else's post, you will have to wait around 3 minutes before you can comment again on the same post. This doesn't apply to your own posts, where you can comment as frequently as you like.

So there you have it. Are you affected by this change, and if so what do you think?

Thanks to Spoony_Tech for the heads up.

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TreesenHauser said:

I suppose it'll put an end to silly things like this from happening on Miiverse... for a little while at least.



Tsurii said:

Well...there's a reason why they added private messages.
I don't mind it and I actually think it's better like that, because at least I always thought of Miiverse as a forum, not a glorified chatroom.



mystman12 said:

Thank goodness! Now all of Sakurai's pics won't be spammed with "LAST" or stupid character requests over and over and over again.



rjejr said:

Considering it takes me about 5 minutes to type a message on the Gamepad I don't think this will have any effect on me.



3dcaleb said:

i dont really use it at all but i think its dumb for them to put a time limit on how long u have to wait between messages. i dont see a reason for it.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think it's time to demand some games on miiverse. I am going to spam Konami for Axelay, Kemco for Top Gear and Sega for Saturn and Dreamcast games.



RedYoshi999 said:

lol, now people are spamming #Save Miiverse everywhere. /facepalm
Oh, and people are actually angry that they removed people's Yeah counters? It's finally stopped those stupid "thanks for 10 yeahs" posts.



Spoony_Tech said:

@DiscoGentleman The only limit before was on posting not on commenting.

I think this is a step backwards. I have a group of friends I chat with and all this does is take up more time. I don't see many spammers and most of the time it's activity feeds posts that I comment on! Way to go Nintendo and take some of the fun out of Miiverse. First you take away Swapnote now you just went backwards imo on Miiverse.



NintyMan said:

While the time limit may sound negative, this will actually help the comment sections in Sakurai's Pic of the Day for Smash Bros. immensely. There's always random, ridiculous posts people make on those and the comment section fills up to the 1005 post limit rather quickly. There is a limit to comments after all. So this will help give people more time throughout the day to make a Pic of the Day comment.

I've always seen Miiverse as more of a forum than chat room, anyway.



AyeHaley said:

Nintendo sure loves restrictions...Sometimes they really go too far in my opinion.
They have enough cash to hire more moderators. Or why not let people mod comments on their own posts? Let them delete nasty comments themselves since they are posted on their own Miiverse posts.

@DestinyMan They could always enforce different rules on important posts like Sakurai's.



MrCanzine said:

Hopefully they increase the allowed size of a post. Sometimes I've had to write two posts back to back in order to explain something. It's like twitter, imposing that character limit just causes more two and three part posts.

though maybe I just need to practice writing shrtfrm txt spk 2sv space. I just canna do it cap't!



evildevil97 said:

I'm 100% for the delay. I posted a question asking why people thought Waluigi was worthy of a character in Smash, which turned into a flame war starring one child. The delay would've helped prevent that. Ultimately, I deleted that post altogether. Anything to help prevent things like that from happening is a thumbs up in my book.



Emblem said:

This isn't really a negative and most of us who use miiverse enough will welcome it.



HylianJowi said:

I'm not bothered by this in the slightest. It was nice to have long theoretical discussions with other Zelda fans, but the reality did get away from what Nintendo intended the service to be.



MoonKnight7 said:

Just speaking for myself, if post something, I then go back to playing. If I do check back on the post, it is many minutes later.



Yorumi said:

Other than when you need more than 200 characters the 3 minutes isn't too bad. Wish they hadn't done it but there are worse things they could have done. I'd rather they do more to help people find interesting posts, or to prevent some of the overall spam of new posts. So many posts are just "yeah" "this game is fun" "here's my stick figure drawing."

If you don't see a post almost the exact moment it's posted you'll likely never going to see it. This has the effect of shutting down discussions before they even get started. There are interesting discussions out there but like all things maybe 10% of the population has anything interesting to say. With the speed communities move that just further restricts your likelihood of seeing them.



HaNks said:

would be nice if there were proper chat options (text or voice) at OS level, something you could use while gaming. has become a standard feature everywhere else...



DinoFett said:

With 24hr a day world wide use maybe the traffic is getting too much for Nintendo.



MussakkuLaden said:

Basically a good thing. I'm just afraid that in combination with the 200-letters-restriction it might make it difficult to give someone a detailed reply if, for instance, he wants to know how to continue at a certain passage in a game where he is stuck.
But leaving that aside, a good thing. And one can still write without the 3 minute restriction on DIFFERENT posts. I was first worried about that.



noctowl said:

That's bad. I usually answer posts that ask for help, and the question isn't always explained clearly so it takes a little while to find the exact problem and solution. This is just going to stop people from getting back into the game faster.



andjahiam said:

Miiverse is a community and is being regulated like a prison... freedom of speech should be most important. Let it run wild. Ban those who are rude or disgusting or perverted but dont ban someone for just being stupid or supporting ps4 pr xboxone. Let the verse flow through the miiverse.



Yorumi said:

@andjahiam I find the modding there to be a refreshing oasis in the desert of the internet. Everywhere you go it's nothing but people screaming past each other, it's nice to have a place where people are required to be respectful.



Spoony_Tech said:

@PrincessEevee9 Nope, but it does effect 3-4 people getting together to chat which otherwise we would have to go elsewhere to do!

Not to mention I just want to have a good honest adult conversation and when I post 3 messages in a row because of the letter limit, now I must wait a total of 9 mins just to do what takes 2 or less to do. Very disappointing!



kereke12 said:

I like the idea Nintendo, but you guys need to get with the program already. Take out FC, make us use usernames already. Let us have a private chat, but without posting pictures. Cause people seem to abuse that.



Yorumi said:

@kereke12 no friend codes need to stay in the current system because they allow for username recycling. As it is right now you don't even see the codes, they act as a unique identifier. In a community as big as nintendo, getting a unique username, even when it's fairly original, among potentially a hundred million users would be an exercise in futility. It allows for clean usernames that don't have a million numbers and symbols in them in a desperate attempt to find some combination of characters that will be accepted.

The people complaining about friend codes might as well be complaining about phone numbers.



MrCanzine said:

@DinoFett perhaps. Or Nintendo should add a new feature, "shorten this post" and have it "translate" common words into the Ninty newspeak. That way we could write normally, then just click the shorten option and it makes it txt frndly.



DerpSandwich said:

Say goodbye to actual conversations. Once again Nintendo regulates exactly how we interact with each other on their platform rather than just letting us make our own choices.



AdanVC said:

This is good especially when Sakurai posts the Pic of the Day on the Smash Bros. Community. However... I think Miiverse is already very, very strict on pretty much everything now :S. With this 3 minute restriction per comment is gonna be difficult when you are trying to get help when you're stuck in a game and you would easily lost your patience because of this. Oh well...



SecondServing said:

LMAO good on you Nintendo! Hopefully this will discourage horny 12-14 year old boys and girls from seeking attention and such.



Action51 said:

@AyeHaley - The reason they have moderators is to prevent bullying/abuse and to keep it family friendly.

Guess what? I like it...and I'm an adult. Why?

Because we have a million places online to make personal attacks, swear, troll, and be general d-bags. If Nintendo wants to provide one service where things stay light and friendly, then more power to them.

Surely people can manage to live in a world where one out of thousands of anonymous online gaming forums can be mostly free of whining, hate, cyber-bullies, and trolls?



Action51 said:

@andjahiam "freedom of speech" is not an absolute right to say or type whatever you want, wherever you want on privately run forums.

When you post on Miiverse, there are terms of use, and Nintendo has every right to regulate their privately owned and operated service as they see fit. If you want to say whatever you want, say it. Find the appropriate forum or start your own blog.

I'm not trying to be mean, but I think it's important to understand how this works. If you think Nintendo is the only company that regulates its on-line forums, you are mistaken as well.

One last point: Nintendo wants to maintain an image of being a "safe" buy for parents with younger children, and it's important they maintain a level of moderation.

Trust me when I say the scandal hungry gaming media, and the anti-gaming mainstream media LOVES to report on negative stories where kids get cyber-bullied or exposed to inappropriate and pornographic posts. This is why they had to get rid of swapnote.



Dark-Link73 said:

One hasn't been able to "post messages in quick succession" for a long time. There has been a two-minute wait to post comments for a long time now. All that Nintendo did was to increase the waiting time from two to three minutes. So it's not a big deal at all.



smikey said:

Doesn't really bother me much most of the multiple comments where I post in quick succession ( reviews, opinions, Guides) are in my own posts which aren't affected It might be annoying now & then trying to help someone who's stuck 200 characters isn't always enough but with just a 3 minute wait It's really not that bad.

More annoying that you can't have any link to your own blog, twitter or any other such account in your own profile especially when such blogs ect might be 100% Nintendo related. but I get how it would get abused by someone almost instantly & wouldn't the internet in general love to nail Nintendo to the wall for that!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I think MiiVerse can only benefit from this. The forum is about Nintendo games, not about random rambles and spamming. If you use MiiVerse as intended, you're not gonna be affected by this change.

Actually, considering the kinds of posts flooding them, Nintendo should allow developers (or trusted users in general) to disable replies on their posts. There hasn't been anything worthwhile on Sakurai's Pic's of the Day, or any other dev post to begin with.



Emaan said:

Literally I get so many comments on posts like "hey whatsup" from 10 year olds. Thanks Miiverse



Shy_Guy said:

I like the update. Hopefully this will help stop those 9-16 year olds looking for boyfriends/girlfriends...



kereke12 said:

@Yorumi they need to go, if they do they should do user-name interface. So that if someone is doing something bad. You can report them. They need to step up.



Yorumi said:

@kereke12 read my post again, they provide a solid benefit and you don't see them. They're hidden behind a character's username and allow you to get the name you want which would quickly become impossible without them. If you want to say they need to go, thus eliminating major benefits to the people using it then you need to provide a real reason why.

You're arguing the system should be made worse and not even providing any reason for it. That's insane.



Noonch said:

Another update that seems to have gone unnoticed is that you can now access the web version of Miiverse from the WiiU web browser. I'm probably the only one who finds this handy.



MarceloKamui said:

Nintendo is just being stupid.. AGAIN!!! So now if I want to post in a community, then I want to post in another one, I'll have to wait for 3 minutes?! Why not 1 minute or less? This is just bullpoopiedoodoocacapoopledoople, I luv miiverse, I really enjoy drawing and the ppl I've met there, but some of these rules are just dumb.. Nintendo needs to learn that we are the clients, we bought the product, they should at least respect us more.. they r behaving like gestalt or something..
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Bliquid said:

I don't use Miiverse much ( read: at all), because of the long loading times on 3DS and because i don't find it very appealing nor versatile, so i don't really know if this is negative or positive news.
But every time i read Nintendo restricted the use of something, so does my fondness for them.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

I think this is good and dumb at the same time. Yes it's a good idea that will help communities receive less spam, but the activity feed posts should be unaffected since people who respond to those are almost always people you know. Another thing that's dumb is that this limit appears to also be in effect on the PM system as well....



kereke12 said:

@Yorumi I did and I'm saying that FC needs to go they need to get with the program already. Apparently there still in the DS era.



Yorumi said:

@kereke12 I'm trying to out that you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how the system works specially when you say something like they're still in the DS era. You are saying nintendo needs to scrap a superior system for an inferior one all because you're completely ignorant of how it works and havn't bothered to spend a few moments doing some research.

On the wiiU I don't even know how to see my friend code, and yes I've added people to my friend's list. The system is using it as a unique user identifier for the network. This allows you to use your login name as your display name. All people ever see is your display name and use that for friend requests. This means the name is not required to be unique and thus do not need to add a bunch of numbers and symbols to any name to finally find some combination that works.

The 3ds is only slightly different, the code is used when making a friend request but is unique to the system not the game. Once the request is made the user is displayed by their name, not their code and you never need to see it again. This means it acts almost identically to a phone number. This also gives the same effect as the wiiU, allowing you to display any name you want.

When you have a worldwide community of potentially hundreds of millions of users, asking each to come up with a completely unique name means most people arn't going to get a name they want. Most of the time people with identical names won't come in contact but on a different system they'd be required to have different names despite never seeing each other.

If you have some real reason why you think getting rid of a completely hidden unique identifier in place of a visible one is a good idea I'd sure like to see it.



element187 said:

@DestinyMan So your position is, its worth effecting EVERYONE on Miiverse from having healthy group topics with each other, as long as it makes Sakurai's posts better? YGBFKM



brandonbwii said:

Hasn't it been like this for a while now? Considering you're mainly supposed to post for help or an accomplishment, I haven't seen a problem with this.



Yorumi said:

@brandonbwii posting new topics has been limited for a while but this affects commenting on posts. So for example if someone posts for help and it takes 4 posts to explain it because of character limit, it'll take you 10 minutes to post it, whereas before it would be as fast as you could type it.

This can quickly spiral out of control if you're trying to go back and forth. 10 minutes to respond, then the person responds back with say 2 comments explaining where they are and why they're still lost and your comments didn't fix the problem. There's another 3 minutes. Then 3 more comments for a new explanation, 6 more minutes. You're approaching 20 minutes to explain something that could have been done in 2 minutes.

A topic like "offering tips, ask me anything." is essentially impossible. It doesn't affect everything but it's awful restrictive.



gatorboi352 said:

Quite honestly, all of these things are being put into place due to the demographic that frequents Miiverse. Sure Miiverse has people of all ages and maturity levels. But the main frequenters of the service are either people that are 14 or mentally 14. And it shows. I see like one legit, mature, interesting post for every 10-15 posts.



gatorboi352 said:

And the introduction of Miiverse on 3DS has only compounded this issue. Too many children, man.



NintyMan said:

@element187: I only mentioned one part where this could be a good thing. And surely you know there's a bunch of foolish children posting nonsense on Miiverse? Don't you think it's great we can have a little less of that?



Gate_Shikimuri said:

I approve. Miiverse isn't meant to be a chatroom. It was meant for people to share empathy on shared Video Game topics, not RP'ing or dating or whatever else. Besides, if you want to talk about something that isn't game-related or about other things, there's always the Messages tab.

Spammers, too.



Yorumi said:

@gatorboi352 that's why I say they should focus some effort on making it easier to find people or posts worth following. With mario kart adding replays they could really turn miiverse into something extremely cool. You could have people posting challenges, tournament replays, tips, things like that.

I wouldn't mind following a few hundred people who regularly do interesting things but how do you find them? Popular posts in any community are all just drawings. On top of that since posts move off the top so fast many interesting topics never get started because the right people don't see them in the 5 minutes they're visible. To make it worse new people usually won't find the topic even if it gets going once it's off the top.



markybbop said:

I can see it from both ways good and bad. I do use it and chat and interact on there regulary so this will put me off doing so though I do agree there is some piss poor posts on there by children but then again its interaction for them to socialise through the console



jakysnakydx said:

For those who have been dabblint woth it it isnt actually restricted to one post. If you comment or post or perform amy action you cannot post on ANY other post or comment. This was my experience last night



Linkuini said:

@jakysnakydx True! The same thing happened to me.

I don't mind the restriction, though. As far as I'm concerned, we'd all be better off if people on Miiverse stopped to think for three minutes before posting.



Just_Ethan said:

As an avid Miiverser, this sucks SOOO much for me. At least it'll stop that "fake" thing.



Darknyht said:

The problem is that this will not affect the biggest offenders, and punish normal users. The biggest trolls and annoying posters on there are young. If they have anything it is unlimited time and unwavering persistence. I think it will just slow them down, not deter them.

The better approach would have been to issue temporary bans to the offenders, such as the people using a public forum to engage in private chat or those trying to add "Last" or "First Post" to comments.



Memeboy3 said:

This Update seems really good!
Now Spammers can now Deal with it while other can actually Review their Posts and not be Complete Idiots!



devilwaffle said:

gh, this is good i theory, but because of the character limit, it's gonna take a lot longer to say what you wanna say...



grimbldoo said:

It's both hilarious and disheartening to know that so many people think that they are entitled to go stomping around as they please inside of Nintendo's services. Let me enlighten you, these services are NINTENDO's services. Owned by Nintendo and operated by Nintendo. They have the right to do whatever they please with their service. On top of that, you people aren't even paying for the service.
Additionally to that reason, don't forget why Miiverse was created in the first place, for people to seek out help for video games and for other people to help them. You do not need a quick posting forum for that.



brandonbwii said:

Well in that case this is a bit upsetting. Especially considering u can't go back and edit your posts. On the other hand it means fewer Miiverse love stories and annoying things like that.

This is exactly what I've been trying to say.



Spoony_Tech said:

@DimetriWarrior Message tabs don't work on net browsers or the 3ds so what your saying is I have to be on my U all the time. I'm on Miiverse a lot but on my phone where it's instant and doesn't take a while to load. U is better then 3ds at load times but nothing beats the net browser!



Spoony_Tech said:

And who care about the Miiverse love stories?? If it bothers you then why do you look at them. I post a lot. 10-20 posts a week sometimes more. Very rarely do I even see a spammer. Maybe it's because I'm not posting in the Nintendo game topics as much but still. I probably post in way more 3rd party topics then any other. Nintendo needs to decrease the spam in its own 1st party topics more then anything.

Why don't they just age restrict certain topics and features? That would make Miiverse a better place!

Oh and the new company motto should be one step forward 2 steps back!!



Spoony_Tech said:

@grimbldoo Yep you're absolutely right but don't giveth then taketh away! When you're expecting something then all of a sudden it's taken away I do believe we have a right to voice our opinions. First Swapnote, now this. What's next all online gaming because a few bad people swear and aren't nice to kids and others. Stone age my friend!



Spoony_Tech said:

This just in, one person was being bullied on Smash Bros and instead of banning his account we decided to make it easier on ourselves and will be immediately shutting down the online servers! However you can still play locally as always. Thank you for your time! We are Nintendo and you'll still love us tomorrow!



I-U said:

I thought this 3 min. cool down applied only to our own posts, not comments to others'. Part of the reason why I do consecutive comments to begin with is because Miiverse has a pathetic character limit to even discuss some of these games. They of course didn't expand the character limit to 400.



I-U said:

So it isn't just within one person's comment, it's across the board for all comments. They want to limit the activity in the best thing gong for the Wii U don't they? Stupid decision if you ask me.



Megumi said:

Well that's what happens when people request Powerpuff girls and Goku and ponies for Smash ten bazillion times in a row. lol



River3636 said:

Well that bytes I haven't chatted with my Miis in a few months but I do chat sometimes. Whatever. There are gonna make me loose interest little by little.



River3636 said:

I don't know about you but why don't they put a restriction on 13 year olds hitting on me. It's annoying. Who knows what kinda crazies are out there young and old. I think Nintendo has it's hands full with this Miiverse. They are just trying to protect the kids.Lets hope some creepy freak doesn't ruin it for us.



Marioman64 said:

chatting became impossible since they stopped sending you notifications for a "thread" you posted in (it stopped the super notification flood if you accidentally commented on a news post or something similar, but it ruined two people communicating in a third person's post). this is just stopping people from going over the 200 character limit by posting multiple 200 character packed sagas



grimbldoo said:

@Spoony_Tech #98
But they aren't taking away. The purpose of Miiverse is for players in need to seek helper from other players. By limiting the rapid fire posting it dissuades people from treating it like a chatting forum and keeps the focus on helping fellow players.
On the matter of Swapnote, Nintendo had no way of keeping kids from posting their friend codes on public forums. It was the only course of action they could take to protect kids that only wanted acquaintances and not crude messages.



Spoony_Tech said:

@grimbldoo Imo they are taking away. What's the activity feed for then? Its like the general topic in most forums to talk about whatever you want. That one is just for friends and followers. Why can't they at the very least leave that one alone. And yes they are taking away, my time!



grimbldoo said:

I would be inclined to agree with you if Miiverse was not a multitasking app. However, because you only have to suspend the game and can jump right back in while you wait. And it's not as if conversations will be impossible to carry. They will have to wait 3 minutes as well and both people will just end up taking turns while better formulating their response.
Most of the people here are just complaining for the sake of complaining.



Spoony_Tech said:

@grimbldoo I would once again agree with you except why should I have to do that? Its both inconvenient and bothersome. In a normal forum I can type one message and get my point across. On Miiverse I have 200 characters to do that with and I would say half of my responses go well beyond that. I'm not going to put my phone down and do something else when I shouldn't have to. They need to remedy this with at the very least adding another 100 characters.

Look I'm not trying to convince you that my way is the best way. All I'm saying is I'd like to talk to my online friends the way it was not the way it is now. Change isn't always better for everyone. There is a good reason why people are complaining. I did however type a message in one of my friends rants saying in a week or 2 we will all forget about this but it doesn't make it a better change for me, a user that doesn't abuse my posts!

Oh and like I said in a earlier post I use my phone for 90% of posting on Miiverse not the Wii U. Playing videogames 2-3 mins at a time isn't fun or shouldn't be an option. Once again convenience is the issue.

Oh and one last thing, Miiverse might have started has a means to help other users out but it has become so much more. Nintendo wants to keep it simple as they can which makes sense for them but one change can change the scoop for everyone else to the point where it isn't fun anymore and that's what they seem to be doing lately.



Kirk said:

In reality it probably takes most people a few minutes to compose a response anyway so this likely won't have much of an impact but it still feels slightly silly and potentially annoying/frustrating at times on the face of it.



Mus1cLov3r said:

I don't understand why everyone is whining though. It isn't much of a problem. It slows spamming down.... And it's a free service! It's pathetic when people complain about free things......



Ren said:

I tried miiverse once for about 10m when it finally came to 3ds and it was about as boring and over-moderated as I'd expected. Basically Jr.High-nintendo-twitter, I can't think of a thing more irritating (except maybe actual twitter).



grimbldoo said:

@Spoony_Tech #110

Spoony_Tech wrote:

I would once again agree with you except why should I have to do that?

Yikes, what triggered that reaction?

Spoony_Tech wrote:

They need to remedy this with at the very least adding another 100 characters.

I feel like it should be at least 500 and then just automatically collapse comments.

Spoony_Tech wrote:

All I'm saying is I'd like to talk to my online friends the way it was not the way it is now.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you just PM your friends? Or even find a different method, like Skype, Facebook, or an actual forum? A method that you would have used if Miiverse wasn't a thing?

Spoony_Tech wrote:

Oh and one last thing, Miiverse might have started has a means to help other users out but it has become so much more. Nintendo wants to keep it simple as they can which makes sense for them but one change can change the scoop for everyone else to the point where it isn't fun anymore and that's what they seem to be doing lately.

And Germans supported Hitler because he started out by telling them that he was restoring Germany.



Drewroxsox said:

I couldn't care less about Nintendo adding more restrictions to miiverse... I haven used it since December



BaffleBlend said:

Ugh... what about those of us who need to make multi-part LONG posts?! Which I need to often?!



Kolzig said:

I first thought that the three minute block is a bad idea, but now that I've spent some time thinking about it today, it's not actually such a bad idea. There is way too much spamming in Miiverse all the time when I check various places and especially the Verified users posts are filled with stupid comments where often people spam a lot just to fill the post limit.

Nintendo could however up the limit of characters in a Miiverse post to be maybe twice longer than what it is now. Also when a Verified user posts a link to a website, then there link should be a hotlink straight to the Wii U browser. Now it's just a line of text and since there is no copy/paste function in Miiverse or Wii U in general, then that would help a lot. I just saw for example some verified user post a website link but there is no way to click it and have easy access there.

With PC Miiverse that is of course possible, but not in 3DS or Wii U Miiverse.



BassLostie said:

I think this update is good to prevent spamming. However, sometimes my friends are asking for help in some games, and to help them it usually takes me about three consecutive posts to tell them everything that's necesary.

So, I don't like this update. Maybe 1 minute would be OK, but 3 is too much.... and Miiverse is already slow! 0_o



Noboty said:

Well, this only means that I will spend even less time using it than I already am.



SmashPro05 said:

Okay, everyone, I know everyone's disagreeing with the Miiverse rule, but I think #SaveMiiverse is basically your way of saying, "I'm going to go overboard with this one rule, because Nintendo's a dumb(CENSORED)." I disagree with the three minutes, but I prefer it be shortened to one minute, not start a flame war with all the other noobs out there. Otherwise, just don't worry about Miiverse. You'll get used to the new rule, it just takes time.



Fyrefoxe13 said:

I think this restriction might be me and my friends fault....we started flooding several of my friends posts rapidly with comments....2 days or so later this update came out...



rjejr said:

@techkenb "You could plug up a usb keyboard"

Wouldn trelaly help m emuch, I'm a horribl etouch typst, and most ot th ekeys ahi tare worng.

That's an example of my actual typing, I spend more time editing my texts than actually typing them up.

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