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Just a Nintendo fan!

Male, 15, United States

Just a loyal Nintendo fan! Can't wait for the Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. releases! Who's hyped with me?

Wed 30th Apr 2014

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SmashPro05 commented on Miiverse Update Imposes Restrictions on Postin...:

Okay, everyone, I know everyone's disagreeing with the Miiverse rule, but I think #SaveMiiverse is basically your way of saying, "I'm going to go overboard with this one rule, because Nintendo's a dumb(CENSORED)." I disagree with the three minutes, but I prefer it be shortened to one minute, not start a flame war with all the other noobs out there. Otherwise, just don't worry about Miiverse. You'll get used to the new rule, it just takes time.