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NES Remix Confirmed And Available Today on the Wii U eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

16 NES classics with a twist

During today's Nintendo Direct extravaganza, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata confirmed NES Remix, a title previously outed in a rating by the Australian Classification Board. Available from today in the Wii U eShop, it contains mini-game versions of 16 classic NES titles, including the likes of Super Mario Bros., Excitebike and Donkey Kong — it'll cost £8.99 / $9.99 in Europe, while it appears to be $14.99 in North America.

Satoru Iwata outlined that it'll feature two distinct modes — Remix stages will have new challenges and twists at every moment, while NES stages will be more traditional but still have tweaks to the formula. The key goal is to set impressive scores, and Miiverse integration will include posting these ratings as well as stamps, designed to keep its community colourful and lively.

The video below shows what this one is all about. Will you be heading onto the eShop to pick this up?

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Geonjaha said:

This actually looks surprisingly good. Kind of like Warioware's retro section but as its own game. I'll probably pick it up at some point. If it was on the 3DS I'd be downloading it right now. :/



A01 said:

Nintendo can't seem to get their eShop prices right.

Both this and Dr Luigi are priced too high. This, only slightly. But Dr Luigi's price is absolutely insane.



sinalefa said:

It is like a game made of achievements. A bit steep, but sounds interesting and varied enough.



ericwithcheese2 said:

$15 seems a bit high, but given the amount of games, content and options that these will have, I still think it's worth getting. Its a ton of fan service and I, for one, was very happy to see the trailer for this. And that it's available today is another surprise.



NintyMan said:

Remember the April Fool's joke NL made about Luigi remixes of classic games? Well, this isn't too terribly far from that!



CanisWolfred said:

I would pay $30 for this, honestly. Not even joking. This is the kind of effort I always wanted to see put into their VC games, and then some. Totally buying this tonight.



Geonjaha said:

I do find it funny how for once America is given the same price as we in Europe/UK and suddenly everyone comments on how expensive it is. It's the price of 2 NES games here in the UK, and considering this is basically 16 in one with added features its worth it.



Stubborn_Monkey said:

Link in Donkey Kong. Mirrored Super Mario Bros starring Luigi. Zelda/ Dynasty Warriors crossover. Sonic in Yoshi's Island. Luigi pretending to be a doctor. And, for a moment, what I thought was Kirby in Mario Kart.

Today the world of Nintendo has gone a bit upside down, huh?

Also, this game is quite costlier in the US? Sorry about it, but that's good news for eurotrash like me, I guess. Makes up for decades of being dead last in terms of release dates.



A01 said:


The NES games are far too much in the UK to begin with though.

I'm complaining about the UK price. I'd have liked to see it just £1-2 cheaper.

I'm expecting some eShop vouchers for xmas, so I'll probably pick this up next week anyway.



AlternateButtons said:

15 bucks is totally worth it guys! There's A LOT of challenges and content here and its SUPER addicting kind of like Warioware. I highly recommend it!



RedYoshi999 said:

Wait, what? How did Australia come out with the cheapest price? ($13) Sure, it's only $2, but I'm so happy to have something cheaper for once.



JadedGamer said:

I wish they made miiverse stamps available to post on any game and feed . Can't be that hard to do. This seems like a neat idea but the price holds me back. I'd rather pay 15 for Dr Luigi. That has online play



rjejr said:

When I first saw this I thought it was going to be in SSB - this looks like all the free samples in Melee. Then I thought NES Remix was going to be a PS+ type service, though more like Gametap, where you rented old games. But its - what exactly?
Its not all 16 FULL games, just mini versions. Cant even tell if its really 32 games - 16 old versions and 16 new. Hard to judge the price without knowing exactly what it is.



andreoni79 said:

Yeah Nintendo! Instead of giving EU the "american" price (we pay games+30%) they start to milk the rich americans!!! o.O



element187 said:

@rjejr I think it's just various games modified for new challenges, adding different characters to different levels of various franchises... They showed link from the first game inside of the original donkey kong.



element187 said:

@Geonjaha European prices have the vat added on to every product.... As crazy as Americans are voting in a Marxist president we still abhor the idea of a value added tax.



daveh30 said:

Playing this now... theres actually quite a bit of content. multiple stages from each game to unlock, with different set challenges, different modes... full Miiverse integration. I'd say it's well worth the price



ikki5 said:

$9.99 in Europe.... I didn't think Europe used dollars

but still, it is odd how NA is $14.99 and the EU is only 9.99 when those prices are always the same.



SetupDisk said:

I was not expecting my credit card to be laughing at me before this direct. MUST ADD FUNDS!



Dave24 said:

For the first time in my life I see some justice in prices - in US always everything was cheaper, in EU they charge 1,5 or even twice as much.



TristanRW said:

With it being 16 games in one, $15 is very fair. Honestly why are people complaining about the price? Because the games were made more than 20 years ago? Try finding all the original games in pawn shops and retro stores and I guarantee you'll be paying more than $15.



TristanRW said:

Also, with people complaining about the price difference from the European version and the U.S. version. Currency rates are not the same in every country. $10 here is not $10 there. It all depends on how the economy is doing.



millarrp said:

It looks interesting, so I'm going to cash in some of my codes from the Deluxe Digital Promo and pick this up..



JadedGamer said:

People who have bought full versions of most if not all these games wont see the appeal of this collection.



ACK said:

I'd pay more if they made me. What else can you ask for? This is something I undoubtedly want to see more of from Nintendo. (Come on, SNES Remix!) We'll see how it pans out, but I don't see the problem with maintaining value both in cost and content. Are we asking them to go the F2P, DLC, or micro transaction route, here? Because this is a prime candidate.

I'm happy paying a reasonable price for a good product ($15 for any game was a pipedream as a kid). I greatly respect the work of the designers, artists, programmers, writers, directors, etc... Even good play testers are worth a lot in this industry. Erode the value of the overall package and we undercut the prospects of a livelihood in this industry.

(Price this at $5-10 and what does it do to a game like Shovel Knight for the average consumer? Most of the gamers I hang with know little of that gem other than the passing doodles and scribbles I have tossed about my desk. All I have to do is place a bucket and whisper "NES... Remix." And I'll be harvesting saliva like sap.)

There are plenty of outlets for cheap gaming. If in the need I can rely on those means in a pinch. No reason to demand companies to cater to the needs of my wallet. To what end? Indulgence? Besides, it's on me to be creative in the funding and spending of my gaming dollar.



sinalefa said:


I would say it is the other way around. A new twist on old favorites is a boon for the fans. While people who have never played these games won't have the nostalgia necessary to appreciate those twists, as they may not even know the originals.



ejamer said:

Hard to know if the price is fair when we don't know more about how much content is actually included.

Looks to me like 100 WarioWare-type stages based on 16 different NES games. I have no idea what the remix modes offer though - whether they are full games or just bits and pieces with quick goals to accomplish. That second point is pretty much the "make or break" issue for value.

Since there are only 2-3 of those NES "classics" that I'd care at all to play again now (most already owned in other formats) it becomes a pretty tough sell for $15... maybe when more information is available, or when it goes on sale in the eShop, I'll reconsider.



Morpheel said:

I don't think it actually comes with "full" versions of any of these games.

This sounds more like Wario Ware: 9-Volt Stages Only.



daveh30 said:

best way to describe this games, is Wario Ware, with mini/ micro games based on retro NES titles. its not a collection of retro games, its very much its own beast, and its A LOT of fun!



ChessboardMan said:

It's tempting, but I'm very low on cash right now, so I'll have to wait a little, which will also give me the chance to wait for a couple reviews to surface first…



retro_player_22 said:

Game and Wario, Nintendo Land, Mario Party U, Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Olympic Games, Wii Sports Club and now this? As much as I like the Wii U Nintendo, all you're giving to us are just mini-game junks, sure I would appreciate the tweaks and all that but can't you guys make anything else rather than mini-games. A new Star Fox and F-Zero would be great, the next Metroid would be awesome too or how about a new Fire Emblem or Kirby game for the Wii U. Anything but mini-game compilations or look at some of the games on those mini-games, how about remaking a few of those into full game?



CanisWolfred said:

@Morpheel So it's the best parts of WarioWare for a cheaper price than what new WarioWare games usually go for, plus extra challenges and tweaks? I'm down with that.



Tsurii said:

You guys should change the $9,99 to 9,99€ for Europe. Nobody here has Dollars ^^



Morpheel said:

@CanisWolfred yeah, I like minigame collections too. I just got the impression that some members thought this was a collection of remixed full NES games.



TingLz said:

@retro_player_22: Indeed, it's not like the Wii U has titles like New Super Mario Bros U and Luigi U, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Batman, Wonderful 101, or Rayman Legends



Agent721 said:

This is exactly what Nintendo should be doing with their rich legacy. I'm in. And the complaints on the price? Perhaps it's time to start making more money, rather than demanding things get cheaper.



electrolite77 said:

This sounds very interesting. I'll wait for some reviews/opinion but I like the idea and don't think the price is bad at all



daveh30 said:

@Ootfan98 absolutely, because it's not a collection of these games. its wario ware style mini games based on levels from these games. whether or not you own or have played the originals is totally besides the point, other than the nostalgia factor. This is very much its own game.



MeWario said:

This is pretty cool! Not the big virtual console announcement I was hoping for but still pretty awesome!



RQuinain said:

It looks pretty damn cool, but honestly, $15 is too steep for me to consider getting what is essentially a collection of mini-games. I'd consider it for $10.




Looks awesome! Hope they bring it to the 3DS too.

They used my Upheaval font in the video



mr570 said:

I will get this as soon as I get home from work! This looks awesome!



unrandomsam said:

@element187 I thought Americans had sales tax (Other than the odd state) what is the difference between that and VAT ? Stuff from the Channel Islands under £15 has no VAT or import duty. (Why Amazon ships low value stuff from there when it makes sense).



unrandomsam said:

Somewhere else on this site that I cannot find says the Australian ratings people also rated this for the 3DS. No chance I will be able to find it on this tablet though.



Bender said:

Considering I payed $20 for the first two zelda titles (golden cartridges look glorious!), I think the price on this is great NES games rock! I have my NES right next to my Wii U, and I play it all the time, so I look forward to competing with everyone :3



Bender said:

@NbaJunkie untrue. I think it's a fantastic idea! Challenging the worlds high scores in little games based on my favorite era of gaming is my idea of a great time



Brett said:

Playing now. Hate to say it, but to be honest, this isn't very good. Nintendo, in all honesty, probably didn't spend more than a week making it.

So far, the majority of the game is WarioWare style minigames where you just do something trivial in one of the 16 games. There's a bunch of challenges for each, but most are uninteresting and many are as trivial as "stomp the goomba". Really.

The remix mode has you do some little thing in a game with some weird handicap. It's slightly interesting, but not really. It would have taken about a second week's work to make all of this more interesting. Shame too, because after work I went and got an eShop card to get this. I recommend waiting for reviews. Maybe there's more to it, but so far, it's slightly insulting.



JustinH said:

Spent the whole day playing it. I love it. It's great. It's challenging and addictive. Totally worth the $15 asking price.



Geonjaha said:

@ueI - £8.99 in the UK. That's $14.73 according to Google. Google probably isn't very accurate, but I doubt they're far off enough to make it significant.



aaronsullivan said:

@Brett Sounds remarkably like what the videos show but it seems like you were surprised. Obviously you are disappointed which is unfortunate. I'm curious what you were expecting. 16 full games for $10?

Also sounds fun to me. Your statement about taking a week to develop is hyperbole, I guess, because If you think this was done in a week you know nothing about game development. Seriously, nothing.

Like others, I want to buy this just because I want to support this out-of-box approach to their old games. Give me more. SNES Remix could be fantastic.



Brett said:


Well, I just expected a bit more remixing than what you actually get. The bulk of this game is just five second bits of old games with no changes whatsoever. So, what was I expecting? A bit more "remixing". Not 16 ancient games for $10.

When I said it probably took them a week, it was hyperbole in that I think it took them less than a week. If you like, I am wide open to being enlightened by you, someone who has not played this game and almost certainly does not work in game development, as to how long a game like this takes to develop, particularly for a company like Nintendo, which has loads of developers. A game equivilent of a clip show with a few dozen short "remix" hacks does not require the amount of work you seem to think it does.



HappyHappyist said:

honestly, the price looks pretty good. i imagine that it would be more expensive buying each individual game on here on VC.



aaronsullivan said:

Not trying to pick a fight.
True, I haven't played yet. Not saying I'm not wrong about how it looks.
Nintendo has limited resources and having more than 10 people working on a game like this wouldn't make sense or even make it go faster. QA testing alone would probably take a couple weeks.
I am a developer, but not full time. I've worked on many projects, but I'm bringing one to market right now and it's in beta testing. Here's a thread about it:



HandheldGuru97 said:

Well this looks great I'll be getting it for Christmas!!!!!!!!! That will give the reviews some time to come in



Monsti said:

This is sooo awesome. It's exactely the kind of stuff I wanna see on the eshop/Miiverse



Kirk said:

Another obvious filler title.

It looks fun but I think it would have been better suited to 3DS, should have been cheaper or would have been ideal as a cross-platform title that you could purchase once on the eShop and then play on either the Wii U or 3DS at your leisure.



Adam said:

Interesting idea. Trailer didn't sell me on it though. Definitely a review to watch out for.



Specters said:

Downloaded it, and it's definitely a great game/s. Porbably not for people who never played the originals since to see them remixed is amazing.



PenCapChew said:

No need for reviews. Really fun game and really addictive! If you're a fan of NES and WarioWare style that's the right game for you. The only con I've found so far is no option for two player mode. They could've done it like many NES games from the first generation, by taking turns. It has 406mb.



ACK said:

@Brett For starters, it's developed by indieszero. Developer of Retro Game Challenge for DS and Theatrhythm for 3DS. Secondly, regardless of the developer I don't see the value in casually marginalizing the amount of work they have done. You may think they could have done better, but that is a subjective opinion that has little relevance to the game's presumed development cycle.



Lil-Devil said:

nintendo is so full of surprises. i love doggeyoopsie like this !!

Watch the language -LZ



Zodiak13 said:

@Brett I don't recall authorizing you to use my real name as your screen name sir. I will expect you to cease and decist immediaditly. Thank you for your co-operation .



iphys said:

@unrandomsam Sales tax isn't included in the sticker price the way VAT is so generally it makes it look like people in North America are being charged far less, when the reality is that Nintendo's profit may not be that different. People from Europe may not realize that some of us are paying 15% in sales tax on top of the North American price, so the total amount we are paying may not necessarily be as low as they think it is either.



WaveBoy said:

Eh, NES games were ment to be played on the Big screen. Playing them on the 3DS as is practically zaps out all of the magic imo.



darthllama said:

$15 is a steep price, but I couldn't resist buying on impulse. It definitely has a feel of Warioware for those who liked that series. The game is nothing revolutionary, but its still a real fun take on the nostalgia bandwagon.



Kirk said:


Yeah, that's just making up random defenses and excuses for not getting something, that does actually make good sense regardless of your assertion, just for the sake of it now.

"Can't play these games on 3DS [which would clearly be awesome and totally fit the bite size "smartphone/App" like gameplay perfectly]...Well...they were meant to be played on a big screen [originally] anyway!"

Apologetic Rationalization at it's best.

PS. I'm just making a bit of fun here but when NES games were being played back in the day they really weren't being played on "big" screens for the most part anyway



retro_player_22 said:


My only concern is that though Nintendo did gave us great games like Pikmin 3, The Wind Waker HD remake, and Super Mario 3D World as well as a few 3rd party exclusives like The Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, and the upcoming Bayonetta 2, they are also trying to persuade that all they need for Wii U are compilation and nostalgic. Like I said as much as I enjoy Nintendo Land, those countless Mario Party or any kind of Nintendo published party games, countless Mario & Sonic Olympic Games, and Game and Wario, it seems like Nintendo is telling game makers that the only sure way to play games on the Wii U is making mini-game compilations. This concerns me because 3rd party will look at this and instead of releasing full-fledge games, they will simply pile a compilation of mini-games whether good or bad and release it for Wii U and that is it.

I remember last gen that the Wii was littered with mini-game compilations that I can't even count, compilations like Carnival Games, the Bit.Trip series, Hasbro Family Night games, Wipeout (not to be confused with WipEout), Monopoly Collection, Deca Sports, even Sonic and the Secret Rings featured a sort of mini-game party compilation as well and Nintendo themselves isn't afraid of providing more (Wii Party, Wii Play, Wii Play: Motion, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Sports Mix, Mario Party 8 & 9, Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 1-3, etc., count those and the bundle Wii Sports and that's 12 compilation that Nintendo makes for Wii alone) like as if we don't already had enough. I just want the Wii U to be different from the Wii to actually have full-fledge games, mini-game compilations should be released at a minimum.

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