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Weirdness: This 1DS Spoof is Remarkably Well Done

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Or the 1Dees, as ABC news would call it

The 2DS has, despite its obvious reasons for existence in the market this Holiday season, been open to plenty of incredulity and mockery online. That was its inevitable fate, as no amount of logic — or the fact it's not threatening anyone — will spare it some teasing on the web.

We must doff our caps to whoever produced, however, for the skill of their spoof. As the name suggests, it's a website uncannily like Nintendo's — the hyperlinks are to official pages — that announces the Nintendo 1DS, a single screen member of the 3DS family. Available for $99 in a parallel universe, it allows you to use various options to enjoy the action — you can switch between the top and bottom screens on the fly, hook up a smartphone as the top screen using a dock, or even use a dongle to play 3DS games on the TV.

As you can see in the screengrabs above and below, it's a slickly produced site. We reckon Nintendo will probably get this taken down in the near future, so enjoy it while it lasts; sometimes jokes are too well done to get outraged over, right?

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LetsGoRetro said:

Although it has about a zero percentage chance of happening, I really would love for some kind of 3ds-to-wii u player (or 2ds to wii u), or a device where the tv displays the top screen of the 3ds along with it. I'm buying a 3ds or 2ds solely for Link Between Worlds as I'm part of the "old guy who was the perfect age and amount of nerdiness to have Link to the Past enhance his life" club, but it just isn't the same on a portable. I'll love it just as much, and it will be of the same high quality, but I just wish the sequel to one of the most influential home console games of all time would have a way to play it on a home console. There are lots of console only gamers like me that never give portables much thought.

Us late 20's, early 30's gamers aren't much for huddling around a tiny screen with 3 of our friends... We want to kick back and watch the game on the tv...



shinpichu said:

Is it wrong that, if this were a real thing, I'd seriously consider buying it? I'd really love for Nintendo handhelds to include some sort of TV display option.



WiiLovePeace said:

Hahahaha that's so well done! I got all excited for a bit before I checked the bottom of the page & then checked my dreams for details haha



WinterWarm said:


I see your point. But still, handhelds are a vast part of the industry, and not paying them attention is somewhat illogical. Especially when regarding Nintendo.

On a less serious note, I'd recommend a 3DS XL. Has close to a 7' screen.

In regard to this article: I'd legit buy this. Isn't everyone whining about 3DS-smartphone compatibility? Great price. XD

@Shiryu LoL.



soundcircus said:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nintendo need to leave the 'big home console market' and instead put all their power and might in to what they do best (most of the time) and that's make handhelds.

The Nintendo next Gen handheld will be a non clam shell like the Wii U game pad, but around the same size as the PS Vita.
It will be non 3D, have at least a 720p screen, have a powerful NVidia chip, Gorilla glass type display. It would have HDMI out so one can plug it in to a TV/Monitor if one wishes, though the device would still primarily be a handheld.

It would also have a HD camera for game interaction, and be Skype type enabled for video chat.

They would bring back the Game Boy branding and the device would be called - Game Boy Extreme.



ramstrong said:

OMG. Is that WiiU Pad #2? I have seen the future!

Anyway, where's the 1DS+1DS connection? Obvious streetpass battle mode, there.



Kirk said:

Hey, it's basically just what I said but not really.

I like it!

Note: Surely any 1DS logo shouldn't have two screens in it...Guess he just forgot to remove the second screen in some of the images.



Sonic260 said:

But shouldn't it just be called the 1S without the D? I thought DS stood for Dual Screen.



Kirk said:


Not quite the same.

My idea would be closer to that, since mine had two analogue sticks and one big screen...

I really do want Nintendo to go back to one screen actually. If they need to support backwards compatibility with older systems then I say just make the screen big enough that it can easily emulate the dual screen from those other systems.



tchaten said:

idiotic - so games just wouldn't work if it wasn't connected to an external display? - WiFi lag would be terrible too



Morpheel said:

What people don't understand is that creating a heavily changed version of the 3DS, like the 1DS here and kirk's uni-screen 2DS with two circle pads would literally kill the 3DS, it wouldn't be a new model, it would be a new console.

It would have specific software, fans would feel forced to buy it and the current 3DS would be forgotten.



idork99 said:

@shinpichu @Crouteru I was with family this weekend and discussed how cool it would be to have an accessory that can connect the top screen of the 3DS to a television monitor. I love playing in 3D so it's almost impossible for anybody behind me to see the action. That way, everyone is enjoying what I'm playing. But I'm sure this could be a distraction for Wii U sales so it'll probably never be released for mass market. I know I've seen them at Nintendo events to let the crowd see the action in competitions. It would be cool if it were ever released.



NintyMan said:

Playing 3DS games on the TV would actually be cool. It wouldn't be in 3D, at least not with the TV I have, but it would bring back memories of playing the GBA player on the Gamecube and experimenting with each game to see how they would look and feel.

This is a nicely made hoax.



Kirk said:


Actually, my design would work just fine with the current 3DS setup.

Both the single screen format and the additional analogue stick don't actually break the current design...

The larger screen can easily emulate the current dual screen format in code, so all the old games still display perfectly fine and work as expected, and just like Capcom did with Res Evil on 3DS, developers can simply have multiple control options where people who have access to a second analogue stick can use that control method and people that don't, those that have a normal 3DS or 2DS, can choose to play with only one analogue stick.

Works just fine and dandy.



Kirk said:


Nintendo really should let us do this with the current 3DS and 2DS models to be honest.

I wonder if they could somehow add this functionality with a simple firmware update and maybe a cheap dongle and/or or let us use the Wii U system as a sort of alternative to that "dongle"...

TV play for handhelds...It's one of those things that these days I think should basically be standard on any handheld console.



iphys said:

I feel like the 1DS should just be 1-dimensional, so maybe all they give you is the stylus.



Morpheel said:

@kirk: except when the time comes to utilize the big touch screen whole instead of emulating the 3DS' dual screens, that's when the console-specific software comes and makes the 3DS obsolete.



cfgk24 said:

So. Nobody wants 2ds but everyone wants 1ds? Am I correct?

Isn't a 1ds like a wii u gamepad?



kereke12 said:

If this is true? I actually want it...To play 3ds or ds games on Tv is excuse my language but that's bad donkey and for $99 not bad either.



Kirk said:


I sort of agree with this, to a degree, although I do think the screen would need to be tall enough so that they could at least emulate 3DS/2DS games on the console.

Backwards compatibility is a must for their next handheld and if they ever went down the portable only route, but still also acting as their main home console too when connected to a TV, then I'd expect that to be a core feature.

So, I actually want just single screen handheld from Nintendo in the future, and they might as well just combine it with their home console since being at the cutting edge or power and multi-media entertainment seems to be less and less important to them anyway (which is something those other consoles are more focused on), but still with full practical backwards compatibility too.

Edit: I wouldn't use the Game Boy branding though. I'd actually go back to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) branding and just call it the NES Portable, NES 2 or something like that. I think Nintendo Entertainment System is just more universally applicable and relevant for a modern console, be it a home console or handheld, describing exactly what it is and what it does perfectly.



Gregor said:

This actually looks freakin awesome. I have an iPhone, so it would b interesting to try out. But! Couldn't we do all these things with a normal 3DS given an update?



6ch6ris6 said:

so when the 2ds is for children under 7 then this 1ds should be for children under 3 or what? xD



shinpichu said:

No, this is a fake website meant to parody the 2DS. I think the Smart phone connectivity is a pretty clear giveaway.



Kirk said:


Well, assuming it were sill supposed to be part of the same 3DS range, rather than a next-gen handheld, but now with only one big screen and dual analogues, then I don't think it would make sense to let developers utilize the full screen for touch in this case. I'd just make them stick to only using the bottom half for touch so it mimics the current format and there's no market segmentation. An unfortunate limitation but one I think would need to be imposed, maybe only for gaming though because the full screen could still be used to improve Internet browsing or reading etc, even within the current paradigm without really affecting other 3DS/2DS users who'd just have smaller views of those kinds of things.

That's assuming this were just another variation of the current 3DS line of handhelds as opposed to their next-gen handheld.

The same could be argued about having an additional analogue stick obviously, that it would bring about market segmentation, but since Nintendo has already introduced the segmentation here with the 2nd analogue attachment and games that support it then I think it's fine to include that functionality directly into the design because the segmentation already exists (should any developer choose to support that 2nd stick attachment peripheral).



Gustoff said:

In all seriousness, i think if Nintendo would release a single screen (1DS) with the same graphics as a 3DS, i'd buy it in a heartbeat. I kinda miss the single screen handhelds as in the GBA, GBC, etc...



MussakkuLaden said:

What I find fascinating about the 2DS: There was no leak of any kind, not even the slightest rumours, as far as I remember, although the release date was so near. Quite impressive nowadays.



Morpheel said:

@kirk: then having the screen appear as a single screen is redundant as wasteful.

That's why nintendo applied a plastic overlay on it, so it seemed like it was two screens when it's actually just one.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

This looks pretty bad azz if you as me....but tbh it kinda shoulda been the 3ds or 2ds design though but in HD form sorta like the Wii U Gamepad



Kirk said:


It's mainly because it just looks better (more aesthetically pleasing from a product design point of view), as far as I'm concerned, and can actually offer additional benefits like being able to view movies or read eBooks and view websites at a much better and more practical size, as well as few other things I'm sure.

Edit: You obviously can't do that with the current plastic separator which I think is a total waste of the potential that the bigger screen could have had.

Edit 2: Also, for certain games that currently split one big view across the two screens in the current 3DS/2DS design, where the two halves do actually join seamlessly with no visible gap and would do so if the physical gap wasn't there (like Phantom Hourglass for example), it would simply make the experience far better. Imagine if all those games that didn't need to be weren't actually split unnecessarily across two screens with a big bit of plastic stuck in the middle...



BATRA said:

i been hearing things about the next gamepad and this could be true because why as nintendo not release a second gamepad and now this 2ds coming out soon we could see a 2ds xl wii u gamepad that could be the next controller for the wii u that would be a very good thing for nintendo it might happen we can play are 3ds games on tv or play wii u games on the go lets wait and see what might happen in the nexts 8 months



NintyMan said:

The name "1DS" wouldn't make any sense. DS stands for "dual screen" which in turn means "two screens." 1DS would then mean "one dual screen" even though it would lack the other screen.



Morpheel said:

@kirk: see that's the thing.

You can't do these things (viewing movies using the larger screen as a whole, etc) without making console specific software and alienating the owners of the other models.

And you can't allow for a few select software pieces to use the whole screen and prohibit it for every other developer because that would be a terrible thing to do.

These additional benefits would mark the start of a new portable, one everyone will want and one developers will focus on, and Nintendo is certainly not ready for that yet. The 3DS steamroller is still going strong and stopping it right now would be bad.

Edit: I'm pretty sure Phantom Hourglass uses mostly just one screen.



Gioku said:

The website is remarkably well done! The only bug I noticed is that the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team box is a bit jittery, but other than that it could be real! (not to mention the 'see dreams for details' )



Kirk said:


There's DS vs. DSi...

Same DS line with slightly tweaked features and additional functionality, both in physical hardware and software/firmware/services, that doesn't make the previous models defunct. Well I ASSUME it's not considered a whole new generation of handheld from DS.

Or, how about even the 3DS vs. 2DS...

Where one has 3D and the other does not, so certain games now can't take advantage of 3D fully, that otherwise might actually rely on the effect for puzzles for example, since they now have to support the 2DS.

Then there's my 2DS vs. 2DS+...

Actually has less major differences between the other two examples in most ways.

Everything I have added can be accommodated for in simple software tweaks that don't affect current or future 3DS games or services as long as the developers choose not to make it so. If however they choose to take advantage of the extra analogue then they simply have to have an option to play without it for those people that own a normal 3DS/2DS. Also, if you have a movie or eBook for example then you simply display it scaled smaller on the 3DS/2DS and if you have a web browser you simply show more of the page and without the split on the 2DS+ for example.

I know you're trying to find reasons here and I'd love to help you but I obviously have to defend what I have created and said where I believe it's entirely correct and valid.

I'd link to a video of Phantom Hourglass with both screens running directly on top of each other showing you exactly what I mean but it breaks the rules unfortunately.

If you look for "Zelda Phantom Hourglass Final Boss" in YouTube you might get the video I'm on about.



b23cdq said:

@tchaten What WiFi lag? It connects to the TV via HDMI (which would lag a bit) and to your phone via Bluetooth. Not WiFi, but damn Bluetooth. The lag wouldn't be bad, it would be unbearable.



tchaten said:

@b23cdq Fine Bluetooth lag and who the heck wants a cable out of your gaming system - HDMI cables are fairly thick this wouldn't be a thin power cord.

Most idiotic idea - the Wii U is what you get if you want that experience. It would be useless for playing games without buying an additional piece of tech $300 or more.



SanderEvers said:

I already have a 1DS, it's called a PSVita.

To quote Luke Skywalker:



Morpheel said:

@kirk: the DSi is what you could consider a "half new gen console", unlike the 2DS, it was a slightly improvement over it's predecessor, it was more expensive and it took away features while adding others.

The 2DS is not a new console, it's a 3DS without 3D or hinges to make it cheaper and more attractive to a certain public (a public that won't care about a second analog). There's no need to support 2DS because it's a common 3DS in another body. Some puzzles in a few games will be harder without 3D, but not impossible.

I'm not saying your remodel is bad or that it is stupid. I'm simply saying that it's not what Nintendo meant to do with the 2DS. Yours would work as a new console, not as a different model for an already existing console. Not just yet.



Kirk said:


Well I obviously think it would work perfectly fine as simply another variation of the current 3DS/2DS line, with stuff a lot of gamers have requested (just talking about the additional analogue stick here and not the single screen), as well as also working as a next gen console too.

Either Or.

In this case however I'd go with this being an idea for simply another 2DS model*. Maybe one aimed at slightly more "core" gamers who'd obviously love the additional analogue stick and maybe the enhanced multi-media playback the bigger single screen would offer, without compromising the current 3DS/2DS ideas.

That's my thinking anyway.

*If I were going to design an actual next-gen Nintendo handheld I expect I'd make it quite a bit different...possibly.



One-Winged-Pit said:

I did not think the product part of the gag was funny but remaking the Nintendo website so it looked official was funny.



Randomname19 said:

The website is perfect,I wouldn't be surpised if someone went to a store to buy a Nintendo 1DS only to find out it was fake.



element187 said:

@Crouteru Only if you played on a 20 year old tube television.... on a 720p or 1080p display it would look so pixelated it would be unplayable.... in fact it would look a n64 game, but with more colors.



ninjakid4 said:

Anyone seen the registrant info yet?

Not Nintendo
1 Hyrule Lane
Mushroom Kingdom, DS 10009

Someone is having fun.
Please, let's not post the full info, i'm sure any curious parties will be able to find it themselves — TBD



WYLD-WOO said:


The 1DS is aimed at the older person that is 65+. They can`t see any DS screen , so Nintendo have gone one better and made it for use with any TV. Haha, haha. Hope I`m still on my latest handheld when I turn 65...



WYLD-WOO said:

I`m going to phone GAME store tomorrow to see if I can pre-order one and see what they say. Hahah



blinkpunk02 said:

People realize 3DS games blown up onto a big-screen tv would look atrocious right? I couldn't even stand to play the PSP God Of War games on my Vita, they looked so bad.



jjmesa16 said:

This is exactly what people are looking for. A way to play a handheld pokemon game on TV and it's only $100 dollars. Only problem I see is the November 12 is a Tuesday and Nintendo usually releases hardware/software on Sundays. They are correct about iOS 7 though as it is coming out next Tuesday.



3DSAllDay said:

Nintendo could create a NoDS which features a pic of Mario and it would still outsell the Ps Vita!!!



Kagamine said:

I would totally buy this. Seriously at that price point and compatibility this would be a day 1 buy. Hell I'd actually prefer this. I always have my phone on me so its not like I would ever not be able to play it either.



Bassman_Q said:

Wow. Sounds like they're poking fun at both the 2DS AND the Wii U. Talk about a double whammy! XD



GamerZack87 said:

While I find this joke a little amusing, isn't this just going to confuse Nintendo's intended audience even more? People might accidentally stumble upon the website and assume that it's a genuine product, which may lead to less sales of the 3DS and/or 2DS in the long run.



Captain_Gonru said:

@blinkpunk02 Perhaps, but that didn't stop Nintendo from making the Super Game Boy for the SNES, or the Game Boy Player for the GC. Some people will play them on a TV, regardless of the graphics. I, for example, played the first two Golden Sun games almost exclusively on my TV, despite the "ugliness".
Now if you want to talk about issues that would arise from that hypothetical set-up, let's talk about Phantom Hourglass for a sec. If my TV is the top screen, and my "1DS" (or whatever real device is involved) is the bottom screen, how do I transfer stuff onto my map? On a DS, you simply close the unit. Do I walk up to the TV and press my "1DS" against it? Granted, there aren't many games that this would apply to (Looney Tunes: Duck Amock is te only other one immediately springing to mind at the moment), but it's still an issue that, at the moment, the not-made-up 2DS has no solution for.



JuanitoShet said:

So back to the original Game Boy Advance design... but with many more features and capabilities.

I like it. The people behind it REALLY DID do a good job. :B



ToastyYogurt said:

I would actually want one of these, if only to play 3DS games on the TV (Note to Nintendo: If you can find a way to do that, via Wii U or a separate device, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, you're not reading silly internet comments....)



ramstrong said:

You can't do these things (viewing movies using the larger screen as a whole, etc) without making console specific software and alienating the owners of the other models.
And you can't allow for a few select software pieces to use the whole screen and prohibit it for every other developer because that would be a terrible thing to do.


I don't know about 3DS, but internally, DS is just one big screen. So, the software doesn't care that DS has 2 separate hardware screen. I know some games (such as Oregon Trail) treats both screen as one screen. It doesn't matter what the hardware layer is capable of, as long as the software can layer over it, via emulation/wrapper/libraries for example, the programming will be as easy as before.



DaveGX said:

OK some how I wouldn't exactly call this spoof "remarkably well done" at all because DS, Dual Screens, means 2 screens, and would really only imply the use of 1 screen to begin with. if there's 1 screen it can't be considered a DS.



Furealz said:

@DaveGX Technically the 2Dees isn't Dual Screens either. It's a cheap touch screen with the top part consisting of plastic.



blinkpunk02 said:

@Captain_Gonru Oh I know, I had the Game Boy Player for GC. I think pixel based games were fine on that, when you get into polygons I feel like it really doesn't hold up. Gosh I'm not even crazy about the screen on the 3DS itself, but the 3D effect more than makes up for it lol.



shinesprite said:

Do I spot some Photoshop mistakes on the 1DS, nah those are just separate plastic pieces.

But seriously, Nintendo needs something like this so that players can enjoy their games on the big-screen. It could somehow connect to the Wii U, and perhaps even allow 3D TV owners to experience the games you know, in true 3D.
Make it so Nintendo!



ouroborous said:

honestly that's kinda cool, 3DS desperately needs to be able to be connected to a TV, if the PSP-Slim did it ages ago, I can't see any reason why nintendo couldn't have implemented the tech to do it. (they did do so at gaming conventions and even if the tech was an add-on, who would care?)
Also, the idea of an HDTV HDMI dongle used to beam the video to the TV is a genious idea that I wished was implemented with the Wii-U.
I know we won't see wireless power anytime soon, I can only assume that is because the infrastructure to charge everyone for it is not exactly in place. But we could at least see wireless video to the TV, that's not even a stretch.



soundcircus said:


The Vita? Oh that! No the Vita doesn't have HDMI out. Doesn't play Nintendo games and isn't made by Nintendo. Sadly.

If that 1DS was real... I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I miss the old days with one screen.



Kirk said:


Nice to see someone else that understands it's more about simply implementing and supporting this in software/firmware than it is anything to do with the physical hardware.

There's no genuinely valid argument whatsoever that we couldn't have a 2DS with one big screen that simply mimics the two screen layout of the current 3DS/2DS and then also take advantage of that big full screen on things that could actually benefit from it, like the movie viewing, eBook reading and web browsing I mentioned before, as well as actually utilizing the single screen view for all the current 3DS/2DS games that do this anyway but are currently forced to be split in half by the physical separation of the two screens. Of which there are actually quite a few. Even most of the games that have things like maps on the bottom screen would still look fine when displayed as a single screen without any gap between the two halves.

Basically, this large single screen solution could/would work just fine.



Captain_Gonru said:

@blinkpunk02 You may be right about those polygons. Some of those early PS1 and Saturn games are downright ugly in hindsight.
The "no folding" aspect of the 2DS, and its impact on its backwards compatibility, is something that I'm surprised no one else has brought up. Or was it only the two games I mentioned?



DarkNinja9 said:

lol wtf is all i can think of e.O

on the other hand ppl who keep saying bad things about nintendo this and that is crazy that in the end things like this show up so it makes their argument invalid



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'd love to play 3DS games on my TV . Without having to pay extra for these versions, especially if i could play them in 3D there.
And while i like having two screens i wouldn't mind 'em doing something different with their next handheld.



sixteenbuttons said:

I sincerely think this is the route nintendo should have taken with the wii u. put all the guts in the tablet so people can take it with them, but allow them to have 2nd screen functionality by some sort of chromecast or apple tv style periferal. HD nintendo at home and on the go? who wouldn't want that.



FJOJR said:

That TV play option sounds awesome! Miss the days of the Game Boy Player. Say a 3DS player with a Wii U update to display 3D on TV would do wonders for Wii U sales...



DaveGX said:

@Furealz Yeah, I already know that on the 2DS itself it's all 1 screen on the inside and that the casing makes the appearance of 2. However, what I was saying is that somehow i don't think this spoof advertising (When it was workingfrom that url) of a 1DS maks much sense. In essence, all it would realy do is what the Wii U currently does but with 3DS service, except that it would expand onto iOS and Android.



Gioku said:

Well, the website is officially down now... when you go to the website, it now just says "Fin". lol

I figured that would happen pretty soon.



ancientlii said:

the big screen set up the wiiU....

the switching set up would be alot of work or not possible for any non rpg, actually mario & luigi series giant battles couldn't work either



X12 said:

I think 1DS is a dumb name since DS means Dual Screen. I think a better name would be "NinTablet". Have it have a longer screen (vetically) so it can play DS and 3DS games. Give it the abbility to use a cell phone service so you can really play online while on the go.

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