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Tue 20th Aug 2013

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Ryankf commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

This is stupid. I would spend that much money for something that doesn't even give me the option to play in 3d and you can't even fit it in your pocket. And i think it looks stupid and ridiculous. And if they start making 2DS Games just for that i'm gonna be pissed.



Ryankf commented on SteamWorld Dig:

I'm probably gonna get this because it looks awesome and i might get some money for it soon.



Ryankf commented on Project X Zone:

I played the demo for this and it was awesome i am definitely thinking about getting this.



Ryankf commented on Mega Man Legends 3:

I would've liked to see this game because i've never actually played mageman and would've loved to see the new animation and gameplay for the 3ds game.



Ryankf commented on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team:

I might get this it looks ok but if its better than bowsers inside story then theres a good chance that i'm getting this.



Ryankf commented on Pokémon X & Y:

I don't care what you guys say because i'm gettin Xerneas and though Yvetal does look cooler. I'm more interested in the fairy type.