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Sat 7th September, 2013

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ancientlii commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

wow... you can really ignore the enemies... takes so many hits to die, you recover immediately, everything is in hall ways and rooms so enemy back up doesn't get behind you, you can see the bullets and looks like you can avoid them just by walking to the side, also the enemies are shooting nonstop(acting like units in a tower defense). maybe this is like dynasty warriors where you just rip through everyone.

the preview made it look like you were doing tasks rather than playing. go here get weapon go there get other weapon rather than let you do those things because you want to. it's too early to judge though the guys behind this are known for personality right?

Edit: never mind, I looked the people up. oh it's coming out this year? seems like they need to make everything tighter have enemies attack more precisely and have the playable character move in a more entertaining way. or they can give u limited health



ancientlii commented on Devil's Third:

the main character looks interesting but the general feel i got was this is gonna be less stylized than their past games. it's early though so who knows.



ancientlii commented on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Is Dashing To The Ninte...:

sonic has been famous for being bad for a while until a couple of decent titles, then BOOOOOM! a contender for the worst game of all time, but didn't some people have fun with how bad it was? i wonder if they're hoping for that, sonic games always had a short time between announcement and release.



ancientlii commented on Asynchronous Online Multiplayer to Feature in ...:

i don't get why they're hiding their stretch goals, they have them half showing, so they already have them thought up. they'd gather funds faster in the LIMITED time they have if they weren't such teases. i hope we won't miss out on a great stretch goal because it was hidden behind several that fewer people were interested in.



ancientlii commented on Video: GameChap Shows Us Five Ways to Get Bann...:

glad nintendo is dishing bans for this. i actually want a match, not just stare at a screen for 2 minutes since you can't quit mid match without being punished for dragging everyone out with ya. and there are crazy many of these freaking things so you have to exit and enter for the same disappointment. if ya try to get an actual game going they gang up and bully you.

i'm glad they're doing it with friend matches too. when was playing a stock match with buddys i ended up being the main target and once i was out of lives they just stood there and did nothing and that really did get me mad. they were just gonna let me sit there.

i switched to for glory team matches to avoid these rooms, fun but it's lame to have the record there and lose the option to use items/ characters you suck with.



ancientlii commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

i'm fine with the ssbb dlc, nintendo usually only releases 1-2 of its franchise entries (though i'm counting 2d and 3d mario/zelda games as different franchises since they play a bit different) per console and this lets them continue to add to the games before the next consoles. there's 5-7 years between consoles.

the freemium pokemon games worry me though, they forced downloaded shuffle on my 3ds. freemium games offer a different experience than the pay up front and done games, one is sorta meant to disappoint to entice. plus you hear those horror stories right? the kid who doesn't understand what they're doing or people not realizing the money they're spending adding up for simply not worth it.

i agree it seems that nintendo is getting some leeway for its new practices though.



ancientlii commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

@Ninty4thewin i don't think they really intend anyone to own both versions of pokemon it was a means to force multiplayer way back when if u wanted to collect them all. and doesn't this really kill the choice making they advertised with their announcement? they made it out as a branching path adventure, something more for re-playability. it'll be funky talking about this game, with how it's divided.

even with pokemon the whole separate versions thing is just annoying at this point and i think we need to be done with it. down with separate versions!



ancientlii commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:

they might was well posted a podcast or video

i get the feeling the nintendo consoles conflict each other, since the 3ds is getting alot of it's own versions of big games i don't feel like i need or want a wiiU also there just something about street pass that's sooooo satisfying. wiiU's competition is the 3ds