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26, Canada

Music producer... born in 89... Just about the time super nintendo was released...

Mon 1st Jul 2013

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AndyBurner commented on Review: Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS):

man i dunno... I conside chrono trigger an rpg... this doesn't interest me at all man... Fire emblem demo was boring as hell.... Just thinking.. I still have nes and snes games I can't beat and i've beaten all the games i buy on new nintendo systems.. Who's Nintendo's demographic; I dont know anymore.. Just give me Majoras Mask 3D....



AndyBurner commented on New Smash Bros. to be "Something Right in Betw...:

im not into the whole looking out for "beginner players" crap.. reading that makes me not want to play lol... same with the new mario rpg coming...make them harder and the new generation of gamers will thank you later.. thats just my 2 cents.. i'm still very excited for this game lol