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Sat 30th Mar 2013

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Gigagamer commented on 3D Gaming is Very Much A Part of Nintendo's Fu...:

Ok now i agree this is just a BRILLIANT idea by nintendo! Now my younger 13 year old autistic bro can play NSMB2 with me when i get a 3ds! Its alot cheaper....I don't have to worry about my brother having problems with the 3d..even though i don't if he has problems with it...and overall I went from hating the 2ds to now being down with it sign me up nintendo!



Gigagamer commented on Say Hello To The Nintendo 2DS - A 3DS without 3D:

At first thought....i was thinking this was the worst idea nintendo had since the VB.....but seeing people comment on here saying they might want it because they hate the 3d on the 3ds (for a reason i don't know...) and its cheaper makes me think this might be a smart decision by looks like a tablet and its aimed at the kiddies....hey you never know...we all thought the 3ds was going to fail and now its considered to be the ultimate handheld....I guess time will tell.