With just five days until Nintendo's expected to lift the lid on Wii U launch plans, some retailers are starting to accept deposits for the system and advertise its arrival later in the year. Specific details are missing, of course, but one major store in Australia — JB Hi-Fi — is listing Nintendo Land as a pre-order, potentially indicating that it won't be packed in with the system.

Of course it's entirely possible that the store is speculating, and that the promotion in the image is a place-holder, of sorts; that said, we're told that JB Hi-Fi is normally accurate and concrete when taking pre-orders for products. Even accounting for the possibility that this is wrong, it must also be said that Nintendo has never stated that Nintendo Land would be bundled with the system. It's been assumed by plenty of people, simply because it's a mini-game collection — albeit a substantial one — that seems ideally suited as a bundled title to show off the GamePad's capabilities. Just because gamers want it to be a freebie in the box with their new console, doesn't mean that it's on the cards.

If this is the case, and Nintendo Land is sold as an individual title, do you think you'll pick it up?

Thanks to Brad Long for the tip and image.