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Rumour: Nintendo Land May Not be Bundled With Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Displayed for pre-order by Australian retailer

With just five days until Nintendo's expected to lift the lid on Wii U launch plans, some retailers are starting to accept deposits for the system and advertise its arrival later in the year. Specific details are missing, of course, but one major store in Australia — JB Hi-Fi — is listing Nintendo Land as a pre-order, potentially indicating that it won't be packed in with the system.

Of course it's entirely possible that the store is speculating, and that the promotion in the image is a place-holder, of sorts; that said, we're told that JB Hi-Fi is normally accurate and concrete when taking pre-orders for products. Even accounting for the possibility that this is wrong, it must also be said that Nintendo has never stated that Nintendo Land would be bundled with the system. It's been assumed by plenty of people, simply because it's a mini-game collection — albeit a substantial one — that seems ideally suited as a bundled title to show off the GamePad's capabilities. Just because gamers want it to be a freebie in the box with their new console, doesn't mean that it's on the cards.

If this is the case, and Nintendo Land is sold as an individual title, do you think you'll pick it up?

Thanks to Brad Long for the tip and image.

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19Robb92 said:

I hope they do a NintendoLand bundle & sell the game separate as well. I don't see why doing both can't be an option. It always sounds like it's either one or the other.

However, I'm not getting the game if it isn't bundled with a unit.



ThomasBW84 said:

@DonnyKD It's a rumour, but I thought it was also worth making the point that Nintendo has never said Nintendo Land would come with the system. It may announce that on Thursday, which would be great, but many have assumed it'll be bundled with no real evidence (that I know of) to support it.

@Happy_Mask Indeed! Though as the heavily sarcastic article with Red Squirrel hopefully suggested, we like to name our sources



iiSaviour said:

They can always sell Nintendo Land with the Wii U and at retail. There is going to be someone out there who wants a second copy.




Nintendo aren't the most intelligent when it comes to hardware sales so I wouldn't be surprised at all if this were true. In fact, I think it's likely that u won't get a standard wii sports style wii u-Nintendo land bundle as a standard purchase of the game. A fixed one I mean at under 250 pounds. To be fair it's a substantial mini-game comp. Gonna get the whole lot anyways.



technotreegrass said:

If Nintendo Land is a separate title, I won't buy it. If it came bundled, I'll play it, but it doesn't look like my kind of thing.



EdEN said:

Well, the rumor i there will be 3 SKU:

1) $249 - Console and WiiPad.
2) $299 - Console, WiiPad, Wiimote+, Nunchuck, NintendoLand
3) $349 - Console, WiiPad, Wiimote+, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, NintendoLand

Me? I would be between the last two bundles, even if I already own 3 WM+, 2 Wiimote with WM+ Dongle, an 3 Nunchucks. That is a free set of controllers or a free game, depending on how you look at it.

I think Nintendo could also include a 4-8 GB SDHC card into each SKU, as to increase the storage memory right from the start, without increasing cost too much on their end. Heck, they could go to a 32 GB SDHC since those should cost them $10 at wholesale.



Shiryu said:

If this turns out to be be true, I think it's a mistake. Hardware from Nintendo should always be bundled with software to showcase what the new hardware can do (hello, "Wii Sports"!) and although I'm sure by now everyone is familiar in how to use the Wiimote, the new ta having to pay extra to take a new game with a new system home does not sound that great to me...



RedYoshi999 said:

It's Australian dollars though. $99 is the expected price for new games here. EB Games is even going so far as to list Wii U games for $108. If Nintendo Land isn't bundled with the Wii U then I won't be buying it (not for $99 anyway.)



ljinkakidd said:

They should. Nintendo has always made game bundles.


As I played the AR games on my 3ds I said "you know what'd really be cool? If you made games featuring nintendo characters built with the system. That would allow people to have something fun to play without yet buying an actual disc game." About a month later Nintendo announced Nintendo Land.

They read my mind. Just what I expected from Nintendo. If they don't I don't see many people buying one. You can't get a hamburger without the beef patty. That's all I'm sayin'.



Emaan said:

I really hope this isn't true. What a bad idea. They need this to be bundled with it. How do they expect to come even close to the Wii + Wii Sports success if they pull a move like this?



Capt_N said:

This is a case where I'm not yet convinced on a WU(Wii U/WiiU) anyway, so hypothetically the WU does not come w/ any packaged software, Nintendo will have that much more a harder sell to me, personally. I'll probably end up getting the WU eventually, but unlike past Nintendo consoles, I'm not automatically wanting one (right) now. & a possible exclusion of pack-in software, meaning I'd have to spend more money to get software, doesn't help make me want a system. It just turns me off, & makes me wanna wait.

Nintendo would be foolish to not include software of any kind, including pack-in. I hope this is found out to be (a) false (rumor). I wanna like the WU, but I'll have to get my hands on it first.

Edit: Only a few more days, til we learn some details, straight from the plumber's mouth(since Link doesn't talk, & Kirby takes air in, not out like talking.), like the article says, anyway.



C-Olimar said:

Nintendo Land seems a bit too deep and high in content to be free, imo, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was sold seperately. And since picking a launch title is difficult, I'd get this because of all the different game types.



NintyMan said:

I'm going to wait until Thursday for Nintendo to say so themselves, but I hope they can still bundle in it somehow. It's a much deeper game than Wii Sports, but Nintendo Land would still be a terrific way for people to be introduced to the Wii U and its many features, especially Miiverse.



Reala said:

What is it with all these prices being shown and probably plucked out of the air by retailers? the trolls have become organised and are infiltrating them or something



19Robb92 said:

Yeah I agree. I definitely can't see it being sold for free. But there should still be a more expensive bundle with the game included available IMO.



Lite_Gamer said:

Like the person who commented before the amount of content in Nintendo Land I doubt they'll include it with the Wii U, It would be great if they did.



FlaccidSnake said:

I'm one of the few people who doesn't want it bundled with the console.
Nintendo need to go old Skool and pack in a Mario game!! By that I mean new super Mario U.



Capt_N said:

@C-Olimar I would consider NL(Nintendo Land) to the WU, as Super Mario World was to the SNes. (In other words, I'd consider it:) Proportionate. W/ this thinking, surely Nintendo could include it.

@MariosLoveChild I think that would help sell systems initially.



rjejr said:

I know it's been 6 years, but weren't there regions where Wii Sports was NOT bundled with the Wii? Just b/c it's not bundled in Australia doesn't mean it won't be bundled elsewhere. I really think they have a hard sell this holiday against the PS3, Xbox360, and Move and Kinect bundles and even the Wii bundles still on the shelves, so they better bundle this and it better not be too expensive if they want to sell it in the US. If they want Sony Vita like sales then they can do whatever they want.



Bane said:

I hope it does come bundles so there is already fun when taking the Wii U outta the box instead of having to buy a game in order to have some fun, If i does or does not come bundled, my first game will be Super Mario Bros U



Abcdude said:

This doesn't mean very much. Remember that 3 price wii U thing? Maybe the $300-$350 will include nintendoland. People buying the $250, don't get it, and will have to buy it seperate.



Sam_Loser2 said:

When they announced it I got the distinct impression it wasn't going to be bundled with the Wii U, though I also got the distinct impression that it should.



BudDudSlash said:

I remember when Pictochat was advertised in stores as a separate game to buy. Let's just wait on this one...



Neram said:

I never once thought it would be a pack-in. Honestly it looks like too ambitious of a title (regardless of being mini-games) to be a pack-in. If it's not, I'm still planning to buy it launch day.



Kyloctopus said:

It may not be bundled with the Wii u at the beginning, but at some point of the Wii u's life, Nintendo Land will be bundled.



FonistofCruxis said:

I doubt I'd get this if it isn't bundled and I'm not sure if it will be that successful if it isn't bundled.



Wildfire said:

I don't want to repeat what others have already said but... yeah! If it doesn't come bundled, I'll not buy it! As simple as that!
I much prefer to pick up Zombie U along side the wii u!



Royspaceghost said:

Same as everybody else, If it's not bundled, I'm not giving it any money, As nice as it looks and cute and all, I'd rather spend those bucks on Zombi U, Pikmin 3 or Rayman Legends, I mean I'm not rich, and I also have a 3DS with great titles coming out for it, I'll stick with my "one game per console per month" formula. It has worked wonders for me



FritzFrapp said:

Here's a radical thought – how about contacting the store in question to see what they say? Bit of journalism... Couldn't hurt...



theblackdragon said:

@Frapp: If they haven't gotten back to us yet, they haven't gotten back to us. As soon as we hear anything, I'm sure it'll be added to the article as an update, but in the meantime, this is clearly marked as 'rumor' in the article title and we're just opening it up to discussion. :3



Linkstrikesback said:

I can't speak for if they will package Nintendo land with the Wii U or not, but NOT packaging a game that shows off exactly what the Wii U does differently (ala wii sports), and why we should be interested in it seems like a terrible idea to me.

And Nintendo Land is the only game that fits that description that we know of.



sinalefa said:


If I am not mistaken, Japan was the only territory where Wii Sports was not bundled. Still, it sold more than a million copies.

I will wait for confirmation, but if this is true, I don't think I will buy it. I don't have lots of friends to invite, and this one looks multiplayer heavy. If I ever get the machine at launch, I think Pikmin 3 will be the title I pick, and maybe Zombii U



Burning_Spear said:

I think Nintendo will be shocked and disappointed with this title's sales if they try to sell it as a stand-alone.



Hokori said:

Guys I think the real title that should be packed in is Game and Wario, that looks less fun then Nintendo Land, G&W is the wii play of the WiiU to me, unles you want G&W to come with a free GamePad



SirSmugleaf said:

Oh gawd, I am NOT paying $100 for a game that should be bundled with the system.
Also, from living in Australia, I know that JB Hifi is the cheapest place to buy games, and if it's $100 there, it'll probably be even more expensive elsewhere!



Chunky_Droid said:

@Frapp: JB Hi-Fi aren't known for putting titles on pre-order if there's a chance they're going to have to give a whole bunch of money back if it's something that people won't be able to buy, this is something I have found out from knowing people who work at JB Hi-Fi.

They obviously know something, but as Nintendo haven't made any official announcements themselves, it can only be seen as a rumour. As its a rumour, this article has been made to make conversation, you became part of that conversation



lanabanana said:

I'm not paying $50+ for 12 freaking minigames.... If it's not bundled then I'm not getting it .



Chunky_Droid said:

With all the will I or won't I get it conversations going, I personally think that I will buy it, I pretty much paid that much for it when Wii Sports Resort came out, and this looks a lot deeper than that to me

Also, I have kids whom I can play multiplayer with, perfect Chrissy game!



kyuubikid213 said:

Nintendo, I just want you to know that you will get more money out of me if you bundle NintendoLand. Since a lot of the minigames require another set of Wii Remotes and Nunchucks, I would have to buy more at $60 for the pair so I could enjoy the game with my friends and brother properly. If you don't bundle it, I have nothing to worry about. Just to prove this, I only had a Wii Remote and Nunchuck when I got Brawl. In order to play with my buddies and brother without requiring them to bring their own stuff or buy a Wii, I bought 3 GameCube controllers and a Wii Classic Controller. That's $80 squeezed out of me on a $50 game.



WolfRamHeart said:

I think that if Nintendo bundled this game with the Wii U system it would be a smart move for them. Selling Nintendo Land separately is a bit risky considering the mixed reactions that it has been getting since it was unveiled at E3. Sure the game looks like it could be fun but I'm not sure if people are willing to shell out money for another mini-game collection. Nintendo should just bite the bullet and bundle this game with the Wii U so they can get it into as many homes as possible. I already have a few games pre-ordered for the Wii U and those should keep me busy for a while. If Nintendo does plan on selling Nintendo Land as a stand-alone game then I will pass on it for a later date or at least until it gets a price reduction.



luminalace said:

The problem for Nintendoland is that despite Nintendo pushing it heavily at E3, people associate it as a mini game collection ala Wii Sports and thus few will be willing to fork out full price for such a game. Basically I think it should be bundled but I understand why Nintendo may want to have a 'core' bundle with no game!



shake_zula said:

Good. I don't want it bundled, I hate having boxless games in my collection. I can't bring myself to throw them out, they just sit awkwardly on the shelf like an unwanted bastard child.



DarkNinja9 said:

if its bundled with the system then yeah that be good other wise i prob wont get it least not at $99 pshh xD



gundam00 said:

I'm not concerned either way. The only thing I like about the game is the plaza. They had this game available at the Wii U Demonstration and I wasn't impressed. Mario Party comes with more mini-games.



ljinkakidd said:

The games won't be $99 USD! If the console is only a bit more powerful than current gen. that doesn't mean 49 more bucks powerful. That's saying the wii equals one wiiu game. It'll be $60 no doubt.

If Nintendo doesn't pack a game in then it'll sell you a box with nothing on it. Much like my 3ds before I got 3d land.



ljinkakidd said:

Face Raiders gets boring after a while Nintendo! Oh crap! They're probably gonna pack in Battle Mii as digital software just like face raiders and then expect you to get the good games. Not a smart move with a console nintendo... not a smart move.



Zombie_Barioth said:

If they don't bundle it with a Wii U they could at least bundle it with a wiimote+ or something like the other games that had accessories packed in. I could see Nintindo Land going either way since Wii Sports Resort did good but it would still be smarter to bundle.

@Ijinkakidd Thats the Australian price, they probably will be $60 unfortunately.



OptometristLime said:

A collection of minigames selling as a standalone unit? That's a hard sell. Unless the 'U' really does retail for $249.99, then I could justify it.

On the other hand, I'm sure they will fly off the shelf and into the hands of the Nintendo faithful. It's a sure-fire (multiplayer) game to try out their Wii U.



JayceJa said:

if there really are 3 different wii u packs at different costs, it isnt hard to think that the cheaper pack wont bundle it while one or both of the others do

in that case, they'd still sell the game retail so the people who didnt get it in the bundle have an opportunity to buy it later



aaronsullivan said:

I think Nintendo should bundle it. I also think people underestimate just how fun Nintendoland will probably be. Not to mention how important it is to bring less familiar gamers to the Nintendo franchises and lead them to the deeper games that Nintendo wants to offer in the in the future. If that's not the strategy, it should be, IMO, and that requires a bundle in every SKU if there are indeed multiple bundles. Only a few days to find out right? Or will Nintendo hold off on some bundle details...



C-Olimar said:

I don't get where people are coming from when they say nobody will buy N-Land if it's sold seperately. When did minigame collections and Nintendo characters stop being popular? What's next, NSMBU to flop? Or the next CoD? All I'll say is, never consider being a video game analyst. Leave that to the experts, like Michael Patcher.
On second thoughts...



BenAV said:

EB Games has it as a preorder too and have for a long time, but that means nothing.



YorkshireNed said:

Yeah, I reckon it's just a case of Nintendo offering different bundles. There'll be a vanilla one that comes with no Wiimotes and no software. See, people who already own a Wii won't need a bundle that includes them. I'm guessing there'll be a vanilla bundle. a bundle with with Nintendo Land and a bundle with Nintendo Land and Wiimotes.



Sean_Aaron said:

I would buy it separately, no problem as it sounds like a good package which could keep on giving via additional download content. As far as bundled software goes Wii Sports was sold separately in Japan, if anyone cares to remember.

But here's a more interesting possibility. If Nintendo is serious about promoting online content I can think of no better way to encourage people to go online than have the "bundled software" be a title you need to download from the Wii U online shop. The Nintendo Land retail release could be intended to sell to people who don't intend to take their Wii U online. Either that or the standalone Wii U will come with download credits of some kind. The main thing is that I'm sure Wii U won't come without some kind of software option.



Grodus said:

It would have to be a $20 game to get just ONE sale on it's own. If this is true, I'm dissapointed, but I still think it's 50/50 chance.

@EdEN If your bundles are right, the $350 bundle is a ripoff. Think about it. A classic controller is $40. Save the $10, and buy the classic seperatly. Am I the only one who relizes this!?



skywake said:

They've literally had this up for months at my "local" JBs with that same price, same box and everything. EBs have the same but with a $108 price. The only promise they make is that when the product launches you'll pay the lower of the two prices (if it ends up being cheaper).

All this confirms is that they assume it will cost less than or equal to $99AU at launch. Presumably all the people pre-ordering this are also pre-ordering the console so if it ends up being bundled they'll just combine the two deposits. Confirmation of nothing really.



Rargon said:

In the end, I really hope for a bundle that comes with the Wii U Pro Controller.



Chris720 said:

If it's not bundled with the console I don't think Nintendo Land is going to do that well, who wants to pay £40 or so for a few minigames when they could buy the likes of Zombi U? In my opinion I just don't think Nintendo would be stupid enough to sell Nintendo Land and the Wii U separately...



HappyHappy said:

If it is not going to be bundled with the WII U chances are I may not buy this game unless it is in the bargain bin.



fishman100 said:

The Wii (which was bundled with Wii Sports) retailed with a launch price of $250 in the US. I'd be incredibly disappointed to see the Wii U launch with the same price but without a game included.



19Robb92 said:

Prepare for disappointment. I'm guessin the system by itself will be $300 and a NintendoLand bundle inc. Wii remote will be $350.



Moshugan said:

I would be most satisfied if Nintendo Land were a pre-installed digital game.
I could buy it at 30€.



LittleIrves said:

@C-Olimar You took the words out of my mouth. The majority of commenters here — on a Nintendo fan site, no less — are all saying they have no interest in a game that takes some of your favorite characters and gives you 12 new, unique experiences, using the GamePad in interesting ways? I realize it's a mini-game collection. But the comparison to Wii Sports is off; it's much closer to Wii Sports Resort, at least in scope, and yes, many millions were quite happy to drop 50 bucks on 12 mini-games.
I bet they sell the system alone at $250, w/ NL at $300, and perhaps the $350 includes something else... WIi Fit U package?



LittleIrves said:

@Sean_Aaron This would be very smart. A 50 dollar game coupon you NEED to download to use is enticing enough to get people to hook up their system online. Just a few more days before all (most?) is answered...



FlaccidSnake said:

If the three different prices turn out to be right then nintendoland (if it was bundled), wouldn't be free anyway. 250 for system only, 300 for system with N'land or 350 with N'land and extra controllers. It's only going to be free if it comes with all price ranges.

Did Nintendo ever say whether this would be online multiplayer or local multiplayer only? As other people have said, because i'm sad and lonely, i wouldn't have people to play against if it were local play only. All my friends only have 360's, i'm the only one left who still has a wii sitting alongside the 360 and ps3.



Vriess said:

Would be a big mistake to release this "trialware package" for a retail price! No matter how cheap it would be. Nintendo should skip on the packaging costs and offer it as a free download.



Araknie said:

I hope it's true, because i want NSMB U to be in it, like old times bundles of Nintendo console i want a Mario game in it.



Kohaku said:

Not gonna buy Nintedoland when its not included.
I think we will know more on thursday with maybe some nice surprises about new games.



FritzFrapp said:

@theblackdragon I can't see any mention of contacting the store in the article.
Preliminary release lists have obviously gone out to retailers, as per normal, and these are subject to change in the coming days/weeks, as per normal.

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