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Mon 19th May 2008

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GreenBanana commented on Review: Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii):

I don't like JRPGs, but I do like that they tend to look more vibrant than the gritty, boring LotR-ness of exploitative American takes on video gaming genres. Unfortunately, money's real tight among the non-bourgeoisie and sacrifices have to be made. Anyways, if there's a lack of games on the Wii, consider two things: The statistical ratios of all Wii releases as well as the fact that games only get released if developers decide to make them. I wish video games were more like books, where there's a lot more leniency for artistic expression.



GreenBanana commented on Official Nostalgia Trailer Released:

Well, I guess it looks like my worries that this was going to be another cop-out on the developers' part to use the nostalgia excuse for covering up cheap production values might yet be unfounded. I still think it'll be a bit too "anime" for me, though. Flavor text in general is a bit dull, though. I guess people will just end up whining that it's cliched, which they do for just about everything else on the friggin' planet.



GreenBanana commented on Shia LaBeouf Disses the Wii:

Don't be too hard on him. He grew up on the streets and didn't get a proper education. Apparently his dad made him dress up in a clown suit, so you can imagine it got pretty ugly there. Pretty sad, especially since he was in a Disney movie and that Indiana Jones movie nobody liked. Maybe he'll mature once he hits puberty and ceases his Orlando Bloom wannabe thing going on.